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Bloomberg—Mayors Against Illegal Guns

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MAIG…An Enigma?

I find this group to be an enigma—a shill and a fraud—but nonetheless an enigma. After all, what exactly is an illegal gun? If the gun is already illegal, why would you start a mayor’s group to be against it? Worse yet, if you were a mayor, why would you join? Is the name a mission statement or camouflage for something else?

I decided to take a look.

Anti-gun mayors Michael Bloomberg from New York City and Thomas Menino of Boston Massachusetts, and a handful of others started Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) in late April of 2006. Since then, MAIG claims its membership has swelled to over 1,000. Given that there are over 19,000 current mayors (and many former) in the United States this is still a small minority. However, I was surprised Bloomberg could rally even that many, which piqued my curiosity. It seems Bloomberg had enough clout that MAIG had no problem gaining 510(c)(4) status. The same classification that many Tea Party and Conservative groups applied for and were flagged, delayed and investigated by the IRS…

So, I checked out MAIG’s website and found this video.

After watching it, I was even more confused. How can these people be expected to run a city? They do not even seem to understand the difference between gun violence by criminals, legally owned firearms or violence rooted in mental health. They make inane statements such as people being murdered by high-capacity magazines. I am not sure how that would be possible unless people are being beaten with the magazines or perhaps they are being dropped from high buildings?

However, if that is the case, I would definitely be against magazines being misused in that fashion.

The mayors in the video cite tragedies such as Aurora, Virginia Tech and Tucson—none of which were committed by illegal guns or illegally purchased guns! Perhaps they should rename their organization to something more along the lines of Mayors Against the Mentally Ill Owning and Murdering People with Guns.

Is MAIG Losing Steam?

Recently, MAIG has seen a significant defection from its ranks. MAIG also boasts members that have been convicted of felonies such as perjury, embezzlement, attempted child molestation, luring a child for illicit purposes, bribery, money laundering, assault on a police officer, domestic violence, extortion—and in the case of Jackson Mississippi Mayor Frank Melton—violating his own city gun possession ordinance. There are plenty of other egregious offenses committed by MAIG members. Here is a partial list, compliments of the Second Amendment Foundation.

Bloomberg—Mayors Against Illegal Guns

Understand, these irresponsible mayors and former mayors have been convicted of crimes that disqualify them from owing a gun due to their illegal actions, yet they want to eliminate the rights of the 80 million-plus responsible gun owners! MAIG should focus on background checks for its own members long before it needs to worry about private party transfers among responsible gun owners. Is it any wonder that MAIG read aloud the name of Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev claiming he was a victim of gun violence at a recent event?

Other mayors seem to have come to the realization that the group is a shill and little more than Bloomberg’s personal political pawns.

Mayors Speak Out

For example, Nashua Mayor Donnalee Lozeau stated she was calling it quits after MAIG launched television attack ads against New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte. Ayotte voted against legislation that would have expanded background checks to cover almost every gun purchase in the country.

“I said, ‘Wait a minute. I don’t want to be part of something like that.’ I told them, ‘You’re Mayors Against Illegal Guns; you’re not mayors for gun control.’”

Rockford Illinois three-term independent Mayor Lawrence Morrissey recently defected from Bloomberg’s group explaining that decision with the following statement:

The reason why I joined the group in the first place is because I took the name for what it said—against ‘illegal’ guns,” Morrissey said at a town hall meeting on June 22. I thought it was about enforcement of (the) existing gun laws” against illegal weapons. “As the original mission swayed, that’s when I decided that it was no longer in line with my beliefs.”

Perhaps some believe these were the just the fair weather fans and not the hardcore liberals. So what did Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer have to say when he weighed in?

He questioned MAIG’s motives and political strategy after the group spent money targeting vulnerable Senate Democrats in conservative states who didn’t back the bill to expand background checks.

The mayor of New York City putting ads against people in red states is not going to be effective,” Schumer said.

Not exactly a scathing indictment, but when the hardcore Democrats speak ill about your tactics and motives, you don’t need to rely on your nose to know something smells. Besides, the coercive tactics belies the weakness of their position and true motivations.

Mayors Against Illegal Guns is currently one of, if not the most powerful gun control lobbies in the nation. If leading Democrats are speaking out against the group, why should we—the Pro Second Amendment crowd—be silent? The MAIG video says our leaders want to hear from us; they need to hear our voice—and that is exactly what I am proposing we do.

Let Your Voice Be Heard

A call here or there may not be enough to produce a blip on the radar. Instead, we need to gather our voices and make our power be known. Looking to the calendar, I realized we are just a few weeks away from Patriot’s Day and the end of Congress’ extended recess. There will be plenty of focus on 9/11 (as it should be), so I am proposing 9/12.

