Missouri Senate Protects Open Carry & Guns in Schools From Governor

The Second Amendment is my gun permit

Missouri is proof that elections really do matter. Recently, the Missouri legislature passed a couple of firearm-friendly pieces of legislation greatly enhancing or protecting the safety and Second Amendment rights of the citizens of Missouri. Unfortunately, Missouri has a governor that is not a friend of the Second Amendment and short-sightedly vetoed the legislation.

The Second Amendment is my gun permit
The Second Amendment is my gun permit.

Today, largely along party lines, the power of the people was recognized when the legislature overrode Jay Nixon’s (D) veto of SB 656 with a 23-8 vote. The bill at the center of the matter is crucial to Missourians for several reasons.

First, the law prevents the measure from being watered down or subverted by local municipalities. IN doing so, it specifically prevents local jurisdictions from banning open carry. This is critical to ensuring the law is equally applicable across the state and ensuring citizens do not accidentally run afoul of the law simply by crossing a city or county border.

Next, the legislation lowers the legal age to obtain a carry permit from 21 to 19.

Finally, the law seeks to protect Missouri’s children by allowing specially trained school employees to carry a firearm on school grounds in an effort to protect students from violent crimes. The bill also takes into account and outlines the necessary training guidelines. This assures an appropriate level of training while preventing the opposition from setting the bar to unreasonable levels in an effort to undermine the intent of the law.

Across the nation, elections are just around the corner. If you are not happy with the voting records of the lawmakers in your state, follow Missourian’s lead. Now is the time to expand your rights and protect the Second Amendment at the ballot box.

Be sure to bring a friend and help the conversation by including the National Shooting Sports #GUNVOTE in your social media between now and the election. Let politicians hear your voice.

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  1. McRuger, Thank you but no apology needed. I was merely commenting on Snow’s remark that 18 year olds were too young for the responsibility of gun ownership. As he/she pointed out there are some adults that are not responsible enough. One size does not fit all; who is to say if all people are responsible at 21 or any age? If a teenager was raised around guns they probably are responsible enough. It is never about age, it is about how a person has been raised and/or trained.

    If I found myself in a defensive situation I would much rather have a “Front Sight trained” gun owner (4 day handgun course) at my side than someone who has taken a 2 hr classroom course and shot one bullet (Florida CC permit). But I would rather have the 2 hour course armed companion than no armed companion.

  2. WOW Archie Bunker again.

    You can’t be serious with that comment. Give everyone a gun to teach responsibility. I had to reread that 4 times.
    I do not know anyone personally that supports 2A more than I do but that statement is beyond belief. It is people making statements like that, that feed the liberals and make us all look like idiots.
    You are correct about crime reduction in areas where gun ownership is prevalent. You are also correct in the police not being able to protect the public. I personally know several people that I am glad don’t own a gun and issuing guns to everyone, it would look like Deadwood out there. Unbelievably irresponsible.

    1. McRuger, Your previous post above is correct in where our biggest problem lies. How ever perhaps you should re-read my post a 5th time? I don’t see anywhere that I said “Give everyone a gun to teach responsibility.”

      There will always be crazies and criminals out there but you can’t change that by limiting your and my right to the current technology tools to protect ourselves.

  3. I echo Mc .. way TOOO many a stupid people have guns because they are “sane” and not on drugs or have criminal record. Especially HUNTERS. I don;t mean to step on any toes here but I have seen too many a gun and a beer irresponsible behavior. So i think there are plenty of “ADULTS” that should not have guns. Thus along these lines I would question the lowering of age for carry. I just don’t think that majority of out present youth is that ready in mind to process the stress of that situation and as such may end rather for the worse.

    1. Snow, what you say is true but just how will limiting guns improve irresponsible behavior? If everyone owned a gun they would have the opportunity to develop responsibility. Their parents would teach them responsibility when they were kids growing up around guns. If you expect the police to protect you from a criminal with a gun you are in dreamsville. Besides you wouldn’t want to live in such a place where the police had such surveillance that they could stop all violent crime before it happens. If all citizens were armed the thief would think twice before attacking. Most Sheriffs will tell you that the more citizens that have a “carry permit” the lower the violent crime rate is. This is not because the citizen plays “John Wayne” and uses his gun but rather because if a thief thinks you might be armed they will look elsewhere for their prey.

  4. I say we send the ‘illegal alien’ back to Kenya–with the caveat that, should
    he try to overcome our edict, he will be sent to USMC Guantanamo Bay Prison in Eastern Cuba, where he will work at hard labor until death occurs.

