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Week-In-Review News Roundup: January 9-15, 2022

Week-in-review news roundup: the latest firearm news, gun news and other insights from the previous week that you may have missed.

Welcome to Cheaper Than Dirt’s Week-In-Review News Roundup. Here you’ll find some of the previous week’s top stories in the shooting industry, as well as our favorite reader comments and #RangeDayFriday photos.

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Latest Firearm News

Savage Arms Announces New Impulse and Model 64 Designs
Savage Arms is adding two new rifle designs to the growing list of guns slated for launch in 2022, the Impulse Elite Precision and Model 64 Precision.

Smith Tactics Releases SIDE-KICK Co-CHARGER AR-15 Charging Handle
Smith Tactics has released a new AR-15 charging handle called SIDE-KICK Co-CHARGER. This is a drop-in product (for mil-spec upper receivers) that provides a left-side non-reciprocating charging handle while still retaining the standard AR-15 charging possibility.

Rock Island Armory USA Announces the VRF14 Shotgun
Armscor has announced the roll out of the first product in the history of its new U.S. based manufacturing facility, RIA-USA. A 12-gauge semi-automatic firearm, the VRF14 brings another option to the popular VR Series.

Leupold Launches New Patrol 6HD 1-6×24 Riflescope
Designed to help defend your ground, the ultra-lightweight, low-profile design of the Patrol 6HD deploys quickly, while its 1-6x magnification lets you engage targets anywhere.

Belarus Introduces New SMAR-100BPM Bullpup AK Variant
Essentially, the rifle is based on an AK receiver with an RPK-style reinforced front trunnion that has a long M-Lok handguard, which works as an optic mount and housing for the new pistol grip.

Volquartsen Releases New ENV .22 LR Pistol
Volquartsen Firearms, an industry leader in precision rimfire firearms manufacturing, has expanded on their line of .22 LR pistols with their new ENV pistol configurations.

SIG Launches Commercial Variant of U.S. Army Next Generation Squad Weapon MCX-SPEAR and .277 SIG FURY Ammo
SIG Sauer is proud to announce the official expansion of the MCX series of rifles with the new MCX-SPEAR chambered in .277 SIG FURY.

Reader Comments of the Week

“I own and carry a 340 on a regular basis, got mine when the model came out. it’s is one of my favorite carry weapons. I have added a set of laser grips. Yes you can forget you are carrying it’s so light. Prefer IWB carry. It all fits well in my back pocket. I have owned and carried several J frames revolvers. .45 &.357 are my favorite calibers.”

– W.B., in response to Review: S&W 340PD — The Lightest .357 Magnum Revolver

“I thoroughly enjoyed this article. The author did an outstanding job describing this potent XD-M in 10 mm. I have the same pistol and have out 1,000’s of rounds through it with nary a misfire, FTE or FTF. The gun is ultra-reliable, comfortable to shoot, and accurate.”

– BEN, in response to Springfield XD-M 10mm: Not New, but Still a Classic

“Once again, an “obsolete” design has been renewed by a smart company. I own several “obsolete” guns, and the only thing “wrong” with those guns is that they are no longer made. THANKS Diamondback for realizing that an “obsolete” design can be updated with new manufacturing technology, and can even be better than the “original”. P.S. – I would like to see a “new” SAVAGE model 99, only scaled down to either a 5.56/.300 Blackout size, or a similar size. Only change would be to either use AR platform magazines, or to use a 33% Glass Filled NYLON 6/6 rotary feed. If and when such a gun would be available in .350 LEGEND, I would place my order.”

– GRUMPY, in response to Diamondback Sidekick .22 LR Revolver – Perfect Companion for Fun


#RangeDayFriday Photos of the Week

Here are some of our favorite fan photo submissions of the week. Find out how you could win a new gun by sharing your #rangedayfriday pics on our gun giveaway page.

Rifle on range bench in snow
@ctdsharpshooter (Instagram)
Pistols on indoor range bench
@dannylsx_bfg (Instagram)
SIG M18 and two glocks on table
@jigglephysics3 (Instagram)

That’s all for this week! Check back next Friday for another round of the latest firearm news, reader comments and #RangeDayFriday photos.

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His primary focus is on handguns, but he loves all types of firearms. He enjoys disassembling and reassembling firearms to see how they work and installs most of the upgrades to his firearms himself, taking it as a chance to learn. He’s not only interested in modern handguns and rifles, he appreciates the classics for both historical value and real-world use.
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