Did Mass. AG Healey unlawfully overstep her constitutional authority?

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Last week’s stunning announcement by Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healy was a major blow to gun rights and the Second Amendment rights of Massachusetts’ citizens. If allowed to stand, it could spread like plague to other pro gun control states. Here is a quick synopsis of what happened and the plans and organizations looking to take legal action to right this wrong.

Here is the release from the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF): National Shooting Sports Foundation Logo Attorney General Maura Healey has unlawfully overstepped her constitutional authority to issue an “Enforcement Notice” to all firearms retailers in Massachusetts, changing the long-understood statutory definition of Massachusetts’ so called “Assault Weapons.” NSSF sees this unprecedented action as a blatant anti-gun attack on federally licensed firearm retailers and the law-abiding citizens of the Commonwealth. NSSF along with the National Rifle Association and other Second Amendment groups throughout the state are currently weighing all options on the best possible course of action. All legal options are being considered. Firearms retailers have been operating in the state for the past 18 years under the interpretation that has been supported by all state regulatory agencies. During this time not a single state Attorney General felt compelled to usurp the legislative process. This is a political action that serves to make hundreds of thousands of Massachusetts citizens felons.

Clearly, the Attorney General’s office has little practical firearms knowledge. For example, the “Enforcement Notice” bans ALL semi-automatic firearms including 22 caliber rifles used by the Boy Scouts and other youth shooting programs that teach firearms safety and responsibility.

Do you agree with the Massachusetts Attorney General? Why or why not? Share your opinion in the comment section.

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  1. Hope I didn’t bore anyone with a recent exchange. I think that anyone who just says “they can’t do that and they can’t take us all on” is whistling by the graveyard. We have to step up and fight at every level or our rights and freedom will disappear. Do you have the “stones” to do something?

  2. You appear to be one of those folks who needs to have the last word so I am letting you have it and we are done. Kindly refrain from any further comments with me personally. There will be no further responses to you.

  3. Then explain to your audience how 95% of the people who were suppose to register firearms in CT and NY did not do so and they gave up on enforcing the laws in those two states? All that recently and long after Katrina.

    1. What evidence do you have they have “given up” enforcing those acts (notice I do not call them laws) Maybe not overtly but can you legally buy any firearm you want in those states? Do you think that with some chance encounter with LE they will not confiscate? Can you lawfully transfer or sell in the open legal market? If those acts are still on the books and not repealed then a person can still be prosecuted, even if they are not pushing it they will certainly confiscate and destroy. No, all they have to do is wait until the current generation of gun owners pass and the new ones don’t know any better. My premise is still valid. Here in commiefornia they are diverting more money in the DOJ to their confiscation squad and going over old justice records to see who has misdemeanors that qualify for revocation of gun rights and cross checking them with current AFS (automated firearms system) records and showing up in force SWAT like and taking guns. If for some reason you encounter law enforcement (like a public shooting area) or even if you call LE to your home for service and they ask if you have a gun and they look at it, they will run the numbers on it and if it is not in AFS they will take it, make you prove you own it, pay fees to register it and take anywhere from 6 months to a year for DOJ to issue an authorization to the PD to release your firearm (the law says 90 days and PD has no legal requirement to return and can destroy but most jurisdictions will wait for the DOJ back log). You could have bought a handgun legally in commiefornia thru a dealer and gone thru the wait period and supposedly registered it but if the records are too old the DOJ does not have them in electronic form and as far as LE is concerned its not registered. The devil is in the details, don’t believe the propaganda from either side how the have “just given up”.

  4. I don’t recall ever saying that I thought the government would be afraid of deterrence. Nor do I have any delusions that in a me against them scenario I am going to come out on top. What I have said is that I do not believe most military or law enforcement would side with a Government that would try to suppress the American People or go door to door trying to confiscate firearms. I also said that the more people who indicate a willingness to resist, with force if necessary, sends a powerful message to those in Government who would go along and who would try to confiscate firearms. I may be 70 but I am far from being senile. I would never answer the questions you mentioned in the affirmative or more likely than not answer them at all
    Additionally, as I have said previously I stand by whatever comments I have made because they only reflect my thinking and not necessarily that of others, although I do know there are a great many people who share my sentiments.. I think enough said on the issue and while you are probably well meaning, I really don’t care for the lectures.

    1. I appreciate your position and standing by you statements. I also stand by my statements. I spent most of my adult life in government and from my point of view most in government no longer believe the general gun owning public would resist and frankly they don’t have to confiscate. All they have to do is wait it out, pass acts making most gun ownership illegal and set up generational gun control. When you die your guns will go and your legacy of freedom will not be passed on. The military and law enforcement are morphing, look at the low life generals and admirals running things now, if Barry ordered them to confiscate they would do it. I worked closely with law enforcement, most are more concerned with their paychecks, pensions and their personal power than their oath to the Constitution. I know they would confiscate, I saw them do it during Katrina when I was there and I was more afraid of the Los Angeles SWAT guys than any critters running around on the streets. I am putting this out for those who are still following this conversation since you don’t care for lectures.

    1. I commend you for not throwing an insult as many who hide behind an anonymous screen name do. Notice I use my real name. I pray for you, I recall you were 70 and caring for an ill wife, again commendable. But I hope in Colorado where gun control continues to creep that Medicare and Social Security don’t do what the VA did to veterans, cross reference data bases with gun ownership. Don’t ever admit to you doctor any depression or possible mental deficits because they will take your guns “for your own safety” and you will find out that deterrence you believe the government is afraid of won’t work. Good luck.

  5. He didn’t have to apologize at all and as for you bite me. If you don’t like being disagreed with suck it up. Personally, I could care less. I state my opinion and if you don’t like it tough. I don’t write looking for approval.

    1. He,he. Very childish. No, he didn’t but you are the reason the pro gun side, whom I belong to, is loosing. I don’t mind being disagreed with at all but your lack of willingness to look at varying arguments shows a lack of will to pursue intellect. You obviously don’t write for approval or to persuade and that is why people like you will loose this struggle for us. You threw pejoratives rather than arguments. We no longer live in a republic, even though ideally and legally that is what we are supposed to. We live in a mass democracy, where our rights, liberties and even the sweat of our brow is subject to a vote in a “rigged” system. I just hope you don’t do any damage outside of this forum.

  6. Be careful, if you apologize too much he might think you don’t have any ‘stones’…. You are a gentleman and I think Mr. d thinks he is but to chastise me and other for having a legitimate discussion about RKBA because gun owners exist in the millions in this country that we are safe is not recognizing historical trends. The Jews existed in the millions in Europe and thought they were safe, too…..

  7. I do tend to be rather adamant in my beliefs and believe me there is no desire here whatsoever to harm anyone if I can avoid it. I am strictly a self defense individual but I do take offense to any level of Government breaking into the wrong homes which they do frequently and the aftermath for those innocent victims is horrendous. Happens over 1000 times per year in the USA. You don’t owe me any sort of apology I hope I never have to experience either the shooting of someone in self defense or how I might feel about it afterwards. I am sure I would be sorry it had to happen but I don’t think I would be sorry I had to protect myself or my family. When anyone breaks into your home they have made a bad choice regardless who it is, if they have to pay the consequences that is on them not me. Thanks for getting back and the kind words. Be well and safe.

