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I Love My DP-12 Promotion—Free Ammo With Purchase

Woman with double-barreled DP-12 semiautomatic shotgun

From Wednesday, September 9, 2015, until Thursday, September 10 at 11:59 p.m. Central time, purchase a DP-12 double-barreled semiautomatic shotgun and receive a free case of shotshells! The first of its kind, DP-12 is a 12 gauge, double-barreled pump shotgun manufactured by Standard Manufacturing Company. It has two 18-7/8-inch barrels, one trigger and fires two shots with one pump (one shot per trigger pull though). It holds up to 16 rounds and comes with a lifetime warranty.

The first of its kind, a premium defense, double barreled, pump, 12 gauge shotgun that quickly fires 16 rounds.
The DP-12 shotgun is the hottest firearm this year!

In May 2015, the DP-12 won the Top 10 Firearms Industry Award from the Blue Book of Gun Values for innovation and excellence in firearms and accessories.

When you order a DP-12 shotgun before Thursday, September 10, 2015 11:59 p.m. Central, you will receive a 250-round case of 12 gauge, 00 buck made by Armscor. Click Here to Start Shopping Online at Cheaper Than Dirt

Show Us Your DP-12

To kick off this special promotion, Cheaper Than Dirt! would like to see your DP-12. Post a picture of you and your DP-12 on our Facebook or Tweet us with the hashtag #ILoveMyDP12.

Woman with double-barreled DP-12 semiautomatic shotgun
“Here’s a Mom that’s truly ready to protect her household.” Ms. Peggy from Specialty Arms in Fayetteville, Arkansas is one happy DP-12 owner! #ILoveMyDP12

To learn more about the DP-12, click here.

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Comments (35)

    1. @Tony

      I am that blessed. My wife is 30+ years younger than me and loves guns. One of our favorite dates is a trip to the range followed by a trip to a nice restaurant.

    2. @Mikial:

      Sorry but I couldn’t help but notice and wonder some things….LOL

      Is this marriage like 80yo versus 50yo, or 50yo versus 20yo?

      Is it because you’re very rich, or very good looking, or both?

    3. @ss1

      Well, Brother. I was 58 and she was 19 when we got married. Yeah, I had enough money to be able to travel to visit her, but you can believe me when I say it’s love, pure and simple. So now I’m 61 and can put most 45 year olds to shame, and she’s 22 and loves every minute of our life together. And I read these posts to her, and she says if you need proof she’ll be glad to answer and set you straight. LOL

      Life is good!

    4. @Mikial:

      Well that age range in PHENOMENAL, and since you’re one of my favorite people on these forums, I’m very, very happy for you and I totally wish you the best in your marriage.

  1. @Secundias

    Could be. Got a link to their site? I did a quick search and didn’t turn up anything except after market customization sites.

    To be honest I haven’t worried much about it since I have mine, but I would like to help ss1 find one. They’re out there, but I doubt you will find one for under $700.

    1. @ Mikial.

      Sorry, about being late on answering your Posting, for some reason I don’t get Posting Updates anymore. Now I have to Search Them Out. I Like Offer, But Can’t. I’m Money Tight, No Disposable Income Too Speak Off. What Medical Doesn’t Pay For, Is Out of Pocket Expenses. Not Eligible for Medicare Yet. My Weapon Cache is One or Two Weapons every Two to Three Years. Time’s are LEAN for Me Right Now, But Thanks’ for the offer. SEC…

  2. @Secundius

    Got a link to Saiga USA?

    I haven’t worried much about it since, like a Ranger tab, when you have yours, everyone else is supposed to get their own. 😉

    1. Oh, sorry for the duplicate comment. The first one wasn’t showing up on my screen. Probably an Internet glitch.

    2. @ Mikial.

      I know, I been having the Same Problems Myself. I first thought it was a “Content Review” before Posting, Thing or a “Content Redactment” Protocol. Because I’ve maybe Pissed-Off Someone, and it’s their way of getting even. On some of the Extremely Active Website’s, I’ve notice Next Day Posting’s or even Two-Day Wait Posting’s. Oh Well, Talk to you later, SEC…

  3. @ ss1 and Mikial.

