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Week-In-Review News Roundup: February 6-12, 2022

Week-in-review news roundup: the latest firearm news, gun news and other insights from the previous week that you may have missed.

Welcome to Cheaper Than Dirt’s Week-In-Review News Roundup. Here you’ll find some of the previous week’s top stories in the shooting industry, as well as our favorite reader comments and #RangeDayFriday photos.

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Latest Firearm News

Century Arms Introduces BFT47 AK Rifle
The new flagship rifle of Century Arms is truly the culmination of American engineering at its finest! The BFT47 was designed with the purpose of being a reliable, durable, and accurate AK at a price point the blue collar American can afford.

Riton Optics Partners with SAR USA
Riton Optics is proud to announce a partnership with SAR USA on the SAR9 X pistol. This pistol will be packaged and shipped with Riton’s MPRD 2.

Edgar Sherman Designs Announces Glock Magwell
A new American-made Glock magazine well has just hit the market from Edgar Sherman Design. The new ESD magwell aims to set itself apart from the rest of the Glock flared magwells by featuring an extremely purpose-driven design.

SilencerCo Releases Gas Defeating Charging Handle
SilencerCo is excited to announce the release of its new Gas Defeating Charging Handle (GDCH), which significantly redirects the blow back of gas associated with shooting AR-15 platforms.

Federal Introduces .44 Special Punch Defense Ammo
Federal Ammunition is proud to announce an expansion of one of the most exciting lines of defensive loads to hit the market in years: Federal’s Punch ammo.

MDT Announces New GRND-Pod Bipod
The MDT GRND-Pod was developed for the shooter wanting a stable and secure platform to shoot off of without breaking the bank.

Reader Comments of the Week

“I was hoping Ruger would make the Wrangler with a birdshead grip, and was fortunate enough to hear about it in time to find one of the rare TALO models with the wood grips and holster. I already own 3 older Wranglers, all with the black finish & custom grips. I’d probably buy one in the silver, if only the cylinders weren’t all in black. I’m guessing they only make one color cylinder to keep costs down. The Birdshead is a super fun little gun to practice your draw, unloaded or with snap caps of course.”

– MIKE, in response to Review: Ruger Wrangler Birdshead Grip .22 LR Revolver

“I was fortunate enough to pick up a 25th Anniversary M9, which is a Beretta 92. It is one of our favorite guns for range shooting. It’s a big gun for a daily carry pistol, but with the right belt and holster can be carried safely and will give you confidence. If you’re a fan of the model you might look at the Girsan Regard, which is a Turkish made clone and which is very well made and accented.”

– DAVID, in response to Beretta 92: Maintenance Checklist and Spare Parts List

“I bought a CZ 75B several years ago and loved it. My only complaint was factory sights. They are small and on my copy weren’t regulated. I eventually had a gunsmith install adjustable sights. I then saw the same model in the compact model at my local dealer and traded the original CZ for the compact model and it was my carry gun for several years. Being an old fan of the 1911, I love the ability to carry this pistol cocked and locked.”

– KSP, in response to Review: CZ 75 SA — Overlooked and Underrated

#RangeDayFriday Photos of the Week

Here are some of our favorite fan photo submissions of the week. Find out how you could win a new gun by sharing your #rangedayfriday pics on our gun giveaway page.

customized glock pistol
@timelapse_services (Instagram)
Wilson Combat SIG P365 Pistol
@DaveUsai (Twitter)
AK Rifle on table
@imkevinthomas (Twitter)

That’s all for this week! Check back next Friday for another round of the latest firearm news, reader comments and #RangeDayFriday photos.

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His primary focus is on handguns, but he loves all types of firearms. He enjoys disassembling and reassembling firearms to see how they work and installs most of the upgrades to his firearms himself, taking it as a chance to learn. He’s not only interested in modern handguns and rifles, he appreciates the classics for both historical value and real-world use.
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