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New Jersey’s Smart-Gun Law Not ‘Triggered’

Armatix iP1 smart gun

Acting New Jersey Attorney General John Hoffman recently issued a report to Gov. Chris Christie and the state Legislature that said the Armatix iP1 will not trigger the state’s smart gun law.

The report stipulates that the Armatix iP1 is capable of being fired by a person who is not an authorized or recognized user as long as they are within 10 inches of the activation watch—such as during a struggle.

Armatix iP1 smart gun
Twelve years ago, New Jersey’s Childproof Handgun Bill required licensed firearms dealers in New Jersey to sell only “smart guns” such as the Armatix iP1 if even one working model of a user-recognized “smart gun” is made available to sell in New Jersey or any other state. The Armatix iP1 ain’t it.

New Jersey’s “Smart Gun” law was enacted in 2002. When smart-gun technology as defined by the law is made commercially available in any state, this law is triggered and “smart guns” will be the only handguns allowed for retail sale in New Jersey.

The Armatix iP1 is a .22 caliber 10-round handgun. Specifically, the Armatix iP1 system incorporates a radio frequency identification (RFID) chip inside a wristwatch that enables the functioning of the iP1 pistol. To fire the pistol, the matching watch must be situated within 10 inches of the pistol. The pistol also may be disabled with a timer or a PIN code entered into the matching watch.

The statute expressly contemplates the possibility that a handgun that incorporates radio frequency tagging technology to automatically limit its operational use could qualify as a personalized handgun.

According to the “Attorney General’s Report to the Governor and the Legislature as to the Availability of Personalized Handguns for Retail Sales Purposes,” the state AG “has made the determination that personalized handguns are not available for retail sales purposes within the meaning of those terms as set forth in the law.” The report continues by saying the term “personalized handgun” means “a handgun which incorporates within its design, and as part of its original manufacture, technology which automatically limits its operational use and which cannot be readily deactivated, so that it may only be fired by an authorized or recognized user. The technology limiting the handgun’s operational use may include, but not be limited to: radio frequency tagging, touch memory, remote control, fingerprint, magnetic encoding and other automatic user identification systems utilizing biometric, mechanical or electronic systems.” A personalized handgun would be “available for retail sales purposes” when “at least one manufacturer has delivered at least one production model to a registered or licensed wholesale or retail dealer in New Jersey or any other state.” The law further provides that “no make or model of a handgun shall be deemed to be a personalized handgun unless the Attorney General has determined, through testing or other reasonable means, that the handgun meets any reliability standards that the manufacturer may require for its commercially available handguns that are not personalized or, if the manufacturer has no such reliability standards, the handgun meets the reliability standards generally used in the industry for commercially available handguns.” To learn more, read this article: New Jersey to Repeal Smart Gun Law Only If NRA Will Strike a Deal

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  1. The lack of intellect Gov. Christie has with regards to gun rights is staggering – especially for a Republican.

    From a 2009 interview:

    Interviewer: Should every citizen in your state be allowed to get a licensed weapon if they want one?
    Christie: In NJ, that’s not going to happen.

  2. wow that is messed up on the gun makers part for even trying to make a gun that complies with this law. if they were for our 2nd amendment rights they wouldnt even try to make these guns. but they obviously care more about money than their costumers

  3. What has been lost in time is why this law is on the books in the first place. It was never meant to be a “safety” thing for the average NJ gun owner. At the time when it was FIRST thought of, it was because NJ cops and even the NJ State Police, were being shot WITH THEIR OWN GUNS! That’s right, it was because NJ’s finest were either so ill trained or just overpowered they were having their service weapon taken away and being shot by their own gun. The idea of “smart guns’ came about as a device to save police lives. But after several years of trying to get smart guns for the police departments that worked more than 90% of the time, it was put on a hold….sorta. Sen. Frank Lautenberg (not sure how its spelled and don’t much care) came up with the idea that it may not be good enough for NJ’s police, but it would be a “great” idea for everyone else in NJ to only have smart guns,, as long as they were NOT the guns guarding him. That is how and why the idea of smart guns came about, that’s why the law is on the books for the private gun owners of NJ. because the police wouldn’t want a gun that worked only 80-90% of the time. But those in Trenton feel its enough for the people of New Jersey, even if it is only a .22 cal. it’s a “smart gun”, its just too bad that those guns aren’t smart enough to vote.