    1. JJ, You do realize that Obama is not responsible for the anti-gun group. He is just the latest “bobble head” that the underlying power group has installed as a “front man.” Obama has shown that he does not have the ability to develop an original thought of his own on any subject. He is no more than a hand puppet pretending to be a “wizard of Oz.”

  5. Um, What’s the point of lowering the carry permit age to 19 when Federal law prohibits anyone under 21 from buying a handgun from an FFL? If you are over 21 and buy a handgun for someone under 21 you run afoul of the “straw purchase” provisions that say buying a firearm in order to give it to someone who can not legally buy one themselves is a felony.

    Now don’t get me wrong. I am an FFL dealer and I think the way the laws are now is simply STUPID. e.g. putting a detachable fore-grip on a pistol such as an HK-416 is a “manufacturing step” that turns the pistol into an NFA “any-other-weapon” subject to registration and tax stamp….. but I digress….

    The age discrepancies in the Federal law need to be addressed for certain.

  6. Bill Me Later

    Very good point……..
    Perhaps our biggest enemy is not the Liberals but CCW Permit Holders that don’t stop and use their heads. People flashing, banishing, threatening, talking garbage, just being stupid with guns. These people do us so much harm.

    1. I agree. Not only must one think and act in order to protect one’s rights for one’s self, but one must also remain courteous to the rights of others. We all know there are a few bad apples in every bunch. The portrayal of responsible firearm ownership and a little public education seems to be a logical start. I believe every portion of our constitution to be equally important as the next/previous. It amazes me how some portions are carried out by the letter, while others are simply implied… Imagine if the thirteenth amendment were carried out so obscurely.

      Good article. Good for Missouri. Finally, a step in the right direction…

    2. Hmmmm…..Maybe the word “banishing” was meant to be “brandishing”…at least that is the word in my law book. Just a heads up

  7. Old enough to carry for the military, old enough to carry for yourself.

    I am in agreement with Mc Ruger as far as this supporting the Second Amendment, although I doubt if it causes Bloomberg to do anything other than adjust his tactics.

    Hopefully the newly enfranchised gun carriers will respond with maturity and soundness of judgment and thus deprive MAIG of ammunition in their battle against the Constitution.

    1. The street are not safe but you can be protected and come to someone help and possibly saving a life or even preventing a person who just snap from problems (General) and by having a firearm and been trained properly, a person can do all the above.

      Criminal will break the laws that law abiding citizens can carry a firearm or not. The difference is that if all law abiding citizens would be allowed to carry, I really think that crime rate all across the board would drop like crazy. ( Now I’m talking about violent crimes that can or will cause harm or death).

      Any bank, store, even car jacking robbers will most likely not walk into any place where they would face the response of law abiding citizens who are arms and properly licensed. That alone would probably either save the life of that guy who simply snap or that teenager from getting killed because he chose to arm himself and go do a robbery.

      Guns don’t kill , people kill. Criminal kill properly trained and licensed Law abiding citizens will save the day 99% of the time.

      why the 1% because some people will not used their weapons if needed simply by freezing and be killed. This is why you need proper training and constantly keep on track by practicing control and target practice at the range.

      Use bowling pin do not use human shadows or shade of people.

      You want to learn to control the situation and only use deadly force as the ultimate and last resort.

      Stay safe, don’t be a fool and if you feel like you are going to snap, call anyone, even any number , 0, 911,411 friend, Co workers, just a quick call to talk and vent out will change your actions and potentially save your life along others.

    2. St. Louis born, Lake of the Ozark raised. Returned from Vietnam in 1970 not able to drink alcohol (20 yrs old). However, the 18 yr old law was passed the next year! I’m now living in Washington and when the Mrs. retires I’m heading south back to me roots. Way to go Missouri!

  8. This is a major victory for 2A rights in that it encompasses local jurisdiction changes, lowers the permit age and finally takes a positive action for school children.
    Of course the other positive thing it will do is make Bloomberg choke.

    Good bless the legislators that supported this and overrode the veto.

  9. I haven’t had time to research this myself, but I am curious if Jay Nixon knew his veto would be overrode and decided to veto it anyway thinking it would help his political record, or was Nixon truly shocked when the legislation stomped the crap out of his veto power?

    I didn’t really like this governor’s response to the Ferguson riots anyway. He seemed insincere as though he was playing to the masses in anticipation of what he thought the minorities wanted to hear, rather than being a true leader in a time of crisis.

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