The Next Wave of Firearm Control Measures

Picture shows a glass window with a the outline of a black revolver on it, with a red cross through it

On May 23, 2014, a madman in Santa Barbara, California fatally stabbed three people, fatally shot three others, wounded 13 more, and then killed himself. Since then, several states have introduced bills strengthening gun control laws. Many politicians from New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, New Hampshire and California are urging Congress to revisit the discussion on federal gun control laws since no measures passed last year following the Sandyhook school shootings. So far, California, Massachusetts and Chicago’s Mayor, Rahm Emanuel, have introduced the strictest laws, while Rhode Island is purposing a higher tax on the sales of guns and ammunition. Here is a list of measures proposed in the last few weeks:

Picture shows a glass window with a the outline of a black revolver on it, with a red cross through it.
CA Assembly Bill 1014 gives anyone the right to ask a judge to remove firearms from a person’s possession.


Wasting no time, California State Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner (D) introduced Assembly Bill 1014 titled the “Gun Violence Restraining Order,” on May 28, 2014. The bill quickly passed assembly and is now in committee in the Senate. Originally written last year, the bill has 12 sponsors. Assembly Bill 1014 gives anyone the right to ask a judge to remove firearms from a person’s possession. Skinner says it acts as a temporary restraining order of up to one year preventing one to own, posses or purchase a firearm. Further, it allows law enforcement a warrant to enter a home and seize any firearms from that person. Read more about this bill in this update, New Legislation Proposes Gun Confiscation.


Speaker of the Massachusetts House, Robert DeLeo (D) proposed a bill to house leaders on May 27, 2014 to

  • Expand background checks to include private sales
  • Require any private sale to be through a licensed dealer
  • Police given the authority to deem any person unsuitable to posses a firearm
  • Enter mental health records into a national database
  • Force firearms license applicants provide a list of every gun they won
  • Tighten the license requirements for gun owners.

DeLeo is pushing the law to pass in July.

Chicago, Illinois

On May 28, 2014, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D) introduced legislation to tighten restrictions on gun shops in the city to the city’s council. This comes after a January ruling giving Chicago six months to develop a plan to allow gun sales in the city after a federal judge ruled an outright ban on gun shops as unconstitutional.

Included in Mayor Emanuel’s plan is to

  • Video tape every gun sale transaction
  • Limit gun sales to one gun a month per customer
  • Change zoning for gun shops
  • Establish waiting periods to receive guns
  • Perform quarterly inventory audits of gun shops.

Rhode Island

Pending in Rhode Island’s senate is a bill by lead sponsor Representative Gayle Goldin (D) that places an additional 10 percent tax on sales of guns and ammunition to the already 7 percent sales tax on the two. Distributed to Rhode Island’s police departments, local police chiefs would then divide the money between anti-crime and anti-violence charities. The bill currently sits in committee for further review.


Thompson-King Amendment

In a 260 to 145 vote, the House passed bipartisan bill Thompson-King Amendment allowing $76 million to increase the states’ funding to perform background checks on gun sales, encouraging states to add more names to the NICS “no” list.

In 2008, President George W. Bush signed the NICS Improvement Amendments Act. However, many states still do not update the list by adding mental health records. Arkadi Gerney, Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress, said, “Today’s bipartisan vote to pass the Thompson-King amendment is a step in the right direction and will mean that thousands of additional records of felons, abusers, fugitives, and the dangerously mentally ill go in the background check system where they belong.” The Thompson-King Amendment received wide support from the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, Brady Campaign, Sandy Hook Promise, Moms Demand Action and Americans for Responsible Solutions.

“Promoting Healthy Minds for Safer Communities Act of 2014”

House Gun Violence Prevention Task Force chair, Representative Mike Thompson (D) introduced the “Promoting Healthy Minds for Safer Communities Act of 2014” vastly expanding who is allowed to own firearms. It also expands how guns may be legally bought and sold. Included in the act is funding to study gun violence and expand the definition of who is legal and not legal to own a firearm—including those getting outpatient treatment. It includes seizure of firearms from those who might harm themselves, increases funding to local mental health organizations, and allows doctors to ask patients about gun ownership. The bill has 20 co-sponsors.

Further, other representatives have stated they will introduce their own bills soon.