  4. Laws like these are the first step in the abolition of the 2nd amendment. If you want a docile, unthinking and sheepish populace, first you make education too expensive, you keep racial tensions high, and feed your citizens a bunch of hype through your groveling media dogs. Then your unarmed, undereducated sheeple will have no avenue of self determination because they don’t know the definition of the word. And when the government lackeys come to herd the sheeple away, they have no means of self preservation beyond hurling insults at the fascist with his boots in their necks. New York, California, New Jersey and DC are leading the vanguard in removing your rights.

  5. The only value of a law like this or legislators like New Jerseys is to announce loudly to the rest of the nation where responsible folks should never consider living.

    Any person, legislative body or state that would by law require the use of technology that prevents one family member or law abiding citizen from saving the life of another when directly and criminally threatened is irresponsible. Beyond that they likely lack the capacity for rational and objective problem solving.

    That is a city, county or state I would never consider crossing into, for any reason.

    1. BRASS: The problem is most gun violence death that occur at home, are cause by another family member. So what your point, again.

    2. Are you referring to gun violence? Or gun accidents? Obviously a round from a negligent discharge inside ones home, if striking another person inside the home, is likely going to be a family member. They live there.

      That’s like saying, “most family road trips where the family vehicle is in an accident injures more family members than non family members”.

      I live in Oregon which is a blue state by the way. We have lots of gun freedom here and very little gun problems. The problem with this “smart gun” thing is that it’s totally overkill and ridiculous. What’s next?

      You are 5 times more likely to drown or burn to death than you are to be killed by a gun. And, far more guns in homes are stopping crimes than killing or injuring another family member. “So, what your point again.”

    3. Thank you skawalker35. And to take it further, how would such legislation stop this Maq??? Short answer: it won’t. Accidents will happen, with or w/o the government stepping further into our lives and homes.

      The best course of action is proper and safe gun handing and public education about these issues. There is nothing wrong with making a safer gun, but as most studies will prove, the problem usually resides with the user (not the firearm)!

      Another problem I can forsee with such safety mechanisms is battery failure. What is the officer who is sworn to protect innocent life to do if caught in a firefight with dead batteries in his firearm (rendering it useless), not to mention the hazard to the officer’s own safety and life? Does he/she not have a right to defend him/herself in the most effective manor??? But wait, I guess you haven’t the ability to see beyond the end of your own, true weapon of mass destruction (your pen).

      -Nice try NJ, and stay far far away from my lovely Tennessee!

      And oh yeah, spoons made America fat… See the connection?

    4. WRONG! Jezus, where did you pull that crap from?

      All homicides

      Number of deaths: 16,121
      Deaths per 100,000 population: 5.1

      Firearm homicides

      Number of deaths: 11,208
      Deaths per 100,000 population: 3.5

      Makes you wonder WHAT 11,208 people would have done to kill someone if they DID NOT have a firearm? Guns are the overwhelming weapon of choice obviously.

      All injury deaths

      Number of deaths: 192,945
      Deaths per 100,000 population: 60.2

      All poisoning deaths

      Number of deaths: 48,545
      Deaths per 100,000 population: 15.4

      Motor vehicle traffic deaths

      Number of deaths: 33,804
      Deaths per 100,000 population: 10.7

      All firearm deaths

      Number of deaths: 33,636
      Deaths per 100,000 population: 10.6

      Source: Deaths: Final Data for 2013, table 18[PDF – 1.5 MB]

    5. No one thinks anymore, “gun violence”?! You haven’t even thought about those two words. Guns are not, nor have they ever been violent. That phrase hadn’t even been thought of a few years ago, just like “assault weapon”; Forgetting what you THINK is an assault weapon and think for yourself. How does taking a WOODEN part of a rifle off and replacing it with PLASTIC parts make it an assault weapon?
      Someone can be violent without a gun or be violent with a gun. Guns are NEVER violent if you place one down, you pick where, the most that they would do on their own is rust.

