MasterPiece Arms Produces Limited-Edition MPA935DMG-LTD 9mm Pistol

MasterPiece Arms MPA935DMG 9mm Pistol

MasterPiece Arms (MPA) is producing a limited edition MPA935DMG-LTD, the company’s new machined-grip Defender 9mm pistol. Only 100 of the mini-9 pistols will be produced, each engraved with its unique number in the run.

MPA935DMG Features and Specs

The 935DMG-LTD is chambered in 9mm, includes the extended handguard assembly, low-profile barrel extension and a seven-inch barrel.

This pistol also includes a specialized receiver that accepts MPA’s side-folding stock, allowing the owner to convert it into a short-barrel rifle. (An SBR is an NFA item and requires a Form 1 to be submitted to the NFA if this change is made.)

This five-pound 9mm pistol is based on MPA’s 930sst model, but includes a fully machined aluminum pistol grip and lower receiver.

Form and Function

MPA935DMG-LTD details
Each of MasterPiece Arms’ MPA935DMG 9mm pistols is numbered and features a laser-engraving designating the model as a Limited Edition firearm.

The grip is MPA’s “Solidworks” profile, which allows for the use of a standard GLOCK-style magazine. It also includes a low-profile magazine release.

The 935DMG-LTD all-aluminum lower receiver is machined from aircraft-grade aluminum, reducing the overall weight of the pistol versus MPA’s standard steel receivers.

Also included is a QD sling swivel flush cup and mounting holes for a fixed rear stock, SB15 Brace or side folding stock assembly. The muzzle is threaded 1/2-28 for accessories.

Look and Details

The MPA935DMG-LTD comes standard in MPA Green and includes adjustable front and rear sights, a single point sling and laser-engraving designating this model as a Limited Edition.

It also includes an E-Clip tool, letter of authenticity, muzzle brake and Cerakote barrel extension.

The pistol is further equipped with a side cocker, scope mount, hammer with disconnect (plus original hammer), and it comes in an MPA polymer case.

Do you have any limited edition guns? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Beautiful weapon, but I’ll wager that it is a ‘beast’ as a CCW. Secundius, don’t know about ‘Buck Rogers’, but a Star Wars, Blaster, perhaps.

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