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Last Minute Christmas Gift Idea—MOLLE for all Budgets!

Camo vest with light tans and greens, on a white background

So you know how much you want to spend, but you aren’t sure what to spend it on? We have MOLLE compatible accessories big and small, to fit any budget!

.308 double mag pouch
Use these to feed that M1a, FAL, AR-10,or G3
Basic MOLLE chest platform
Ten bucks gets you this basic chest platform to configure any way you want.
We have shotgun scabbards for $39.97, medical kits already stuffed with supplies for only $19.97, and universal holsters that fit guns with or without flashlights for $29.50. If that special zombie hunter in your life doesn’t have a platform to mount his necessary field equipment and hold his plate armor, we have ModGear Quick Release Plate Carriers for only a $99.97. No plate armor? Move that decimal over, we have a basic chest platforms for just $9.93! If they already have a chest platform, there are tons of pouches and accessories available to add to it. Blackhawk magazine pouches holding four AR-15 magazines are always a sure bet for .97. MOLLE compatible backpacks and bags come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and prices. Shooting buddies always griping that they can’t find mag pouches for their .308 semi-autos? Surprise them with ModGear double mag pouches for just $19.97; they work with FAL, AR-10, M-14, and G3 mags.

If that’s still too much to spend, we have ModGear double pistol mag pouches for just $9.97. They are well-built, stand up to the abuse of hard training, and best of all, we won’t tell anyone that they were less than ten bucks! Well, except for right now of course. Hopefully they aren’t looking over your shoulder.

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