Glenn Beck proposed the 9/12 Project and defined the purpose as

bringing us all back to the place we were on September 12, 2001 … we were not obsessed with red states, blue states or political parties. We were united as Americans, standing together to protect the values and principles of the greatest nation ever created.”

Of course, one of those principles—the Second Amendment—ensures the government respects the rest. We need to remind our political leaders of this fact. Personal politics aside, if you believe in the Second Amendment, your political leaders need to hear from you.

The Proposal

On 9/12, we need 80 million gun owners to call (202) 224-3121. That is the Senate switchboard where the operator can connect you directly with the Senate office you request. Then, look up the phone number to your local mayor and do the same. If your mayor is against MAIG, congratulate them. If they support MAIG, let them know of your opposition and apply your political pressure.

Between now and 9/12, post and repost this message.
We need to reach as many gun owners and supporters of the Second amendment as possible. It is time to show MIAG for what it is and what it is not. No one wants to see guns in the hands of those who are legally prohibited or intend to use them for felonious purposes such as the tragedies cited. However, that is not what MAIG is about.

How will you help spread the message and promote the Second Amendment on 9/12?

Tell us in the comment section.


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  1. Bloombrain isn’t even a mayor any longer….and Gates only knowledge of guns is some space-age video game. Give airheads money and they have too much time on their hands….maybe they should save the Whales…

  2. I recently saw an article which stated that if the 4 cities (Chicago, Detroit, NYC and New Orleans) with the top murder rates were taken out, the murder rate in the US would drop from the 4th highest in the world to the 3rd lowest. I’d be willing to bet that if all the cities with mayors in MAIG were cut out, the US rate would be the lowest on the planet!

  3. The only reason Bloomberg isn’t a full blown tyrant is that he doesn’t have a military that answers to him and that is willing to enforce his insanity. Just look at his eyes. He is a full blown sociopath. There is no soul in that one.

  4. @Franco,
    1: I cannot agree more. One could put the file on the Romney campaign in the dictionary as a clear cut example of incompetence.
    2: Romney didn’t softball, he waffled more than the house of waffles. He tried to be everything to everybody, telling each conflicting group what they wanted to hear and worse, was recorded doing it. Meanwhile, nobody had a clue what he really stood for, due to his incessant shifting platform. At least Obama had a consistent cloud to rest upon.
    3: Agreed, my paternal grandparents came to this nation through Ellis Island. Each lost a spouse during the Spanish Influenza pandemic and remarried, my father and his full brothers and sisters were the result.
    4: Always the talk of entitlements, yet few ever define precisely what those entitlements are. I’ve had far right tea party types tell me I don’t deserve, nor should I receive my entitlements. Those happen to be a military retirement pension and VA benefits. They also object to my eventually collecting the Social Security I paid into throughout my adult life. Apparently, some think that nobody should ever be permitted to retire, draw a pension or get pay-outs on the benefits that have been paid for over many decades. But, back to illegal immigrant, what entitlements are they given precisely? Meanwhile, what are we getting as a nation in return? Such as cheap produce, cheap meats that they slaughtered and cheap labor cutting trees and ground foliage? Work that no US Citizen wants to do because of the below poverty level pay.
    5: Whether or not we are a people of law is arguable. That was not always the case in our history, but we’ve changed. We detain people without charge or even family notification indefinitely. We have tortured people. Meanwhile, we gave amnesty to the entire Confederate States of America and its population, as well as the Confederate Army and Navy. Those were to a man felons, guilty of both sedition, treason, mutiny and armed revolt. All were capital offenses until recently, but they were given amnesty because of a cost-benefit analysis.
    6: See the above. We bypass, under the Patriot Act, our Constitutional guarantees of due process. We have committed to summarily executing US citizens abroad in the war zone by drone, that is a violation of due process, but justified as it is a normal act in the usual conduct of war. In that alone, a cost-benefit analysis was done to determine the damage level of major efforts to capture said traitors or simply use a drone to remove them from the field. I happen to agree with the drone strike, I’d not want to direct my men into yet another foreign land to capture a traitor that is well guarded by enemy combatants when I could simply drop the roof on their heads.
    7: That is mutual. I’m retired Army, retired a couple of years ago after nearly 28 years of service. Disagreement is fine, discussion is even better. For, when one discusses events and problems, people can arrive at common ground and solutions.

    Well, except in the 9mm-45ACP debate… 😉
    (I’m an M1911 man.)

