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Week-In-Review News Roundup: July 18-24, 2021

Week-in-review news roundup: the latest firearm news, gun news and other insights from the previous week that you may have missed.

Welcome to Cheaper Than Dirt’s Week-In-Review News Roundup.

Here you’ll find some of the previous week’s top stories in the shooting industry, as well as our favorite reader comments and #RangeDayFriday photos.

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Latest Firearm News

Kelbly Introduces Prometheus and Nanook Rem 700 Actions
Kelbly has introduced two new Remington 700 footprint bolt-action rifle actions called Prometheus and Nanook. The Prometheus is designed for tactical rifle builds whereas the Nanook is a hunting rifle action.

Proof Research Announces MDT Chassis Rifle
Whether you’re new to the competition scene and want to jump in with both feet, a seasoned shooter who wants to take their game to the next level, or you just enjoy a superbly accurate rifle, the PROOF MDT Chassis Rifle is for you.

Raven Concealement Releases Lictor M4 Mag Carrier
Raven Concealment has released a new mag carrier designed for low-profile usage to conceal AR/M4 mags under plain clothes. The main use would be in the context of a personal security detail or armed bodyguard situation.

Auto-Ordnance Introduces “Bootlegger” Thompson and 1911
The Bootlegger Thompson and 1911 are works of art, and refined shooting implements. Each gun is artfully engraved with depictions of 1920s autos, newspaper print, wanted posters, and historical images from the time.

Proof Research Awarded Medium Caliber Weapon Systems Contract
PROOF Research has been awarded a new military contract for new “medium caliber” weapons systems, which builds upon the company’s previously successful small caliber barrel technology currently in service.

Reader Comments of the Week

“I have a couple of 32 caliber guns. One is a CZ Scorpion, the semi-auto version of the East German Stazi’s favorite weapon. Yes, they used full auto .32s. This is a fun, accurate gun for plinking and casual target use. The gun came as a kit, with holster, spare mags, cleaning tools, etc. It also looks cool, I love this gun. While my current primary carry is a Sig 9mm, for quite a while I carried a North American Arms .32. This is a tiny stainless piece, I had NAA polish the action and I smoothed all the edges on the outside. It runs impeccably now, not highly accurate, it’s more of a belly gun. I still carry it when the 9 is not appropriate. Fortunately, I’ve not had to use either in anger, but they are fun guns. Thanks for highlighting the little .32.”

– ADS, in response to .32 ACP: Worthless or a Good Defense Caliber?

“I’ve been carrying and building aluminum frame 1911’s for about 10 years. Cleaned and lubed rails (slide and frame) with the same regimen as a steel frame (every 1000 / 1500 rounds) is a little more important because burned / unburned powder and carbon actually behave like a light pumice. If all you do is oil the mating surfaces it’ll behave like a lapping compound, wearing the aluminum out of tolerance faster than steel. Whether you build or buy, make sure all your steel to aluminum parts fit slick so little or no force is needed for operation. Spend time with setting up your recoil, whether dual spring or full length so hammering the frame is gone. Using recoil pads on any compacts is useless and interfere with cycling and slide lock back or feed. Use FMJ 230 .45 acp, the gun was designed for it (not going to argue expansion & penetration here, leave that for spec. geeks. Hit your enemy with a 230 FMJ and he’ll stop). For what it’s worth.”

– TIMOTHY, in response to The Pros and Cons of Aluminum-Framed Handguns

“I have had a Strike One for about 6yrs. I did a trigger upgrade and went to fiber optic sights. I have been very happy with it since I bought it. Sadly all of my friends that I have let try it were not able to buy one during the transition, and are jealous of mine. i have found it to be an exceptional part of my regular shooting collection. I shoot with both hands left and right with equal accuracy.”

– JACK, in response to The Arsenal Strike One: World’s Best Combat 9mm?

#RangeDayFriday Photos of the Week

Here are some of our favorite fan photo submissions of the week. Find out how you could win a new gun by sharing your #rangedayfriday pics on our gun giveaway page.

FN SCAR Rifle on Leaves
@branham7.62 (Instagram)
AR-15 rifle with scope and light on grass
@nwprepped (Instagram)
AR-15 pistol with light and red dot sight leaning on wood
@bangbangoldman (Instagram)
That’s all for this week! Check back next Friday for another round of the latest firearm news, reader comments and #RangeDayFriday photos.

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His primary focus is on handguns, but he loves all types of firearms. He enjoys disassembling and reassembling firearms to see how they work and installs most of the upgrades to his firearms himself, taking it as a chance to learn. He’s not only interested in modern handguns and rifles, he appreciates the classics for both historical value and real-world use.
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