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Minnesota Drops Texas and Missouri from Reciprocity List

Law Shield recently issued a “Special Alert” to its members about a change in Minnesota’s reciprocity laws that may affect thousands of gun-owners’ travel plans.

Due to recently passed firearms-reform laws, on August 1, 2015, Minnesota no longer recognizes Texas or Missouri concealed-carry licenses. This means Texas and Missouri license holders may no longer legally carry concealed or open in the State of Minnesota using their state-issued carry license.

According to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension’s Permit to Carry Reciprocity webpage, “Missouri passed a law in 2014 to allow 19-year-old military personnel and veterans to obtain a permit.” Also, “Texas passed a law in 2014 to allow 19-year-old military personnel and veterans to obtain a permit.” In both cases, the BCA says, “Minnesota law does not allow issuing permits to anyone under 21.” Two other states, Wyoming and Utah, were also removed from Minnesota’s 2014 list. See the graphic below for a complete listing.

If you plan to travel through the state of Minnesota this summer, click here to review Law Shield’s advice on how to transport your guns through firearms-hostile states.


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  1. It’s simple, do NOT do business with any company or agency that uses one of these no reciprocity states as their HQ.
    I buy nothing manufactured or grown in NJ, NY, or California to name a few.
    Just like I will never purchase any type of insurance from progressive or GEICO as they are the two most anti American, anti second amendment companies going

  2. MN law on 21 year olds and older obtaining a CCP is a good law however,
    19 year olds who have served in the military probably know more about guns than the politicians who write these laws. Exceptions should be allowed. To serve in the military and not be able to protect yourself here at home is not right. from that point of view MN law is a poor law.

  3. I wonder if those in Minnesota are aware of the federal law known as the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (LEOSA). I can carry in their state (and every state) legally regardless of where my legal residence happens to be as a retired LEO. Might just save them the cost of litigation.

  4. I spent four yrs in Minnesota as a kid. Lots of hunting with my dad. I ride goldwings (28 so far) all over they country and carry a weapon for my safety (actually needed it once). I spent 7 as a deputy sheriff in okla, 14 yrs in the navy reserves (6 as a sec pol officer) shot expert every 6 mos for all that time with both (and not consecutively). And if the do or don’t except Florida ccw’s I will swing around Minnesota from now on. Bad move Minn.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. I think it’s stupid that our instructors here in MN can teach a course for US to get a FL permit so that we can carry in more states but our state won’t accept the FL permit! I’ve never understood that. Like I stated previously, I think it comes down to “RED vs BLUE” state politics only. It’s just stupid.

      But everything else in this state I love. Our gun laws are getting better slowly. We now allow suppressors!!! Even after our governor “Vowed to veto any bill that came across his desk with silencers or ‘suppressors’ on it.” About a week later he signed the bill. 😀

    Odd how a Right , 2nf Amendment can and has been broken up into 50 states interpretations, tems of thousands of written text and all to do with what cannot Be infringed.
    Why is it that all the other Rights are exactly the same in every state?
    There was a lot of truth in what Daniel Webster said about how conscription and a large military would gradually tear away the concept of
    sovereignt of all men and replace it worth by rank and privelege; To tear apart an individuals liberty in service to the state, All Rights to be resting
    in the hands of powerful financial and political interest. Thereby reducing a Right into privelege with a man being no better than the serfs and conscription yeoman of monarchys..
    By letting 2nd get infringed we now find one states rulings erodes the Original Rights of two other states peoples.

  6. For you uneducated Yankees in Minnesota, Texans are required to take a formal classroom course prior to demonstrating firearms proficiency on the range with a state certified instructor. I have nearly 37 consecutive years of firearms experience in the military, law enforcement and corrections. I have as much, IF NOT MORE fireamrs experience than most residents of Minnesota. As “Dan” cited in the previous post and as far as I am concerned, there has been no reason to go to Minnesota the past 56 years and I can see no reason to do so in the future.

