Meprolight Mepro MOR Reflex Sight Wins 2015 Golden Bullseye Award

Meprolight MOR tri-powered reflex light with toggle switch

The Mako Group proudly received a Golden Bullseye Award yesterday at the 2015 NRA Annual Meeting and Exhibits for its tri-powered Meprolight Mepro MOR reflex sight. Though the 2015 award winners were announced by American Rifleman earlier this year, the official presentation of the coveted awards happen during the NRA’s annual meeting each year.

This is the Mako Group’s first exhibition at the NRA Annual Meeting.

Mako Group’s Director of Sales and Marketing, Amir Karo says

“Winning the Golden Bullseye—the most important award of the Shooting Sports industry in the USA—is a great honor for us. MEPRO MOR’s outstanding versatility and durability has gained it worldwide popularity, and the sight is now being used by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and other armies around the world. When we develop a new product, we take into account the needs of our customers, and do our best to create the highest quality products in the field—and we will continue to do so.”

Meprolight MOR tri-powered reflex light with toggle switch
The Meprolight MOR seamlessly transitions from day to night with three modes of illumination.

The Meprolight MOR seamlessly transitions from day to night with three modes of illumination. For daytime, the reticle uses ambient light to shine bright through fiber optics. At night, the MOR transitions instantly and automatically to tritium power, and an AA battery powers an integrated 5mw laser.

Originally designed for the Israeli Special Forces, the MOR is available in three different configurations—one for military and law enforcement only with an IR designator and two different options for civilians. Choose between a 3 MOA dot or Bullseye reticle.

Meprolight’s battle-proven, military-grade reflex weapon sight has a 30mm lens, polymer shock-resistant housing and is submersible.

The laser is powered by one AA battery stored in a waterproof and shockproof housing. A second battery housing holds a back-up AA battery. When one runs out, the Meprolight MOR automatically switches to the other, good battery. You are never without a bright, illuminated reticle—even if both AA batteries die.

Unlike other all-in-one units, there is no need to zero the laser separately from the red dot. An attached toggle switch activates the laser and mounts to your rifle. The MOR has a quick-detach integrated lever mount as well. The entire unit weighs 15.8 ounces.

The MOR works in conjunction with a magnifier and is night vision compatible. Truly an all-in-one reflex sight, and a product unique to the market, the Meprolight MOR tri-powered reflex weapon sight sells for $1,976.70 and ships free from Cheaper Than Dirt! Click Here to Start Shopping Online at Cheaper Than Dirt [suzanne] [price]

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  1. Finally a self powered holosite..other than trigicon, I use red -dot sites all the time, as I grow older it seems to be harder andharder to focus on 3 things at in front site, rear site, and target it makes it more fun when you hit what your aiming for

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