  8. Sir,
    you do not own me any type of explanation that is true. From what I read the first time and what I read this time to me are different in tone and give your statement validity. Thank you for your support of our troops and Law Enforcement men and women. I have no doubt that you would defend your family or yourself. If I misconstrued your first post then I apologize for my tone. My reasoning behind it was that I hear a lot of people say a lot of things but when it comes down to the brass tacks of it reality sets in and most fail. And for people with a soft constitution it may be just as well because most can’t cope with it afterwards. You Sir being of your generation I have on doubt you would be able to handle the aftermath of said event. Again I humbly apologize and applaud you for sticking to your beliefs. And may it never come to that in your household.

  9. I think you need to reread my comments. I am strictly a self defense person and have no desire whatsoever to do harm to anyone, period.
    However, if it comes down to protecting myself or my family anyone who is interested in seeing if I am serious and committed all they need to do is perform a life threatening act or break into my home and then we will see if I cry, hesitate, or become inactive in any manner shape or form. I wouldn’t bet on any of the previous actions. Furthermore, while I applaud your previous service you know as well as I do if you follow any of the self defense articles around that children, old people and others shoot to kill every day in the protection of their lives. If you look at the armed citizen in the NRA magazine monthly their are at least 10 articles of that nature every month. Many of those folks have never shot anyone before and some are even wheelchair bound. So while I do not doubt your experience you can’t argue with reality and quite frankly I have no need to prove or justify anything to you. The only way either of us will know is for someone to do as I said and then we will see with certainty what happens. Thanks for your service, despite the tone of this comment I do support our military, police and veterans with more than just words.

  10. Not aware that I need to offer you any explanations. Read comment I sent to Moose and see if you are willing to take my challenge. I doubt you have the stones.

  11. Moose I will stick with what I said in all of my comments on this topic. If both you and Steve Hall disagree that is fine. But we all know that in any kind of a firearm confrontation it isn’t necessarily a mtter of experince but a matter of will. If you search Vietnam Veteran shoots cop or kills cop you will see a perfect example where training and experience had no effect for the cop at all. Additionally, I am 70 years old, live with my wife who has MS and dementia, my kids are out of state, so if something happens like gun confiscation or even a simple break in I am on my own. If chest thumper Steve Hall thinks that I do not have the will to do what I need to do, all I can do is remind him of two things. First, I live in Colorado where we have Make MY Day laws.
    Second, if he want s to see how committed i am all he has to dois break in my appartment and that will be the last memory he ever has. I am committed to self protection and all of my Consitutional Rigthts and now more than eve I am willing to do whatever needs to be done to protect myself and wife no matter how brief that confrontation may be.

  12. She is following in the steps of Obama by issuing decrees, bypassing the legislature in making law(s).. Hopefully Massachusetts has a recall method & uses it to remove her. If not then look at recalling the Governor if she is not fired for misusing her office.
    I have taken oaths in 2 states & for the USA. They all have vows to the constitutions, not some person, especially one(s) circumventing the constitutions(s).

  13. They don’t have 10% and the military and police will either stand down or support the people in the majority. Glad you are not on my side because I wouldn’t want a defeatist with no stones.

    1. Dprato I read your manifesto and enjoyed the read, even agreed with the bulk of it however…
      Mind you, I’m definitely on the side of 2nd Amendment, as well as all, rights outlined in the Bill Of Rights!
      I think that Steve Hall is just referring to a winning tactical strategy is all, nothing he said warrants insult nor does it imply that he’s “not on your side”. We’re better than that aren’t we?? An intelligent and informed firearm-owning citizen doesn’t need unwarranted insult to make his point, he needs fact and maybe a set of stones to call out the bs and that’s about it…Ok, maybe a bit of motivation to see it through to the end would help some too…
      BTW, what Scott said is also pretty damn accurate!
      Do I think that the MA attorney general overstepped her bounds by circumventing things like due process of law? Absolutely! Do I think that she should be punished and made example of? Absolutely! Now the really depressing question: do I think she will be punished or that anything will come of this to improve the otherwise non-existent 2nd Amendment rights in MA? No, unfortunately I do not and here’s why:
      As a former resident of that horrific state I can tell you all confidently that it’s an extremely fascist environment to live in. If you’re the sort of person who enjoys your freedom and is otherwise awake and alert and well, not a sheep, then you really have no business living there. My advice to those who do: just leave, I did and I’ve never been happier!
      Yes folks, MA is an extremely disagreeable police state, your taxes are high, your services for said taxes are low, you have little to no Constitutional rights, and soon they will even figure out how to tax the very air you breathe (after they come take the rest of your lawfully-owned firearms of course)! If you live there and can’t leave, my condolences 🙁
      So, regarding the picture I just painted for you all, do you really think any level of justice will ever be served? Hell no, here’s what will happen: nothing! A state already rampant with extreme liberal ideals, the leadership will plod along doing what they’re told by their wealthy masters while the docile and impotent populace will lay down and die, like they always have and unfortunately, probably always will. The ONLY hope of anything good coming from this bs lies within LITIGATION and LAWSUITS, and hopefully there will be enough groups and support who come together legally to make this VERY EXPENSIVE to the Commonwealth 🙂
      Beacon Hill knows only 1 language, money! Make this new legal blunder as expensive and as inconvenient as possible to deal with and they’ll eventually change their tune. Barring that, RIP gun rights in MA 🙁
      (For some insight to this strategy, note what the scientologists did to the irs some years back to absolutely cripple and overwhelm them into submission and thus winning their tax-exempt church status)
      As for now, my advice to all lawfully-armed Commonwealth citizens (yes lol, all 6 of u): 2 words, REMOTE LOCATION, anything at any time in your home or vehicle is subject to governmental confiscation in a fascist state like MA. Use your heads, hope for the best, prepare for the worst 🙂

    2. Thanks, you are a sane and rational thinker. I personally am in the process of evacuating the fascist state of Commiefornia after spending most of my life and a 33 year career in public safety. If comrade Hillary becomes chancellor we are all in deep doodoo and the further in the hills the better.

    3. If you make it personal, you will be a side by yourself. I ran for the legislature twice sacrificing career and family finances to oppose the assault weapon bans. What have you done except sit in your mommas basement pounding your chest how your going to defeat the anti gunners locked and loaded? Do you have no other plans except wait til they outlaw your guns and you go to war? Your English speaking cousins in England and Australia didn’t think it could happen to them. Sure, there are lots of guns buried there and a lot over Europe but the are useless.

  14. One at a time for 150 million people and you don’t believe that people will catch on in a hurry? You have not addressed who exactly do you think is going to do this? If you read what I said in my post “2nd Amendment Manifesto” you will see that many will not participate. Why do you think CT and NY are not doing exactly what you suggested will happen. Because as soon as they do people will be prepared for them. It would take them 100 years to do what you are suggesting 1 at a time. Get real.

