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Even More for Less. The $2,400 Zombie Preparedness Kit

Hornady Zombie Max Buckshot 12-gauge 00 Z-Shot

Optics Planet recently put together a zombie preparation kit. The Z.E.R.O (Zombie Extermination, Research, and Operations) kit can be yours for only $23,999.00! Packed with different items that Optics Planet believes you need to survive, you can purchase it all in one package, or each item individually. There is even a tongue-in-cheek sales video that entices you to buy. Their kit contains around 50 items, including reloading and laboratory equipment, because “if you want a safe world for your children and grandchildren you must find a cure. For this you need the best laboratory equipment.”

A shotgun you can count on for your security needs.
A shotgun you can count on for your security needs.

Optics Planet does not sell firearms, so they throw in some knives and a tacticool Battle Mug for your personal defense. Their kit includes the EoTech Zombie Stopper red dot sight and a few gun-specific items, such as the Glock Crimson Trace zombie laser and a light for a Benelli M1-M2 shotgun. What our competitor fails to do is include essential survival gear such as food and water. You aren’t going to last long in the zombie apocalypse without food and water. Not to mention a gun and some ammo.

I have analyzed Optics Planet Z.E.R.O. kit and have come up with my own that includes a

Mossberg 500 Cruiser shotgun, Hornady Zombie Max ammo, and all the other essentials you will need to survive. The best part about my kit is that it is $21,631.11 cheaper!

First off, you will need the Mossberg 500 Cruiser 12 gauge pump action shotgun with Stand-Off barrel. The breecher barrel doubles as a zombie head basher inner, or a door breecher. Load it with Hornady Zombie Z-MAX 00 Buckshot and you have the first line of defense.

For your other guns, I included a Bushnell TRS-25 red dot sight, a 1-4x24mm Millet DMS-1 tactical riflescope, the Safariland RLS Rapid Light System, and the LaserLyte K-15 Kryptonyte carbine green laser. With all these different optics, you are bound to have one shot, one kill in zombie land.

Other optics I included will  help you do recon. The Bushnell 7x50mm Marine binoculars with built-in rangefinder and the Bushnell 20-60×60 Sportview spotting scope will allow you to see how many zombies and where they are coming from so you are prepared to fight.  If you need to light up the night, the 210-lumens Streamlight Waypoint pistol grip spotlight illuminates up to 678 meters on high.

Whether setting up camp or securing your perimeter, the Original Zombie knives are designed to perform under the apocalyptic situations.
Whether setting up camp or securing your perimeter, the Original Zombie knives are designed to perform under apocalyptic situations.

Optics Planet includes some very heavy reloading equipment that will be impossible to lug around with you, so I substituted the Lee Precision breech lock hand press kit. It includes the breech lock hand press, ram prime, powder funnel, case lube, and a breech lock quick-change bushing. Specifically designed to reload on the fly and easily transport, the Lee Precision hand press kit will get you through a bind.

Sharp-edged weapons work for severing heads and chopping firewood, clearing paths in the woods, and other general tasks. I have chosen the Ka-Bar Zombie Chop Stick fixed blade knife with a 9-inch plain blade. I had to throw something zombie-specific in there for good measure. The Ka-Bar Zombie Chop Stick has a “toxic green” GFN-PA66 handle and includes a smaller Acheron skeleton knife. The United Cutlery Bushmaster survival knife has a serrated spine, a 10-inch cast metal blade and holds a survival kit in the handle. Unscrew the butt cap with built-in compass to reveal a can opener, a sharpening stone, an animal snare, a snakebite kit, and a flashlight.

Other important tools I’ve included are a universal tactical gun cleaning kit from Otis, a Leatherman multi tool, and a S&W tactical self-defense and survival pen.

Optics Planet does make a good point about protective gear during the zombpoc. It’s true, you will need protection from bites and scratches, and be able to carry all the gear with you. The ModGear Tracker three-day assault pack is MOLLE compatible, as well is the ModGear plate carrier. On top of that, you will need a chest rig to hold your weapon’s magazines and a hydration pack. The military surplus goggles have clear and sunglass lenses that are sun, wind, and dust proof, and offer ballistic protection.

In my opinion, the most essential gear is the gear that Optics Planet left out. Instead of adding expensive night vision and thermal cameras, I have thrown affordable survival items, such as a 72-hour food kit, a ceramic filtered water bottle for drinking sketchy water, a sleeping bag, a tent, and stove in a can to heat your food. Besides that, I have chosen a lighter, a mess kit, the CRKT Eat’N tool, duct tape, wipes, rope, and a 72-hour personal survival kit that includes more food and emergency water.

Supply yourself for the Zombie Apocalypse with Zombie Max buckshot.
Supply yourself for the Zombie Apocalypse with Zombie Max buckshot.

