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Let’s Shoot For a Cure: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Smith and Wesson Model MP9 JG

October is breast cancer awareness month. Even though this is not the first year the firearms industry has pledged to donate to research and awareness campaigns, firearms and firearms accessories manufactures are still growing strong with donating proceeds from the sales of special edition products, both new and old.

Show your support with pink ribbon products
Show your support with pink ribbon products

By now, we are all used to seeing pink products and pink ribbons everywhere during the month of October. Even sports teams and firefighters are wearing pink for a cure this month. Pink ribbons symbolize our support for breast cancer awareness, prevention, and a cure. Awareness ribbons have been around since the 1970s, when the yellow ribbon became popular during the Vietnam War. Originating in the 19th century, women whose husbands or boyfriends served in the military or were in jail would wear a yellow ribbon in their hair in tribute to their missing loved one and they would be welcomed home by the women. Today, awareness ribbons are seen everywhere, red, yellow, blue, white, rainbow, purple, teal, and more. There is probably a ribbon and a month for every type of disease and cause under the sun.

Breast cancer awareness and ribbons started when a local woman and breast cancer survivor made peach-colored ribbons and attached them to cards that read, “The National Cancer Institute annual budget is $1.8 billion, only 5 percent goes for cancer prevention. Help us wake up our legislators and America by wearing this ribbon.” She handed them out locally to try to raise awareness of breast cancer. The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, who had been handing out pink visors to race participants caught on to the ribbon campaign and started handing out pink ribbons in 1991.

Then the editor-in-chief of SELF magazine, Alexander Penney, teamed up with Evelyn Lauder of the cosmetics company, Estee Lauder. Pink ribbons were handed out at cosmetics counters. We now see pink ribbons on every kind of product imaginable.

According to National Breast

  • 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime
  • Breast cancer is the most diagnosed cancer in women
  • Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death in women
  • Over 40,000 women die a year from breast cancer


The Pink Arrow Poject, Archers Helping Archers
The Pink Arrow Poject, Archers Helping Archers

The Pink Arrow Project has teamed up with archery companies to provide support to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Archer and breast cancer survivor, Mary J. Hale founded the Pink Arrow Project with the mission statement, “archers helping archers.” The On Target program started in September 2012 is a fundraising campaign through the sale of pink archery products to raise money towards cancer research. The On Target campaign began with the sale of the pink Victory Arrow by Victory Archery. The Victory Archery pink arrow is a VForce 400 arrow with double-lock Blazer nocks. Part of the proceeds of the sales of the arrows goes towards breast cancer research.

Lighted nocks company Burt Coyote, makes a pink-lighted nock in their Lumenok Signature series. Activated by your shot, the pink Lumenok lighted nock provides up to 40 hours of light. Parts of the sales of the pink-lighted nock go to the Pink Arrow Project.


Bersa’s best selling handgun, the Thunder 380 comes in a special edition breast cancer awareness kit with limited edition pink grips, a “Bersa Fights” breast cancer bracelet, and a pink carrying case. The Bersa Thunder 380, chambered in .380 ACP, has a 3.5-inch barrel, holds eight rounds, and is lightweight and small enough for concealed carry.

Designed in collaboration with championship shooter, Julie Golob, Smith and Wesson’s Champion Series M&P9 Julie Golob (Goloski) handgun has pink grips and a breast cancer awareness ribbon stamped on the barrel. Upgrades on Julie’s M&P9 include a Warren tactical rear sight and a fiber optic front sight. Smith & Wesson is donating a portion of sales from the handgun to the Breast Cancer Awareness Charity.

Smith and Wesson Model MP9 JG
Smith and Wesson Model MP9 JG

The Smith & Wesson Model M&P9 Julie Goloski Champion Series pistol features Warren tactical rear sights, fiber optic front sights, two pink grip inserts (small & medium) and two black inserts, and an awareness ribbon engraved on the slide. S&W is donating a portion of proceeds to a Breast Cancer Awareness Charity.

Firearms Accessories

For the third year in a row, Wiley X Eyewear is donating $3 from every sale of their Lacey women’s sunglasses to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Wiley X Eyewear’s Lacey sunglasses have coral pink lenses and cotton candy pink frames. They exceed ANSI Z87.1-2003 high-velocity standards and provide 100 percent UV protection.

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation gives 91 cents for every dollar donated to research and awareness programs. They have raised more than $380 million dollars for breast cancer research.

Federal’s Top Gun Target Load 12 gauge, 2-3/4-inch shell with #8 lead 1-1/8 ounce lead shot now comes in a special pink box with pink hulls to raise money to find a cure for breast cancer.


MagLite donates part of the sales from their pink, with breast cancer ribbon, single AAA battery Solitaire keychain light to breast cancer research. The little light, with a spot-to-flood adjustable beam is perfect for your purse or keychain. It is water- and shock-resistant. The Solitaire includes one AAA battery, a spare lamp, and a pink key fob.