    Just thought you two guy’s might be interested, but Norinco of China has a Clone Copy of the M14 called the M305 in .308Win for $450.00 USD. NO IT’S NOT A TYPO!!!

    1. @Secundius

      I’ve actually heard some things about them. The receivers are supposed to be pretty good, although I’ve seen quite a few reports that the headspace is pretty lax. But nothing that affects the shooting much unless you are looking to reload since it deforms the brass.

      As with the Saiga, I have an M1A, so I haven’t really looked at alternative. To be honest, I have this list of guns i want, and once I have the next one on the list, I just play around with ti and quit looking at alternatives. But, having said that, I had a Norinco SKS a few years ago and it was a really good gun. I wouldn’t hesitate buying a Norinco.

  4. That thing looks like something out of a sci-fi movie which cool, but it also look bulky and heavy which bad. But the M60 was both and the soldiers got along fine and I’ll bet the DP 12 is a lot lighter and less bulky than the M60

  5. They must have Changed the Chocking System, the Original was a Single Stroke Double Pump Action. This “One” talks about a Single Stroke Single Pump Action, unless it’s a TYPO. But, I STILL can’t Afford One. I’ll have to get a Short Shorty instead.

    Oh, yeah. I almost forgot, Anyone living in California. And want’s the DP-12, just Contact Cali B&M. And they’ll order on for you…

    1. @Secundius:

      I know you really like this gun from past conversations. Are there reasons you prefer this over a semi-auto like a Saiga?

    2. @ ss1.

      Actually Slammin’, I wasn’t even considering the Saiga. I was considering the C-More M26 MASS, Compact Semi-Automatic Short Shorty Carbine 12-Gauge 5 + 1 Shotgun. Sec…

    3. @Secundius:

      Haha I get the “Slammin Sammy” reference!

      I just now watched 2 Youtube videos of your shotgun. One was by itself (my preference), and one was an over-under M4.

      I think the door breach attachment is cool, and I really like the recoil reducing stock.

      But both the videos were pump action. Is there an advanced model that is semi-auto?

      Also, is it possible to buy a larger magazine?

    4. @ ss1.

      Could be, Slammin’. I always thought it was the Charging Handle, but I can see now that it actually could be the Slide Action Handle Instead. You a “Damian” Still At It, or is Feud Over. Did you get the Pro-Mag INFO I left on Hi-Point 9545 Website?. I also found some Info on Slammin’ Sam, that I Wasn’t even actually looking for. But came up in a Unrelated to Golf website about “Poll Taxes” and how Poll Taxes got introduced to the world. Something I was going to ask you, but I have Forgotten. When it come Back I’ll Ask on that Website. Ohhh, Well Question’s to be Answered. Check you and the other’s Latter. SEC..

    5. @Secundius:

      There never was a feud with Damian. At first we were getting used to each other’s personalities, and our Desert Eagle viewpoints were stubborn. I feel that he’s someone who if I ran into him in person, we would have understood each other immediately.

      If you look back at yesterday’s posts on the Hi-Point forum, I actually bought a 44 magnum DE barrel on CTD and posted the receipt, and I invited Damian to AZ to shoot with me some day. He gave me some good advice about 44 magnum ammo. I consider Damian a friend.

      And if YOU ever travel to Arizona, we should get together as well!!

      As far as Sam goes, all I can say is I used to be very passionate about golf, and I liked to watch his swing videos, and also things would come on the golf channel of him playing a round with someone. I also used to argue with golf forum members that Tiger would never break his PGA tour wins record, and Tiger still has not broken it. I’m not sure if he ever will with his failing health and many young guns coming on tour.

      I know nothing about any poll tax issue because I never studied Sam’s biography.

    6. @ ss1.

      Actually it’s not on Sam himself, but an ancestor of his that lived in 13th Century England and how the word “Snead” became the Family Surname.

