Five New Must-Have Guns and Five New Accessories to Go With Them

Pump-action rifle that looks like an AR-15

Either due to the upcoming gift-giving season or just weeks away from the annual SHOT Show, there has been an influx of new products—both firearms and accessories. If this list is a glimpse of what is to come, I am anxious to see what 2015 brings, especially if there will be more new firearms like the reasonably priced and feature-laden Rock Island 2011 Tactical compact 1911s and ArmaLite’s new DEF10 .308 Winchester AR-10 semi-automatic rifle.


Ruger LC9s

After Ruger’s .380 LCP proved popular, customers requested a small carry-worthy pistol with a little more oomph. Ruger responded with the release of the double-action-only, hammer-fired LC9 9mm. In late July, Ruger added a striker-fired version of the LC9 called the LC9s. Additionally, Ruger added an integrated trigger safety. The benefit to the striker-fired LC9s is the lighter trigger pull, set at 5.5 pounds. There is no laser on the LC9s. All the most-loved features of the LC9 remain on the LC9s such as the thin, no-snag frame, dovetailed adjustable 3-dot sights, thin 0.9-inch width and one-piece checkered grips. Besides the lighter trigger pull, the LC9s comes in cheaper than the original LC9 making the Ruger LC9s a top seller.

Ruger LC9s Pro, striker-fired handgun
Ruger added a striker-fired version of the LC9 called the LC9s.
Ruger LC9s
Action Semi-Automatic
Barrel Length 3.21 inches
Caliber 9mm
Overall Height 4.5 inches
Overall Length 6 inches
Overall Width 0.9 inches
Weight Unloaded 17.2 ounces
Sights 3-dot, windage-adjustable rear
Grip Black, high performance, glass-filled nylon
Capacity 7 rounds
Frame Black, high performance, glass-filled nylon

ArmaLite Defensive Sporting Rifle

In September, ArmaLite introduced three new value-priced rifles. Included in the line-up is an entry-level AR-10 set at an extremely competitive price point. The ArmaLite DEF 10 has a 16-inch chrome-lined and double-lapped chrome-moly barrel that is Melonite-treated. Also threaded, the barrel has a flash suppressor installed. It has a 1:11.25-inch twist optimized for 175-grain or 168-grain .308 Winchester ammo. The rifle does not come with sights, but is optics-ready with a MIL-STD rail on the flat top upper receiver. Both the upper and lower receivers are forged 7075-T6 aluminum. ArmaLite’s 7.62x51mm Defensive Sporting Rifle features a single-stage trigger, ejection port cover, forward assist, brass deflector and adjustable stock. It ships with a 20-round Magpul PMAG.

Black AR-10 rifle
Armalite’s entry-level AR-10 set at an extremely competitive price point
ArmaLite DEF 10
Action Semi-Automatic
Barrel Length 16 inches
Caliber .308 Winchester/7.62 NATO
Overall Length 32 inches collapsed, 38.3 inches extended
Weight Unloaded 7.9 pounds
Sights Gas block with Picatinny rail
Stock Collapsible stock
Capacity 20 rounds

Rock Island Armory 2011 Tactical Compact

For a more concealable 1911, Armscor/Rock Island Armory unveils two new compact semiautomatics. Part of the 2011 Tactical series, the new compact 1911s are available in either .45 ACP or 9mm. Both models feature two-dot adjustable rear sights and fiber optic front sights, wide-angled slide serrations, accessory rail and G10 grips. Upgrades on the new 2011 Tactical compact pistols include reduced recoil, ambidextrous safety, combat hammer and an extended beavertail grip. Both Rock Island 2011 Tactical compact 1911s share the same dimensions—a 3.5-inch barrel, 5.5-inch height and 7.375-inch length. Mike Seeklander, who won first place in the competition recently, used the 2011 Tactical Compact handguns in the IDPA Backup Gun Nationals.

