Magnum Research Premiers New Baby Desert Eagle III Series

Black Magnum Research Baby Desert Eagle III new pistol

Magnum Research formally introduced the Baby Desert Eagle III at the NRA Annual Meeting in Nashville. If you are attending the show, stop by the Kahr Firearms Group, Booth #2049, to check it out. MSRP for the Baby Desert Eagle III will range from $646 to $691, depending on model.

Magnum Research will start shipping the Baby DE III polymer frame in June, and the steel frame will begin shipping in September.

The new series is sleeker, with a trimmed-down slide and frame, making its shape more like its big brother, the Desert Eagle, and the trimmer design makes it lighter than previous Baby Desert Eagle II models.

The Baby DE III can be purchased in polymer or steel frame, full size or semi-compact, and in 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP calibers. The full-size 9mm pistol with the steel frame weighs 38 ounces, measures 8 inches in overall length, a 4.43-inch barrel, and a slide width of 1.31 inches. It is 5.375 inches tall.

Elsewhere, it features a precision-land-and-groove match barrel, ambidextrous teardrop-shaped decocking mechanism on the slide, smoother trigger pull, fully interchangeable magazines with all Baby Desert Eagle II models, and a reversible magazine catch for either left- or right-handed shooters. The integral tactical accessory rail allows laser and light accessories to be attached.

The steel frame and slide are produced from carbon steel with a matte black-oxide finish. The Baby DE III can also be purchased in a polymer frame with a black finish. Other features include a double/single-action (DA/SA) trigger with a 12-pound trigger pull (DA), or 4 pounds for single action. The rifling is a right-hand twist with six lands and grooves, and the sights are combat-type white three-dot fixed units. The Baby DE III ships with two magazines.

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Comments (11)

  1. Where can the Desert Eagle iii be purchased at right now. I haven’t been able to find one. Thank you for your help

  2. I would like to hear some comments from owners of the Ruger E9. Been out for about a year I believe. I am going to buy another 9mm, have a
    Browning Hi Power (greatest), but want a polymer one also. Thanks….

  3. Copy of a copy of a copy….
    Looks like a CZ P01 to me, which is an upgraded CZ75. When will gun companies create something innovative?

  4. Is there any difference or change between this steel frame DE III Baby Eagle and the previous IWI steel frame IWI Baby Eagle?

    1. ps. By far my most favorite hand gun of all time. At real world defense distance, I can drive tacks with either hand. I can’t say that about several other top brands… but thats me shooting, and I’m not the best shooter. – I agree with the comment that said they are prone to oxidation. I had a .45ACP version in a Pelican box in my toppered truck box for a while and it gained some oxidation in the writing areas. But that was my fault for not keeping it oiled. Had it been oiled, I don’t think it would have happened. I had 2 of there, an originally older IMI model in 9mm, and a IWI version in .45ACP. I called them “Abraham and Sarah” the 9 was Sarah, the .45 was Abraham, like from the Bible… the first Hebrews… 🙂

  5. So, what is the relationship between Kahr Arms and IWI? Is it just on this one Pistol? I know IWI is based in Harrisburg, Pa and Kahr is moving or has moved to Scranton, Pa. Still a two hour drive but better then New York for sure.

    1. Magnum Research is just the importer (again). They do not manufacture this gun. Former Charles Daley (KBI) briefly imported the Baby Eagle when IMI/IWI had a fall out with MR.

      I have an older one; it’s basically a steel variant of the CZ-75. Some of the parts used to be made by Tangfolio, not sure if that is still the case.
      Mine is very accurate, though a little fussy with mags. It’s very heavy by modern standards and if you live in a humid environment they are prone to oxidation.

  6. I was given a Baby Desert Eagle Compact, all steel, in .40 caliber some years ago when working overseas. Mine was a product of IMI of Iseral produced for DE. It is one of the finest production pistols I own and has served me very well over the years.
    It is a pleasure to see its return to production and avalability.

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