NRA News: A Mother’s Journey to Bearing Arms

Tracy Scarpulla is a mother of three from Albany, New York. Her husband, Joe, is a U.S. Marine who has always believed in the right to bear arms. Tracy believed, however, that guns were dangerous so their compromise was one gun locked in a safe. It wasn’t until her husband phoned her one night to tell her there was an escaped convict on the loose in their area that she realized, “I have a tool here to defend my family, but I have no idea how to use it.” So she quickly set out to change that and now Tracy is a huge proponent of gun rights.


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  1. Thank you all for the great comments! Bill…we are actually considering TX as we cannot get a house on our property in KY just yet. Our contracts in NY are up this summer. We know staying here is not an option, and we want to put roots down somewhere as the kids are at that age where friends are important. We were looking at Dallas area as that is where the company we work for is headquartered. You can find me on facebook and private message me there. Would love to make friends in TX!! 🙂

  2. I watched this a couple of days ago, when it aired on NRA Nees Live, and immediately emailed Cam in the Gunversation to tell them to forward my email address to that family. I offered to put them up here, if they desire to move to Texas. We live outside the city limits, and have extra space for them, and are less than a mile from a brand new hospital, which could probably use another nurse. I figure it’s the least I can do for a Marine and his good family. I did hear Ginny mention that they have property in Kentucky, or some southern state, and that’s great, but my offer still stands. Those are good folks, and Joe’s right about being responsible for our rights, or possibly losing them. Thank God they realize the forthcoming reality, and are being pro-active about it. More people need to, and have to become responsible as they are. God bless’em!

  3. Hello; I agree with Tracy Scarpulla! I have sort of the same thing with my wife. She is not anti gun but not quite pro gun either. I have three daughters and I taught them gun safety at young ages as well. I did not think of using air soft guns and I think that is a good idea. I told them to sit and watch something before we started any training. I stuck a watermelon on a t-post and shot it with a shotgun and told them that this is what a gun can do to a person, not like a video game. Then they learned how to clean and take care of a gun before we ever shot one. Now that they are older they respect firearms and what they can do. I wish I can get my wife a little more proactive. Thank You. RC

  4. i wished more women would own and carry . i give concealed weapons permit classes . and i hear way to many horror stories like this . if they are a single woman i give them the class for half price

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