Last Minute Gift Ideas—Clean up Your Act!

Hoppe's Bore Snake Gun Cleaning Kit in black bag with orange bottles on a white background

Everyone knows that ammo makes a great gift idea for that special gun nut in your life. But after he or she shoots that gift ammo, its time to clean up. Cleaning supplies are cheap and last a long time. Every time your gun nut friend or significant other opens up that sweet-smelling bottle of Hoppes No. 9 solvent, they will be reminded of your thoughtfulness.

AR-15 chamber brush
AR-15s work better when clean, so clean them!
Hoppes No. 9
Hoppes No. 9– smells like victory!
If you have a new shooter who needs to get started with a good cleaning kit, we offer a wide selection of pistol, rifle, and shotgun kits that will get them started. Otis cleaning kits are generally considered to be some of the best available, if you want to show how much you really care.

For those with AR-15s, a chamber cleaning brush is a must have, the larger section of brush scrubs out the barrel extension. I use CLP Break-Free as both a cleaner and lubricant on my AR-15s, if its good enough for the military than its good enough for me. The 1 pint bottle is the most cost-effective. CLP also makes a special formulation called “Collector,” a rust preventative for guns that will be stored long term.

Does your gun nut seem to have everything they need already? Bet they don’t have a magazine cleaning brush. Mags get debris and fouling in them too, and while they don’t need maintenance as often as the rest of the gun, it’s still a good idea to clean them once in awhile, and this brush makes it easy.  We also have a large selection of bore patches in various sizes. If your gun nut really is stocked up on supplies, they will still need bore patches sooner or later, they get used up quickly!  

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