Meet Reliant—The Four-Barreled Handgun

A hometown innovative prototype pistol is on display at the 2015 NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits in Nashville, Tennessee. Signal 9 Defense from Gallatin, just 30 miles from Nashville, is showing off its four-barreled pistol, the Reliant.

Even with the four barrels, the gun is only 4.25 inches tall, under 1 inch wide and 5.25 inches long. It weighs only 16 ounces—comfortable for concealed carry.

This truly innovative design is not quite a revolver and not quite a semiautomatic. A patent pending unique firing pin on a rotary cam rests behind a steel plate between the chambers until the trigger is pulled. It is never behind a live round until you pull the trigger. This steel plate has four holes in it. The firing pin rotates with each trigger pull to a different barrel to fire the round.

Available in four calibers—.32 ACP, .32 H&R Mag (.32 Long/.32 Short), .380 ACP and .38 Special +P (.38 S&W/.38 Long/.38 Short), the Reliant has a 2.63-inch break barrel for loading with the ability to interchange barrels for the different calibers.

The developers of the Reliant wanted to create a firearm specifically for close-up self-defense and concealed carry that is simple, reliable and easy to use. The Reliant’s point and shoot design and the option to add an integrated red or green laser from LaserMax make this weapon easy to operate in diverse conditions. The laser is grip-activated with a push button located under the trigger guard.

Because there are no moving parts on the outside, there are two standout features on the Reliant. For close quarter’s self-defense, when an attacker is upon you, the assailant cannot stop your gun from firing by placing his gun over the top stopping the cylinder from rotating in a revolver or by holding the slide in the case of a semiautomatic. There is no slide to rack, jam or snag on clothing. The Reliant will repeatedly fire from deep cover like a purse or thick coat pocket.

Signal 9 builds most of the Reliant in-house on CNC milling machines and are dedicated to producing the most reliable handgun on the market. The Reliant has been in extensive testing for years to make sure it will absolutely fire every single time you pull the trigger.

Constructed of various materials like aluminum with a hard-coat anodized frame and steel and stainless steel barrel and coatings such as Cerakote Air-Dry ceramic, the Reliant has a double-action trigger with an eight- to ten-pound pull. A speed loader is held in the grip of the four-barreled handgun for quick reloads.

Even with the four barrels, the gun is only 4.25 inches tall, under 1 inch wide and 5.25 inches long. It weighs only 16 ounces—comfortable for concealed carry. MSRP is set at $499.00, with the laser option costing extra.

For concealed carry and for those who have difficulty working a semiautomatic pistol slide or for those who desire a defensive weapon, but do not find themselves practicing often should look forward to the Reliant’s release.

To sign up for updates, visit Signal 9 Defense’s website by clicking here.

What do you think about this four-barreled pistol? Tell us in the comment section.


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Comments (27)

  1. I had the chance to check this firearm out at the NRA convention last weekend. While I will admit it is an interesting concept, I just can`t justify the price and the 4 round capacity. I would much rather have a small 38 special or my Taurus 740 Slim or my Taurus TCP 738. However, I will give the creator of this gun credit for trying to do some serious outside the box thinking, but I just can`t see this firearm being anything more than another unique idea that no one will buy.

    1. @Scott:

      ……”idea that no one will buy”

      So neither of us like the gun, but you just have a more roundabout diplomatic way of stating it. I don’t like your way of stating it just as much as you don’t like my way.

  2. I too remember the COP .357 – the few I saw really didn’t work very well, so I hope this one does better. Still, it seems to me there are better choices for a very compact pocket pistol. I know accuracy isn’t the hallmark of little guns in general, but I DO wonder how closely together four separate barrels will put their bullets in a target at reasonable range.

    1. The problem with the COP, was it was heavy and not very trim. They were finished nicely. It simply was not what people wanted at that time. I’d still not buy one with the bulk of the COP. A S&W M642 5-shot .38 Special works well.

  3. I’d much rather carry my Kahr PM9 with an extra mag, or my S&W J frame M637 38spl. +P with a CT laser grip. This is too little for too much.