It is highly doubtful many of these bills will pass. Of the 1,500 different gun bills introduced in the states in 2013, only 109 of them actually passed. However, do not let that fact let us become complacent. To write your representatives and tell them you oppose any and all new gun control legislations, visit the NRA-ILA’s Write Your Representatives page.

What do you think about the Thompson-King Amendment and the Promoting Healthy Minds for Safer Communities Act of 2014? Tell us in the comment section.


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  1. There has onl y been one semi independent President; Andrew Jackson, and he owed the common man, while every other president has bent their knee from before and during their time in office.
    THere is no party not guilty of putting special interest ahead of national interest, And the Presidency,s hsve all haf their cprtupt individusls as National Idols .
    They, Presidents, are not supposed to”RULE” they are elected to “Represent”.
    Demo or repub psrty faithfull are servile subjects no more thsn that.
    Today we rlect Presidency not a president anf each electiom cycle id mo more than founding politicd of one catpet bagger out and new carpet baggets in.
    Today the do not change Carpet Bagger Girms, only thr Firms representatives.
    F Obama and todays ofgice of Empiracle President the whole infrastructure id no more than a cesspool of corruption from vrry city and state goverent offie.

    1. It would be much easier to read your comment if you used your spell check. I think you made some great points, but not totally sure.

  2. Well, I almost feel like an endangered species here, but do not fear I am capable of defending my family and anyone else that might need it. Some of what I have read here is beyond stupid. ie. ” they can effectively shut down obama’s (purposely not capitalized because he doesn’t deserve that respect) devious plans to destroy this Nation.” Well to the average citizen you sound like the nut job the left complains about. If you don’t like the President that is your prerogative. But he is still the President, and the office if not the man deserves your respect. And it would seem that after two Presidential elections you might, just might get that. The people have spoken…so try & listen. You will have another chance to empower another President in a few years and if we are all lucky Cheney will run!! LOL.

    1. So, “Joe the Democrat”, you, as with most “low information” left-wing voters, yourself show your own stupidity. I did not refer to the “President” nor to “President” obama. I referred to “obama” the man. I have the utmost respect for the Office of the President. However, your false Messiah does not. He has time and again bowed and shown subservience to other World leaders especially Muslim leaders. Our President bows to no one. No one is above our President. He is on the same level with every other leader in the World, whether they be an elected President, Prime Minister, etc or a birth-right Monarch. Our President is the leader of our Nation and, until he began destroying it, it was the most powerful Nation on Earth. That status demands that the rest of the World respect our President on an equal level with their leaders. The man who holds the Office of the President must present himself as an equal to all other leaders or he disrespects his own office and this great country. Your “ruler” has shown his contempt for this country by disrespecting his Office. It’s time to “hire” people who love and respect this country.

  3. No more gun laws.

    Repeal most of what there is already.

    People have to get it through their heads that this is not a privilege, it is a fundamental right, and fundamental rights cannot be denied without due process of law on an individual basis, and the burden is upon the government to prove to a court that strict scrutiny criteria have been met before removing the right.

    Fundamental rights are not granted by government nor by any written instrument, and they cannot be curtailed based upon relative popularity.

  4. Be extremely careful about the “dangerously mentally ill” language in these bills. Who gets to define what that means? This is simply a way to remove firearms most of the public. If you have ever seen a therapist, psychiatrist and talked with your primary care doctor about being sad or depressed you will be deemed “dangerously mentally ill” in the future. It may not happen right away, but mark my words…. it will happen if we allow these criminals in Washington or our state capitals to pass more laws like this.

  5. Here in Democrat controlled California we have uncontrolled zealots constantly infringing on the 2nd amendment from every angle. This new bill will not stop criminals but I see it as a backdoor tool to take guns away in a witch hunt against gun owners. I pay for Feinstein, Boxer, Polosi, and others to have 24/7 armed protection and I pay for my own protection. As the world’s population increases we will see more deviation from the normal with the disgruntled and medicated young coming out of the darkness to take revenge on the hard working normal families. The gentleman that pepper sprayed the man that used a shotgun to kill one and wound three is what we need to do. We can’t run from these people but act to stop them. Pepper spray will not work every time but it’s a nice example of fighting back. CCW permits should be made available to the law abiding so we can stop the next crazy person that has gone off the meds he or she has been forced to take. I see this reaction from government as emotion gone wild. We do need to elect the right people to visit upon the present administration a clear message of common sense. The only power we have at my level is self protection because I don’t trust the government to be there when I’m staring at a criminal that is hell bent on doing me and others harm. I need forgiveness when I protect myself not permission that can take decades.