  15. to Steve Hall you are exactly right one person at a time and the media will make you into an enemy of the state and everyone watching will believe or do nothing.

  16. And the points you miss are at that rate it would take years before they could collect 300 million plus firearms and once they started to do it people would start shooting them before they got around to taking any significant number. I will stick with my original thoughts.

    1. @ dprato speaking from years of experience have you ever pointed a weapon at anyone with the intent to shoot let alone kill in violent battle. It is nothing like the movies. I can still remember the face of my first kill that was 15 yr ago. I’ve lead men into battle and most will do what is asked kill with great vigor some will fire but will not aim but in the end all are silent because they stop to realize what was done and it make hard men cry, get sick to their stomach and more. Don’t talk like it is no big deal for those who have seen death and made others meet their maker never talk lightly about.

  17. “…all enemies, foreign and domestic.” That’s what every vet takes an oath to do when they are inducted into military service. If the greatest threat to my country is foreign, why do so many politicians, from both sides of the aisle, want to take my gun away? Because, in my opinion, the problem is not foreign but domestic. Politicians are more afraid of us if we have the ability to defend ourselves against corrupt government. What if America finally woke up and said, “That’s enough!”? Think about it.

  18. Just to add to your comment #3. In order for the ruling class to rule, the subjects have to want to be ruled. Look at prisons. Populations of hundreds and sometimes thousands could at any time overtake the 20-30 guards in an instant. Look at police departments. A handful of officers could easily be overrun by the people of a community. There are hundreds of laws that go unenforced here, so for the cops, what is another one? Our 150 million gun owners could out-trump whatever force the government could put together if we let them.

  19. Second Amendment Manifesto

    There seems to be great concern that somehow the Supreme Court will indirectly declare the 2nd Amendment null and void. Allow me to outline a strategy that might be employed to preempt any effort to do that.

    1. Can the Supreme Court Rule any Constitutional Amendment Unconstitutional

    Cliff Gilley, Studied Constitutional Law at Seattle University

    No, for the simple fact that any amendment becomes part of the Constitution itself, upon its passing. Any contradictions between content or intent within the Constitution might require interpretation and holdings of the Court, but it would be impossible to declare a part of the Constitution “unconstitutional”.

    2. When you consider that from the time of our creation as a Country our people have legally been able to bear arms for the purposes of hunting and self protection of self and Country. It would be rather difficult for the Supreme Court to explain how 150 million people in this Country acquired over 300 million firearms. During Obama’s Administration the average number of background checks alone averaged 2.4 million per month for the past 7 years.

    3. When the issue of confiscation comes up no one seems to answer the question of who and how will they be confiscated? There are only about 6 million law enforcement and military in the Country and at this time probably around 150 million firearm owners. Furthermore, most folks in the Military and in Law Enforcement hate Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. The military and law enforcement take an oath to uphold the Constitution They also tend to be people along with their friends, families and relatives to be gun owners. So confronted with the dangerous job of collecting firearms ( residents of NY and CT refused to register their firearms and both States backed away from enforcing those laws) they are unlikely to agree to collect firearms for two reasons. First, they want to go home to their families at night and many of them will not make it if they go door to door trying to collect 300 million firearms from 150 million people. Second, they will have to consider that if they are taking our guns who is breaking down the doors of their families, friends and relatives to do the same task. Recently in the State of Washington over a 1000 “armed” citizens openly protested new gun control laws at the State Capitol without incident. The numbers are on our side and if they ever tried that they could not even contend with the loss of 1 person for every 10 citizens as we outnumber them by over 25 to 1. Consider the difficulty they have containing a riot when no one is shooting at them and consider what has happened recently when they have been ambushed, They are more likely to turn on the people who are trying to confiscate firearms than on those of us who own them. It is a far too dangerous and illegal an act to risk one’s life. You know as well as I do that Obama, Lynch, and Clinton and all their big mouth liberal anti gun friends certainly are not going to do it.

    4. There is no provision in the Constitution for Supreme Court Decisions to be enforced except by the Executive Branch which can in fact ignore doing so and there is precedent for that although it has rarely happened in our Country’s history.

    5. Certainly if they tried there would be civil war and I believe the military and law enforcement will mostly side with the Citizens of this Country and stand down. Confiscating firearms from criminals is a different situation entirely.

    Therefore, I would suggest to start promoting these talking points now to start letting people know how gun owners feel and let them know that under no circumstances will we obey, by force if necessary, any infringement on our right to bear arms or any de facto efforts to circumvent the intent of the Constitution. Remember one thing when the argument comes up. When militia’s first came into existence before you could join a militia you had to furnish your own firearm. There were no provisions for anyone to furnish them for you. So militia members had their firearms BEFORE a militia could be formed.

    1. Good points but you miss some other important points. They don’t need to confiscate, at least not now. Once legislation is in place they simply wait and take guns one at a time, not in mass. You have an encounter with LE, they run your info and find any provocation to go to your home and take your guns. Meanwhile the next generation is denied access thru restrictive acts and they are slowly indoctrinated into accepting a gun less society. The military and LE are changing, too. Most of the higher echelon are aligned with the political class and those who wish to advance know to go along with the program. When the Nazis marched into most of Europe, they did not replace most of the domestic police, they went along with fascist policies and sent people to death camps because they wanted to maintain their paychecks, pensions and personal power, not much different than some of the new generation of LE. Most ignore their oath to the constitution and even when presented the law they will tell you to “sue me” knowing they have almost unlimited resources to defend their illegal acts in court. I wish there were an overt attempt by the ruling elites to try to take our arms, the issue would be over very quickly but unfortunately our enemies are not that dumb and they know time (and the ruling elite owned media) is on their side.

  20. Everyone needs to watch “clinton cash” on you tube. Anyone working on their agenda needs to be removed from office. Her regime Is corrupt and the media is league with them. It is not just the dems. either. lindsay graham, mitt romney, john mccain and ted cruz are in league as well. They understand very clearly; that if they can split Us they can beat Us. God bless America!!!!

  21. my comment is to Beachhawk if it were only that easy I live in california and for over 35+ years voted agaisnt all anti-gun measures written to every government offical I’am a member of NRA and CRPA talk to family,friends and neigbors about how important their second amendments rights are. Just look how bad california has gotten thanks to Jerry Brown, Diane Finstein they been in office the whole time or reelected. along with likes of Gavin Newsom, Now Kamala Harris. They all just pass any and all gun laws I have been written back and told thanks for your opinon but, I going to do it anyway. Ps I haven’t voted for any of them not even once.

  22. Yes she did. She cannot deny someone their Constitutional Rights simply because she does not agree with the people possessing these types of firearms.

  23. Coming from the “Live Free or Die” State and a unfortunate neighbor of Mass,

    So where do we start collection Semi Auto firearms from…..How about the Police Departments. They are sure to find a very large number of felons there congregated together!!!!!!! But who in law enforcement can arrest anybody. They are mostly all felons themselves. Who in law enforcement carries revolvers these days unless they are back ups?

