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Mossberg .22 AK, New From Magpul and Grand Power Pistols—A Little Something for Every Shooter

Mossberg rimfire .22 LR rifle that looks like an AK-47 with wood furniture

What new 2015 products have you been looking forward to getting? Is it on this week’s list of featured items? We are still waiting on Magpul’s drum magazine, but there are plenty of the company’s new AK accessories in stock. Further, Federal gets serious expanding its line of self-defense handgun ammo for the .380 ACP pocket pistol. There are also new lasers, handguards and Mossberg’s Blaze 47 rifle.

Magpul Zhukov AK Handguard, $112.83

Magpul has plenty of exciting new products releasing in 2015. Some of the highly anticipated ones we will have to wait until the summer, but currently available is the company’s widening AK-47 line of accessories—including the Zhukov extended AK handguard. The extended length provides ample room for modern gripping and shooting techniques, as well as provides more area to hang accessories. It has slots in the three, six and nine o’clock positions for M-LOK-compatible accessories. It is made of a durable polymer with an aluminum chassis. The Magpul Zhukov AK handguard fits most AK-47 rifles with a barrel length of at least 13 inches and diameter of 17 to 18mm. Installation requires permanent removal of your rifle’s factory handguard retaining cap and forward sling mount. A top cover is included. Cheaper Than Dirt! carries all colors of the new Magpul AK handguards—black, stealth gray, OD green, FDE and plum. The handguard is 11.7 inches long, 1.8 inches wide and weighs 15.1 ounces with the top cover installed.

Grand Power Pistols, $525.56-$670.08

The Grand Power pistol is not exactly new. In fact, the K100 semiauto imported by STI has been around awhile. However, for the first time, the Slovakian pistol popular with international competitive shooters is released in the United States under the Grand Power name. You can thank Eagle Imports for bringing in the full line of Grand Power handguns. These hammer-fired, delayed blowback, semiautos have a rotating barrel design which aids in muzzle rise and recoil control. The Grand Power has a double/single-action trigger, external thumb safety and ambidextrous controls. The models available are full-sized, compact or sub-compact—the P11, P1 Ultra, original K100 MK12 and the P1 MK12. All models in stock at Cheaper Than Dirt! currently are 9mm and hold 15 rounds. The gun is built on a steel frame and has a polymer grip with four interchangeable grip sizes. The Grand Power P1 Ultra compact model has a 3.7-inch barrel and a side-adjustable rear and fiber optic front sights.

Mossberg Blaze 47 Rimfire Rifle, $269.12-$307.41

You could almost be fooled if it weren’t for that obvious .22 LR magazine. There are plenty of tactical-style rimfire rifles on the market that mimic the AR-15, but Mossberg is one of the very few companies making a .22 LR AK-47. The Mossberg Blaze 47 rifles have a 16.5-inch barrel, shoot .22 Long Rifle and have an adjustable fiber optic rear sight and AK-style raised front sight. Three models are available: a fixed synthetic stock, adjustable CAR-type synthetic stock and a traditional wood stock. The fixed wood stock model has a polymer receiver and blued metal finish. It is 35.75 inches long with a 13.5-inch length of pull. Regardless of stock option, the Mossberg Blaze AK weighs 4.5 pounds. The Blaze 47 is part of a new line Mossberg introduced in 2015 that includes 12 different models of rifles. Calling it the Blaznikov, Tom Taylor of Mossberg says, “For no other reason than it’s a lot of fun.”

Sightmark ReadyFire G5 Pistol Laser, $149.99

The Sightmark ReadyFire G5 green pistol laser is lightweight and designed to be snag-free when drawn from a holster. Visible up to 50 yards during the day and 600 yards at night, the G5 has ambidextrous controls and two modes—pulse or continuous on. The 5mW laser is windage and elevation adjustable and designed to have an extended battery life, up to 15 hours, on its one CR123A battery. The thermoplastic housing is both weatherproof and shockproof. The Sightmark ReadyFire G5 green laser comes with a pressure pad. It fits all railed handguns, measures 85 x 77 x 38mm and weighs a slight 6.2 ounces.

Federal HST .380 ACP Ammo, $17.98

Previously only available to law enforcement, Federal’s HST ammo has been commercially available since 2013 in 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP. For 2015, Federal expands its line of the highly effective self-defense round in .380 ACP. The Federal .380 ACP self-defense ammo has a 99-grain hollow point bullet in a nickel-plated case with a muzzle velocity of 975 feet per second. The ammo comes in a box of 20 and is designed specifically for personal and self-defense use and to function reliably in sub-compact and pocket guns.

Daniel Defense SLiM Rail, $265

Daniel Defense introduced its first KeyMod handguard on one of its newest M4 rifles. The company quickly learned customers couldn’t wait to get their hands on the rails separately to upgrade their already-owned Daniel Defense rifles. The SLiM (Slim Lightweight Modular) handguard rail system is KeyMod compatible and one of the lightest weight tactical handguards on the market. There are two lengths available of the free-floating handguards—12 and 15 inches. At one and eleven o’clock on both the left- and right-hand side are sling swivel attachment points. Installation requires a steel barrel nut, so upgrading your factory Daniel Defense AR-15 will be easy. A Bolt-Up System barrel nut and Allen wrenches are included for installing the SLiM Rail. Made of aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum and MIL-SPEC Type III hard-coat anodized, the rail also has Grade 8 MIL-SPEC fasteners. It will fit low-profile gas blocks on pistols, carbines and mid- and rifle-length gas systems. The Daniel Defense SLiM Rail is made in the USA. The 15-inch model weighs 11.2 ounces and the 12-inch model only weighs 9.9 ounces.

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