NRA Annual Meetings Look-in: Mark Levin

NRA Mark Levin

National radio host Mark Levin’s stemwinder greatly entertained NRA members attending the April 2014 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Indianapolis.

If you couldn’t make the show in person, check out the video and tell us what you liked most in the comment section.

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Comments (3)

  1. Mark Levin is fearless. I’d bet the Libs have told the IRS to audit him to try to quiet him. Thank God for patriots like him and the NRA. Without them the liberals would have already decimated the second amendment. Beside my NRA dues, I try to contribute to the NRA-PVF and the NRA-ILA. Keep up the good fight!

  2. Love Mark and his views, a true patriot. My only issue is that our complaints of a tyrannical government will not change anything until the people wake up and quit selling their liberty for a monthly government check. Liberal are willing to let the people embrace any vice (sin) they want as long as they get their vote. THAT MUST STOP!
    People are selling their (and our) liberty to the highest bidder and with access to the public treasury, Liberals will pay anything to get elected and stay elected and add it to the national debt.
    Half of this nation is stupid, lazy and ill informed. They need educated; an education that will convince them that these charlatans are evil and compel them, they need to be run out of office ASAP!

  3. Mark Levin is truly a great American and we owe much to him and the other beacons of light like him and Glenn Beck.

    While driving to dinner with my wife one Friday evening listening to Mark Levin I was reminded of what might step-dad use to say back in the early 70’s, “Beware of the second American Revolution!” I said it was time to make some bumper stickers stating this. She immediately said no! What she came up with was even better, “Embrace The Second American Revolution!”

    We now proudly display this on our vehicle and have them on several vehicles in states around the country.

    God Bless the USA………

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