    AG Healy, you win the Mass Hole of the month award!!!!

  24. How many reasons do you need to stay/get the BLEEP out of Massa-BLEEPIN-chusetts? I never set foot there an’ never will.

    What are you waitin’ for? Pack the BLEEP up and LEAVE! Head south, do not pass GO or stop at any checkpoints. Actually, don’t stop at all til you hear the word “fixin” – But, you’ll know when you get here ’cause there won’t be any gun-grabbin’ bleeps in office ’cause we don’t elect the SOBs – EVER. Actually, the Repubs don’t even allow them to join the party. And, we ain’t got nuthin’ but Repubs in office down here. (See, electin’ a ‘crat to state office wuz yo’ first mistake.)

    But, one thing, PLEASE – Stop addin’ “ER” to every word that ends with an “A”! That whole Georgia-ER, Alabama-ER, Florida-ER, Carolina-ER thing will get old pretty quick.

    One last thing, we reserve the right to refuse entrance to anyone named Kennedy, Dukakis, Kerry, Warren, Markey, Clinton, Healey, Walsh, Cosby, Romney, Bloomberg . . . BLOOMBERG?? Just fergit the whole damn thing!

  25. If the people of Massachusetts don’t want gun banners in positions of power, they should not elect them to office. They should now challenge this unconstitutional edict in court and start a recall petition to get rid of Healy.

  26. This visually handicapped Lady should get new glasses. I guess it is too difficult for her to comprehend the meaning of “Shall not be infringed She should bow to the wisdom of our founders. They obviously knew more than this short-sighted lady. I have never seen any effort to deprive law abiding citizens of their God given right to protect themselves and their family’s that did not cause a marked increase in crime and violence . Case in point,,,Look at Chicago where guns are nearly impossible for a citizen to own for their personal protection.listen to me Attorney General Maura Healey, First You are not as smart as the founding fathers of our great nation. Don’t you understand why the second amendment was added ? Heck,,Lady, It was put in to protect us law abiding citizens from people like YOU. Get over it ,,, You are wrong and if you force this garbage like law in force you will see your states crime rate go through the roof.Like Chicago, Then who will you blame.??Oh I guess you can blame Bush.

  27. May the men there tell them with one voice ; “molon labe”; “come take”.They have push past the line. When the tyrants of old acted to take the weapons of the men in this same area; armed disobedience was the just response. Indeed this event is what the founding fathers said the 2nd amendment was for and to stop. The first armed disobedience that ultimately gave birth to this country was in Massachusetts. It would be remarkable if the second time it would start there again. I am in my 60s and love my God and His peace, my family and grandchildren, and my own life. But I love my family too much to leave here one day with them but mere subjects under tyrants. May God grant the men of Massachusetts the Christian courage to hold fast in action.

  28. I do not know why the manufacturers of firearms and accesories in these liberal states don’t move to a state were their products are welcome and appreciated. I know it comes with a great cost to move but why continue to help these states with taxes and jobs when they use the money to destroy our second amendment rights in essence trying to put you out of business. Maybe if they moved their manufacturing to a state where they are appreciated it would boost the economy in that state and in return maybe the state continues to loose these businesses will feel the effects of their mistakes and when their citizens get tired of the poor economy and lack of jobs maybe just maybe they might elect officials that help the people, the economy, and protect their rights. Personally I couldn’t nor wouldn’t operate a business in a community or state that was passing laws that is bad for my business. And I as a consumer try not to promote or even make purchases from these liberal states. It’s hard considering a lot of our food comes from CCCPCalifornia and many of the major firearms makers are in such states. I know it’s a long shot but I do try to do my part. I pray liberal America wakes up some day.

  29. Leftist hack obviously is following the lead of the head leftist hack, obama, ruling by unconstitutional fiat! I wouldn’t give a plug nickel for the whole soviet style state of Massachusetts nor would I live there for love nor money. I wish the pro-liberty, pro-gun advocates there the best of luck in their efforts to combat the marxist dictators hell-bent on eviscerating their constitutionally protected rights!

  30. IF allowed to stand, ALL firearms,ammunition and yes, all sporting goods manufacturers in MA should immediately begin to move their operations to a gun friendly state, like Texas.

  31. I foresee class action lawsuit. All interested parties should sue her, personally, and the state. Any monetary settlement should be donated o the NSSF and NRA in her name.
    So the opinion, of the AG of Mass., precludes any definition of “Assault” weaponry already set forth by the federal government???

  32. Look folks it is to late. They have already found ways to take away your guns and there is no way you can stop them as you now have a single party congress. They are going to stop instate selling of guns so that you cant sale guns from Florida to some one in Ohio. Since hey were already told by SCOTUS John Roberts that they can do what ever they want using the commerce clause. They will then in act and allow gun manufactures to be sued if they weapon causes a death. And it wont make any difference whether it was for self protection or lawful. At that point gun manufactures will not be able to afford making guns in the USA and since you can not buy or send guns interstate it is over. From there on it is a simple matter to pass a law you cannot inherit or pass or sale a gun unless you are a dealer. There wont be many of them since they wont have a product. So they have you by the short hair and so many of you have set on your hands or actually voted for these con men. Like senators joe manchin form WV who claimed to be pro 2nd amendment but when push comes to shove knows where his loyalties lie. and where the money comes from.

  33. I would like to present Exhibit A – The Government Definition of a
    Personal Defense Weapon otherwise known as the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Personal Defense Weapons Solicitation. Solicitation Number HSCEMS-12-R-00011

    According to this requisition request, the Federal Government’s Department of Homeland Security, office of ICE defines a Personal Defense Weapon as a 5.56x45mm NATO, select-fire (fully automatic) firearm.


    This section has a couple of items of particular note that directly contradicts our one dimensional regressive politically correct lieberal’s proposed legislation.

    3.9.2 – The action shall be select-fire (capable of semi-automatic and automatic fire).

    3.9.10 – The action shall be capable of accepting all standard NATO STANAG 20 and 30 round M16 magazines (NSN 1005-00-921-5004) and Magpul 30 round PMAG (NSN 1005-01-576-5159). The magazine
    well shall be designed to allow easy insertion of a magazine.

    3.10.1 – The fire control selector shall have three positions; safe, semi-automatic, and automatic.

    3.12.1 – The overall length of the firearm shall not exceed 30 inches with the stock fully extended.

    3.12.2 – The overall length of the firearm shall not exceed 20 inches with the stock fully retracted and/or folded.

    3.14.3 – The barrel shall be equipped with a flash suppressor and/or muzzle brake. The muzzle device will be rated on its ability to reduce muzzle signature. It is desired that the muzzle device effectively reduces muzzle rise during firing.

    3.16.1 – The pistol grip shall be a fixed, vertical pistol grip constructed of a durable material.

    3.18.3 – The forend shall be constructed of durable, heat resistant material.

    3.21.1 – Magazines shall be compatible with standard NATO STANAG M16 design.

    3.21.2 – The magazine shall have a capacity to hold thirty (30) 5.56x45mm NATO rounds.

    3.21.3 – Two (2) magazines shall be supplied with each firearm shipped under contract.

