Magpul Finalizes Texas HQ Location in Austin

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Magpul Industries Corp. has purchased a stand-alone building in western Austin, Texas to relocate its corporate headquarters from Colorado. Executives have credited outgoing Texas Gov. Rick Perry for attracting the company to Austin after Magpul threatened to leave Colorado when more restrictive gun laws were passed there.

Magpul Industries logo According to a Magpul statement, all of Magpul’s existing Colorado facilities will close during the first quarter of 2015. Magpul will open a single administrative location in Colorado to support the relocation, and this site will then serve as a regional support office.

According to the Magpul statement, this property was placed under contract in March 2014 and closed in November 2014.

“These new facilities in Texas and Wyoming immediately enhance and expand the company’s business operations,” says Duane Liptak, director of product management and marketing for Magpul Industries. “Magpul remains committed to completing the final phases of this transition without disruption to our customers and business partners.”

Magpul Industries Headquarters in Austin, Texas
The new Magpul headquarters is a 16,000-square-foot facility located in in west Austin. Photo: Business Wire.

Magpul’s corporate HQ is now located in a 16,000-square-foot property at 8226 Bee Caves Road, Austin, TX 78746, according to a company release late Wednesday afternoon. Magpul’s Wyoming manufacturing and distribution center will open in January 2015 and is located at 7201 Commerce Circle, Cheyenne, WY 82007.

A 50,000-square-foot addition to the Wyoming site is scheduled to be completed in December 2014, and Magpul manufacturing and distribution functions will be transitioned to the 185,000-square-foot facility beginning on January 12, 2015.

A statement on the Magpul website dating back to January 2, 2014, said in part, “Magpul is moving its corporate headquarters to Texas. Three North Central Texas sites are under final consideration, and the transition to the Texas headquarters will begin as soon as the facility is selected,” the statement reads. “The Texas relocation is being accomplished with support from Governor Rick Perry and the Texas Economic Development Corporation.” The sale of the building follows almost of year of controversy in which Magpul, founded in 1999, made plans to vacate its longstanding headquarters in Erie, Colorado.

Aerial view of Magpul's new Austin, Texas location
Aerial view of Magpul headquarters at 8226 Bee Caves Road in Austin. Photo: Business Wire.

In October, Magpul notified state and local officials under the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act that it intended to eliminate 100 jobs in Colorado, reported the Denver Business Journal.

In Austin, the Travis Central Appraisal District values the building at $2.35 million, but a recent real-estate listing indicated a sales price of just under $4 million, according to the Austin Business Journal. The actual price for the building wasn’t disclosed.

Founded in 1999, Magpul was launched to manufacture a device to aid in the manipulation of rifle magazines while reloading under stress. The company’s name comes from the original product called the Magpul.

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  1. Wow, I thought Magpul was awesome before, but now, they achieved a whole nother level! They did what 98% of the world is afraid to do, back up what they say, and stick to their beliefs. I applaud them and will purchase everything I can from them.

  2. Hope it’s outside the city limits what with the Nazi police chief and all the othewr liberals —that being said proud to have them from a loyal customer

  3. Awesome! Glad to see many of these gun manufacturers are sticking to their word and leaving states that refuse to respect the rights afforded us by the Constitution. I will definitely continue to support Magpul with future purchases of their amazing products.

  4. This is a giant load of crap. The relocation due to gun laws has done nothing to enhance their marketability or production. The gun laws have been in effect for over a year now, and Magpul has done nothing but sit and wait, and while doing so, has done nothing to manufacture magazines that would cater to any state with restrictions on magazine size. Furthermore, Magpul threatened to leave Colorado unless the gun laws were changed back – those voters like Redneck Roy above could not even get the officials that lost their elections in the first place re-elected in the new races. Therefore, all of those that stood by and complained about the gunlaws obviously did nothing to vote in the officials that said they would get them passed, and in doing so, we’ve lost a business out of our state, along with it, a few jobs. That is unfortunate. It’s also unfortunate that Magpul felt they needed to hold Colorado hostage to change a law that had no chance of being changed unless the rednecks mobilized – they did not. So goodbye Magpul – I’ll be buying DPMS Steel from now on.

