Leno Bows to Anti-Gun Pressure, Cancels Vegas SHOT Performance

Pressure from anti-gun groups—the Campaign to Unload, Newtown Action Alliance, and Coalition to Stop Gun Violence—convinced entertainer Jay Leno to cancel his scheduled appearance at the SHOT Show’s “State of the Industry Dinner” scheduled for January 20, 2015 at The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The SHOT Show is an annual production of the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), the trade association for the gun industry. Seats at the “State of the Industry Dinner” go for $115 apiece for SHOT attendees.

Less than 24 hours after the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV) launched a petition, Leno purportedly contacted Po Murray, the executive director of Newtown Action Alliance, to inform her that he had cancelled his appearance at the 2015 SHOT Show.Jay Leno According to the CSGV, Leno said he was unaware that the NSSF was a pro-gun lobbying group based in Newtown, Connecticut. As Leno told Mother Jones magazine in separate remarks, “I understand it’s Newtown, and of course I get it. It’s just, sometimes, mistakes get made.” The NSSF released a statement on Leno’s cancellation, which read: “We are clearly disappointed by Jay Leno’s decision not to perform at the  2015 SHOT Show State of the Industry Dinner. He unilaterally cancelled his promised appearance due to pressure from the anti-gun lobby, which included false statements about our industry and its commitment to genuine firearms safety, which we attempted to personally correct with him, but to no avail.” The NSSF further said, “We are not deterred by their publicity seeking nor are we unfamiliar with the bullying political tactics of the gun-control groups that seem to have as little respect for the First Amendment as they continually demonstrate with regard to the Second Amendment.” “We are proud of the many programs that we run that meaningfully contribute to public safety,” the NSSF statement continued, “including our long-standing Project ChildSafe and Don’t Lie for the Other Guy initiatives in addition to our members everyday work in compliance with comprehensive federal and state laws. We will not allow the lawful commerce in firearms nor our industry to be demonized, and we will continue to speak out for the Second Amendment rights of the millions of law-abiding citizens who are our customers.” The petition posted by the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence accused Leno of “helping to legitimize a crass commercialism which values profit over human lives” by speaking to SHOT Show attendees.

Leno’s publicist did not respond to an email request for comment.

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What do you think of Leno’s decision to back out as emcee? Is Leno’s snub a black eye for gun owners? Let us hear your thoughts in the comment section.

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  1. How about we give Leno a break, Please? He’s finished as far as we (those who partake of this forum) are concerned and it’s beginning to seem like preaching to the choir. He’s practically done for in essence ; and furthermore, he probably doesn’t give a damn anyway what anyone thinks- he’s set for life– he couldn’t care less. Let’s go on to another subject…shall we?

    1. Will-j: Any comments energizing the 2A supporters, or expose other threats to the Constitution, or informing about good or bad actions from other agencies may bring more vibrant life to this movenment. Post away and get us going.

    2. @ Boycott: I hear you L&C., and no disrespect intended- but have followed the root of this back to the FIRST post in reference to Leno?
      If not, then please do so and see for yourself who started it. Again, the subjects have strayed in parts from Leno and should perhaps should be addressed in other separate posts.
      As a vet w/ 18+yrs. and disabled in the Storm, No person respects 2 A more than I do- Just as much, perhaps, as I do – but not more; And that goes for the rest of the Constitution as well.
      However, getting back to Leno…….. I stand as before; Give it a break’ It’s becoming a trite issue, redundant, and as I said earlier- We’re preaching to the choir. (In this case -Ourselves.)

    3. Will-j: Spent some time reading back over the posts, and noticed toward the end deeper dialogue on the Constitution. I think Leno is sand in the oyster to start the irritation. This starts bringing out some strange thoughts on the Constitution, and also has been countered with some excellent solid defense of the Constitution. The battle now is in the words generating impressions in the minds. I do think this is a fading sunset, and Leno is going down with it. I think suggesting to the owners an open posting, with certain categories/topics, can keep people more focused on a issue, and/or input news that may otherwise be missed.

    4. @ Boycott: You are right , we should open more dialogue toward the Constitution. However, any further commenting toward Leno will be rhetoric and as I previously said, will be nothing more than preaching to the choir.
      Have a good one. Will.

    5. @BOYCOTT; Roger on the burial… I was so looking forward to Craig Ferguson’s farewell episode Friday until I saw that Leno was going to be on. Don’t know whether I’ll be sorry I missed it. OR NOT?!

      Have a good one.

    6. Will-j: Comedians never was my bag, too serious I guess to laugh at them. You just informed me CF is moving on, and if you did not I would still be in Ignorantville. I don’t remember every watching him. I had to google him to get updated. Not going to mention the other buried one, so have another good one Will-j.