    These, along with other specs are all requirements the government uses to define a Personal Defense Weapon. So let’s take a look and see how ore one dimensional regressive politically correct lieberal’s proposed 2015 Assault Weapon Ban compares.

    One dimensional regressive politically correct lieberal’s legislation seeks to ban the sale, transfer, manufacturing and importation of:

    All semiautomatic rifles that can accept a detachable magazine and have at least one military feature: pistol grip; forward grip; folding, telescoping, or detachable stock; grenade launcher or rocket launcher; barrel shroud; or threaded barrel.

    (3.12.1, 3.12.2,3.16.1, 3.18.3)
    All semiautomatic rifles and handguns that have a fixed magazine with the capacity to accept more than 10 rounds.

    All ammunition feeding devices (magazines, strips, and drums) capable of accepting more than 10 rounds.

    (3.21.2, 3.21.3)
    It also moves from a two-characteristic threshold to a one-characteristic test—this has to be the craziest part of the entire proposal. This makes it illegal to own weapons with features such as a muzzle break or flash suppressor

    thumbhole or adjustable stock (3.14.3) or threaded barrel (3.14.3).

    This sounds as if our one dimensional regressive politically correct lieberal politicians and their supporters believe that a gun—with all of the exact same capabilities—suddenly becomes more lethal if it has a quick detach bayonet mount, a plastic pistol grip or the stock is changed to a thumbhole or adjustable model. Would a ban on muzzle breaks or flash suppressors have stopped a mass shooting? Really? Are they so misinformed as believe this will stop or reduce future tragedies?

    Of course not. This proposed legislation has nothing to do with mass shootings. It does not now, nor did it ever. Even by government standards, our one dimensional regressive politically correct lieberal politician’s proposed legislation is overreaching and classifies everyday sporting arms as assault weapons.

    The best personal defense aid is equitable or superior to whatever may be used against me, you, or us. Any free thinking patriot should ponder why our own government wants to disarm us. It is not for OUR protection as they claim it is for their protection from us as they conspire to enslave us.
    At the time 2nd amendment was ratified it was to ensure the public would be equipped to fight against tyranny of a government and or army (British generally at that time) to ensure the greedy whims of the monarchy would have no power in the new world.
    Today we need to not only protect ourselves from our own government but from those our government refuses to protect us from. Our own government seeks to remove our basic and God given right to self protection so it can import those who would do us harm in the name of their god.

    The purpose of the 2nd amendment was to ensure the wealthy (government) didn’t tyrannize and take advantage of the poor to the point of war or revolution in which you-know-who loses and remains or becomes enslaved. It’s only a matter of time before history repeats itself in this young nation as it did so many times “across the pond”, and the framers knew this.
    Time has passed since the Bill of Rights was written and monopolies are growing. They didn’t acquire their wealth through philanthropy; they are definitely out to get you and that’s not paranoia, it’s just a simple fact of life. Now, lobby groups generally promote interests of the 1% whom basically own the government in a progressively increasing and obvious way.
    The question is, “When the government officials rely on corporations for their career’s stability, and that when these corporations decide they’re capable and ready to enslave the masses [including those government officials], will you/me/we have the personal defense aids necessary to defend our freedom in this modern technological age, or will you/me/we be stuck with rusty armor?”
    We go back to the simple question of “What part of “shall not be infringed” do they not understand”. Any firearms restriction law written since 1791 is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!
    We live in a lazy generation. What can someone else do for me? (BTW this is not meant to be a question I say this because it’s what most of the people ask) Why do we need or even want for someone else to tell the American People what we can and cannot have.
    Our Country allows freedom of speech but only when they agree with what we’ve said. Our country was founded on the belief in God and ownership of firearms to insure OUR freedoms.
    I’m ashamed of the direction our Country is going in. Obviously our Politian’s are incapable of or care to think of their/our children or grandchildren? If we/they disarm Law Abiding Citizens we will at one point in time all become slaves of those who swore to protect us from U.S. government terrorists.
    I see a second Civil War occurring if they try and disarm the Law Abiding Citizenry for they will have a fight on their hands. Nikita Khrushchev once said America will destroy itself from the inside out….and here we go. We should not depend on our government so much that we can’t think for ourselves. Fasten your seatbelts we are in for the ride of our lives!!!
    To all my fellow American Patriots, but especially to those ZOMBIES who are walking around in a daze while the political elite trample our rights, remember your heritage! Remember your rights, the ones that so much blood has been shed to protect! Remember your spirit, your independence, your self-reliance! It is time for us, the citizenry, to recall our purpose to heart. Don’t just sit there! DO SOMETHING

  34. I recently read Winston Churchill’s famous speech in Fulton MO. He was NOT an advocate of a “balance of power”. He said the US/Britain has to be FAR more powerful than any other potential adversary … we need to be assured of a ‘win’. I carry this great logic to personal matters. If the bad guy brings a fist or knife, I bring a .45.

  35. All left-wing ideologues, cloaked under the progressive label in the media, like the Massachusetts Attorney General, believe in unilateral edicts to circumvent higher authority like the Constitution that gnaw at their narcissistic belief system.

    The Constitution was written and adopted to protect “We the People” from the government. Progressives believe, and frequently admit, that government, an entrenched ideological cadre operating under the guise of legality, needs protection from “We the People.”

    My fellow Americans, when this cadre of elites nationalize the local and state police, and regulate your right to bear arms out of practical existence with onerous taxes and licenses, the United Sates of America’s fundamental transformation will be complete.

    WE need to restore America, not fundamentally transform her.

  36. We cannot allow government officials to in essence write law just because they personally feel strongly about an issue. Her action is clearly unconstitutional and ignores the legislative process. Tyrants have no place in the USA. Fight her unilateral gun-ban to the utmost degree. It must not stand

  37. Like most liberals this AG doesn’t understand the meaning of the words “shall not be infringed”. Not one of these liberal gun grabbers actually do this because they think it will reduce crime. They do it to protect themselves from being shot by pissed of citizens who don’t like having their rights trampled. Once they get rid of the 2nd amendment the rest will be easy to nullify. These people are sick and power hungry. They don’t care about crime and safety they care about control. Their control over you.

  38. The word “EXCEPT” does not appear in the second amendment of the Constitution. These gun control COMMUNISTS are violating the supreme law of our land, and should be charged for it, right on up to the POTUS. Especially at state levels, where overly ambitious AG’s or Governors think they can just make up their own laws, in violation of the U.S. Constitution and their own state laws. If an AG doesn’t understand her legal authority, she should be immediately thrown out of office.