For $2,367.89, you can choose my 45-item preparedness kit. There is more included than mentioned above. Here is the complete list:

Total: $2,388.87

What else would you include? Tell me what I’ve left out in the comments section below.

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  3. Wow, superb blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you make blogging look easy. The overall look of your site is fantastic, as well as the content!. Thanks For Your article about Even More for Less. The $2,400 Zombie Preparedness Kit .

  4. I had been definitely surprised, as soon as following looking for a total though, I ran across ones post. Thanks with regard to discussing the data and within the great work.

  5. Really? Of all the places to be “holier than thou”. So this guy decides he’d like to learn to shoot because he wants to hunt, and that guy gets into guns because he wants to be prepared for any emergency, and that guy over there gets into it just because he really digs weapons. Another guy is exposed to the idea of guns through movies and games and decides he wants to learn to shoot and that guy is automatically an idiot because only you in your righteous efforts have the true motivation to become knowledgeable about firearms and proficient in shooting. Seriously, get over yourself. For every genre of gun enthusiast there are upright responsible people as well as delusional idiots.
    Secondly, my little brother is at an age where he can be trusted to handle firearms responsibly under supervision,as well as maintain an interest in zombie movies and video games. I’m a southern girl and many people in my region of the world believe that when you learn firearm safety from a young age you’ll carry good habits into adulthood. If it makes a young adult more interested in going to the firing range when they have zombie ammo then more power to them.

  6. Jeez Fitch, get off it. Can’t people just have fun any more? This world is too tight now-a-days. As the Joker put it, “This town needs an enema!!!!”.

  7. Simply want to say your article is as astounding. The clarity in your post is just great and i can assume you’re an expert on this subject. Well with your permission let me to grab your RSS feed to keep updated with forthcoming post. Thanks a million and please continue the gratifying work.

  8. Hello there! I know this is somewhat off topic but I was wondering which blog platform are you using for this site?
    I’m getting fed up of WordPress because I’ve had issues with hackers
    and I’m looking at alternatives for another platform. I would be awesome if you could point me in the direction of a good platform.

  9. I enjoy all the debates over gear, tactics and education. When collecting gear, I try to get the most for my dollar and buying bullets because they have a green tip or a cute label doesn’t cut it for me. That extra 4 or 5 dollars you paid for the zombie load could have gone to a better cause, but that’s my opinion. If that’s what you’re into then have at it. I think that a reliable firearm is necessary during emergencies, making sure you follow all current firearms laws. I don’t worry so much about the “undead” attacking me during an emergency, I worry about the “unprepared” attacking. Not the mindless zombie that wants to take a bite out of you, but the desperate living human that didn’t prepare, now has nothing and will do ANYTHING for food and shelter, including taking it from you. For those “zombies”, I keep my Mossberg on the list of gear for emergencies.

  10. Interesting kit you have here. I would think that most folks already have most of the items listed. I know I do. I like the zombie ammo. Very cute. I can make my own zombie ammo using XTP bullets. Thanks and good luck.

  11. The zombie thing aside, I really like my Mossberg 500A. It is lighter than the Remington 870. It’s safety is easier for me to actuate the safety than the Remington’s trigger guard mechanism. I also find the elevator on the Mossberg remains in the up position; I am less likely to get my thumb stuck in the downward elevator while reloading, which has happened with my Remington 870.

    No matter the reason, zombies or home defense, you need a good shotgun and the Mossberg 500 is a good choice.

  12. If enough of these designer drugs hit the streets such as “Bath Salts” there is no predicting the type and number of “zombie like” individuals encountered as we have all seen and read lately. I like the idea of personal preparedness for any disasterous event whether man-made or act of nature. The Zombie Apocolypse was a tongue in cheek approach to another outbreak such as the black plague…these things can’t always be predicted or explained, so why not take protective measures to deal with it?
    As far as the kit is concerned…WHICH WAS THE PURPOSE OF THIS POST! I agree with the cord bracelet idea, and a well rounded first aid kit. A small battery/solar radio may come in handy. Lastly, if the ammo were to run out a crossbow/bow and arrow would also be nice.
    Lastly, it is amazing how some of these posts get so far out of context so soon and how quick the crybabies come out of the woodwork/cave and try to ruin the fun….Thanks for the fun and the opportunity to share my ideas! “Plan, Prepare and Survive”!
    The National Preparedness Coalition Online Community, facilitated by FEMA, is where we connect and collaborate on emergency preparedness. Use it to empower yourself to prepare and to coordinate preparedness activities with your family, neighbors, co-workers, and those with whom you may study and worship.

  13. Ok i agree with all of you, zombies cant and never will happen. But what is your big problem with people being prepared in the event of any emergency. It is a label to put on survival. You are bashing people for buying and selling zombie merchandise. Why do you buy the things that you do? Lay off!! One persons survival preparedness is another persons paranoia. On a different tangent this kit really needs a handgun, the shotgun is good and all but a good sub compact handgun would really compliment this.