      You are guilty of taking what you hear on the news or being reported to you as being the truth. The fact of the matter is that if you didn’t get your statistics from the F.B.I. web site the numbers are NOT true.
      Now I’ll really make you worry, the N.I.C.s numbers (that’s the number of persons that have finished the paperwork to buy a gun) just posted that this past Black Friday 2014—2nd-Highest Gun-Sales Day Ever!!

      So I guess there are many more that don’t believe in gun violence.

      One final thought – you probably have cable or other TV service. If you look I’m sure that there are shooting shows, not hunting shows, shooting shows. Without a bit or worry or fear I’ll say that if you sit through ONE, just ONE, you’d have far more information and gain knowledge far above talking heads on tv and even more than those that sit in Congressional seats in D.C. Don’t be afraid they won’t make you have gun violence either.


  6. Smart Gun…what happen to the focus on smart people? What’s up with putting off our responsibilities and blaming inanimate objects for the actions we take as individuals. To cloak this iGun as a reasonable safety and security initiative is another step toward the edge of the cliff. If we put half the money into addressing the real problems we face as a nation and making the hard decisions that need to be made, we would be far better off!

    1. I was curious as to what good would a smart gun do when it is owned by a stupid or crazy person. As you said…always addressing the wrong problems. Why don’t they treat this like they do DWI? They campaign against drinking and driving, not ban cars. Why not advertise against being crazy and hurting people? No solution to this issue. People will be stupid for as long as we exist. There is no solution to that. We accept it and stop pounding a dead horse.

  7. Take weapon, put in Micro Wave oven for 10 seconds or so…..Problem solved for RFID chip, or other electronics associated with the weapon. Where there is a WILL there is a way.

    1. Since these will no doubt “fail safe”, frying the RFID chip will permanently render the gun useless. And don’t think that on the other side of “Smart Gun” technology there isn’t a cheap way to deactivate them remotely. RFID is an extremely low power transmitter that can be jammed by a more powerful transmitter. Those in favor of this technology, i.e. government and criminals (forgive me for repeating myself) will be equipped with jammers and will have their way with those stupid enough to have a “smart” gun..

    2. So what is more powerful than microwave or its equivelant? Is not the microwave a transmitter? and is your cell phone not driven by microwaves?

  8. You guys need to stop watching so much alternate reality fiction. I am referring to the outrageously inaccurate comments about Davy Crockett made by Slowpoke Rodriguez, Michael Thornton, and another Michael in this forum.

    First and foremost David Crocket was never a Senator. He was elected to his state legislature and then on multiple separate occasions thereafter he won seats in the U.S. House of Representatives, thus making him a Congressman not a Senator.

    Historical accounts do no such thing, as you claim Crockett to have been a “bad” legislator. To the contrary, his repeated wins prove otherwise, and speak to his good record and popularity.

    Only one issue lost him an election that he later recovered; that being his pro-Indian stance that evolved from his proclivities as a frontiersman which allowed him more interaction and understanding of Indian affairs as compared to the fear-mongering white town’s folk that voted against him. Regardless, he would later make a comeback.

    But the most ludicrous of all statements here was to write that Crockett “by all accounts” was ever held in Mexico City for ransom and murdered when the U.S. refused to pay it.

    I couldn’t stop laughing, but then realized I’d better call you on your weak crap given there may be others idiots here like yourself that actually believe it, and will actually pass it on as fact.