    1. No need to be hostile or call anyone uneducated as you don’t know anyone’s education background on this forum. That was the “reasoning” behind prior non-reciprocity claims in the past (ND for example). At least that’s what was “stated.”
      There is probably a lot more politics behind the reasoning as I always suspected this was the reason between MN and ND. They don’t get along well politically.
      All CCW laws are evolving rapidly and they are hard to keep up with from year to year. I hope that one day soon Congress will be able to pass a National Carry Law.
      I personally have no problem with someone as well trained as you say you are carrying in any state. Even Chicago and DC!!! 😀 This should be allowed on a Federal level.

      On a side note, Minnesota is a great state full of uninhabited wilderness. It just sad that politics obscures the truth.

    2. “On a side note, Minnesota is a great state full of uninhabited wilderness.”

      It’s just a shame that Minnesotans keep electing it to public office. 🙁

  7. As a Minnesotan I think it has more to do with the fact that our current CCW permit requires the holder to complete a “Training Course” and in that course “Demonstrate” proper safety and knowledge of the firearm. This is why ND and MN now have reciprocity as the ND “enhanced” permit includes a “class” which makes it compliant with most other states.

    About the military personnel; I agree 100% they should be allowed to CC anything in any state so long as they are either “Active” status or in the reserves as they are continuously required to demonstrate proper handling of a firearm. In MN we are only required to do it every 5 years. Military folks sacrifice enough to protect the rest of us. They shouldn’t have to worry about “how” they can protect themselves.

  8. Never seen anything in Missouri worth eating , as the whole damned state is one vast chemical and nuke waste sight and has massive amounts of most polluted waters and lands in US.
    High cancer rates, birth defects, still births and higher infant mortality rates of deaths by 2yrs worse than Haitti, realy something to be proud of. ONE of worse literacy rates bottom third , but by jiminy they got guns.
    Got an open landfill nuke waste sight that has been burning for 20 years, and an old friend who was head of Missouri State EPA said every time
    they caught industry in massive and damned deadly polluters, it was not just the owners but the employees and their toothless wives and kids who put up such a fuss the Govenor fired any one with brains at State EPA and hired rejects from Carolina grade schools.
    It is not only the waters lands and air that is corrupt in “The ShowMe State”.
    Could be the folks in Minnesota want to discourage the mutant genes caused by nuked aquifers and chemicly fracked as well of thef Texas refinery workers and those of generations of the largest untouched
    Chemical Super Clean Up Site , all of the Show Me state , from coming north and possibly corrupting their normal gene pool.
    If a 19 year old in uniform can carry open or concealed then any american citizen, be they male or female at 19 years of age should also recieve same fn gun rights.
    There are no fn clauses in our Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, or Constitution , that grant military men rights and priveleges above and
    beyond those of all citizens.
    What gives them the right to claim this super citizen status.
    HTF can those who hold highest elected offices in land get away with so much sh..? Who can one complain too, most assuredly not one that grants you favors.
    One more case of gov buying loyalty by bending the rule to soothe the egos of those who claim to be defenders of the Constitution.

  9. Once again the idiotic reasoning that military people, some under the age of 21 but will defend the tenets of the US and die for them are somehow immature. Must be something in the Canadian H2O up there. The people from Minnesota I have met I have concerns for certain legitimate ability to do basic cognitive reasoning. This proves my point to a “T”, which might be for Texas! God Bless all and the USA

  10. Can you imagine the problems if states delt with drivers license reciprocity the same way they deal with concealed carry reciprocity? It’s well past time that state governments grow up and stop acting like spoiled children!

  11. As a Missourian the only reason to go to Minnesota is fishing, football, and snow machines. I didn’t move to Missouri because I enjoy the cold weather. And for the other two reasons we have better fishing and football than Minnesota does. So no reason for me to go there.