  14. What a really STUPID waste of time and money. Toung in cheek or not this is a waste of everybodes time. $2400 dollars? WTF.

  15. “Zombie Ammo” or “zombie gear”

    just a politically correct way of saying “This is what I would use to put those uppety (fill in social group here) in the ground, should they get out of hand.

    of course this is a brilliant way for manufacturers to stay out of courtrooms, and to avoid lawsuits.

  16. Ok. So lets put the zombie thing away for just a few posts and look at this kit from a survival standpoint. Like Jb Cook said, the food kit isn’t going to last in a long term survival situation, but it might help you get through the initial shock of being thrown into the situation. Get you by till you find more food.

    The thing I’m most confused about with this kit is the duplicates. He’s got an LBV an
    d the plate vest…. you can’t wear both. Same with the hyration pack and the backpack.

  17. So… where’s the scientist with the “Research” gear part of this acronym? Because rednecks are totally going to be the cure to a zombie apocalypse?!

    Major Kong has got it right (response #16).

  18. None of this Zombie BS creeped into the firearms market until AFTER the CDC started using a zombie apocalypse “scenario” as a way to market personal emergency preparedness. I want all of you to think about that real hard for a bit. And no, zombie idiot, I am not suggesting a zombie conspiracy I am suggesting a gun control conspiracy. Think about it. Look at all the emergency kit checklists put out by CDC and FEMA; do you EVER see firearms listed. Nope. I personally think that they are banking on a rash of “irresponsible gun owners” accidentally discharging all those stupid “Zombie Edition” guns they bought and using it as fodder for legislation. And they will try it; look at the sheer volume of weapons sales the past three years. You think all 20 plus million firearms sold went to responsible people totally unphased by chintzy Z-marketing? How many mouth-breathing, zombie idiots bought guns last year? How many are actually responsibly utilizing their weapons? And what annoys me are these fools condoning the companies doing this. I agree profit is profit. But I don’t agree with zombie marketing because it is ultimately irresponsible. Just like if car manufacturers started a marketing campaign that suggests everyone is a race car driver and throwing in free NASCAR helmets with the purchase of a new car. Want to be prepared? Great. Be prepared then, don’t be a lemming. Don’t buy that stupid green knife or whatever it is. If enough people do this, then this whole ridiculous Barbie-like infatuation FAD while earn its E and FADE.

  19. Zombies are real. Period. How do you think Obama got elected? You can’t go around calling it “democrat max” or “liberal max” duh! Mindless people trying to cannibalize you and your paycheck. Aka zombies, aka democrats.

  20. First, I am a C.T.D Customer and like your products, however, The one major item you left out is common sense. The basic knowledge of Nuclear War. There won’t be Zombies. There won’t be enough survivors to make a difference. A Nuclear exchange will not be a few missiles. It will be a lot of missiles. You people, and those like you, ARE ONLY IN BUSINESS if YOU Can Create FEAR Amongst the masses. Shame on you. I think all of YOU have played so many Video games that you don’t know what’s real. 72 hours of food in a kit…. ha ha ha.. what will you do for 5-7 years while the radiation is all over the planet? How will you survive long term Nuclear winter! I can answer that. All of you will be DEAD just like me. Now, you should focus on how to survive a Depression/Financial Collapse. That is more likely to REALLY happen SOON. I will continue to buy your products, but please, enough of the Zombie BULL SHEET.

  21. I personally don’t like this Zombie stuff, but it is just a branded emergency survival kit. I would buy this to put in my trunk just in case you never know what will happen tomorrow. I could go without the branding of Zombie crap but it’s a good looking kit. I would add water filtration equipment and the Wise Food buckets and more ammo.

  22. Hey guys, I don’t like zombie stuff either. But being in the medical community, especially the emercency, prehospital side,(on an ambulance), we are confronted more and more with situations that involve persons on very bad chemicals and are very dangerous, almost impossible to subdue and totally out of control like those on bathsalts and other that are attacking and eating people. Makes one rethink the zombie mentality and the need to be prepared for who knows what. Not really funny , but a little levity is sometimes needed in order to survive the reality.

  23. It sounds like some people are taking this thing way too seriously, if for no other reason than it’s name. I mean would some of these guys even care if it was just called a “Emergancy Servival Kit”, cause that’s really all this thing is, just one guys idea of an E-Kit.

  24. Rabble rabble rabble, Obama! Rabble rabble rabble, Protection! Rabble rabble rabble!

    As angry as the gun-snobs are, they have a point, guns are meant to kill, not play games with, which is what the whole zombie spin exploits. Put guns in the hands of those that don’t take it seriously and you’ll have more accidents, which lead to more media coverage, leads to public opinion turning away from guns and turning towards “gun control”.