    Crockett’s death has been well researched repeatedly since his death by scores of advanced historians. Regardless of the tall tale attempts, each historian has always concluded that Crockett died in the old fortified mission known as the Alamo defending it to his last breath.

    I truly fear for our future. It is said, “For those that forget the past are doomed to repeat it.” To that I add, “But for those that never bothered to learn the past truly have nothing, because their entire life is filled with deceptions and lies which are worse than doomed repetition; you are instead relegated to a destiny of mediocrity with no chance of a legacy, and then you just die.”

  9. You’re right about Senator Crockett’s demise. Even then our government would NOT pay ransom for any citizens taken and held by enemies of the American people. Then, as now, that policy results in the death of the hostage but _that_ entity seldom wastes the effort of taking another hostage. Unfortunately each enemy of our people has to learn that lesson for themselves.


    1. Michael Thornton: I don’t that was the reason at all, I thing the US. Government needed a “Dead Hero’, rather then a “Live Embarrassment”. He was worth more to the cause “Dead” than “Alive”, and after all Crockett was not a very good Senator either. A pretty “Bad” by historical accounts.

  10. Sorry, I was aiming at TRILLIONS with twelve zeros. After all, when speaking of the ‘bama ‘gumment’ nothing less than a trillion is worth mentioning. He tossed acorn a billion soon after inauguration. If I alluded to the national debt or the unfunded obligations of our government, twelve zeros is sufficient, for the nonce. ‘Tis only a matter of time before fiscal ruin or adding another zero to the total of the unfunded obligations and the national deficit. This number has risen so fast recently that it is vulgar to conceive of the individual citizen’s portion of our collective debt.

    If I was speaking of mikey bloomingidiotberg’$ 31 billion dollar pocket change, a total of nine digits would have been adequate for the task. Thanks for reading so carefully. Was that your only qualm with mine missive? If ’tis thus I am well satisfied. Merry Christmastime and thankye.


  11. I firmly believe that the NJ law is a blatent attempt to deprive NJ citizens of their Second Amendment Rights. Only ONE PRODUCTION MODEL ANYWHERE triggers the law. No mention that the guns EVER be made available for sale in NJ. A mikey bloomingidiotberg ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD could make a “first production model” and then declare the company defunct without ever delivering ANY production model for sale in NJ. This would, in essence, end the sale of firearms in NJ and might even require the conversion of all firearms to allow continued ownership in NJ.
    Since no ‘conversion’ is possible, continued ownership would be impossible. ONE has been made, that is ALL THAT IS REQUIRED TO DEPRIVE NJ CITIZENS OF THEIR SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS! A mikey bloomingidiotberg could buy a small firearms firm doing experimental design work, develop a working model, set up a “production line” and trigger the NJ law. That multiple BILLIONAIRE (about THIRTY ONE BILLION $31,000,000,000,000.00) COULD take a multi million dollar hit and end “production” due to ANY reason. No other production gun ever need be made! No other dumb guns could be sold in NJ and it may not be a sure thing that current owners could keep their dumb guns. Say that the number of production guns was 30, 300, or 3,000; they need not be made available for sale in NJ to trigger the law… There are many good reasons for me NOT living in: NY, CA, NJ, CT, DE, MD or DC; but, for me, the prohibition of firearms is sufficient in and of itself, to avoid having a domicile in such states. NH says “live free or die” and, thus far, firearms are legal and concealed carry is legal. I shall LIVE FREE or I shall resist within the limits of the law and/or within the limitations of the American Constitution. I can think of no finer reason to perish than defending freedom within my country, America, land of the free and home of the brave. Number me among these heroes upon my death and I die happily.

    1. In a few years I will be vacating the Commie State of Commiefornia and as of this year I have purchased my last Gun that I will EVER buy in this state. There “Feel Good” “Laws” are Pathetic.
      I am prior Military and was treated as if I had NEVER owned a gun in my entire life. Commiefornia NOW requires that before you receive your weapon from Commiefornia “ALMIGHTY” that you must get instruction on how to properly operate the weapon before it is released to you PLUS you must sign off on a waiver that you know how to operate the weapon.