  12. Look. if our people can serve in the military under the age of 21, they certainly should qualify for a carry permit too. Minnesota lawmakers need to clear the cobwebs out from between their ears. I’m thinking many of the residents of that state aren’t happy about this move either.

  13. I don’t understand why didn’t Minn just say you can still carry here if you have a Tx or Mo license but its only valid if your 21 or older . Why did they have to take those states off the list completely . All they needed was a stipulation not a complete removal.

  14. What most of you are missing is that as one of the People referred to in the Constitution of the United States of America, you have three (3) obligations and three only.

    They are: Keep the peace. Love thy neighbor as thyself. Do no harm.

    That’s it.

    Anything else that our “government” is telling you you have to do is just Bull Drool.

    Permits? Not required.
    Licences? Not needed.
    Permission? As long as you’re not violating those three items above (trespassing on their property would be a breach of the peace). Not applicable.
    Laws outside of the three items listed above? Wrong.
    Driving without seatbelts? Not a crime. Stupid in my opinion, but your choice.
    My, or your opinion does not trump your or my freedom to do as we choose.

    I think it is a good idea for someone carrying or using a tool (a firearm is a tool) to know how to properly use that tool so that they do not harm theirself or others with it without intending to do so. However, that is my opinion. If you do hurt another with a tool, you will suffer for the violation of the do no harm provision.

    You, yes YOU are free to do as you choose as long as it does not violate those three items. You may believe you have no choices in matters because that is what you have been told or lead to believe. Did you actually do your own research to find out if they are correct? Were you fully informed of ALL the benefits, obligations, consequences and requirements of whatever it is that you are or were told applies to you? Did you knowingly consent to those items you were or are being told apply to? I bet not. I know I did, for the longest time, just accept it. People and corporations lie. They often have a nefarious reason for doing so. Do your own fact checking. Do not stop at the first source you check and call it good.
    Wake up.

    All Rights Reserved, Without Prejudice. UCC 1-308
    patrick john:soule

  15. I don’t want the fed to have ANY say on CC. Whether it be on training, age, etc. that would be infringement. I just don’t go to places that don’t accept my FL permit. They don’t want me there, that’s fine. I also check these lists when I do my shopping, it extends way beyond their borders.

  16. As a Minnesotan, I don’t have a problem with this. Under 21 isn’t a big deal, and I’m all for proper training. In an ideal country, it would be best if every state made training mandatory – education can only help in this matter.

    1. @ Max,

      All I can say is please read my reply to Dave below. Based on your comment it very much applies to you as well.

  17. Stop bashing MN. I have a CCW. What the State requires is that the issuing State have training like we have here. Many States have little or no training requirements, or Constitutional carry.
    I heartily agree that there should be complete reciprocity, and better yet Constitutional Carry nationwide. The main reason for the background check is to prevent bad people from buying or carrying guns, but those laws have been shown to be worthless.

    1. @ Dave,

      You were so overcome by your need to zealously defend your state that you allowed it to blindside your counter-point; which had already been obliterated by Woody (the author) before you ever posted it.

      The author’s main point was squarely focused on changes in Texas and Missouri laws which specifically addressed new age exclusions for military personnel due to their obvious weapons training. Their training far exceeds anything your state requires which, make your state quite “bash-able”.

    2. At best it makes our politicians “bash-able.” The people here are great. The scenery is great. I couldn’t agree more that our CCW laws should be more in line with other states. No state is perfect or has it all. We all strive to be unique (helps with tourism). But “unique” CCW laws definitely impedes tourism.

      I would encourage everyone on this forum to use their energy for “state-bashing” to call their U.S. Representatives and have them support H.R. 402.

      We all need to come together on this as I believe we all stand for the same things.

    3. There is more to this than the age issue. All of the reciprocity statements I have read have said that the carrier must follow the laws of the reciprocal state including bans on anyone under 21 carrying. The end of reciprocity in MN is therefore not aimed at stopping those under 21 from carrying there since they were ALREADY prohibited but rather to stop all the rest of us.

