Last Minute Gift Ideas—Close the Case on Firearms!

Picture shows a man swiping his finger on a biometric safe.

Quality firearms are expensive investments. Rust, scratches, and dings don’t just make them look poorly maintained, they also hurt their value. If you’re looking for a last-minute gift idea, take a look at Cheaper Than Dirt’s options for gun cases and firearm storage. Ok, so you probably aren’t going to buy a huge gun safe as a last-minute Christmas present. But what about a rifle hard case for just $20?  That’s more like it.

Clock for Glock
Image depicts a S&W, but “Glock” rhymes better
Long Term Storage Tube
Bury it deep, so the United Nations’ metal detectors can’t find it!

If you’re buying for an AK-47 fan, we have hard cases with foam already cut out in the shape of a standard 7.62 caliber AKM. That’s pretty specific, so we also have a wide variety of universal rifle cases on hand. If your favorite gun has rifles with tall optics on top and bipods underneath, grab an extra wide “double” rifle case to make sure everything will fit in easily.

We have a wide variety of storage options to suit your needs. Want to carry a pistol and some spare mags to the shooting range? We have a medium-sized deluxe model pistol case for just fifteen bucks. For discreet home defense pistol storage, we have false “books” with storage compartments hidden inside, and even a working clock to conceal your, ah, Glock.

Maybe that Glenn Beck fan in the family wants to bury a cache of rifles and ammo in the back yard to dig up later when the world economy collapses? Our long-term storage tubes can hold full size rifles, mags, and ammo boxes—make sure to throw in some desiccant packs to help prevent rust. Digging up the backyard weapons cache later, you’ll be looking back fondly to the good old days of Christmas 2011.

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