  4. Another COP, only a smaller caliber. I had one, and it was cumbersome and not concealable in my opinion. Trigger was awful. Also if you’re not belly to belly, your not going to be accurate. At 10 feet you couldn’t get any king of group smaller than 12″. Don’t waste your time and money.

  5. Nope. Sorry. Give me a j frame with 5 rounds of fire power not 4 and for a couple of hundred dollars cheaper. Rossi even makes a 6 shot 357 mag that is superior to this novelty item for a hundred bucks less. Nope. Cant get excited over another under powered and liberal inspired idea. Cant beat the reliability of a revolver. Steroid induced derringers are most certainly not.

  6. In the 1970s the “BackUp”, 4 shots with, IIRC, the firing pin rotating to cover the four barrel positions. Originally designed and manufactured in SoCal as the thing to have for cops. Think the first time I saw it was in a copy of CHP Magazine.

    There are already firearms I would rather have, and they carry more rounds. Reloading this one in a hurry might be a problem one wouldn’t have with a compact wheel gun or semi-auto.

  7. On first glance, this piece is a freakshow item that just doesn’t look like a $500.00 pistol. Manufacturers seem to being trying to be innovative but this design is limiting and doesn’t serve any practical purpose. Too much money for too little gun.

  8. because they’re just so damned cool I always wanted a COP derringer but am hesitant due to their reputation for spotty reliability. A problem I see with this new version is that it weighs more than an Airweight J-frame and still holds one less round. I can only imagine the trigger will be nowhere as nice as my well broken-in 442’s trigger as well. And it looks a bit clunkier than the COP derringer too.

    1. COP Derringers are pretty reliable from what I understand if you fire 38s and not 357s .

  9. This is ignorance at it’s best.

    If this is the kinda crap at an NRA convention, remind me not to ever go.

    1. If you are not interested in seeing many, many new ideas and products then maybe you should just stay home then. I was at the convention for 2 days and didn`t see all of it. Small companies like this one have every right to be there just like Remington, Taurus, Colt, Winchester etc. Your logic is pig headed to say the least.

    1. I agree. I’ve already killed 5 copperheads in my garden, in the past two weeks. I stepped on one that I didn’t see, but luckily didn’t get bit. One almost got my lab too. 4 shots of 410 #8’s would be just the medicine for my headache… I’ve also been concerning a judge or governor, as well as the Bond Arms Snake slayer.

      They all fetch a price higher than what you get, so until I can find a decent price on one of the above, my 410 870 express that I got when I was knee-high to a grasshopper will just have to do the job (which it does well). It would be nice to just have a true one shot snake pill, as I have found 38/357 rat/snake shot leaves much to be desired.

      I let the non-venomous snakes go on thier marry way, but if it’s venomous, it’s fit’n to get skinned…

  10. Innovative? 4 barrels has been done before in the form of the COP 4 barrel derringer, in 38special/357magnum. Problem with that gun was a terrible trigger and notorious unreliability. Lets hope this “new” offering from Signal 9 Defense has none of those problems.

    1. Yup, and that COP seems to be double the gun, but idk if for the better- double the weight, price, and maybe caliber. Hopefully edge arms steps up their caliber offering. 45 acp would be breathtaking.

      But I do know I’m getting the wife a .38 +P for next anniversary, she loves the 4 barrels.

    2. You beat me to it.

      It is a well-known pistol at that (UNCLE, Blade Runner, The Matrix, several episodes of Psych, etc) due to its unique look.

      Making it in a less attractive form, in a less effective caliber, is not going to be a winner even if they get the reliability right (unlikely with the unique and complicated mechanism).

      It is strictly inferior to a small revolver in almost every possible way.

    3. Only the .32 acp might be considered less effective but what really matters if you can hit. This is ideal for a backup gun or if you are dealing with one mugger armed with a knife or that is just trying to man handle you.

    4. One thing not said in the article is that like a number of two barrel derringers you change out the barrels to fire another caliber.

    5. Ignore that I missed it. But the interchangeable aspect is pretty attractive.

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