      For me this is simple! There are 2 parts to a gun: “The Business End” and the “Hospital End” anything else is Fantasy with little tooth fairies something like in San Fag-Cisco. The Filthy City of the bums and degenerates. Including “Nasty Nancy Pee Lousy” and Diane Frankenstein.

  12. Ridiculous. And scary. Some nerd like Gruber is out there right now designing a disarming device to sell to the crooks. Hell, the government undoubtedly has it already. For me personally, it puts Christie out of the running as a presidential contender. The anti-gunners are winning.

    1. Christie is little more than entertaining anyway. His big wet Obama kiss gave him away. We need an actual conservative this time.
      The anti- gunners are winning. A little at a time they chip away state by state and city by city. It is going to come down to whether or not we are going to let it continue or if we will draw a line and take a stand. It is our actions here and now that will determine whether future generations will live in a free nation or under socialist government tyranny .

    2. Mc Ruger: Christie goes where the money flow’s. He’s a political “Hooker”, he’s also “Tainted” and more of a “Liability” than an “Asset”. The farther the GOP goes away from him the better. The more he “Embarrass” himself and the party, and we still stand behind him, what does that say about US.

    3. Christie is no more than an Ice cream man in Drag acting like a conservative. Fat Mutha F***ER that he is.

  13. OK…Tell the next Jersey cop you see his service firearm is going to be replaced with a”Smart 22″ and laugh at the response you get.
    Of course the first shipment of these paperweights have to go to law officers…rite?

  14. I live South of the Mason-Dixon line and we live and die for our GOD, Guns and Moonshine. We also had over 100 volunteers to die at the Alamo, including Senator D. Crockett thus our Volunteer State nickname. It’s all about control people. I just pray that our fellow brothers and sisters have their Ducks in a row before another intrusion on our privacy and liberty occurs. Molon Labe and will see you on the other side.

    1. BUD: By all accounts David Crockett didn’t die at the Alamo, he survived the siege and after being captured by the Mexican Forces. Held for ransom, and six-weeks later executed by “firing squad” by the order of Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. But not at the Alamo, but in Mexico City when ransom was refused to be paid.

    2. Just two questions.

      What all accounts?
      Where did you first learn that about D. Crockett?

      Cause neither is true!!

  15. Yeah I know I will get a lot of hate postings and name calling over this but I don’t care. On the surface yup, sounds good, I buy the gun and I am the only one that can fire it. Another level of safety, great.

    Radar used by cops to track driving speed begot radar detectors. GPS used to find your way home yielded GPS tracking devices. Cell phones can be tracked and deactivated remotely.

    If RF activates a gun what follows is RF to deactivate it. When people are allowed only “safe guns” as in New Jersey, RF will be developed to deactivate guns in large public places e.g. schools, shopping center, sports stadiums. If that can be done they will be able to expand a firearm deactivation areas to a city, county or state all without touching 2A. This is bad technology.
    OK let me have it but before you do give the concept serious thought and take a good look around.

    1. @ Mc Ruger: I am surprised you think anyone would disagree with your assessment. It is quite accurate and probably defines how most of us here feel about such technology.

    2. I would say that this is explicitly why NJ wants their citizens to only have firearms with this feature. So they can disarm their citizens at the press of a button.

      If I were a citizen of NJ, I would insist that all police/governmental bodies first adopt the technology for a period of 20 years prior to requiring the general populace to accept it. I wonder how long their police/government would put up with having firearms a citizen could disarm at the push of a button?

    3. You’d be surprised how correct your thoughts and the truth aren’t that far apart.
      Read my post on the second page.

      Then let those that think its all a great idea rethink that again.

    4. Thanks G-Man but as you know the progressive / socialist movement as well as the stupid have Infiltrated the site.

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