M&P SHIELD Ported Models Now Available With Tritium Night Sights

Performance Center Ported M&P Shield pistol

Smith & Wesson has announced that the company’s popular Performance Center Ported M&P Shield pistol, in both 9mm and .40 S&W with factory ported barrel and slide, is now available with front and rear tritium night sights. Whether used as a backup sidearm for police personnel, a deep concealment pistol for plain-clothes officers, or a self-protection firearm for consumers, the Performance Center PortedM&P Shield with new night sights enhances sight acquisition in all low-light situations. Engineered by some of the most skilled Master Gunsmiths in the world, the new pistols are available exclusively from the legendary Performance Center and provide premium features for discerning shooters.

Performance Center Ported M&P Shield pistol
Performance Center Ported M&P Shield pistol

Engineered on a high-strength polymer frame measuring .95-inches in width, the Performance Center Ported M&P Shield is standard with a 3.1-inch factory-ported barrel. The barrel, combined with the pistol’s three precision-cut ports across the top of the stainless steel slide, help reduce muzzle flip and improve the ability to remain on target after firing. ThePerformance Center Ported M&P Shield pistols have been further updated with tritium night sights and an enhanced trigger.

“Small, thin-framed handguns remain the leading choice of today’s concealed carry owners, so as leaders in the category we continually enhance our M&P Shield pistols, insuring they deliver optimal performance and function for the user,” said Tony Miele, General Manager of the Smith & Wesson Performance Center. “The Ported M&P Shield pistol models help to reduce felt recoil while delivering improved muzzle control.  With the new tritium night sights, users can achieve improved speed and accuracy in all lighting conditions.” The Performance Center Ported M&P Shield pistol is standard with an 18-degree grip angle and a fixed, textured backstrap with additional texturing at the forward portion of the grip. An extended trigger guard allows for operation with or without gloves. The new M&P Shield pistol is also engineered with a Performance Center sear for a quick trigger reset and a Performance Center striker plunger for an enhanced trigger pull.  Internal features mirror the standard M&P Series of pistols. The stainless steel internal chassis reduces flex while providing a stable shooting platform.  The low-bore axis helps maintain ease-of-use and a comfortable feel. A passive trigger safety prevents the pistol from firing if dropped and a sear release lever eliminates the need to press the trigger in order to disassemble the firearm. A loaded chamber indicator is located on top of the barrel.

The Performance Center Ported M&P Shield pistol is shipped with both an extended and flat magazine offering consumers the ability to customize the length of the grip. The 9mm Performance Center Ported M&P Shield pistol offers an 8+1 or 7+1 magazine capacity while the .40S&W Performance Center Ported M&P Shield pistol is standard with either a 7+1 or 6+1 magazine capacity. Both the 9mm and .40 S&W Performance Center Ported M&P Shield pistols carry an MSRP of $600.00 and are backed by Smith & Wesson’s Lifetime Service policy.

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  1. Do they have after market parts for us that already own the Shield? I would love to get my hands on the vented slide with those new sights. Please help

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