  5. Hello Wzrd 1,

    In response I offer the following:

    1. The Romney campaign and fact too many planks of the Republican platform were incompetent.

    2. Excepting the observations you made, I think Romney generally softballed his campaign and the debates(except for the first)

    3. I agree that there are many legal immigrants who should be welcome in America, regardless of their political beliefs. They came here legally and are entitled to all of the rights and privileges associated with legal residency and, ultimately, citizenship.

    4. I object to the extraordinary amount of entitlements given to those who do not belong here. The costs of these entitlements are very high. Legitimizing their criminal acts is contrary to law and, among other things, is a terrible insult to the honest folks who immigrate here legally. What about them? What about fairness? What about due process? And, ultimately the direct and indirect costs associated with illegals beyond those associated with unearned entitlements are quite high.

    5. The United States is supposedly a land of laws. How can that be when illegals, who by their entry are federal felons are rewarded with (given) amnesty and all of the benefits which American citizens have earned?

    6. Liberty and American citizenship are rights which are far more important than a cost/benefit analysis. While economics are important, more so are the fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution which and provided by due process. Amnesty bypasses due process and insults the essence of legal residency and citizenship. Constitutional rights and due process, among other things, are what many patriots have fought and died for to preserve in America. Giving these rights away to those who do not deserve them insults the sacrifices of so many and the intent of the Founding Fathers.

    7. I support your right to disagree. I earned it.


  6. @Franco, I’m a heavily middle of the road kind of guy. What that means when the rubber meets the road is, some views I hold dear are highly conservative, others are highly liberal, the majority are middle of the road.
    Hence, I find it welcome when a conservative and a liberal, both with open minds and capable of using their own minds to ascertain the facts join a conversation. For then, we finally can find the truth of reality revealed for all.

    What lost the last election wasn’t some mythical group outshouting, outspending or via militant threats overcoming Romney’s campaign, it was disgust with the vitriol and lies spouted out of a firehose from the Romney campaign. Had he stuck with facts, reality and truth, Obama’s bovine defecation would’ve buried him.
    Case in point, Romney’s 51% debacle. The *real* number is around 64%. Of that number, about 35% of that number are senior retirees. The remainder’s majority is minor children, with a significant minority of disabled persons. The lowest number was those who willfully are unemployed.
    So, what Romeny was championing in the last election with his brief 51% crap was child labor and insisting that nobody be allowed to retire and even the bedridden cripple must work or starve to death.
    That latter is something that, had our founding fathers heard spoken, they’d have run back to King George with hat in hand! The difference then was, all welfare programs were local programs run by a far more charitable culture. But then, people tithed to their churches back then.
    We abhor child labor, rightfully so, as it robs our future generation of its education.
    We should treasure our elders as advisers, people who have been there, done that and lived in an age when things were very, very different, but still quite similar to today as far as personal interactions go. We can’t garner such sage advice if they’re forced in their waning years to toil for a living, in spite of paying out a hell of a lot of money over the decades to Social Security and their pension plan!

    As for the illegals, I favor amnesty for a limited time for purely financial reasons. It’s cheaper by a ton than hunting them down and deporting them. It comes down to dollars and commonsense.
    That said, I personally know legal immigrants from the very same place that the illegals are coming from, they’re surprisingly conservative. Something about being Catholic, I suspect, it’s a cultural thing.
    In short, don’t gripe about spending, then insist on pissing away federal dollars on a wasteful in the extreme program *and* object to a cheaper, far more operable program that is sustainable as a short term (figure a year, to a year and a half maximum, then clamp the lid down hard again) program.

    But, until we have rational conversation, free of vitriol and parroting of one’s betters, one will have no solution, only divisiveness.
    Because, at the end of the day, there isn’t a political party around that isn’t full of hogwash and only a fool should vote for a platform built upon the odor of hogwash.

  7. Hello Skip,

    I substantially agree with your observation. I think, however, that the present balance of voters is not 50/50. i think it pore like 49/51 or 40/52 in favor of liberals.

    I do agree that if there is ever going to be a chance for conservatism to survive (actually revive)and for America aw we knew it to return, the inert conservatives need to be found and convinced to go to the polls at all levels. If this does not happen, I believe conservatism and fundamental, traditional, American, ideals are gone-perhaps forever. The most important election in history, I believe, is going to be the 2014 mid-term elections.That result, i think, will fortell where this country is going to be for a long time.

    Look at the relevant demographics: birth rates among conservatives are down while birth rates for non-conservatives are skyrocketing; if illegal immigrants are given amnesty and all privileges of citizens-game over. Conservatives will never again have enough voters to win major elections.

    So, marshaling every last conservative/Patriot to vote is probably the most important political thing we will ever do in our lives.