Streamlight Pink Nano LED Flashlight
Streamlight Pink Nano LED Flashlight

Streamlight also makes a pink mini light called the Nano. For every one sold, Streamlight will donate $1 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. This special-edition Nano has a double-sided key fob attached with the breast cancer ribbon on one side and the Streamlight logo on the other. The Nano has a white LED that produces 10 lumens. A simple rotation of the flashlight’s head turns the light on and off.

Knives and Tools

As part of Leatherman’s Pink Program, a part of the proceeds from sales of three of their multi-tools goes to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. The Leatherman Style CS 6 tools-in-one multi-tool has a pink handle and a ribbon emblem on the 1.6-inch plain blade. The Style CS is a keychain multi-tool with scissors, knife, screwdriver, nail file, tweezers and a bottle opener.

The five-tooled Style is about the size of your house key and has a keychain and a pink anodized aluminum handle with ribbon emblem. The Leatherman Style mini multi-tool has scissors, a 1.6-inch plain blade, screwdriver, nail file, and tweezers.

Leatherman’s most popular keychain multi-tool, the Micra, has 10 tools and pink stainless steel handles with a ribbon on one side. The tools included are scissors, nail file, nail cleaner, tweezers, 1.6-inch plain blade, three different screwdrivers, a ruler, and a bottle opener.

Founded in 1991, The National Breast Cancer Foundation raises awareness about early detection of breast cancer, helps raise money to provide free mammograms, and provides support services for those diagnosed with breast cancer.

Ka-Bar is donating 10 percent of all proceeds from the sale of their pink-handled Dozier and Mini Dozier to the Roswell Park Center Cancer Institute. Both Ka-Bar Dozier knives have a plain drop point AUS 8A stainless steel blade and pink Zytel handles. The Dozier has a 3-inch plain blade, while the Mini Dozier has a 2-1/4-inch plain blade.

The pink Micra supports Breast Cancer Awareness
The pink Micra supports Breast Cancer Awareness

The Roswell Park Cancer Institute located in Buffalo, New York, has “instituted the nation’s first chemotherapy program,” helping with over 350 clinical trials of cancer treatments.

Everyone I know has felt the effects of breast cancer in some way. Our sponsored shooter, Patrick Kelley discusses the recent diagnosis of his wife Karen. This month, not only can we show our family, friends, neighbors, and others affected by breast cancer that we care but we can support the companies that support the prevention, cure, and public awareness by purchasing a special edition, breast cancer awareness product. Together, we can shoot for a cure!

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  1. Well aint that the normal liberal response “idiotically”. Please prove your superior intellect. Most research shows a link between breast cancer and baby slaughtering. Well, guess what, just like our magical “unemployment rate” our government and a bunch of baby murdering “doctors” are here to tell us that all data and research done in the past is wrong and only their recent research is correct. So when the Koman foundation gives money to planned parenthood (a likely cause of breast cancer) why would I ever give money to any organization that supports them. By the way, name a cure that was found by people donating billions of dollars to a bunch of doctors that get a pay check no matter what. I wish I had thought of this billion dollar industry with no accountability and collect money from America’s ignorance.

  2. I am appalled at the support that the gun industry gives to lead producers. It’s obvious to me, after reading several of these comments, that more money needs to be put into the prevention of exposure to lead and the brain damage it causes. Especially after reading Richards zinger of a reply implicating the gun industry and abortions……. I’m thinking that we need to immediately turn off his internet access to prevent him from feeling even more worldly and responding idiotically to more well written blogs.

  3. As the father of a child with cancer, I will never give a penny to any organization that has any ties with Susan G. Koman. They actually sued several organizations because the words “the cure” were used in their efforts. I get sick to my stomach every time I see their organizations name in print. What makes it even worse is they start throwing out adds in September during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. If you are going to give time or money to benefit cancer research., then do some research of your own. There are much better organizations out there than this for breast, womens, etc., cancers. And I have to disagree with Avg Joe, get your mammogram screenings, early detection is so critical.

  4. Instead of continuing to throw money at an ever expanding problem and this race to find a cure nonsense, how about they try to find THE CAUSE of the increasing rate of cancer. Telling women to go expose themselves to more radiation by having an increased number of mammograms might contribute to an increase partly. I seriously doubt they are actually trying to cure cancer anyways. The medical “INDUSTRY”, which has what it has become instead of being a profession, makes a killing (pun intended) off of cancer patients. Why oh, why can’t Americans wake up and spit out the BS propaganda they are spoon fed. I guess Americans like being lied to *cough 9/11* because the truth is too scary for people.

  5. As long as the Koman foundation supports Planned Parenthood I cannot and will not donate or participate in any way. The killing of the unborn cannot be justified by the “greater good” of finding a cure for breast cancer. It is quite ironic that studies have shown that abortion actually contributes to the probability of women getting breast cancer.

    The gun industry’s support for abortion through funding Koman is very offensive to Christians. Please reconsider.

  6. It has been unfortunate the the Koman foundation has been mixed up with “women’s health” advocates (euphemism for abortion/ infanticide activists). While I certainly support a cause that directly goes to help breast cancer, I cannot and will not willing contribute to ANY organization that either mixes/ misuses my donation to support child murder or endorses such policies.

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