  39. The people breaking laws & miss using firearms could care less about any law, legislation or ban you put in place. Why is this so hard for politicians to understand? All they are doing is hurting those of us who are responsible gun owners ! Why don’t they spend more time fixing mental health issues in there community

  40. The topic here is whether or not the AG overstepped her authority, and as any sane person can see, the answer is clearly YES. The problem is, they never get punished for what they do in office. Bush and Cheney very clearly overstepped their authority and committed high treason against the United States, and got away with it. Bush Sr and Reagan committed high treason with their involvement in the Iran Contra scandal, and thanks to Oliver North’s obedient secretary they got away with it too. Every single time something like this happens and there are no consequences, it weakens the system just a little more. My point is, for every one of you delusional folks out there who think the world is ruined by dems, YOUR PEOPLE have done equal or even greater damage in one way or another that YOU overlook simply because there’s a (R) in front of their name. (D) or (R), if you violate the law or overstep your bounds, you should be prosecuted just like the rest of us out here are. In the case with the AG, it could work in OUR favor if we push hard enough to have her punished for what she did. Simply having her orders overturned is not enough. She needs to be removed from office at the very least.

  41. The unconscionable mixing of facts and emotionally irrational sentiment is disgusting. Lumping “police shootings” in with mass murders and gun violence is a stunning error in truth and logic. This person’s ability to unbiasedly review what is FACTUALLY happening is beyond her ability. To my knowledge of ALL the nationally televised incidences of “police shooting a black man” only ONE – ONE – ONE has ended in a police officer being found guilty. All others were acquitted by investigation and a jury. Liars are shameless.

    1. I agree, your sentiments reflect mine exactly. The Democratic party has been pushing the narrative of racial inequality to give the impression to minorities that their party is working for racial equality and justice. Many minorities have taken the bait and believe the Dems are the only party that works for them when in fact, this sort of dependence on the Dems is a type of physiological slavery.

  42. A Matter of Private/Personal and National Security
    As a veteran that served during the Viet Nam debunkle I learned very early that fire power was and is the key to being secure, confident and able to respond to any and all threats of aggression, oppression and terrorism be it domestic or foreign.
    Even though the 2nd Amendment was authored to protect the natural and universal right to protect ourselves by all means necessary be it handgun shotgun semi automatic rifle or baseball bat, we have governments that are threatened by the fact that we are armed. This government literally doesn’t want us to have the right and ability to protect ourselves, our families, property and our communities.
    Why is that? Why is this administration making it such a priority to control, limit the possession of fire arms of lawful citizens of America (notice I said America and not the US)? Could it be the UN?
    To answer that question, it is imperative that we take a very hard and serious look to the pass for the history of some of the most totalitarian, oppressive and murderous governments in the history of mankind.
    As you review the following historical data, keep the why in your mind.
    Here are some cold hard facts that need to be integrated into any truly intelligent comprehensive critical thinking about the gun issue. And understand this, just for spits and giggles, more damage and destruction can be done with gasoline and a match than with an AR-15 and two thirty round clips.
    A Little Gun History
    • In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929 to 1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
    • In 1911, Turkey established gun control. From 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
    • Germany established gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, a total of 13 million Jews and others who were unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.
    • China established gun control in 1935. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
    • Guatemala established gun control in 1964. From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
    Please spread this information to all gun owners. These are historical facts and the UN is part of the problem,

    1. “Please spread this information to all gun owners. These are historical facts and the UN is part of the problem,”

      Which is why the UN needs to be abolished. They aren’t PART of the problem, they ARE the problem. President Wilson’s brainchild has morphed into something he would be ashamed of.

    2. Lonnie,
      I think the creation of W. Wilson i.e. the League of Nations, which is now the U.N., would make him proud. He would be reveling in the charters the U.N. is now engaged in. Wilson was an old time progressive who would have pressed for the current U.N. agenda. He was also a supporter of the KKK and eugenics and didn’t believe blacks should have the same rights as whites.

    3. I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

      I no longer look for foreign.
      I now only look at domestic.

      US GOVERNMENT. SADLY,all branches of the US GOVERNMENT, from local to federal level are made up of this. And yes it does include the military.

      The US GOVERNMENT is controlled by two despicable political parties made up of the LIEING, CHEATING, STEALING CORRUPTABLE people, who only serve themselves.

      It’s way past the time for a complete reset.

  43. Sounds like another attempt to disarm law abiding citizens or turn them into criminals so those in power can feeler safer about their other crimes against the public. The politicians see the handwriting on the wall, the current spending habits of the government are unsustainable and something has to give, unfortunately it will be the working class who suffers when this finally happens. The politicians fear an armed working class individual who suddenly has a reason to revolt against the system.
    The government that is currently in place is exactly like Washington and Jefferson warned about in the early days of the United States.

  44. Funny you left of Obama, Lynch, Holder, Clinton and a host of other Obama Flunkies who can’t even answer honestly before Congressional Committees without making fools of themselves.

  45. Constitutional amendment restricting federal elected and or appointed positions to a total of eight years (any combination) per lifetime; allow only citizen legislators, ban millionaires from federal service; ban professional lobbyists from contacting federal employees and the military; ban corporations from politics, cap donations to a reasonable level (say 2k per election cycle), reduce the election length to 3 months to reduce wasteful, lenghtly absenses from Congress, require attendance for Congressmen/women; discontinue federal retirement for ellected or appointed officials; remove any and all restrictions to the application of all federal laws to federal officials . . .

    1. Consider a better 80/20 rule … Repeal of the 17th Amendment would net 80% of your results without a new Amendment. The direct election of Senators has done more to undermine the Republic than any of the laws, rules, and regulations you propose. We need fewer laws and fewer regulations to truly be free and to Make America Great Again. I do fear the 17th could never be repealed without a bloody conflict. There are too many American Idiots that never learned Civics 101, and too many liberal college professors teaching that the US is a democracy. Democracy Blows! and that’s our real problem.

  46. 1) Treason for not upholding the constitution of the United States that she took an oath to uphold
    2) Overstepping her authority
    3) She doesn’t not make the laws

  47. Just another politician trying to make brownie points for the next election. Doesn’t matter if it is legal or not, they are politicians and legal doesn’t enter into it, anything to get their names into the news. Why they don’t believe in the fact that all the gun control in the world will not stop the gun violence. Why? Criminals, DO NOT OBEY ANY LAWS, why do you think we call them criminals? And the sheeple just keep reelecting these morons.

    1. The scary thing is that so many of these politicians, and all the AG’s are attorneys that are trained in law, yet they often abuse their powers, knowing full well that it isn’t legal. They should be immediately disbarred and thrown out of office.

  48. This woman is completely out of order and needs to be thrown out of office! The state needs to be sued and protested against for this rights violation, the state of MA is putting the lives of law abiding citizens at risk.

    1. I would love to see a huge class action law suit against AG’s or other politicians like this, in every gun control infested state, by people who have been injured and families of those that have been killed because they were not allowed to have guns for personal defense.

  49. I would like to point out that semi-automatic weapons are not “weapons of war”, as AG Healy. Semi-auto weapons have been in use by the civilian population of this Country for a very long time. A fully automatic weapon certainly could be defined as a “weapon of war”. A rifle, no matter what it looks like, doesn’t become an assault weapon until it is made fully automatic.
    My point here is that if these, and other politicians, get away with these attacks on the second amendment the next attack will be on our semi-automatic hand guns and then our revolvers. These maneuvers by the politicians need to be STOPPED!

