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Week-In-Review News Roundup: November 28–December 4, 2021

Week-in-review news roundup: the latest firearm news, gun news and other insights from the previous week that you may have missed.

Welcome to Cheaper Than Dirt’s Week-In-Review News Roundup. Here you’ll find some of the previous week’s top stories in the shooting industry, as well as our favorite reader comments and #RangeDayFriday photos.

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Latest Firearm News

APEX Ammunition Introduces Upland Bird TSS Loads
APEX Ammunition has announced its Upland Bird TSS shotshells are now shipping. These meticulously handloaded, ultra-high-density Tungsten Super Shot loads deliver exceptional performance in a non-toxic round.

Radian Announces Afterburner Micro Compensator and Ramjet Barrel
The Radian Afterburner is now one of the smallest pistol compensators on the market. The Afterburner micro compensator will be available for Glock 19 pistols generation 3, 4, and 5. The Ramjet barrel will feature the same compatibility.

Springfield Armory Releases Ronin EMP Pistol
Combining the popular features of the Ronin series of pistols with the CCW-ready Enhanced Micro Pistol (EMP) platform, the result is a potent and packable EDC partner that offers the smallest 1911 in the world.

True Knives Introduces SmartKnife+
True Knives releases the SmartKnife+. It’s a small pocket knife that has been augmented to add some additional uses. Whether a user actually employs these additions, doesn’t take away from the original function of being a knife.

Elite You Launches Virtual Training Site
Elite You recently launched an online virtual training platform for those who would prefer to absorb the knowledge of trained experts from the comfort of their own homes.

Weatherby Announces New Mark V Hunter Bolt-Action Rifle
Weatherby introduced the new Mark V Hunter to its premium bolt-action line. Bringing a wealth of chamberings to the legendary Weatherby Mark V platform, the Hunter is fitted with a freshly-designed stock.

Reader Comments of the Week

“Many comments on getting training are to the point. The vast majority of new gun owners get little to no training before or after buying a gun. I am talking about ‘training’ not practice. A new gun owner, particularly with a concealed carry permit, without training by a true professional firearms instructor put themselves and those around them at greater risk than going unarmed. Even if you’ve been around guns all your life if handguns are new to you, you need a good instructor. I don’t want you anywhere around me if you’re not competent with your firearm. You’re no less dead if shot by an incompetent good guy than if shot by a bad guy. Don’t be a statistic for the anti-gunners.”

– BAREBONES, in response to The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of First-Time Gun Buyers

“Years ago (1968) when I went thru Army Ranger School, we spent some time on knife fighting. First step was to wrap your unarmed arm in something to parry the attacker – shirt, jacket, etc. Second, an untrained knife attacker will always show their knife like they are trying to scare you. Never do that. Hold your weapon behind you for a full swing into your attacker so he cannot see it coming. The only target is right under the rib close to the heart. If you hit bone, your hand will slip onto the blade, if your knife does not have a good bolster. Basically, little knives are only good for cleaning fingernails. Knives in the class of the Spiderco Police make a nice defensive weapon because of the shape of the blade, and when clipped to your pocket demonstrate that you are probably going to defend yourself. Stay safe!”

– GLYNN, in response to Knives for Defense: What You Need to Know

“Love my FX-9!! Smooth as butter and fun to shot. I can fill a target full of headshots at 25 yards with a decent red dot, pretty good at 50 yards too.”

– KRIS, in response to Freedom Ordnance FX-9 9mm AR Pistol

#RangeDayFriday Photos of the Week

Here are some of our favorite fan photo submissions of the week. Find out how you could win a new gun by sharing your #rangedayfriday pics on our gun giveaway page.

AR rifle in woods in black and white
@natetroxell (Instagram)
four pistols on range bench with spare mags
@timsmith_13 (Twitter)
AR-15, pistol, hatchet and knife on American flag
@english0025 (Twitter)

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His primary focus is on handguns, but he loves all types of firearms. He enjoys disassembling and reassembling firearms to see how they work and installs most of the upgrades to his firearms himself, taking it as a chance to learn. He’s not only interested in modern handguns and rifles, he appreciates the classics for both historical value and real-world use.
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  1. I look forward to reading your articles every week. Wonder if you could tell us your thoughts about 30 cal. carbine ammunition and or 30 cal. carbine rifles. I have 2 rifles, a WW 2 Winchester carbine and a Universal carbine. Both are fun and easy to shoot, and ammunition is cheap and easy to come by. Thanks.

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