  8. In the not so distant past, we in Nebraska, had three mayors, 2 of large prominent cities, that were members of MAIG.
    *Lincoln’s Mayor Beutler just mysteriously and quietly slipped out of the group.
    *Omaha’s Mayor Suttle was defeated in the last election by former City Council Member Miss Jean Stothert, after a vigorous campaign backed by many groups including members of the NFOA. Jean is a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment (news release this past week was of her pending CHP)
    *Then there was Ralston’s Mayor Donald Groesser, who would not return any of our attempts to contact him about his membership, forcing how hand in the form of a press release denouncing MAIG and Mayor Groesser’s involvement with the organization.
    Long story short- Nebraska is now MAIG Free!! And I for one plan to keep it that way!

  9. Lot of truth here, lotta hot air also. Think about this. A man worth 16 billion , a broke ass country with a 100 million gun owners. Your ruler being told what to do by Valerie Jarrett a woman born in Iran. NSA knows everything, about everyone. Millions of unsupervised kids on mood/ attention drugs, many with access to improperly stored firearms. 50% of America feels one way, 50% the other. Best part is , as you all well know, I didn’t even scratch the surface of what’s wrong in the USA. FOLKS I’M SORRY, BUT I’M JUST NOT AS OPTIMISTIC AS YOU ARE THAT THERE’S A SOLUTION TO THIS MESS WE’VE CREATED. PRAY.

  10. The article is quite informational. But I have seen many of such and even heard the statements made that we are a government for the people by the people and we are also a Democratic Republic. But the question I have does our Representatives,Media and even the people understand what it means? We have in this Nation a two party system consisting of a Democrat Party and a Republican Party that is made up of fine patriot citizens of all shades of color and thoughts. This is what starts the process and the “PROCESS” starts at the grass roots level you and me! One will get involved by getting to know your Precinct Committee Officer with your “IDEA” Who will push up to the County level and then to the Legislative level who has a direct line to “YOUR” Representative. And then “GLORY BE” your voice will be “HEARD”. One must remember our constitution requires a “PROCESS” we as the people have to understand that and create the “DEBATE” and win the Debate

  11. Dave,

    GREAT article, and spot on. Here is my request. How about doing an article on what can actually help us all get out of the mess WE have let come to light. Our politicians both local and federal have let us down. They slowly have been taking our rights, and we are letting them. I am a Retired Deputy Sheriff, and I worked in a county for five years, that voted out all incumbents every four years. They believed, if they don’t do what they promised, we fire them. That is the power our for fathers gave us. We all need to go to the polls and vote out ALL incumbents. It may take a few elections, but the politicians WILL GET THE MESSAGE eventually. WE run this little bit, NOT YOU.

  12. I know Donnalee, having served in the NH House with her. She’s a nice person. I’ve never confused her with genius, but even so, I would’ve thought that she could see what MAIG was all about from the start. I recall that her NRA grade struggled to be a “C”, with her GOA grade being somewhat less.

  13. @JBev, first and foremost, the Constitution and the first ten amendments are not your only and exclusive rights. Indeed, were your words to have been presented to the Congress when the “Bill of Rights”, aka the first ten amendments were penned, they’d have scrapped the entire Constitution and embraced the King!
    Your rights in the Constitution and its amendments are only “enumerated rights”, your full rights are a bounty a thousand times greater at the least.
    You have the right to move when and to where you wish. You have the right to travel about your nation without special permit. You have the right to marry who you wish. You have the right to have as many children as you desire. Those are only a few of those thousands of rights that are not available to other people of other nations.
    Try learning *all* our our nation’s history, the debates behind what was written and ratified. Try using reason to observe what is being said by whom.
    For, your “Progressive Liberal” is a myth created to divide the people and prevent the people from overcoming a sparse few wealthy special interests who truly rule this once great land.
    Are there a minority far right or left that agitate for things unconstitutional? Only on days that end in Y in English. Note, a minority, they’re also not deep pocketed, don’t own corporations that have an “equal voice” in campaign contributions and advertisements.

    Still, I suspect the Martin/Zimmerman thing was brought up because it gave leverage for those who wish to divide. Wish because, the Constitution *does* exist, it’s clear, the SCOTUS finally got a case to clearly define what the second amendment was about and also got the history down pat.
    That said, no creator endowed us with rights. That is hogwash! Our rights were endowed by men who fought for those rights, quite a few died or were maimed protecting those rights. Your proclamation that some creator did such denies their great sacrifice.
    That is something this veteran will never stand for.