    1. I don’t see an issue with the move. Magpul makes standard capacity mags which are 30 rounds. The laws in their state changed as to no longer allow them to do so and they moved. If you’re in a state that only allows low capacity mags, buy the 10 round mags that magpul offers. If for whatever reason you have a chip on you’re shoulder and are pissed off at all of the “rednecks”, as you put it, you could follow magpul’s lead and move. Your one sale going to DPMS will not break magpul as the rest of us will fully support them for doing what is right. Just my opinion, sorry for all of your troubles.

    2. Gee Phil it sounds like you are a cycnical man. Do you realize how long it takes to find and acquire property that can support future growth? Do you realize how long it takes to find existing buildings that meet the standards that Magpul set for themselves? How bout the length of contruction time and the costs and time involved with moving assembly lines and any other equipment. Or even getting setup so as not to create a vacuum in the market due to their products not being available while the move takes place? I doubt that Magpul just sat around and waited. Magpul did not hold Colorado hostage. They simply informed the uniformed, liberal bloomburg supported politicians that they wouldn’t be part of a state that made their products illegal to own but not to manufacture. Simply, “we want your tax dollars but don’t want to allow you to profit from sales to Colorado’s citizens”. It was simply a slap in the face of Magpul and gunowners by the government who thinks that it knows what is best for the people. I suppose that you won’t support other business that have stated to the government that they wont sell their products to government agencies in states that pass laws depriving citizens the ability to purchase the same products that the LEO community wants to purchase.

  5. Glad to see them come South. They could have followed Remington, here to Alabama. We’ll take them all. I’m still surprised at Colorado, I never thought I’d ever see the anti-gun trouble they have. How did the people there let this happen, not VOTE.

    1. Not all of us in Austin are left-wing liberals, even though it is a tiny blue speck in a sea of red. They haven’t taken over yet. Welcome to Texas Magpul! The 2nd Amendment is alive and well here, (for now). That address is well within Austin city limits. You’re welcome to bring your Colorado employees with you, just tell them to leave their weed in Colorado…

    2. Well, Magpul learned their lesson well. They also established manufacturing in Wyoming. Wyoming has well-established Second Amendment institutions in the state. It currently is the #1 state in terms of FFL’s per 100,000 population, standing at 138.24. By establishing manufacturing in two states they have spread their risk of being shut down by politics. I’m glad for them – they made the right move if only on principle alone.

  6. The libs find in their mind that some business’s are evil and deserve to be run out of town…….Petroleum, Fire arms, Coal and Religion.

  7. TX and the Austin area are glad to have Magpul. I know they’ve had offices in the Vineyard Business Center on RR620 just north of Lakeway (one of Austin’s western suburbs) but I figured that was just a temporary location until they found something bigger. Looking at their new address I’m not sure they’re technically within Austin’s city limits – the property’s on-line tax records only show Travis County and Eanes taxing jurisdictions. Not sure where Austin’s ETJ (Extraterritorial Jurisdiction) comes in.

  8. First congrat’s to Texas for securing Magpul. I hope more companies see the light and leave these anti gun states behind. I also hope that our newly re-elected Gov. Rick Scott starts inviting these companies to Florida as well. We welcome the gun industry pro gun FLA. Again, great job Rick Perry see you in 2016? Way to go Magpul for taking a stand. I know it wasn’t an easy call and I’m sorry for those personel who lost their jobs in CO.

  9. Way to go Hickenlooper (Gov of CO). You and your liberal kinfolk cost Colorado direct and indirect jobs when you torpedoed Magpul. I hope you sleep restlessly.

  10. Happy to see they are coming to Texas, But I’m surprised they chose Austin sense it is run by lying liberal democrats just looking for more money to support their illegals and welfare crack babies.