  50. This is only the beginning my friends. With the Liberal views abounding in this Country we have many less Defenders of the Constitution each and every Politician swore an oath to. The humanistic, socialists, anti American side are letting it go…Just today I read Obama is flying in people from what he considers “bad” areas of the world…all that equates into Democratic votes! They care nothing for our country..BUT they are here taking all they can making this once GREAT country like their pathetic countries…WE LET THIS HAPPEN…Good work Liberals!

  51. This is the very reason the constitution was written the way it was, to prevent this kind of abuse of power, the problem is, not enough people willing to stand against tyranny yet!

  52. Sounds like she has developed a case of “Forrest Gump syndrome” (Stupid is as stupid does). It may be genetics or simply associated with being a liberal democrat.

  53. The first amendment gives us the right to speak freely and we don’t question that because it is clear. That is why I can call Hillary a liar and criminal. The 2nd amendment is clear also. The word “infringe” was chosen for a reason. It is extremely simple. All gun laws infringe, therefore they are all unconstitutional. That is the only verdict that the Supreme court needs to give. Even Scalia made a big deal out of nothing. You can’t infringe, period!

  54. I am beginning to think you can’t teach demorats anything. WHAT DON’T THEY UNDERSTAND ABOUT “ASSAULT WEAPONS” BEING AUTOMATIC. PULL THE TRIGGER ONCE AND IT KEEPS ON SHOOTING. Is that hard to understand? Am I not speaking “English”? Do I need to speak some other language so they will understand? According to them DA revolvers should be considered assault weapons. I guessing she is another Harvard graduate? Don’t they teach them to read at “Harvard”?

  55. Let me get this straight- the AG of MA is just now choosing to enforce a Federal statute that expired in 2003?

    Makes sense, if you are stoned.

  56. Massachusetts: I’m from the west,so I don’t know a lot about the eastern states. Didn’t they have a test for witches,I think is was called a dunking Pool?

  57. The question as to whether Massachusetts AG Maura Healey overstepped her legal authority may be a matter of perspective, unfortunately, I don’t think so.

    In the early part of the last century, the 20’s and 30’s, with all the gangster violence, the U.S. Congress passed laws that forbids individuals from possessing full-automatic firearms, except to those individuals who obtained a Class III firearm license.
    In today’s world, with all the recent gun violence, the Congress, and state legislatures, can amend this law by outlawing all semi-automatic firearms as well.
    Remember, the 2A (second amendment) allows an individual to keep and bear arms but doesn’t mention as to how many or what type.

    In the book, John Browning – American gun maker, one of the reasons Browning designed the Superposed Over & Under Shotgun was that he thought his semi-automatic Auto-5 shotgun might be legislated out of use.

    These are my opinions. Maybe one day I may have to purchase one of those ten shot revolvers. Sincerely, Mike

  58. Public servants “must” always remember why they are called a public servant and not the people’s master.

    It’s time to remind the federal government that we are a nation of laws, and that the feds derive their power from the people.

  59. She’s simply trying to curry favor with another incompetent, opportunistic shrew that want’s to become President. Obviously, the AG wants a Federal job in Hillary’s administration, should she win. Another reason to get out the vote against her.

  60. Do you solemnly swear that you will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that you will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that you take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that you will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which you are about to enter: So help you God?

  61. This is what happens when any gun laws are allowed to pass in the first place. It’s the slippery slope of eventual confiscation.

    There should have never been an “assault weapon ban” in Massachusetts. When gun owners are “reasonable,” this is what happens.

    There is a similar thing going on with ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) right now. Under new guidance, many formerly exempted gunsmiths are going to be forced to register with the State Department and pay a high yearly registration fee. Many will simply go out of business.

    Gun owners need to prevent the enactment of new gun laws and additional regulation, while also fighting to eliminate and repeal tons of existing laws that are nonsense (not commonsense).

  62. Without a balance of power in the SUPREME COURT these anti civil rights police state building traitors seek to destroy all CONSTITONIAL rights and freedoms. Soon UNITED NATION TROOPS will be on AMERICAN SOIL. This may cause civil war because without the right to own firearms there is no way for AMERICAN CITIZENS to protect their CONSTITONIAL rights and freedoms. Did Attorney General Maura Healey take an oath to protect and defend the CONSTITUTION of THESE UNITED STATES??

  63. This Liberal should be removed from office as well as disbarred for her blatant disregard for the Constitution of the United States and its Amendments.

  64. I’m not surprised by anything that happens in Massachusetts that is anti-gun as several years ago the state passed a law that if a gun manufacturer did not do state testing of their weapons in Massachusetts, they could not sell their guns in the state. For example don’t bother to try to buy certain models of Steyr pistols because you cannot in Massachusetts. Having lived in CT fo 42 years, my list of “anti” states starts with New Jersey. then Mass, then Ct and with the new laws passed since the false flag op in Newtown, CT, most likely, should be higher on the list. As a New Englander, such laws make me want to puke.

  65. Garfield Kat,
    With regard to politicians being above the law, Hillary has proven that if you are powerful enough and exert enough influence, politicians can evade justice. Now, whether or not emailgate is a dead issue remains to be seen. It is possible that some new evidence may appear that puts her in an orange jumpsuit. I am not a vengeful person, but I pray every day that she will be caught red-handed and eventually serve her time as would be expected by us common folk. As for getting our voices heard by our representatives, I’m not sure letters and emails have much effect. I think the most effective vehicle for change is to vote those who we disagree with out of office on election day. Unfortunately, this is in the hands of the electorate which is slanting to the left more and more. We all know that the left right now is controlling more of the media and education which gives them a stronghold in influencing people and young minds. The right has an insurmountable task of countering these venues. Human history is rife with similar stories of societal change that only benefited the ruling class, often resulting in revolution. I don’t know if revolution or civil disobedience is the answer at this point but it must be considered. The left is already practicing civil disobedience and it seems to be working for them.

    1. Bob in CT. I know it doesn’t seem like much but writing your politicians does help in a more immediate way than elections alone. If we are not getting our voices heard (in the form of mass mailings about an issue) than the lazy pol’s start to believe what they hear from the media and from other states. So follow the NRA-ILA and GOA and take action when presented with those opportunities. Every little bit helps when dealing with these misinformed, ignorant, lazy, blood suckers.

    2. She belongs in a cell next to Cheney and Bush. All have forsken their oaths while in office, and served themselves while doing dis-service and dis-honoring this country . . .

  66. With regard to gun control legislation, there would be far fewer idiotic laws passed if the bills author(s) were required to use their own money to defend the bill if it were challenged. Part time legislators would also reduce the authoring of so many ludicrous laws. Here in the Peoples Republic of Kalifornia, we have far too many lawmakers with too much time on their hands. These slack jawed morons have the audacity to tell us they pass these laws to protect us from ourselves. (They use different verbiage)

  67. Watching the press announcement it was disgusting to see AG Healy and her coalition speak out both sides of their mouths. They spent a lot of time at the mic boasting and patting each other on the backs while bragging about all the effort that went into their decision to make these bold new changes only to later contradict themselves by saying – “Oh by the way, this isn’t anything new… we haven’t actually changed any laws, so don’t sue us”. I’m adlibbing a bit, but that is essentially how it went down. Hopefully attorneys will be smart enough to use the press conference footage in court when they sue.

