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Meprolight FT Bullseye — A New Concept in Aiming

Meprolight FT Bullseye sight

Forget about you front sight? With the Meprolight FT Bullseye, your pistol will not even have a front sight. The concept is innovative, the proof will have to be at the range and the groups you’ll produce. The Shooter’s Log will have a full review soon. Until then, here is the full release. Meprolight FT Bullseye sight Meprolight introduces the FT Bullseye, an innovative, low profile micro red dot style optic for pistols. Combining fiber optics and tritium provided the engineers the lighting illumination needed to design a micro sight that works under all lighting conditions. The FT Bullseye is a low profile, single rear sight, which helps shooters to get on target faster. With this inventive design, there’s no need for the front sight; it’s all in the red-dot. When the dot is centered in the circle, you’re on target.

The low-profile design sets it apart from other micro sights and allows the shooter to pull the gun from the holster without having to worry about snagging a shirt or jacket on the sight. Whether you find yourself in a defensive situation or in competition, the goal is to place rounds on target quickly and accurately. When milliseconds count, give yourself the advantage.

The FT Bullseye is available in red or green dot/circle for all Glock models, MSRP $199. Meprolight guarantees the tritium to last up to 12 years, which makes it the perfect sight for law enforcement, self-defense and competitive shooters.

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  1. Below is the link to the latest video featuring the FT Bullseye. It shows the sight picture from the shooters perspective and head shots at 50ft. Hopefully Dave has received his FT Bullseye and will have time to run several mags using it.

  2. These sights sound good but are pretty expensive and not many out there have tried the sight for review. If I where to purchase this sight and ended up not liking it, would I be able to return it for my money back?

    1. Dave should have his sights any day now. More videos and reviews are coming down the pike. When you compare the price against other pistol optics which can run $300 and up, then the price may be worth it. Looking forward to Dave’s review.

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