      I’ll check out the receipt, but with “Damian” it’s hard to follow the Dialog without “Directed Naming References”. It took me a week to figure out what “t/y” meant. Check in with you later, SEC…

    7. @Secundius:

      Hi how are you doing today? I can’t believe some of the things you look up, like the 13th century thing above, 🙂

      Hey I did a lot of research on the 50 Beowulf last night, and I want to have a discussion with you. Should we do it here, or should we go to a forum I found that no one cares about or posts to? It’s the Desert Eagle Animal Prints forum. You would get to it simply by typing “animal prints” in the CTD search box at the top.

  6. These guns are cool. Not the end all to fit every situation, but cool, effective, and with the ammo . . . a good deal.

    No, I don’t have one, although I’d like one. But we do have a Saiga that works great and a traditional 12 gauge pump, or two, with lots of ammo.

    1. @Mikial:

      So you have a Saiga with a huge magazine that looks like an AR? The Saiga semi-auto is in my top 5 guns to buy. Can you give me any tips I may need to know before or after buying? Have you customized or fixed or improved yours in any way?

    2. @ss1

      Mine is one of the older models that I picked up new at a gun show for $550 about 6 years ago. I consider it a good deal.

      Other than adding a light, a couple of Hi-cap mags, and doing a disassemble to ensure everything was smooth and free of rough spots, I haven’t done anything else. It is very reliable and functions smooth with either slugs or 00. It came with a threaded barrels, so I have been looking to pick up one of the new 12 Ga silencers that have hit the market just for fun.

      I know you can trick them out with pistol grips and rails, but it’s great just the way it is. It was one of the guns on my bucket list, and I really like it.

    3. @Mikial:

      Thanks for explaining. It sounds like you got quite a deal. Maybe I should be on the lookout at gun shows myself, but I’m not sure if there’s a restriction on them now due to Obama’s issues with Russia.

      I have lost all interest in pump shotguns, even though I own a Remington 870 Express. Sure it’s a nice gun, but I’m fascinated with the Saiga. I hope I can do something to make more money soon, and I have a couple ideas for that, because I want to clear up my own bucket list.

    4. @ Mikial.

      The Restrictions was implemented in 16 July 2014, after the Annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation. It ONLY applies to Russian Federation manufactured Saiga, Kalashnikov, Izhmash, etc produce Firearms. Saiga USA and Kalashnikov USA are not affected by the ban…

    5. @Secundius

      You are correct. So that means that Saigas are going to be harder and harder to find. Impact Guns has one on their site for $809 right now. But there are alternatives such as the Catamount Fury which is manufactured in China to AK specs. China has always copied Russian/Soviet designs in their weapons industry such as Norinco AKs.

      I don’t have any personal experience with a Catamount, but i know you can get one at J&G right now for $599 or impact Guns for $424. Just be aware they will not accept Saiga magazines.

    6. @Mikial:

      I just now looked at the Catamount. Nice price, but it sucks that you can’t buy the longer Saiga mags. To me, that’s one of the important points of buying a Saiga.

      Plus it’s probably much easier to get replacement parts and custom upgrade parts for a Saiga. Do you agree?

    7. I think with Obama’s prohibition on Saiga because it’s Russian, parts and accessories are going to be harder to get. But, do whatever you would like. The Saiga is a Saiga, and everything else is a copy.

      I would imagine there will be mags available for the Catamount as well, you would just have to track them down.

    8. @Secundius and @Mikial:

      After sleeping on it (taking a nap), I think I would like to stay firm on obtaining a Saiga, and not any Chinese models. It’s better to have the one that is well known and has a great reputation.

      Since we are talking on 2 different forums, I’m just letting you know that my Bullpup interest is higher priority with me than a shotgun, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t made IMPULSIVE buying decisions at places like gun shows, LOL.

      Both of you have a great night!!

    9. Good night to both of you as well. My wife and I are actually going to a gun show tomorrow, so hopefully we’ll both resist any impulse buying.

      She does want a Sig though.

    10. @ ss1.

      I saw your Reference to the Words “Bucket List” and another Same Word Spoken on a Wild Game Animal Website. Are planing on going on a HIPPO Hunt? SEC…

    11. @Secundius:

      The Urban Dictionary defines it as “A list of things to do before you die. Comes from the term “kicked the bucket”.”

      My personal meaning for it was more like a hot list or high priority list.

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