    1. You have to throw the gun grabbers out. It will be hard in CA because they provide food stamps and welfare checks to all your bums and illegals. Maybe if you checked the voting booths the illegal voting could be eliminated.

  6. How about instead of congress continuing to work on tightening gun control laws that are obviously not working, we send all this funding into firearm safety programs and make that information much more easily accessible to everyone.

  7. that bill has nothing to do with promoting healthy minds but punishing those with disorders(instead of treating and preventing those disorders)

  8. Somebody needs to file another lawsuit against that communist racist traitor Emmanuel. Obviously the City of Chicago din’t learn it’s lesson the first time. Bankrupt that corrupt city once and for all and shut it down so the rest of the state can enjoy American freedoms without one stupid city and it’s incompetent officals spoiling everything for the rest of the state.

  9. So, we all know the answer to this dilemma. We have Midterm elections occurring in 5 months. Vote out the gun-grabbing, freedom-stealing socialists and elect staunch conservative, pro-gun Senators and Representatives. If hardcore conservatives win a majority in the Senate and take even more seats in the House, they can effectively shut down obama’s (purposely not capitalized because he doesn’t deserve that respect) devious plans to destroy this Nation. We must wake up and wake up all our families, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and everyone else. We must educate the populous that the current regime is evil and bent on the destruction of the U.S.A. and that if they do not want to wake up in an Orwellian nightmare, now is the time to act.

    We must also be united in educating others about guns. We must educate others that guns in law-abiding citizens’ hands make us all safer. We need to get them to see that responsible gun owners are not “crazy”, “extremists” or “domestic terrorists”. We are everyday people who work, raise out children, attend church, go to PTA meetings, mow our lawns and pay our taxes. We must do this with logic and reason, not anger and bitterness.

    There will always be those who hate guns and those of us who own them and they will never be converted from the Dark Side. They are a very small minority. The problem is they are an extremely vocal minority and if we don’t educate others who are on the fence or are indifferent to or uneducated about the benefits of guns, we will all lose in the end.

    Know this, obama and his socialist followers are neither stupid nor incompetent. They have a well thought out plan to turn this country into a socialist state so that they can be an elite ruling class and it is being masterfully executed. One of the reasons it has been so successful is that the government officials who could have slowed or even stopped some of the damage he and the other socialists have done do not have backbones to stand up to him because they are afraid they will be labeled as racists. We need to get a conservative majority in Congress who will stand up to obama and shut him down.

  10. The gun control advocates NEVER cease to amaze me. Why?

    Fists and feet cause more deaths than rifles, but the gun-con-ates (aka gca’s) want to ban “assault rifles”…..whatever the hell that is.

    High capacity magazines are NOT a factor in crime, BUT, those have to go, also.

    The Fourth Amendment prohibits unlawful search and seizure….except when it comes to seizing firearms under “firearms restraining order”.

    Seems to me that disarming the American public is the objective…….by destroying the Second Amendment, the door opens for the destruction of all else.

    And how well does this strategy work?

    Well, in 1939, Hitler disarmed German Jews………in 1940, he began making soap of them.

    Tyrants LOVE an unarmed peasantry!

    1. How true, John. The problem is that the public is generally too easy to be swayed by the garbage that the news media is so eager to push. Creative thinking is not taught in most high schools and colleges, and too many people are weak and vulnerable enough to be talked into anything…..

    2. Well said. You are dead on point. The objective is to disarm the American citizen, nothing else. An “armed” populous is harder to subdue and control. By using anti-gun fanatics logic we would have these issues as well: Since people are killed in auto accidents .. no one can own a car. Since drinking alcohol contributes to auto accidents, domestic violence and other crimes .. alcohol is to be banned (prohibition worked well the first time), and of course finally our children are failing their educational requirements when the take a test, so all educational testing must stop! IDIOTS.
      The day we loose the 2nd amendment is the day we loose America.