    You got quite a bit right, learn the full history, observe and notice the influences that make PsyOps embarrassed and move forward.
    But always give credit where credit is due, to those who worked, fought and sacrificed to give you the rights you partially ignore and overall attribute to one who did jack squat to attain for you and the rest of us.

    For the record, I’m a deist. Formerly Christian, but figured out that any deity who could create this great big universe most certainly was not so utterly incompetent enough to have to micromanage one species on one trifling planet out of all of those stars with trainloads of planets! I have far more respect for both any such creator and for the ability for humans to turn anything into crap to support their power ploy.

  14. Gentlemen,

    Why are we even bringing up the Martin/Zimmerman fiasco? It merely serves to illustrate the type of trouble a person can get themselves into when using a firearm… all the more reason to think carefully prior to strapping one on.

    However, the issue here remains the venomous attitude towards those who choose to exercise a civil liberty which stands as a major obstacle to those who wish to view themselves as having, “WON!”, or rising into control and power.

    Without the obstacle of an armed conservative civilian population with “obsolete” political opinions, childish superstitious beliefs, and antiquated mores to stand in the way; the Progressive Liberals can simply take-over the education system, justice system, and public services; educating self-restraint and judgement right out of your children… and instead, imbue them with unbridled creativity and a passion for life and happiness derived from serving their fellow man in an optimistic, hopeful, and Utopian society of the future…

    MAIG should be viewed with the same mistrust and skepticism as ANY ORGANIZATION which promotes reduction, limitation, or elimination of YOUR CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECTED, CREATOR ENDOWED RIGHTS ! ! !

  15. The Amendments to the Constitution r our civil rights. They were put there for the people. They are not there to be changed by the government. They are there as protection against the government. So why does the government think they can take our rights and throw them out. They all know this but they think we are so stupid we won’t notice.

  16. I would suggest to keep it simple and require your representative (mayor, senator, etc) to be able to do more than a 3 second regurgitation of some anti-gun slogan. Demand that they be able to describe how the position they support could possibly affect anyone other than the law-abiding, legal, gun-owning American citizen.

    Too many of these people never get called out to actually expand on their “common sense” anti-gun comments. Ask where the common sense is found in all the legislation that only affects the law-abiding gun owners of America and has no impact whatsoever on the criminal.

    Secondly, I would strongly suggest that they take a moment to look at the Constitution, specifically the Second Amendment, and ask themselves if he/she feels that the men who wrote it had experience in dealing with the right to keep and bear arms, a tyrannical government or the ideal of government serving the people and not the other way around.

    Insist that they follow their oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

    And finally, if given the chance, I would absolutely love the opportunity to have the president, Mayor Bloomberg or any other major anti-gun proponant explain to the country why they would spend so much time and money to attack “assault weapons” and “high capacity” magazines when these weapons are used in less than 3% of all violent gun crime. I have yet to hear that question get asked directly to any major politician, much less have it answered.

  17. Regarding the membership count: The organization asked the general public to “join” MAIG. I joined as a method to monitor their activities. So, given that I am not a mayor, I have to wonder about the value and validity of their member-count.

    Additionally, their emails to the ‘membership’ are fully oriented to total gun bans only. They make no distinctions of the nature of legal ownership — ever, or even “illegal vs legal GUNS.” Rather, they only take a stance of “all guns in the hands of citizenry are bad and must be taken.”

    Their exploitation of Sandy Hook parents has been disgusting as well.

  18. T. Tucker, that is the crux of the Zimmerman/Martin fiasco. Had Zimmerman followed the directions of the 911 operator and not approached Martin, there would have not been a problem.
    Had Martin not become aggressive with Zimmerman, there would not have been a problem.
    Instead, there was a situation where both parties sought extra-legal solutions to perceived problems and one is dead, the other ruined.
    As an NRA instructor, I’m quite certain that you enforce good judgement in your classes. That was stressed way back when I had NRA classes.

    I’ve been on town watch in the past. The 911 operator directed me to not engage, but to stay back and observe. That is what I did and the criminals ended up behind bars.
    How long behind bars they are depends on both the judiciary and the legislator, for if legislation says X amount of time in prison, the judiciary has no choice but to obey the law. When the law gives the judiciary “wiggle room”, good judgement can occur and bad judgement can occur.
    An example is a first time offender in a street fight. Give the fighter a maximum sentence? Give a minimum sentence? Give a middle of the scale sentence? That is a judgement call, in part based upon an appraisal of the individual’s quality of character, the situation involving the crime and even an appraisal of whether the individual can be rehabilitated based upon the sentence.
    No matter how discerning and wise a judge may or may not be, a bad call eventually occurs.
    As I said, all notice the bad call and few to none notice the ten thousand good calls before.
    Regrettably, all remember the bad calls, but few ever notice the good calls.