Compact 1911 with G10 grips and black finish
For a more concealable 1911, Armscor/Rock Island Armory unveils two new compact semiautomatics.
Rock Island Armory 2011 Tactical Compact 1911
Action Semi-Automatic, Single-Action-Only
Barrel Length 3.5 inches
Caliber 9mm and .45 ACP
Overall Height 5.5 inches
Overall Length 7.373 inches
Overall Width 0.9 inches
Weight Unloaded 3 pounds
Sights Fiber optic front, adjustable rear
Grip G-10
Capacity 8 and 7 rounds
Frame Steel

Troy Sporting Rifle

Troy’s new modern sporting weapon is built for those living in restrictive states who would love to have the opportunity to own an AR-15. However, Troy’s PAR Sporting Rifle is not exactly an AR—it just looks like one. It has no gas system or buffer tube and operates via manual pump-action. Chambered for both .223 Remington and 5.56mm NATO, the Troy PAR (Pump-Action Rifle) has a 16-inch barrel with a Melonite finish and 1:7-inch twist. It shoots sub-MOA and is an alternative to hunters who cannot legally use a semiautomatic rifle. Troy Industries outfits the rifle with a thin folding stock with five positions adjustable for length of pull. The company also incorporates its own popular BattleSights and handguard. The Troy PAR accepts standard AR-15 magazines and has a standard AR-15 trigger guard. Rails are standard Picatinny, so you may add a light, laser, red dot or scope to the pump-action rifle.

Pump-action rifle that looks like an AR-15
Chambered for both .223 Remington and 5.56mm NATO, the Troy PAR (Pump-Action Rifle) has a 16-inch barrel with a Melonite finish.
Troy PAR
Action Pump Action
Barrel Length 16 inches
Caliber .223 Remington
Overall Length 33 inches extended, 25 inches folded
Weight Unloaded 6 pounds
Sights Alpha-Style handguard with full-length top rail
Stock Folding stock adjustable for either right or left side fold
Capacity 10 rounds

DRD CDR15 “Briefcase” Pistol

DRD Tactical’s Paratus rifle was the result of the Joint & Special Operations Programs open request for a clandestine break-down rifle. Popular with military, law enforcement, survivalists and preppers, the company continues to extend its line of takedown rifles with two new pistol models of the CDR15 “briefcase pistol.” Designed with a modified upper receiver, the CDR15 pistol has a removable barrel and rail that assembles without tools in about one minute. Packed in a compact and discreet hard case, the pistol is built in-house on CNC machines from billet 7075-T6511 aluminum. Available in either 5.56mm NATO and .300 Blackout, this gun has 7-inch rails and either a 10.5 or 11.5-inch barrel.

DRD CDR15 Briefcase Pistol
Action Semi-Automatic
Barrel Length 10.5 inches
Caliber .223 Remington/5.56mm NATO
Weight Unloaded 5.2 pounds
Sights QD 7-inch rail
Capacity 30 rounds


Meprolight M21 weapon sight
The Meprolight M21 does not require batteries for illumination.

Meprolight M21 Reflex Sight

Designed in collaboration with Israeli Special Forces, Meprolight’s new close-quarters combat illuminated sight does not require batteries for illumination. Fiber optics illuminates the X-Reticle during the day, while tritium illuminates the reticle during the night. Transition between the two is automatic and never requires you to turn a knob, switch or button. The Meprolight M21 has a 30mm lens and includes a mount with quick-release levers. This reflex sight is compatible with night vision or a magnifier. Aim with both eyes open and gain quick target acquisition with Meprolight’s self-illuminated M21 reflex weapon sight.

ExtremeBeam M600 Fusion Flashlight

Black, weapon-mountable bright flashlight
The M600 Fusion is weapon-mountable and produces 600 lumens.

For a light that does not sacrifice either brightness or battery life, check out ExtremeBeam’s new M600 Fusion—a weapon-mountable flashlight with 600 lumens and six hours continuous runtime on high. The ExtremeBeam M600 Fusion has a Cree LED and machined aluminum reflector with a 330-meter reach. There are five modes of light—low, medium, burst, high and strobe. Using a piston and not a spring in the tailcap, the M600 Fuison is recoil-proof to .50 BMG. It has a 1.125-inch body diameter, is 6.38 inches long and weighs 8.9 ounces. The body housing is made of double-sealed billet aircraft aluminum and the flashlight is waterproof to 30 feet. It runs on either two CR123 batteries or one 18650 battery.

ProMag Archangel Ruger Mini-14 Stock

ProMag Archangel Ruger Mini-14 black synthetic stock
Upgrade your Ruger Mini-14 rifle with the ProMag Archangel AAMINI stock.

