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black ACOG rifle scope

We all walk a fine line between wanting to buy a high-quality product and one that fits our budget. We all want the high-end glass that operators depend on in the field. However, there are plenty of us who just can’t part with thousands of dollars. Fortunately, 2014 brought shooters a wide range of options that perfectly strike the balance between quality and budget—including the newest lights, lasers, scopes and rangefinders that help make you a more accurate shooter.


Black rifle scope
Trijicon’s new ACOG has a .300 Blackout reticle.

Trijicon TA-33 3×30 ACOG with .300 Blackout Illuminated Reticle

The Trijicon ACOG is a 3x fixed magnification riflescope with a dual tritium and fiber optic illuminated reticle calibrated for the .300 Blackout cartridge with bullet drop compensator. Trijicon’s ACOG sights are a fighting optic—designed for close quarters to aim with both eyes that exceeds military standards and is battle-proven.

The newest models feature an illuminated-red .300 Blackout crosshair reticle. The 3×30 model has a 19.3-foot field of view at 100 yards and 4-inch click adjustments at 100 yards. The Trijicon TA33-C-400065 ACOG allows you to switch from supersonic and subsonic ammunition without having to rezero. Moreover, the .300 Blackout reticle is accurate to 2 MOA with both 110-grain and 125-grain to 174-grain to 240-grain .300 Blackout ammunition.

.300 Blackout reticle with red and black hash marks
The .300 Blackout reticle is accurate to 2 MOA

Made from forged 7075 T6 aircraft-grade aluminum alloy housing, the ACOG passes all military drop tests and is waterproof to over 300 feet. At 6.1 inches long and weighing only 11.64 ounces with the included TA60 mount, the Trijicon ACOG with .300 Blackout illuminated reticle is compact and adds virtually no weight to your rifle’s set up. All ACOG lenses are multi-coated for clarity and are fog-resistant. Two more sights will be available soon—one with an illuminated amber and one with a green illuminated reticle.

Fenix TK41 800 Lumen Flashlight

Fenix TK41 LED 800 Lumens Flashlight
Fenix TK41 LED 800 Lumens Flashlight

The Fenix TK41 is the most powerful flashlight you can buy powered by AA batteries. At 800 lumens, this beam reaches up to 470 meters with it’s Cree XM-L LED Bulb. As the first company to utilize the Cree XM-LED, Fenix’s traditional-sized TK41 is priced competitively to all the other big-name tactical flashlights. With four brightness levels and two strobe modes, the TK41 will run for 240 hours on low—giving you 10 lumens. While on “turbo” mode, even the 800 lumen light will run consistently without dimming for two hours, with an additional hour left of dimmer light before you are in the dark. Perfect for scouting, exploring, caving, camping, search and rescue, recon, survival or spot work at night, the Fenix TK41 will take eight regular alkaline AA batteries or NiMH rechargeable ones. The aircraft-grade aluminum housing is Type III hard anodized with an IPX-8 standard waterproof rating and is knurled enough for a non-slip grip even when yet. Not a tiny thing, the TK41 is 8.4 inches long, 1.5 inches in diameter and weighs 0.7 pounds without batteries.

Burris Veracity Riflescopes

Burris VerAcity 3-15x50 Riflescope
Burris VerAcity 3-15×50 Riflescope

One of Burris’ new riflescopes for 2014 includes the Veracity line with four different magnification ranges and two different reticle choices—the Ballistic E1 FFP or the Ballistic E1 Varmint. Packed full of features, all of the Veracity scopes include Burris’ forever warranty. Every Veracity scope—from the lowest to the highest magnification—has a front focal plane reticle, side focus and parallax adjustment knobs. With Burris’ PTC (Progressively Thick Crosshairs) you will not get your reticle’s lines interfering with your target like on most first focal plane reticles. Each one is waterproof, shockproof, fogproof and nitrogen-filled. The Ballistic E1 FFP reticle has a bullet trajectory compensation out to 600 yards, while the Ballistic E1 Varmint is calculated out to 700 yards. For less than $900, you can afford to mount one of the Veracity riflescopes on your varmint or predator rifle.

FireField Rechargeable Compact Green Laser

FireField Rechargeable Compact Green Laser
FireField Rechargeable Compact Green Laser

With this rechargeable laser, you can go from totally in the dark to a full charge in only 10 minutes via USB cable. The 5mW green laser projects a 2-inch dot at 50 yards and is visible up to 600 yards at night. If you depend on a laser during the day, the green is brightly visible up to 50 yards in daytime. With the integrated Weaver attachment, FireField’s rechargeable green laser will mount onto any pistol with an accessory rail. Adjustable for windage and elevation, the laser holds up to the recoil of .45 +P rounds and is waterproof and shockproof. Only adding 0.8 ounces of weight to your self-defense handgun, the FireField rechargeable laser eliminates the need for battery checks and the fear of running out of juice when your life is on the line. The laser will last an entire hour while being constantly on. In two modes, either on or off, activate the laser with its included pressure pad switch. When seconds count, depend on FireField’s laser to aim accurately.

Bushnell Elite 1 Mile ARC Laser Rangefinder

Bushnell Elite 1 Mile ARC Laser Rangefinder
Bushnell Elite 1 Mile ARC Laser Rangefinder

When precision counts in long-range shooting, Bushnell makes it deadly accurate with the first rangefinder to fall under Bushnell’s Elite Tactical line of optics. With the 2nd Generation E.S.P. (Extreme Speed Precision), you get 0.5-yard accuracy from 5 to 199 yards. With a 7x magnification, the Elite 1 Mile ARC laser rangefinder has a 5 to 1,760 yard range and compensates for up and downhill angles. The lens is fully multi-coated and has a RainGuard HD, which means you get clear, fog-free ranging in all lighting conditions. The Bushnell Elite 1 Mile ARC laser rangefinder has a one mile range—reflective target—with a true horizontal distance out to 1,000 yards. The Rifle Mode, combined with the Variable Sight-in Feature (VSI) provides bullet drop and holdover data in inches, centimeters, MOA and MILs from 5 to 1,000 yards. Extreme distance requires extreme accuracy. Depend on Bushnell’s Elite 1 Mile ARC laser rangefinder and make your shot count.

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