  19. In this year’s Mayoral election in Omaha, Jim Suttle, a member of MAIG and certified liberal, was soundly defeated by a female city council member who had been against many of his positions as mayor. Suttle came out strongly against guns, proof that you don’t need brains to be elected to a political office.

    Fortunately Nebraska has concealed carry laws and is one of the more common-sense states left in the USA. Things that we take for granted here (personal responsibility, honesty, family, etc.) have fallen to the side in many politically correct liberal states.

  20. All of this came about as far as I know with the Zimmerman/Martin fiasco. While I have my own views as to that debacle, I really cannot see where the stand your ground laws of Florida even came into play. The problem was, is, and continues to be that crimes are committed by criminals and many with guns that they own illegally. The laws are in place to handle this but the judicial system continues to pick and choose the laws that can be enforced. Zimmerman did not violate any CCW laws or stand your ground laws. By testimony it was shown he was trying to save his own life. Martin’s juvy record and all the allegations thereto as well as the Zimmerman wannabe attitude resulted in a collision of two individuals that should not have happened. Either could have walked away. One lost his life and the other’s is ruined. NRA Instructor.

  21. Pro Second Amendment I do agree with you 100%. But let’s not insult people and/or let’s not play stupid, “….a statement in this video says high capacity magazines kill people.” it is clearly that what they meant to say is that by having the the high capacity magazines “extra bullets” allows criminals to kill more people ,and that is a reality.
    Let’s not forget that some of us are not too bright and sometimes need interpretation as to what we meant to say.

  22. This is the same type of hypocrisy that every facet of this society exhibits. Lets take, for example, Joe Arpaio, who wanted to send “posses of good guys” to protect schools and such. So, what he did was gather up “people” who had no jobs (big surprise) give them guns and not even think to do a background check. After several outside sources did the checks for him, they found that more than half of the people in these posses wouldn’t be allowed (by their own definition of who they were trying to stop from entering the schools) to enter a school. Many had been arrested for violent domestic assaults, and some even had sexual assaults against minors and almost all had alcohol related arrests. I’m sure most of you have heard that he wants to have all cops carry ARs no matter what, which begs the question, who really wants a police state? It sure ain’t Obama.

  23. First off, I would like to say this is a well thought out and written article! Well done Mr Dolbee!
    The follow up comments are all great ideas and thought provoking as we’ll.
    I do though have a major issue with CTD’s disclaimer. If CTD is willing to publish articles such as these, it indicates that CTD must agree at least in part with what the Author has written. Therefore, why dosent CTD have balls enough to leave out the “Disclaimer”? I find that a typical,”I don’t want to get involved” mentality. If you are Pro 2nd Ammedment, stand up and say so, have the intestinal fortitude to take ownership of your beliefs! I’m married to an Attorney and know how they try too “protect” buissneses and individuals with contracts and advertising, but part of the problem that the constitution being jepodized is just what CTD is doing by posting such disclaimers.
    If more big business’s would stand up and let the public know they support these issues, we would not be in the mess we are in to begin with.
    I would like to hear CTD stance on this, get of the fence, shut your Lawyers mouth and give us your opinion!
    Thank You.

  24. The liberal media isn’t all to blame in this. The public education sector run by unions is also a contributor to the brainwashing and lack of an informed public. Having been schooled in another era (1960s)and an educator from 1980 to 2008, I saw the principles of this country dissolve and be removed from school curriculums slowly during that time. Try to say something about the 2nd or any other amendment that isn’t politically correct and you are marked for the rest of your career. What was common sense 40 years ago is now marked as being negative, hateful, and wrong. My state (NC) is a right-to-work state but even here the atmosphere isn’t welcoming to ideas that are contrary to political correctness.

    Remember that Common Sense changes over time and Obama and the left want what was once a real centralist common sense way of life to be pushed down. One person above was correct when they said our citizens are just plain stupid, uninformed, or have no factual context to base their reality on.
    God Bless America. (or is that politically correct to say now?)

