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M855 Ammo Update

.223 NATO Lake City M855 FMJ 62 Grain Steel Penetrator Ammo

The ATF announcement on Saturday afternoon has many of us concerned over the future of being able to purchase M855 ammunition. During the weekend we received thousands of orders for this ammunition and are doing our best to fill all of the orders. We have not raised our prices and will continue to sell the inventory in our warehouses at the pre-announcement price. We are scrambling to find more of this ammo and will continue to hold our prices until our cost to purchase more increases.

We do apologize for the inadvertent error by warehouse 8 in which they overpriced M855. We will not sell this ammo from warehouse 8 because of the pricing error. Again, we are not raising our prices and will continue to sell the M855 ammunition at the same price it has been at for months—while we have inventory. Please allow additional time to receive your order as our warehouses are very busy filling all the orders we received.

We encourage you to write the ATF, telling them you opposed the ban on 5.56 M855 ball ammo.



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Comments (10)

  1. We know that CTD does reactive pricing (price goes up as they sell out of stock) – which means that a rush creates a price gouge.

    The solution isn’t to rot on CTD – as profit is the American way. They are hardly unique in this (go look on armslist, gunbroker, etc to see real profiteering – and we all remember the .22LR prices).

    The solution is to buy what you want to have when it is in the market. Putting it off for tomorrow because there is plenty today is what makes you panic buy at terrible prices.

    Blaming CTD for your poor planing is bad form.

    1. Armslist is a website that allows anyone to sell, if I were an actual company I wouldn’t want to be the equal to people on there. You don’t get it, CTD cancels orders already made so they can jack up the price, they are one of the worst gougers. They had a ton of Pmags in stock but tried to sell them for $99. Other places don’t gouge as bad so what’s their excuse? Is cabelas or my local gun store suddenly a charity when they only bump prices up half as much as CTD? CTD is famous for di ck moves open your eyes.

  2. I see another run on ammo in the offing, with prices climbing. I also see challenges to this rule change. It is simply another way to essentially ban specific weapons, circumventing the SCOTUS rulings.

  3. Sad state of affair when we stand by and our rights slowly be taken away one by one.when you talk to elected officials and they promise to vote to uphold those right, and turn around and vote to take them away this isn’t a government of the people.I can go on but doesn’t do any good

  4. I have a small stock of .223’s but I rely mainly on my .22-250 which does the job very well for me. Never got much accuracy on auto anyway.

  5. placed order in afternoon for about 900 rds and was cancelled by
    CTD within 30 minutes, most other sights already showed out of stock; did find some later another site. Not cancelled yet.

    1. I found (855AP) at JG Sales; I don’t hunt but love to shoot. Having several AR’s I have most always reloaded. Go shoot and then reload for my own purpose from 45g to 80g. I still have some old value Walmart packs from years ago. Lots of items go on backorder and never get filled. There are still powders or bullets I desire but they have been unavailable for couple years. I want a lot of other firearms too but will wait for the right time.

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