  25. don’t forget to at least write something about how to shoot a pistolgrip SG: tuck elbows in, right/firing-hand between your pecs, or boobs; seat it tightly; do some dry fire; brace your chin on the receiver; pull back on the slide/foregrip (the recoil will unlock the action) you pulling back will give you a semi-semi-auto effect; slam slide foreward again: boomboomboom w/ some practice; to hit something, look into a zombie-laser; advance to dropping to one (the firing) knee

  26. Then we have a guy who says ‘don’t take life so seriously?” DUH>

    What is the focus of this site, “dodge ball”; NO among other things it talks about protecting your LIFE. I TAKE MINE SERIOUSLY & I’M DYIN’

  27. Lighten-up my butt. Don’t collectively blind. If you were John Doe you’d have no clue, but to hear pro gun folks talking about the “undead” and Zombies is idiotic. That’s all we need!

    I will buy nothing at all from a company that labels even one product as “Zombie related”

    manufacturer of ammo is trying to be the Lorcin of ammo

  28. Meh. I don’t really care for the zombie stuff either, but It doesn’t bother me. If anything, I see it as a way to bring people into the shooting community who would otherwise be uninterested. As far as credibility goes, companies are in business to make money. Those businesses who didn’t jump on the zombie bandwagon because of some gun-elitist attitude probably missed out on a ton of money. When the chips are down, money is what is going to beat out the liberal anti-gunners. I say, go ahead and enjoy yourself. Don’t take life too seriously man, we aren’t here forever, and its not like you are going to come back and rise from the dead… 0_0

  29. Come on lighten up. The zombie thing is just done in fun. Those that complain need to remove the stick from their rectum.

  30. Fitch, I partially agree with your observation. However, everyone has something that floats their boat. Some like shiny guns some like black guns, and some like “Zombie” toys. I too wonder why someone would spend additional monies on a product just because it has a green grip, or a radioactive insignia, or “Zombie …” emblazoned on the box/product. However, just because I wouldn’t do it doesn’t mean I should demean those that do. I see people spend $5000.oo on a turbo kit for a Miata, I repeat, a Miata and cannot understand WHY. However, they would look at my weapons collection, which is well over $5000.00 and wonder why. Here again, weapons float my boat.

    Back on subject…I didn’t notice any “paracord” in the list. Personally I would go with a paracord bracelet or belt, or the bracelet kit offered at CTD rather than the spool. Does the same or better job but is more compact. How about light sticks; They are light weight, provide light, which I admit is somewhat limited, but in pitch black you feel like you are carrying around a spot light. They are also excellent back-up in case your primary illumination tool fails. And then there is a quality folder like this Kershaw assisted open partially serrated blade knife; I have one and never leave home without it. It is an excellent quality folder, guaranteed for life, holds an edge extremely well and stands up to punishment. I recommend Kershaw for several reasons, including it is made in the U.S.A., whereas the United Cutlery and Ka-Bar folders are made in China and Taiwan respectively. The only Ka-Bar knives made in America are their fixed blade. I would also include a quality skinner, with a gut hook; I know I am adding several knives, but each has a special purpose. I have discovered over the years that the right tool for the job can make the financial investment well worth the end result. Additionally, we are not talking about a huge amount of “dead weight” either.

    As with all things, the list could go on but I will stop with these two last additions, how about a packable .22 cal sub compact. As there are a plethora of them available on the market, you make the call; and a Ruger 10/22 take down or Henry survival rifle. My personal preference is the Ruger, but hey, we all like what we like.

    God bless America and keep our military personnel and patriots past present and future under His protection.

  31. CTD, thanks for doing all my homework for me. I will save the site for when I decide to purchase,which will be real soon. Oh, BTW screw people that care what the “current administration” thinks.

  32. [rant]

    Okay, enough is enough.

    Every time I see one of these infantile Zombie articles, or a box of Hornady Zombie Ammo on the shelf (while my buddy is having light strike problems with their self defense ammo in his S&W that eats everything else) I wonder where all the adults went. What an incredibly stupid subject to have go viral in the press and in the market place. It makes one question the maturity of the “gun folks” that get all goo goo eyed over Zombie ammo.

    Want to throw your credibility on the trash heap? Its simple, go Zombie.

    At a time when self defense culture is under the heaviest attack in history by the current administration, it doesn’t do us any good to counter the irrationality of Blomberg and DOJ/ATF with lunatic ravings about Zombies.

    It is so far beyond slap stick it isn’t even entertaining.

    It’s bad enough that gun reviewers don’t weigh or measure guns and just regurgitate manufacturer’s statistics, but, in my opinion, which is apparently a minority view, this Zombie stuff is just a waste of print, or pixels in this case.


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