Upgrade your Ruger Mini-14 rifle with the ProMag Archangel AAMINI stock. Made in the USA of proprietary carbon fiber, glass fill and polymer, the AAMINI stock is virtually indestructible and offers an ergonomic, adjustable fit just to you. The cheek weld and the length of pull are fully adjustable. The Archangel Ruger MINI-14 AAMINI is an ambidextrous stock with a palm swell and has an upper handguard that shields the barrel. The AAMINI has ambidextrous QD sling swivels, grip storage, Picatinny rail, flared magwell, enhanced handguard with heatshield, soft rubber recoil pad, lifetime warranty and is easy to install.

Stealth Cam G42NG

Stealth Cam’s new G-series of “no-glow” scouting cameras includes the 10-megapixel G42NG. The G42NG takes clear, in-focus and vivid color daytime images and high-definition 5- to 180-second videos with accompanying audio. The Matrix Reduced Blur Technology reduces blur and makes pictures less fuzzy. The Stealth Cam G42NG has an incredibly fast trigger speed and a wide-angle lens, shooting pictures and videos out to 60 feet. An energy efficiency feature prolongs the life of your batteries. All the standard features you need in a good trail camera are there—time-lapse mode, motion-activation, Burst Mode, LCD display, time, date, moon phase and temperature stamps, weatherproof camo housing and both a video and USB output.


Black stick used for picking up shotshells
The Pick Stick is an adjustable rod with a magnet that picks up empty shotgun hulls.

Mojo Pick Stick

Stop the back pain when bending over with Mojo Outdoors’ Pick Stick. The Pick Stick is an adjustable rod with a magnet that picks up empty shotgun hulls. The Pick Stick will hold up to 25 shells and then easily dumps the empties into a range bag or bucket. It is adjustable from 32.5 to 55.5 inches.

If you could only pick one of the above firearms and one of the above accessories, which combination would you choose and why? Tell us in the comment section.

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Comments (14)

  1. More of a “Nice to Have” list in my opinion. All fit that category, but there is something conspicuously absent; a .22 anything, which I free is a must have for economical shoot, introducing new shooters to the sport and general training. Teach someone to accurately shoot a .22 revolver and semi-auto and most other handguns can be easily mastered. Since I have four children, .22s are a must. Aim small, miss small.

    1. The title of the article said “New” items… What is just out/new in the .22 world that is a must have? You didn’t list anything?

  2. There is a laser for the LC9s; the side mounted Laser Lyte from the LC9 and/or the LC380 fits just the same. Better hurry as I understand Laser Lyte no longer offers it.

    1. This is nothing but a list that gives everyone a quick look at new items… Would you have felt better if she said “Five New Firearms And Five New Accessories That Would Make Great X-mas Gifts”? I would agree with you if she gave her opinion throughout the article, but she didn’t… Ignore the title and take it for what it is, a look at new products.

  3. I enjoy reading about the different items but without the prices it is worthless. Your website is cheaper than dirt so give me the prices so I know what I am looking at. Thanking you ahead of time. Jim

  4. I believe I’d have to go with Armalite DEF 10 with the Meprolight M21. Being a 7.62 junkie it would be my weapon of choice with the bigger, heavier round. Topping it with the M21 reflex sight, that doesn’t require batteries, would be ice cream on the pie.
    I have the Archangel stock with an M1A. The stock is above top shelf. With the multitude of adjustments this is one of my better purchases.

  5. I have the privilege of owning both the LC9 and the LC9s. I love them both. Both very reliable and accurate. With the LC9s I hit 2 in the bulls eye right out of the box. Love em’. You can’t go wrong with either

    1. I purchased the LC9 and hated the trigger pull. Purchased the trigger upgrade kit online and now it is a much better gun. I think the knew it was a problem area for some shooters and hence came out with the LC9S. With the new trigger kits it breaks at about 1/2″ instead of the one inch. Much happier. Personally I thought the original issue should have been upgraded by Ruger at not charge. My 2 cents.

  6. I have an LC9 and I really love it. I had kelTec P9 but did not like the trigger on it and I found the LC9 was perfect for me. I added the Veridian green laser to it and it is absolutely the best.

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