  18. Simple solution: If you’re from a state Minnesota doesn’t honor, just take your tourism dollars somewhere else.

    1. @ Dan.

      Have you seriously considered that, that might Just Be the Game. To attract Your Tourist Dollars. Make Stupid Laws, just to get you to spend your Tourist Dollar’s Somewhere Else. It would explain the NRA’s “Lack” of commitment. What does the NRA Loose, Absolutely NOTHING!

    2. @Katzenjammer

      1) Why would any state make stupid laws to force tourists to go elsewhere to spend their money, thereby losing revenue for the state that made the laws?

      2) What does the NRA have to do with Minnesota passing a stupid law?

      Do you read over your comments before you post them.

    3. @ Mikial

      At the rate States are FLIPPING Gun Law’s, and You Guy’s Planning your Vacation Schedules Around those States. It’s a FAIR Guess, Your All Going To Staying Home For Vacation.

    4. I agree. Here in MN, we love our tourism. And believe it or not we get a lot of tourists from the south. Changing the laws to shut down tourism makes no sense. From what I’ve seen in MN and ND politics is that they typically are narrow minded individuals who believe that just because they were elected somehow that we all feel EXACTLY the same way they do about every issue. I hate politics.

  19. Maybe Texas should not recognize Minnesota’s drivers license as valid…. drive some where else………………..

  20. Unfortunately I'[m from Minnesota and that doesn’t make me or a lot of my friends liberals. If State and Federal Government would get their act together this would not be a problem. A uniform requirement for all 50 states would eliminate all the confusion it causes us plain Joe’s. Maybe the problem is I’m just a plain Joe. If we had one requirement for all 50 states and individuals met or exceeded those requirements I could carry in the other 49 states without any difficulty. Oh, I forgot I’m just a plain Joe!

    1. Well, plain Joe, why have 50 States? Maybe we should just have a “national community” where everyone is “the same.” Hmmm … isn’t that what a genius named Marx wanted for all of us?

  21. The reason sounds more like excuses to me. I belive the liberals in MN are just trying to play a game with TX and MO over the black lies matter joke….um, movement that each state is having to deal with because for a certain section of the populace following the law is hard.

    1. I can tell you why Indiana is on the list, it’s because Indiana doesn’t have a required Formal Training permitting system, Indiana Recognizes all permits as issued by the other 49 States and various Territories and Possessions. Indiana is also a “Shall Issue” State which means that the issuing authority must issue the permit or show legal cause for its denial.

    2. @ M1917A1

      Last I Looked, the American Native Indian Nations of Arizona are NOT Honoring the CCP CPR.

    3. @ Magilla,

      I travel to Arizona frequently both as an LEA and I have family I visit.

      In Arizona there are 10 distinct Native American land sets which are comprised of a combination of either nations, tribal land, or Indian communities. Each has their own set of laws, but of these 10 areas, all but 2 acknowledge the right to carry CCW. Even the remaining 2 (Havasupai, Pascua Yaqui Tribe) both allow some form of lawful weapons carry under certain conditions, (law enforcement, private property, etc.).

      It should be noted that while passing through any reservation, the Indians do not have authority or control over the main thoroughfares, (Federal or State roads) that pass through their lands, so as long as you do not deviate you may lawfully carry concealed anyway.

    4. Pretty effective way to regulate firearms in the hands of citizens. There is political malfeasance about…

      I also question the Constitutionality of this move.

  22. Maybe all 18,19 & 20 yr olds living in Mn should not volunteer for military service out of that state .
    Why risk your life in foreign lands when your home state forces you to be defenseless and violate your 2nd Amend Rights.
    Time to start recalling all the idiots who want We the People to be defenseless against criminals AND out of control Govt!!!!!

    1. I feel you are right on, all of these elected, or at least most, want protection but don’t want to do anything on there own or from there families to contribute a thing. Just set around and complain but they want people with guns around to protect them.