    7. @ B-C; I never was a die-hard fan of any comedian either but I would tune-in at times if they had an interesting guest on. Ferguson had a little more going for him besides comedy and when I did watch him he was a bit more “at home” with his guests than some of the other hosts. A little more ‘spontaneous’-, if you will- than the rest.
      I don’t think he’s leaving the scene entirely…….probably looking into another venue where he might have a little more latitude in what he does. Keep up the good stuff and kick the hell out of the bad . Catch you later.


  2. @ Will:

    You write that I should, “try to be a little more civil toward those who tend to disagree with [me].” Please do not be confused by the objectives of the different types of forum members. There are those that deserve civility and those whom do not.

    My lack of civility is not reserved for those that legitimately pursue their quest for knowledge, as they are easy to identify and worthy of politely delivered edification; but rather my lack of civility is for those agitators that intentionally post their personally corrupted versions of the law in order to promote their own selfish agendas despite what the law actually reads.

    Unlike these agitators, my posts are not my personal opinions but rather the law as it is applied. When you write that you agree with 90% of my posts, you are in effect saying you only agree with 90% of the law as it is written. While I can’t identify who I am, I do try to be fair about informing others that my career places me in a rather high position as an authority to speak on matters of applicable law. Regardless, you still see posters reply with some of the most ignorant responses as if they were arguing against my personal opinions.

    The only personal opinion I may convey is in my dismay that they actual work towards advocating the loss of their own freedoms. It is incomprehensible that anyone would want to do this, and it flies in the face of everything America stands for and shed blood over.

    So to them I say: No man worth his own salt should have to be spoon fed his freedoms. His mere existence should be proof enough of the unalienable rights bestowed upon him by his creator. For a man to be so weak in spirit and lacking in character that he allows himself to believe he somehow owes his lawful entitlement to defend his own right to breathe, as provided by proclamations based on the consensus of other men, is as grossly shameful as it is repugnant.

    These corruptible or misguided men do not deserve any form of civility, as each and every one of them has been afforded equal opportunity to learn the true history of this country, the Constitution, and the Republic for which it stands.

    As to their First Amendment right to speak, it in no way protects fraudulent speech. Within that duplicitous genre there are 2 sorts: One that speaks with intentional deceit and the other that speaks despite a lack of education. To that I say one should be exposed as a fraud, and the other told to just shut-up.

    I believe I’ve done my patriotic duty to do both.

    1. G-man: Pleased to hear your reply, and your overall input into this log. It elevates one above the street level mentality. Easier for some to slide downhill, than to work to a higher plateau. Have a good one.

  3. Leaders are supported by their political parties. Lots of other people have the same mind set, so don’t let them off the hook. More blame has to fall on the parties than the leaders selected. Many people have to carry out the leaders’ dictates. Too many spineless party types, climbing the power ladders, also muddies these waters.
    Interesting differences between Churchill and Hitler. Hitler thought all his answers and decisions were the final say, and all his underlings better jump to carry out his dictums. Thus most of the underlings for Hilter were yes men. Churchill when interviewing someone for an important task, would state a losing strategy and listen for a response. If the response was supporting his position, this yes man was already canned before he could get the job. If another candidate could show Churchill’s strategy would not work and his plan would, very likely this person was in the running for the position. Churchill knew smarter and more energetic men than himself existed. His job was to find the best of the best, and not collect a bunch of yes men under him. For Churchill this was a life or death situation in WWII. The below mentioned leaders are far from this situation, and therefore are not tested fully to determine their mettle.
    Seems like the conclusion for some is can both of them. I prefer to rate presidents/parties in the order of damage done to the country and the Constitution. I further divide this into two subcategories: presidents/parties I have lived with, and presidents/parties before my lifetime. One of the ones mentioned here now has taken over my top slot. LBJ was in #1, but now has been bumped to #2. Some how Leno has to get back into this, he started it.

  4. YES, as a perfect example Obama was elected by a majority but that does not mean it was best for the country.

    1. Well I not sure if that is support for Obama, slamming Bush, or criticizing both. Whatever makes you happy. Neither one did much for me.

  5. As I read it, the Constitution was written to keep “majority rules” in check. Democracy has to be more than 2 wolves and one sheep deciding what to have for lunch.