  68. Thank you. And so the question becomes how do we the people make the Congress hear us and do what they are supposed to be doing. It is clear to everyone that these liberal politicians are committing nothing short of treason. I hope the American people have not become so complacent they are willing to sit back and lose the Rights and Freedoms so many have fought and died for. For the time being I will continue to encourage people to contact their Representatives and demand that Obama and Hillary be held accountable. That the Attorney General not only of Massachusetts but; in any State where the AG oversteps their boundaries. These politicians are not above the law and are not shielded from accountability or punishment. God Bless America

  69. I think the AG was out of line i thought the Ag was only suppose to enforce the law`s not make them i thought that was the job of Congress making law`s

  70. Garfield: I’ve also wondered that very thing, I f they violate their oath of office they should be charge or at the very least impeached.

  71. The reason people in Switzerland all have weapons is they keep the one they were issued with compulsory service (something most of our politicians know nothing about, and the prospective Democratic presidential nominee makes comments such as, “what difference does it make? They’re dead now!).
    The antigunners and the left don’t want to be confused by the facts. Unfortunately neither do most citizens. They only believe what the TV (idiot box) tells them. The real data is out there. The antigunners/left seem to overlook the facts. How convenient.
    The 2nd amendment is a guarantee, but Obama knows this and that he can’t grab guns. So, instead force the lead plant in Missouri out of business, ship all mined lead ore overseas, and then pay through the nose for lead for bullets. If you can’t grab the guns, make the ammunition unaffordable/unavailable.

  72. How’s the no gun zone of Chicago working??? Great if your a criminal…….5 to 6 hundred people die every year in this no gun zone, give we the people the ability to protect ourselves and families, that would lower the death rate by half in two months. Why didn’t Japan try to attack our mainland in WWII? The Japan Prime Minister told Gen McAuther the reason was because every American had guns and it would have been a death wish…….every citizen of Switcherland IS REQUIRED to own a gun. Weird how that works eh??????

    1. Wonder how many ISIS attacks will occur in heavily armed Switzerland?
      Think they also have very strict immigration policies.

  73. Another rash decision by a Democratic politician based on nothing other than emotion. Lets not confuse them with the facts. This would make it much more difficult to pass laws. Its easier to appeal to the heart and not the mind. If you observe the DNC, you’ll see what I mean.

    1. Emotion??? Let’s call it what it really is…. Either it is a camouflaged Hillary type Communist sneak attack at gutting the second amendment to test the resolve of the courts for future reference and to further weaken the peoples ability to defend themselves or (and?) pure stupidity on behalf of a Clinton Minion seeking approval from the master and setting herself up for a place at the masters side as she begins her reign of terror over the country and the people.. Seriously, if this is allowed to stand a few gun control crazed states will be of little concern…. Clinton will make it her first executive order and we will all become felons…..

    2. While I agree with you in substance, the root of the popularity of gun control to the masses is based on emotion, not necessarily facts or hard numbers. This is why the Dems never let a tragedy go to waste, even before the fact are known.

    3. Gun control at any level is not based on emotion. Emotions are simply the by-product of thought–a response to understood propositions. Case in point: I hear a funny joke (a set of assertions) and I laugh (emotion). Propositions in the case of gun control are simply lies, so, the gun control proponents have subjected themselves to lies. Belief of a lie is not an emotion. It may evoke emotions, but that’s another story.

    4. Eric,
      I believe you have just validated my point. The appeal of gun control to the public is proliferated by emotional appeal. I’m sure you have heard the cries from the left “not one more” (referring to shootings). This is how the pro-gun control people garner support for more gun control. You say emotions are a simple by-product of thought. That may be true. However, it is not a result of understood propositions necessarily. An emotion could be evoked by an occurrence where the cause or facts of the occurrence are not fully understood. While I believe many politicians calling for gun control may have a more nefarious reason for the control of guns, I believe the appeal for public support of gun control is based primarily on emotion.

  74. Actually it might be better to do it at the State Capitols of every State as that would generate far more people and send a much greater message.
    They did that in Washington state recently.

  75. Well, the whole problem is people of Mass. continue to vote for the kinds of politicians who do this sort of thing. Or conversely people who could vote otherwise do not vote. I personally know many 2nd amendment supporters who talk a good game, but when it comes to that Tuesday in November they have too much “Important” stuff to do.

    Same with other Left Wing bastions, California, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, etc.

    1. Calvin – I live in California (probably not for too much longer), and completely agree with you, but there is an easy alternative to election day turmoil if people would just avail themselves of it: I have “Permanent Absentee Voter” status. It means they mail all of the information about the impending election and a ballot to my home MONTHS before the actual election day.

      I have lots of time to sit in the privacy of my home, research the people and the issues, fill out my ballot and mail it in. As far as I’m concerned there is NO excuse for not exercising your right to vote when this is available.

      Actually, there’s no excuse anyway – use it or lose it.

    2. Absentee ballots are not counted unless the election is close, then maybe they’ll be counted. Vote real time if possible for that reason. Don’t be fooled into thinking all absentee ballots are counted.

    3. Lew, I’m curious as I do not know about absentee ballots. How do really know your vote is counted and not automatically sent to the shredder? When I physically put my ballot sheet into the machine I hear it register after it passes through. Just asking?

  76. It’s time for people to rise up and make their wishes known. A million armed marchers in DC might do it!

    1. A march is not going to do it.

      A passage in the book of Ecclesiastes states that when evil men (or women) go unpunished they grow bold.

      The Biblical answer is to punish our public servants. This is the intended end of the 2nd Amendment. As militia members this is our job to bear the sword against evil doers like Healey. Over-reaching politicians will never stop until they are FORCED to stop. It is beyond the point of reason.

  77. What happened to Due Process? I am of the mind that the Second Amendment is much like the Ten Commandments and no one should ever attempt to change what has been set forth. I think by this time we all know what is happening here in America. The left is not and I think, never have been interested in preventing crime. It is as it has always been about disarming America so they can move forward with their Third World Order. An example of proof is the recently introduced Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Another American job killing agenda. I advise everyone to familiarize yourselves with the TPP. But in order to advance their anti American agenda they must first disarm America. You can be assured that if that really ever happens our First Amendment Rights will surely be under assault. So in short. Did the Massachusetts General Attorney over step her authority? Absolutely. YES. Another interesting thought I have often had. When our elected and appointed leadership violates the Oath of Office they have taken why are they not held accountable? Among other duties they have sworn to do they have also sworn too uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. The Second Amendment is in the U.S. Constitution. When these people violate their Oath of Office they have also committed TREASON against the United States of America.Again I ask. When will these TRAITOR’S be held accountable? God bless America.

  78. This is the sort of action that will start a revolution in this Country and rightfully so. People are following Obama’s lead as a lawless Muslim Terrorist bent on destroying this Nation.

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