NRA Annual Meetings Video: Taya Kyle, Widow of Chris Kyle

Our reporters heard many of the speakers at the recently concluded NRA Annual Meetings, and some were outstanding, in our opinion. The NRA has thoughtfully posted videos of many (if not all) of the speakers from the event, which you can find on the NRA News website. Taya Kyle, widow of Chris Kyle, addresses the crowd at the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum, an event of the 2013 NRA Annual Meetings in Houston, Texas. Chris Kyle was fatally shot at a gun range in February. He was a former Navy SEAL and expert sniper who killed 160 people during five combat tours in Iraq, a record for a U.S. military sniper. Originally aired 5/3/13.


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  1. ldgrey1963, if you are so proud, then you would use your real name. If you thought we ever had rights to erode, you never read Article 1, Section 8 where they can take anything you have, tax away every right, and draft you into slavery for national service.

    Regarding the Simper Fi issue, I feel like it shows ignorance of the fact Kyle was NOT a Marine and/or he was KILLED by a Marine who SHOT HIM IN THE BACK. So, bragging about being a Marine rubs me the wrong way.”Call me a cynic,” but the hypocrisy galls me. I am done with you all, so I am not going to respond the ad nauseum comments further.

  2. To follow up on my previous comment: Wonder if our esteemed POTUS even acknowledges Chris Kyle as a true American Hero? Mrs Kyle: You are an American Hero in your own right. God Bless.

  3. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the recent NRA convention in Houston and the Stand and Fight Rally. I wish I could have seen this speech by Mrs. Kyle. My sympathies for you and your family, Taya. America has lost a great patriot and a great military hero, but much more importantly a great man.

    Shame on anyone using this comment site to bicker and detract from the courage and purpose of Mrs. Kyle’s words.

  4. To Mrs. Kyle, thank you for standing by your man. I bet that was pretty tough to deliver a key note or talk when all this is still so fresh. Shame on whomever it was that had the bright idea. But … if it was all you mam then big ups to you. God Bless you and your home. But I digress, retired Marine here and while I normally would not say Semper Fi, devil dog, leatherneck or Jarhead to someone from a dif branch of service I wouldn’t go out of my way of chastising another Marine for doing it, especially for this dude Chris Kyle. That was just a waste of my read time. I didn’t see no reasonable argument, just one dogmatic critic. Call me a cynic but some folks are just too damn smart for their own personal satisfaction. Pay respects and move on.

    Marines – 2nd to none. Ha Ha Ha! j/k. Chris Kyle I salute your life as a man, serviceman and father. RIP.

  5. Mrs Kyle,
    My deepest sympathy for you and all of your family for the terrible loss you have suffered. My profound respect for you for celebrating your love and respect for your husband. Though your husband was awarded many medals and honorific titles I am, after listening to you, confident that the title he cherished most was husband and father. Stay strong and be of good courage.
    Dennis Wimbish

  6. Taya, sorry for your loss. We feel your sorrow. You are an inspiration to all service wives. Chris ‘s service and contributions as a veteran and husband will not be forgotten. We need to keep the truth going, there is evil in this world and only as armed citizens can we protect ourselves and families. Thank you for speaking out.

  7. To John Lloyd Scharf first of all, I being from the USAF, would never say SEMPER FI to anyone as a measure of respect for the USMC. I believe that Alexander G Pompilius was merely saying SEMPER FI to Kyle out of respect. For the life of me, I can not understand these inter-service conflicts. I am proud to have served my Country and would thank you or ANY other branch of the Military for the same. This is not about the USMC vs NAVY, ARMY or USAF it is about our freedoms of which all have strived to protect are being systematically eroded a little at a time. Please remember that.

  8. Mrs. Kyle I am sorry for your loss, but you are a true inspiration to us all. I am thankful for your husbands contribution to our freedoms we enjoy. Long live the USA may GOD Bless you and GOD Bless the USA…

  9. To Mrs. Kyle, THANK YOU, for showing your courage to defend your and your husbands heartfelt beliefs as to defending OUR way of LIFE and LIBERTY. And thank you for continuing to serve your husband as his spokeswoman. The HONOR and the COURAGE you have shown on both your behalf and his is a true inspiration to us all. -Capt. R.J. Berry (U.S. Army 75th 3Btln. RET.)

  10. Alexander G Pompilius, you really do not want to get into this issue with me. I never was in a conflict with Army or Air Force. The best thing about Marines is they never fight alone. The worst thing if you have a “conflict” with Marines, they are never alone. After twice being hospitalized and losing a promotion, I figured that out.

    I have never heard a Marine say, “Simper Fi” to anyone but another Marine. Not once in my six years from 1969 to 1975 when I served and never to anyone in my 26 years of public service after that. I have seen a former Marine chide someone for saying that to them after they admitted they were never a Marine. What you think I “should know” I have found not to be so.

    After spending years of working with them in a prison as a correctional officer, they were always the ones first to back me up if I needed it. On the other hand, they have been the least reasonable in an argument. Thanks for reminding me of that.

    Eddie Ray Routh was not Army, Navy, or Air Force. Corporal Eddie Ray Routh admitted to killing Chris Kyle, after telling his sister that he “traded his soul for a new truck.” That seems to be his only motivation for the killing. An insanity defense will never stand.

    The loss of Chris Kyle has nothing to do with his service, but him as a person. My main point was that his service saved lives in taking them – which you decided to ignore.

  11. John, you should know why the “Semper Fi’s” are coming from us. Have you ever seen a “conflict” between sailors and Army with Marines present? Which side of the line did we stand? Next to our sea going brothers that’s where. How about between any other service and civilians? We stood side by side with our Army, Navy or even our Air Force brothers. The loss of Chris hurt us all and as a disabled Marine veteran Who was proud to serve and stand side by side with our Corpsman or Navy brothers, i Say Semper Fi to you, Chris and every other military brother and sister who served our country. God Bless to you all and your families.

  12. I am not sure why the “Simper Fi”is coming from the Marines. Chris Kyle was recruited, like me, by the United States Navy. The job of a sniper is to take lives to save lives. When 2,000 riflemen joined the Revolution from Pennsylvania, it saved lives on both sides by breaking up attacks. They did that by shooting British officers directing volley fire from smooth bore muskets at the revolutionaries.

  13. It really is too bad that this cannot make national news. This is a story that should be told to all – especially the gun controllers.

  14. From those of us in Law Enforcement, your training and experience will forever live in our minds and hearts. May we continue to learn from you in life and death and continue the battle for good over evil. ETHOS on brother! Give me Liberty or give me death!
    Officer K.Fry

  15. Being the wife of America’s Finest must be the hardest job of all but you Taya wear that Badge of Honor well. You are an American Treasure! May God Bless You and Yours. Semper Fi, wcb

  16. Thank you for this, and many other posts. PLEASE, though, edit your statement, “who killed 160 people” to “who killed 160 enemy combatants”. Calling the people he was forced to kill, and yes forced, because otherwise he would not have, “people” insults the entire human race, even as calling them “animals” would insult the entire animal kingdom.

    Thanks again

    Paul Andreasen, TSgt (Ret)
    Lompoc, CA

    Born in MAINE, living in Exiles!

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