  11. I don’t know where you get a ” conservative” card. But I’ll give a discount at any of my three businesses that shows one. For now we just use conceal carry as proof your not retarded.

  12. I was born and raised in Commierado. We bought a house in Florida and will be moving out of the People’s Republic of Colorado in 2015.

  13. Coulda’ been better places than Austin. Austin is the left wing home of Texas. The bleeding heart liberals there will probably come up with some future reason to shut them down.

  14. Magpul Welcome to Texas!! I know you are going to enjoy the Business Climate and Community. When you get settled in and want some World-Class Fishing come on up to East Texas and the Internationally know Lake Fork. We also have Great Hunting in the Piney Woods of East Texas.

    Quitman, Tx

  15. I love the idea that ,relatively speaking, the little guy is telling the overbearing monkey to piss off! I hope a few more anti-gunners get the same message and learn to back off of law-abiding citizens and businesses.
    For cripes sake, it isn’t like there aren’t real problems and issues to address. They just seem to like to push around the easiest appearing targets. That or publicize the red herrings to keep attention off of the real problems.

  16. WA is currently under anti-gun attack. Glad MP found a safe haven. We must join national and local gun assn’s.

  17. Although I welcome MagPul’s relocation in Texas–they could not have selected a more liberal city in which to settle. Hopefully this won’t complicate things. Like our Governor (Perry) Most Texans love the thought of having our “defensive network” located close at hand! jay (Native Texas for 76 years)

    1. Austin also banned Gun Shows, Austin City Council and Police Chief Art Acevedo are more than unfriendly to the second amendment.

  18. Not everyone in Austin is Liberal and not all Liberal Dems are anti-gun. The new facility may be outside the city limits of Austin and beside, it would have no bearing on the Magpul and it’s products. Austin is also one of the leading cities for technology which would enhance Magpul’s future designs, manufacturing, and product delivery.

    1. That may be true but when the people who are in charge of city laws, rules, regulation stand against you then Austin was NOT the right area to choose… time will tell. Gun shows outlawed in a TX city, never thought that would ever happen!

    2. All part of the dumocrat, liberal , communists plans to control each state and turn them “blue”….they sent a shyt pot full of nu yuckers to Texas to contaminate the place! Just like california sent a bunch to phoenix and tucson to contaminate that area!…..extermination plans should be forthcoming ;)4

  19. Not much to see at a corporate HQ unless you like Cubical Farms. The only goodies they might have to hand out might be paperclips and copy paper.

    1. Agreed Gilbert. I’m up in Prescott Valley and we have lots of space and people available. Truly ‘shovel ready’

  20. Welcome to Texas! We are proud to welcome businesses that support our 2nd amendment. May you and your employees come to love and enjoy our wonderful state as we do.

  21. I would have picked a better state than Texas if I were the CEO of Magpul. Texas seems highly susceptible to being influenced by politics and money. Example being: “Afluenza.”

  22. Glad they moved to Texas, but…Austin?

    Austin is a bastion of Liberals! Over 60% of the population of Austin votes Democrat.

  23. So glad to see a company willing to walk the walk and take quick, decisive action against anti-American, liberal, idiotic politicians! Magpul will always be the first name I look for when purchasing.

  24. Great move for Magpul. Texas is a friendly place despite the over abundance of progressive libs in Austin. Wyoming is also a super friendly state.

  25. Why keep anything in Colorado? Go to a state that is gun friendly. There’s nothing like losing a regular paycheck that will get the politicians and the peoples attention. Come to Tennessee.

  26. I’m glad as Hell Magpul has departed Colorado for Texas, however I cannot understand – for the life of me: Why they would keep ANY sort of business address in Colorado at all?

    1. I concur. Why pay a dime to any political entity in Colorado in payroll, sales, use or property taxes. Salaries paid to Magpul employees there will continue to augment the Colorado economy and infrastructure. I prefer that the state wither on the vine until their politicians cease to subvert the freedom upon which this country was created.

  27. This is great! I live in Austin & will try to tour the facility. I wonder if they give out goodies on a tour? 😀

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