  25. Mr.Dolbee you are right on. My suggestion to people who write articles like this is to make it easy for people who read them to “voice their opinion to their politicians”. You should provide links to politicians emails so someone reading your article can “easily” clik on the politician they want and send an email to them. Otherwise, people will read the article, shake their head in agreement, and move on to the next thing they were doing. Just my 2 cents worth.
    By the way, here is the link to NY Govenor Cuomo’s office:

  26. Really….a statement in this video says high capacity magazines kill people. That is like saying drunk cars kill people. Hey Mayors, have some common sense. IT IS NOT THE MAGAZINES THAT KILL ANYONE. PEOPLE MAKE THE DECISION TO BE VIOLENT, JUST LIKE THEY DRIVE DRUNK. IT IS NOT THE CAR or the HIGH POWERED ENGINE,etc. IT IS THE PERSON WHO IS IRRESPONSIBLE AND DRIVES DRUNK. If we use this logic, we should NEVER have a car that goes over the speed limit or a street legal car that has more engine power to go over the speed limit. WE THE PEOPLE have a 2nd Amendment RIGHT to BEAR ARMS, not have the government tell us which ones THEY FEEL we can or cannot have. JUST LIKE BLOOMBERG tried to halt sales of BIG GULP drinks in N.Y. WE they people have the right to decide if we want the Big Gulp or not. STAY OUT OF OUR BUSINESS. DO you know 5, 10 round magazines is 50 ROUNDS of ammo? With full drop magazines it takes a millisecond to change them and in many respects is easier to aim, carry and use than a high capacity magazine. PLUS violent crime rates have gone DOWN since the 90’s and went DOWN EVEN MORE when the Assault weapon ban expired. THE CITIES WITH THE STRICKEST GUN LAWS, like CHICAGO, have the HIGHEST CRIME AND GUN RELATED MURDER RATE. WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU.

  27. Helen Keller could plainly see that MAIG is an anti-firearms organization.
    Their rhetoric rather clearly illustrates that for one and all to see, even the deceased, blind, deaf and mute Ms Keller.

    @dave, you were doing well until you called misguided legislation sedition. Sedition is not something conducted piecemeal by a legislature, it is words and planning to overthrow the federal government. You were quite on track until that point.
    As for NFA firearms, we’ll agree to disagree. The NFA was enacted after massive amounts of violence occurred with the use of fully automatic firearms, selective fire firearms, short barreled shotguns and rifles, partially from organized crime and part from the likes of Dillinger.
    That said, strangely enough, the police back then did not end those criminals reign of terror with pistols with over a dozen rounds in them, they had wheel guns, M1911’s, rifles, shotguns and Thompson submachine guns. The Thompson being so rarely used as to eventually fall out of favor by agents.
    Today, we have cops out on patrol with an M4, a pistol with 18 round magazines, plenty of spares, a shotgun, taser, pepper spray and whatever else the local department thinks that the officer should have availabe. Next week, perhaps they’ll be on patrol in tanks.

    Back to the article, there *are* illegal guns. Zip guns are most assuredly unlawful when carried. Stolen guns are also unlawful, they’re stolen property and should be returned to the original owner. Straw purchased firearms are unlawful by nature, as they’re unlawfully transferred, frequently to convicted felons. In the latter case, the straw purchaser should be locked away for a long, long time when convicted of knowingly transferring a firearm unlawfully.
    The mentally ill, but undocumented to be mentally ill, do possess a firearm lawfully. Until they are diagnosed by a mental health care professional and documented so, they lawfully possess a firearm. We do need to fix a badly broken mental health care system, if for no other reason, for our own safety.
    It would also end up with disarming the farthest right in the tea party and the farthest left lunatic, leaving the more sane and moderate to try to figure out where our nation should go without concern of threats of armed violence. 😉
    Yes, that last is a half-joke.
    I’ve had far right tea party types foam at the mouth and threaten me with their “second amendment rights” until they learned that I personally own a dozen firearms. When comparing inventory, they STFU. 🙂
    I personally can’t stand anyone on the far end of left or right, they’re delusional!
    But then, I’m a rather middle of the road kind of guy.

    Wow, just came back in from a smoke. Just got up to 70 now, here near Philly.
    Gotta take the new reflex sight up and both sight it in for the Marlin 1895 (old, original Marlin, before the shotgun makers started butchering rifles).
    Because, a telescopic sight on a 45-70 is like a rubber on a desert island, “that’s nice, got anything useful?”. (Besides, where I go hunting, if one can see 50 yards, it’s a lot.)

  28. Dave,
    Excellent article. I would propose that as many pro 2nd Amendment folks as possible republish your article in their local newspapers in the opinion/letters to the editor section. Would this be feasible as far as having your permission to use your material?
    Would it require a letter from you for each paper or would a permission letter published on this site be acceptable?
    I will definately be making the call on 9/12/2013 and I hope many others will too!
    Thanks for a very informative article.

    Nic Holmes

  29. “Where we were ” on Sept 10th is not a worthy goal. Paying a fee for exercise of a civil right is unacceptable and un-American. Having a retained civil right specifically stated in the highest law of the land as “Shall not be infringed” being infringed in every state in the union is unacceptable and un-American. I want this situation of sedition mitigated.