    3. Quit repeating the official story garbage about the holohoax . They never made soap out of jews, Tyrants and control freaks do love defenseless victims because they are cowards thru and thru

    4. You are 100% correct here. Another interesting issue to ponder is what group that Emmanuel belongs to and their vested interest in disarming all Americans (except their own people) nation wide.

      Now rethink Feinstein, Boxer, Shumer, rethink AIPAC, Congressmen and Senators on the Zionist payola leash.

      Connect the dots people and don’t be swayed by the propaganda.

  11. So when will Mayor Rahm make HIS security people give up their firearms, putting him in same defenseless condition as he imposes on Chicagoans? ? A cold day in ….

  12. This makes me sick! Once more our so called conservatives in th house have sold us out! Now doctors can have your guns taken away just by saying you suffer from post traumatic stress disorder which often times is mild. the second amendment said government shall not interfere with the right of the people to bare arms yet they continue to do just that while they arm all government agencies to the teeth! I will remember who voted for this!

  13. This is just another step toward removing guns from our homes.
    Just as obama and his crime partners have systematicly been dismanteling our constitution so goes the gun issues.They will stop at nothing to make us helpless before criminals and our gov’t alike.
    Remember Kent State and Jackson State? Our gov’t has a proven track record of gunning down its’ citizens- once the guns are out of our hands there will be nothing to stop them from imposing there twisted agenda.

    Scotty; you can cry Constitution all you wsnt, but the day fast approaches where limitations as to what human will recieve priveledge to bear arms.
    Just as in times of Heraldry, When men of proven valor and loyalty and proven worth to King recieve Knighthood and the mightiest revieved a Coat of Arms . So to the asskissers of the future will have permisdoon to be armed and carry badges of ranks to prove it.
    Today we call that badge of rank Concealed Weapon Permit. That places us above the comon yoeman.
    One best hope none of those whose butts we kiss today grows weary of our whinings .
    . Oh look; I forgot; They already grow weary do
    they not..

    1. Hide Behind this. Can not take any more of him/it . BYE!
      P.S. I bet he even flunked the math!

  15. Actually Suzanne, I had to go back and re-read those two as I first read them, because some of it seemed to make sense. They really are gonna have to get the criminal element involved somehow, sooner or later, it would seem, wouldn’t it? Being from Texas, all those events which have been occuring around the country, seem so distant and unreal, that my friends, even my wife all aggree that; “well, that’ll never happen here in Texas.” The thing is, it shouldn’t have happened in the states where it did. Those people got up every day, and went to work, raised families, and couldnKt see any farther than that, and one morning, they woke up to this happening to them. I called it “events occuring” earlier, because how can it be legal law? That’s what I’m having a hard time with. How those people can creat their own laws over riding The Constitution, and the rest of America standing by, allowing it to get to this point. Yes, by all means, enter and profile criminals in a data base. The guy in line at the store behind you, who doesn’t have a job, but always has money for beer and smokes……..oh and a gun. One which may have already killed,or at least wounded someone before he got it last week. The one he had before that was lost, running from another group of hoods. My point is, the people committing crimes with guns are real, and they blend in with the rest of us well enough, therefore we become prey. Then it happens to us, or someone we know. All we can do is to become reactive from it. But let us bare arms, and we become proactive to be ready to defend. Let us be proactive by not watering down pleas, and get the pot smokers out of the way down there at the jailhouse. Talk about a waste….. And in Texas, the prison system is definately big business. They excel at executing! They have more prisons all over the state than is believable. But that guy in line back there was in the system four months ago. He had a number, and three hots and a cot. The reciculous thing about it is that this is no isolated incodent. This is our system at work. That thing about states counteracting The Constitution, now that really bothers me………

  16. Police and all our internal security offices have been barging into peoples houses on just probable cause for years; It is only now that the middle class gun owner fears ” that his home” may be next”, has he become concerned about all of the other Rights he let go to hell in the handbaskets of his elected .
    Where now the Bravado of “America Right or Wrong”, “Love It or Leave It”?
    You could give every gun and veterans org$2 50 million each and next year they would be asking for another $250 mill each.
    Lawyer fees would go up and lots of fancy offices paying for glitzy publications, and new websites with beautifull graphics, smiley faced politicos as you pad their campaign funds ; All the money going to those who only care about
    your guns for the money it puts in their pockets.
    Pay up, it is your nation that your military built, love it or leave it.
    There is no other recourse left but through money; lets put it out there streight; you will lose your guns because you are not just now losing your nation, you lost it a long while ago.
    Not placing blame it is just the way man and economics religions and politics works.

