On The Ninth Day of Christmas My True Love Gave Me a GLOCK 19

How can you go wrong with this gift idea? What a great present for the gun person who is looking for a firearm that is great for the range, home defense, as a duty weapon or for concealed carry. In addition, this is the perfect gun for the person who is looking for their first firearm to meet one or all of those criteria.

The 9mm Glock 19
The Glock 19 is simple to use and virtually indestructible. In the 9mm Luger, it is a very easy gun to shoot for the novice to experienced shooter. The 9mm is an inexpensive caliber and  available everywhere.

The Glock 19 is a mid-sized Glock frame chambered in the 9mm Luger, 9mm Parabellum or 9×19 cartridge. Due it part to its size,  it can be the one gun for everything. Not too small to be restricted to just concealed carry, and not too bulky that it can’t be comfortably carried concealed.

On a personal note, I was one of the most anti-Glock guys on the planet for years. I was not ready for the change and clung to my ideas. I believe in the tried and true;  things that have stood the test of time, proven commodities. Two products in recent firearms history have given me pause and caused me to reevaluate my position. One is the 10mm cartridge; and the other is the Glock pistol.

I am a fan of Glock. For me to say that was almost an act of blasphemy to  family and friends. In one case, it almost caused a huge spat. I took the abuse and good-natured ribbing, but stood with my decision. When I learned that an overwhelming majority of law enforcement personnel use this weapon I had to revisit this weapon system. Having been in law enforcement for a number of  years, I know what it takes for a weapon to survive rain, snow, dirt, dust and daily unintentional abuse. Only the best will survive and the Glock has done so with excellence.

Simple, Effective and AWESOME
If you have decided to get a handgun for your special person this Christmas,  let me say, “YOU ARE AWESOME!” Second, you cannot go wrong with this firearm. It is tried, true and a cornerstone gun in the industry today.

On the ninth day of Christmas my true love gave me a GLOCK 19

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Comments (3)

  1. Great gun but can’t get over the grip angle. The new Gen 4 is better, but still not great. AND, they are ugly! Let the games begin.

  2. I agree on Glock. I carry a 10 year old Glock 17 that has some “holster wear” but still shoots like a new gun after many 1,000’s of rounds. Simple, solid, easy to maintain, and has NEVER had a jam or FTF. Yes, it’s ugly, but I’m not exactly Cary Grant either.

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