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Mossberg JIC “Just In Case” Shotgun Combo

Preparedness has become mainstream as more and more people are realizing that it truly does pay off to be prepared for possible emergencies. Mossberg has recently stepped up to answer the demand for survival kits and packaged their enormously popular Model 500 pump action shotgun into a variety of kits, calling it the “Just In Case” or “JIC”. The survival oriented combo packs feature a Model 500 shotgun that has been outfitted with an 18.5″ barrel and a pistol grip packaged in a waterproof and impact resistant tube, or a heavy duty bag in the case of the JIC II. The survival accessories included with each kit vary depending on the intended role.

Each of the three JIC models, along with the newly introduced JIC II “Takedown” model, are designed for use in a particular environment. All three of the JIC models are enclosed in a resealable waterproof bag. The stainless steel Mariner model is further packaged in a floating blaze orange tube and has Mossberg‘s proprietary Marinekote finish to help protect it from harsh saltwater environments. Included with the scatter gun is a multi-tool and a serrated folding knife with a 500 denier cordura case.

The Cruiser model also comes in a waterproof tube but with a green cover. This design is more suited for a wilderness survival scenario. The shotgun has matte black finished furniture, blued steel, and synthetic pistol grip stock. Mossberg includes a “Survival Kit in a Can”, manufactured by Coghlan’s of Canada with the shotgun. This rudimentary survival kit includes matches, basic first aid supplies, emergency rations, a basic fishing kit, along with various other useful items such as a razor, duct tape, and safety pins.

The least expensive Sandstorm model does not include a survival kit or a knife and tool, but does come in a waterproof tube with a desert camouflage pattern cover and carrying strap. The shotgun itself also has a desert camo finish and a synthetic pistol grip.

The newest addition to the JIC lineup, the JIC II is a new takedown version of the Model 500. Like the cruiser model, it has a matte black synthetic plastic pistol grip and forend and blued steel. It comes packaged in a heavy duty pouch and includes all the tools necessary to quickly assemble the shotgun. Broken down, the component pieces of the shotgun are securely held in place with hook and loop straps inside of a custom carrying case manufactured by 5.11 Tactical. The total package measures just over 24″ in length and is easily portable using the included shoulder strap.

The Takedown model, as well as the other JIC shotguns, has an 18.5″ barrel with a 3″ chamber. They’re outfitted with simple bead type sights and a magazine tube with a 5+1 capacity. All of the watertight storage tubes used in the JIC line are roomy enough to hold other items such as ammunition or MREs. The tubes are watertight up to 17 psi (1.17 bar), or approximately 40 foot of water, but their inherent tendency towards flotation makes it unlikely that you’ll need to worry about them sinking.

Retail prices for the packages range from $350 to $400 depending on which model you choose.

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  1. What keeps me off this, so far, is the pistol grip. A shoulder stock would seem more practical for hunting small game survival meals. Should be a cinch to store in the takedown model.

  2. A shotgun in a tube that you can take some places with you is great, but it doesn’t beat a personal carry firearm that you can have on your person at all times. Trouble doesn’t make a habit of finding you only when you happen to have your shotty handy.

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