    2. Tim,

      The actual purpose of the Second Amendment is to provides the states and their citizens the ability to forcefully prevent a tyrannical government from imposing its will upon the people and their state. As a result we also have the ability to protect our persons and families from harm as well as our property. The central government should always fear their own citizens. It should never be the other way around.

      A disarmed populace are subjects. An armed populace are citizens.

  23. Dear CTD . . .

    Please get your IT guys to set it so that when I click on the “REPLY” button at the bottom of the email I receive for new comments to reply to the specific comment that arrived in the email, it actually takes me to that comment rather then to the general comment option at the bottom of the page, and does not leave my comment under the comment i am trying to respond to.

    It is a pain having to scroll through all the comments in the thread trying to find the one you want to reply to.

    Thank you.

  24. It is time for States to start tying driver’s license reciprocity to reciprocity of all other licences!

  25. G-Man,

    Thanks for the great information. My daughter lives in AK so I happened to know about the gun law generally. Another issue related to this topic is carrying while traveling. Last time I went to Alaska I tool my concealed carry pistol. The airlines do not require any kind of license to carry aboard; however, they will only let you take your gun in a locked case to be put in the baggage area of the plane. I had to buy a special lockable case for my Kahr for my trip. When I got there I was free to carry however I wanted without having to have my CCL. Alaska’s open carry law is extended to all people in the state as long as they are not criminals.

    1. “When I got there I was free to carry however I wanted without having to have my CCL. Alaska’s open carry law is extended to all people in the state as long as they are not criminals.”

      As it should be everywhere.

    2. @ James H,

      Since you flew with your gun you probably already know most of this, so I thought I’d share for others that have not.

      We can thank Federal Statutes for ensuring our right to transport firearms on any airline between any U.S. State. However, while an airline is prohibited from denying your right to transport a gun or require any kind of license, the statute does allow each airline to make their own specific set of rules on things like how you must declare the weapon at check-in, the type of lockable container they require, and whether ammo must be in commercial packaging or not left in a magazine.

      Before any flight, people should always check the airline’s individual rules. Also be mindful that even though Federal Statutes protect your right to fly with your gun in checked baggage, that does not stop states like the Peoples Republic of New Jersey from trying to make a point by arresting you for having that gun as you check it between connecting flights.

  26. people from Mn are a bunch of liberal, California thinking idiots who believe they know best for all. thats why I moved 45 years ago, from the hell state of Mn. to Floriduh.

  27. What the USA needs is stop trying to mitigate violent gun crimes by punishing the law abiding citizen. That’s like taking away everybody’s car because of what one drunk driver did.

    Gun crime is best prevented by making public the knowledge that ANY LAW ABIDING CITIZEN could be armed even without a “permit”. You do this by obeying the second amendment.

  28. What the U.S. needs and has needed for a very long time is a national CCW, that all states would be forced to recognize.
    Some time ago, before I expatriated myself, I found my self crossing the U.S.. The CCW laws in each state varied so much and some would recognize mine, from Okla., and some wouldn’t., I would ask a LEO, they usually knew if their state recognized mine. Replies from a Georgia State Trooper and a Alabama State Police, when I asked this question, stuck in my mind. Essentially, both said: ‘ If you are carrying and are stopped, let the officer know that you have a concealed weapon, if that state doesn’t recognize you State’s Permit, most usually, they will let you go with just a warning. (Both said), except for Louisiana, those S.O.B s are crazy, they just might arrest you, even if Louisiana does recognize you carry, just because they don’t like ‘foreigners’ carrying in their state’. Never, ever carried in Louisiana!

