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Week-In-Review News Roundup: January 30-February 5, 2022

Week-in-review news roundup: the latest firearm news, gun news and other insights from the previous week that you may have missed.

Welcome to Cheaper Than Dirt’s Week-In-Review News Roundup. Here you’ll find some of the previous week’s top stories in the shooting industry, as well as our favorite reader comments and #RangeDayFriday photos.

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Latest Firearm News

Nighthawk Custom Introduces The New .44 Mag Mongoose
The Korth Mongoose was previously available from Nighthawk Custom in .357 Magnum, but for those seeking to make a bigger hole, it is now available in .44 Magnum, as well.

SIG Sauer Custom Works Releases P365XL SPECTRE Comp
SIG Sauer is pleased to announce the expansion of the SIG Custom Works SPECTRE Series of pistols with the introduction of the P365XL SPECTRE Comp.

Holosun Announces New AEMS Core Red Dot Sight
Holosun brings a new optic to market in the AEMS Core. The AEMS Core is a small package that provides Core features at a competitive price point.

Strike Industries Releases the New Strike Bipod Grip
The Strike Bipod Grip offers versatility and efficiency to your rifle for maintaining a firm grip when on the move or a steady stationary platform when prone shooting at a sleek, simple and the most affordable option on the market.

Galco Introduces the Triton 3.0 IWB Holster
Constructed of durable, virtually maintenance-free Kydex, the Triton 3.0 is fast on the draw, slender in profile, and easy to conceal.

Streamlight Launches BearTrap Work Light
Streamlight introduced the BearTrap, a multi-function, 2,000-lumen work light designed for law enforcement and first responder uses such as providing emergency scene lighting, illuminating traffic stops or servicing agency fleets.

Reader Comments of the Week

“S&W could probably expand their market on this one if they would just include ambidextrous charging handle and safety. I am sorry but the ambidextrous safety on AR style firearms, is a no-brainer, to include us “correct” handed people. Ironically, being left-eye dominant, I have found the 10/22 with a few left-hand friendly accessaries is still hard to beat. FYI: For anyone having magazine related issues, like FTF, I suggest checking out the GLOCK video on how to properly load the G-44 .22LR magazines to avoid feeding issues. I have since learned the Glock video seems to pertain to other manufactures of .22LR semi-auto magazines as well. So if you are having Failure To Feed issues on your favorite .22, give the Glock G-44 magazine video a peek. Keep that TOP or FIRST round, from NOSE-diving.”

– ROCKIT, in response to Review: Smith and Wesson M&P 15-22 Sport .22 LR

“I live in South Louisiana. To say it is hot down here is an understatement. I prefer an IWB or high rise belt holster, but since putting on mucho weight and inches with retirement and the pandemic I can no longer carry in my waistband. Now days I now carry in a shoulder rig. I found the way to carry down here is a T-shirt with the rig over it and a lightweight, oversized (I wear XL so will buy XXL), button-down ‘fishing’ shirt. These cover well and are worn unbuttoned, but I have to button a couple of buttons on windy days. I am working pn losing weight so that I can go back to my waist band holsters, but I do appreciate the convenience and security of the shoulder holster. I have Armadillo Holsters shoulder rigs and find them well made at a decent price. I believe they are a ‘home’ based business and last time I checked they do not have a phone number contact but I have had not issues with them. I recently ordered a holster from Craft Holsters. It was a belt holster for my Taurus 692 3″ but will be ordering their shoulder rig for my G40 MOS. I like the quality I’ve seen from their work so far.”

– BILLY, in response to Shoulder Holsters for Concealed Carry

“Looks like Heritage is going to get more of my money! While not as quiet as an auto, a suppressor will reduce sound some. And I will finally buy an optic for a handgun.”

– FARMPLINKER, in response to Cowboy Tactical: Heritage Manufacturing’s Most Useful Revolver

#RangeDayFriday Photos of the Week

Here are some of our favorite fan photo submissions of the week. Find out how you could win a new gun by sharing your #rangedayfriday pics on our gun giveaway page.

Camo AR-15 Rifle in Snow
@ridin_dirty_outdoors (Instagram)
AR-15 in garden
@coloradocreedmoor (Instagram)
Customized Ruger 10/22 Rifle on Wood Floor
@balistix_4o6 (Instagram)

That’s all for this week! Check back next Friday for another round of the latest firearm news, reader comments and #RangeDayFriday photos.

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His primary focus is on handguns, but he loves all types of firearms. He enjoys disassembling and reassembling firearms to see how they work and installs most of the upgrades to his firearms himself, taking it as a chance to learn. He’s not only interested in modern handguns and rifles, he appreciates the classics for both historical value and real-world use.
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