    I want these illegitimate lesser laws eliminated and replaced with a simple, uniform, constitutional standard on a national level. That means many provisions in current federal codes must go, provisions from 1934, 1968, and lesser usurping regulations like 922 which do nothing but create criminals where none exist. We need to start regulating behaviors again, not arms so minutely as has been politically advantageous for the two major political parties.

    Again, You can own class thee weapons now after paying a tax and allowing extra ordinary access to public officials of your private property. Would you be fine with this lawless standard were the tax applied to the exercise of your religion? How about free speech, would it be ok with you if only the people who had the tax stamp were allowed to make public political speech? Ok, now a twist on deformity of the law of our land, what about slavery: If you paid a special fee and allowed the government inspection access, how many people would be ok with reintroducing some sort of slavery back into society, damn the constitution and it’s amendments?

    What we have here, is a failure to communicate. People who choose to ignore the language of the constitution and make excuses for violating it, are acting against it. We have two federal classes of crimes that I know of for these acts : Sedition, and Insurrection. Why are we not electing people to office who will follow through on upholding our laws? Will it take someone to put forth legislation tolerating some limited form of slavery before we act? Where are your standard’s people?

  30. “On 9/12, we need 80 million gun owners to call”

    Tell people to call even if they don’t own a gun! I know many people who are sympathetic to the 2nd even though they do not own any guns! Some simply lack the time, others are too busy to take the courses, a couple can’t afford the expense right now, etc. However, they all know a right is a right and once it’s violated on paper it’s gone forever! They want it to be there for them if they decide they want or need to use it!

  31. While creating their own interpretation of the constitution these lawmakers need to be fired at least those elected before 2008

  32. Nice article, Dave. Keep spreading the word. Unfortunately the “word” may be drowned out by the vocal national media’s continued refusal to “get it.”

    You stated, “After watching it, I was even more confused. How can these people be expected to run a city? They do not even seem to understand the difference between gun violence by criminals, legally owned firearms or violence rooted in mental health. They make inane statements such as people being murdered by high-capacity magazines. I am not sure how that would be possible unless people are being beaten with the magazines or perhaps they are being dropped from high buildings?”

    Good point. The only answer I can come up with is that the electorate is by-and-large ignorant, uneducated and uninformed/misinformed by the national liberal news media that continue to spread liberal propaganda disguised as “news.” As a result, more people believe any firearm lie that is thrown at them by those same politicians they elected and who share their own flawed ideology re guns.

    I am not surprised that these people purport to properly run cities: we have elected a similarly stunted-mindset crew to run the country. If those same elected officials were to run private businesses, they would quickly drive them into the ground

    I would be more than pleased if the above article were to be published in Wall Street Journal, National Review Online, American Thinker, Investor’s Business Daily, Heritage Foundation or Front Page Magazine. I try to read something from each when I have time. I would bet that the article would be welcomed in any of these publications.

  33. Hello Mr. Dolbee,

    I find you article sensible and very well-written. I agree with your observations completely.

    I have some comments/suggestions that may be helpful.

    There are a number of reasons the anti-gunners have enjoyed their successes to date. One of those is that second amendment issues have been largely overlooked by, what I would characterize as, apathetic citizens. further, I believe many citizens are either ignorant of the actual facts surrounding firearms ownership and use or have not heard the truth since it has been drowned out by the loud, shrill, bleating of the anti-firearms crowd.

    I suggest an effective solution is to take, in part, lesson form the anti-firearms crowd. Like it or not, those folks are organized and ave very effective at getting their message heard. so, I suggest heavy use of the internet and social media as an excellent way to reach the public. Further, the anti-firearms group have the ear of a sympathetic and very liberal (more anti-firearms followers) media. However, Second Amendment supporters are not entirely without a public voice. Fox News and a number of unbiased radio and press outlets are still out there.

    In summary I am suggesting that concerted information publication via all means available is most likely the most effective way to get the truth out. This would also have a “reverse osmosis” on elected officials, many of whom are inappropriately biased. Feedback from informed voters should have a substantial effect on them for a number of pretty obvious reasons, none of which I believe includes any form of altruism….

    I hope these comments are helpful and I wish you all the best as you forge forward with the facts.


    1. Mr. Franco,

      I could not agree with you more and glad to see that the message is being received properly. You correctly identify the intent of this entire article. We need to publicize the message as widely as possible and force the ill-intended lawmakers to hear our message for a change. In the process we can inform the public as well. Thank you for your comment and please, help us spread the word to news sites, social media and other gun enthusiasts.

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