  29. As a native of Minnesota now living in Florida this is heartbreaking to hear my home state is doing this my question is WHY? It didn’t used to be this way and now gun owners like myself are being forced more and more into the corner when it comes to legally carrying concealed lawfully-of course I would follow the law, but it doesn’t mean I have to agree with it
    Very sad and troubling times we live in

  30. What I find interesting, is How Reciprocity Laws and Excise Taxes have a Lot In Common. That most are set up to Generate Revenue, for either One State, or Another, or Both. This is Really Starting to Fascinate Me. Glade I signed up for this Website…

  31. Ok this is just another year of changing my vacation plans.Instead of going to Minnesota for a month or two I will just head down to SOUTH AMERICA for my vacation time witch will be cheaper so SOUTH AMERICA here I come.

  32. First, this is just one example of the pure stupidity of the whole age thing. 18 year olds can go to war, and they can vote for the President of the United States, but they can’t buy a handgun on many states. Go figure.

    Second, the USA needs a universal reciprocity law. If you have a CCW permit in any state, it should be recognized in every other state, like Utah does.

    Third, I never go to Minnesota anyway, but there are a lot of people who do and this is just plain stupid.

  33. Actually I think is kind of “Funny”. Having experienced two Militia Groups operating in the Same State, with Polar Opposite Views on just about EVERYTHING first hand. Now you have Two States with their Own Histories, Distinct Identities, Politics and Lifestyles and they can’t Agree on an Age Limit Standard, too meet the Other’s Need’s. ONLY IN AMERICA. LOL & MAO…

  34. Looks like Minnesota is no longer part of U.S.A.


    U. S. CONSTITUTION does not apply to that state ???

    Every state needs to require a passport for their travel.

  35. I can understand the reasoning behind Minnesota’s reciprocity position as pertains to Texas… because the CCW holders in Texas are eligible at 19 years of age and Minnesota’s have to be 21. That could be facilitated if MS would allow proof of age along with TX CCL. But they chose not to do that. However one thing that struck me about the allowed reciprocity states is Alaska. AK does not require a CCL but allows open carry without any license. Question is, how do Alaskans show their reciprocal CCL? Oh well. I think without better information that Texas still recognized Minnesotans’ CCLs. It kind of stinks that we (I’m a proud Texas) are being singled out by another “gun friendly” state.

    1. For military and veterans you understand the reasoning? I do not. Do they disapprove when young armed forces–wielding firearms they were trained to carry–defend their freedoms?

      If Minnesota is to be consistent, it must demand that the military refuse anyone who is less than 21. To do otherwise would mean expecting someone who you do not think is responsible enough to carry a gun to defend you, which is cowardly.

    2. Hey Daniel,
      I said I understand it [their logic] but I didn’t say I agree with it. In fact, I think it is flimsy as I said this is not a problem they cannot work out… just ask for an ID from Texans. But then again, I didn’t say I agree with it… in fact I think it is disgusting that 19 year olds, no matter where they are from, cannot have reciprocity. Like you say, many of our guys in uniform are under 21 and they should be first to get the licenses and use them anywhere. That is if you agree that we should have CCLs in the first place. I think all citizens without a felony and many even with a misdemeanor should be allowed to carry anywhere in the nation without a license and openly if they so desire. Put that in your pipe. Brother, we are the same!

    3. @ James H,

      Regarding how a resident from Alaska visiting a reciprocity state such as Minnesota shows a CCL when Alaska itself doesn’t require one; the answer to your question is that Alaska DPS does offer a five-year concealed carry permit to its residents just for reciprocity display purposes when visiting another State.

      Many other “Constitutional Carry” States such as Arizona also offer the same service by their DPS to acquire a permit for proof if visiting another State even though a permit is never required within that State itself.

      Some States, such as Arizona, also offer extra benefits to having a permit even though it is not required in order to carry concealed – for example, there is never a NICS background check when purchasing a firearm, you may enter an establishment which serves alcoholic beverages, you may carry concealed when traveling through the 1000 foot “Gun-Free School Zone”, and you may carry concealed in National Parks. These are just some of the benefits not available to non-licensed concealed carriers.

      Again, I used Arizona as the example, please check your State’s rules for their versions of the law.

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