    1. So, Hide, what exactly is your point? Can you state it in only one sentence?

    2. Suzanne, he is still ” writing ” please stop him in the name of CTD. By the way what is the math quizzes. Just curious. LOL

  17. “Originally written last year, the bill has 12 sponsors. Assembly Bill 1014 gives anyone the right to ask a judge to remove firearms from a person’s possession.”

    I would question the constitutionality of this law. Without probable cause, police can’t just barge into one’s home merely on some dufus’ say-so!

    1. They can and do. I have actually witnessed just that. A neighbor who was rebuffed by a single woman living two houses down called the cops and said she threatened him with a gun (she didn’t own any). The cops came while she was outside working in her flower garden. My kids were in the yard next door. The cops screamed at her to put her hands up (there were four of them pointing guns at her) while her hands were already up. They were primed and nervous/excited. Made her lie down on her driveway, cuffed her, searched her house. etc. We watched from our window. When all was revealed, nothing was done to anyone. But the trauma remains, the kids were terrorized by the cops, the neighbor guy did not face any consequences. Dream on citizen. You don’t really live in the world you think you do. And just because they didn’t come for you this time doesn’t mean you’re immune.

  18. We must accept this as part of our daily lives to be a never ending battle. Folks need to realize that a steady stream of donation money to gun rights groups and letter writing to their representatives is a must. Don’t ever think your part, no matter how small, won’t matter; because it all helps. Don’t think about it, just do it.

  19. Here is a prime example of those who look upon gun culture as a “Consumer Community,” the merchant looks at only 109 restrictive Gun Bills passed out of 1500., Where the gun community in all its varied and diverse interest within communities overall, are the ones losing Rights and having to adapt to compensate for those losses, and many are damned tired that the merchants just jack around new products and gimmicks to up the cost.
    At present owning and affording the ability to is our firearms is fast becoming only for the wealthy.
    Don’t want to hear of inexpensive weapons when ammo is through the roof and dealers are hoarding 23 to sell on Gun

    When even in Western Washington areas to fire ones weapons means paying 40’50 for gas and $26-$50 to fire on three days a week because once again bucks and police or if near military base military get preference. Pensioners run ranges not working men and women except those who either sell weapons or train.

    From access to public lands to paying, in Western Washington up to 5 and even 1 figures for groups to lease lands.
    It has always struck me as odd that those in the offices of our game are mostly armed yuppys and non hunters or fishers; This is true state to state. Where are they at pro gun rallies?

    THOSE who work within Government have no acceptable provisions to push against the Constitution and mot just the 2ND.

    1. Where in hell, did you learn to read, spell, form a sentence or a piece of correspondence. Illiterate people need to be added to the ones not allowed to own a firearm. Suzanne PLEEESE, check this out to see if you can understand it, I am at a loss! You forgot to add the totally stupid, I.E., Hide behind. If this is what is prevalent in this blog, as much as I love Cheaper than Dirt, I can’t stand it. As they say and I quote–You can’t fix STUPID! By the way, in case you other bloggers didn’t see it, except for the comment about Bush, all other comments had a big (D)as in Democrats, ouch, the venomous two headed, no brains OBLABLA, snake strikes again at our 2nd amendment rights again!

  20. Garbage…..every single proposal is touch-feely, tug at the heart strings, do nothing but infringe on our rights GARBAGE!

    There are only two reasons for this type of legislation….the anti-gun people are either incredibly stupid and naive, or incredibly devious with total disarmament as the ultimate goal. I believe it is a combination. There is no middle ground here.

    1. We must consider who what and how we determine a person to be UNfit to have a weapon. Many, several millions of Americans are or should be diagnosed with depression. Does that mean that they are a threat to society? Not, by far! Hell our own Congress and Senators backgrounds should be public records!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They would not pass the scrutiny of many background checks!!!!!!!!

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