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Mossberg’s Zombie Guns

Mossberg Introduces ZMB Series of Guns

Be Prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse or the Next Zombie Shoot at Your Local Range! North Haven, CT – The latest craze in the realm of shooting competitions, zombie-themed fun shoots, has a new player on the field in 2012 – the Mossberg® ZMB Series including a specialty lever-action .30-30 Winchester rifle and 12-gauge pump-action shotguns. Initial offerings include the 464 ZMB lever-action rifle, 500® ZMB 8-Shot pump-action shotgun and 500 Chainsaw ZMB 6-Shot pump-action shotgun. All three guns have the lime green ZMB logo proudly emblazoned on the receiver and boasts the most highly desired zombie-slaying features.

464 ZMB Lever-Action Rifle

Based on the time-proven, Mossberg 464 lever-action platform, this rifle has quick-adjusting, tactical-style 6-position synthetic stock. The rifle also features a Picatinny tri-rail forend with rubber ladder rail covers and a durable black oxide receiver. The barrel is a compact 16.25-inches and has a removable A-2 style flash suppressor. The  adjustable 3-dot fiber optic sights,  front and rear sling swivel studs are also included.  For precision shooting, the drilled and tapped receiver includes scope mounts.

500 ZMB 8-Shot Pump-Action Shotgun

At the core of this ZMB Series gun is the 500 Persuader®. This 12 gauge, 3-inch pump-action has a standard full-length black synthetic stock. A tactical Picatinny-compatible tri-rail forend sits below the extended mag tube for 8-round total capacity.  A 20-inch cylinder bore barrel with bead sight allows for fast aiming. This 500 features a matte black metal finish and a drilled and tapped receiver. Included are sling swivel studs and a handy black padded sling. This versatile 500 platform is easily customizable for your individual needs.

500 Chainsaw ZMB Series 6-Shot Pump-Action Shotgun

This 12 gauge, 3-inch 500 Cruiser® has distinctive, chainsaw-style forend grip. In addition, this gun features an ergonomic pistol grip stock with a tactical tri-rail forend. The integral full-length bottom and removable side rails fit endless accessories. Mossberg molded the pistol grip and forend out of durable synthetic materials and gave them a matte black finish. The shooter achevies better balance and ease of maneuverability with the compact 18.5 inch stand-off barrel with single white dot sight. Other standard features on the 500 Chainsaw ZMB include matte black metal finishes, a drilled and tapped receiver, and sling swivel studs. Also included is a padded sling and a 6-round total capacity. To complete this full-featured package, Mossberg included a laser and light combo.

Be the envy of everyone at the range with a Mossberg ZMB Series gun!

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Comments (7)

  1. Yeah its all a joke until they’re breaking down your doors wanting your brain, then you will wish you had picked up a ZMB 500

  2. I bought a Mossberg 500 ZMB Chainsaw 12 ga shotgun and I’m wondering how I can use the pressure switches for the laser sight and tac light. I’m not a concert pianist, so how do I manipulate those pressure switches with my left hand on the chainsaw grip?

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  4. That lever-action looks like an April Fool’s joke. The Walking Dead is a great show but this is ridiculous.

  5. Ugliest lever gun I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait for this ridiculous zombie fad to end, its making a mockery of something a lot of us take seriously.

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