    1. Kevin the Kontractor: Good analogy. Our founders knew the majority can be wrong and the minority can be right, or vice versa. Knowing this our founders did an excellent job in establishing the principles of our government. I know of no other government that has achieved such a delicate balance of these two extremes, and still protect the citizens from the government. My hat is off to the foresight of our founders. As for the wolfs and the sheep it will be a while before the lamb shall lie with the lion and not be eaten. Until this happens the best us mortal men can do is stick with the Constitution. I do not see anything better on the horizon, yet.

    2. @ Kevin the Kontractor: Unless the the sheep in question is actually a “Maremma Sheepdog”, in which case your going to have a Major Fight on your hands.

  6. @ G-Man
    I’ve agreed with you on perhaps 90% of your posts, the other10% being that which I do not fully understand and I could not give a damn bit less if anyone out there agrees in any way whatsoever with what I have to say about anything. That having been said, I ask you this: You acknowledge that the Constitution has [already] been amended 27 times. What makes you or anyone else think, or feel that the 28th or 29th or any other ‘X-th’ time it is amended, it will not be the one(s) which take(s) away our 1st and/or 2nd Amendment rights? As it currently stands, those are the only two which come close to assuring us, [hopefully], that day will never come. Our ‘voices’ are one thing; But.. we need our 2nd Amendment to remain heard and UNDERSTOOD that the Constitution should NOT be tampered with any more– in any way, shape or form.
    Read into this any way you may choose, but try to be a little more civil toward those who tend to disagree with you. After all, I think that is what the 1st Amendment is about; Is it not?
    With all due respect, WILL.

    1. Will: I can understand G-man’s position. Replying to continuous untrue statements, and smoke blowing screens even irritants me. Their replies are to pester and try to irritate one, and G-man take his share of it.

  7. @ “Z”: Nowhere will you find formal law or ratification establishing the Constitution as “a living document”. The so-called “Living Constitution” is merely a concept relegated to scores of college thesis written by wishful thinkers and is but yet just another of many great debates born of misnomer rather than reality or formality of any kind. Ad nauseam, the “Living Document” aspect is never allowed into a court room.

    In fact, so solid and unwavering is our Constitution that it has only ever been amended 27 times since its 225 year inception. So steady is the Constitution that even its most recent amendment, that being the Twenty-Seventh, took 202 years to finally be ratified.

    In contrast to your assertions, the Constitution itself was never “designed to live and grow as the nation grows.” At least not in the sense you speak.

    Instead the Constitution serves as the unchangeable foundation that gives birth to the governments and successive laws that may be established, stricken, or amended by necessity over time. But none of which are ever allowed to “live and grow” in defiance of the fundamental and God-given rights enumerated by the Constitution itself.

    Thus exists the entire purpose of the judges that make up the Supreme Court; to serve as the referees and umpires to rule against laws that conflict with the unwavering foundations established in the Constitution. These so-called “old way’s” as you refer to them are quite applicable as they serve as the only operating manual for the very current and relevant Supreme Court.

    Your “living” aspect remains a theory and was never a law. The origins of which were derived from the concept that laws are allowed to change on a regular basis, which is true, but the Constitution which governs the very rules of law-making itself cannot. At least not without a major ratification process which, as I’ve already pointed out, can take up to 202 years to ratify.

    So with that, we must bring your comments into the context of this forum. Given the sheer nature of this gun-related forum, it stands to reason we gather primarily in support and defense of the Constitution, and more specifically the right to bear arms as enumerated in the Second Amendment.

    However, as I’ve already established, the Second Amendment is not a law created by a subordinate government to the Constitution, but is instead actually an unchangeable foundation established within the Constitution itself and thus can never be subjected to any subordinate “living” laws created thereafter.

    1. @ “Z”: The Federalist Society does NOT say otherwise. Now I know you are no longer only misguided, but also have a tendency to make things up and assume no one knows any better. You’ve really no idea who you’re dealing with here.

      It is specifically the Federalist Society’s written mission statement and charter to promote matters that pertain only to the “Rule of Law”. So, given that the “Living Constitution” is merely a concept that gets bounced around in liberal universities, the Federalist Society does not hold an opinion one way or another.

      So you are either a boldfaced liar or need to do some research before you make such ludicrous claims.

    2. Very well said. And in 1809, Thomas Jefferson quoted Cesare Beccaria’s Essay on Crimes and Punishments when he said that “laws that forbid the carrying of arms…disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes. Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed one.” Thomas Jefferson took his time and put alot of thought into his draft which has stood the test of time.

    3. dogwood: You are a breath of fresh air, blowing away the smoke screen. Thanks for coming in on this, and providing some old fashion wisdom.

    4. G-man: Thank you again for an excellent teaching session on the foundations of our government. The purpose of the Constitution is to protect the people from the government(s) (fed, state, local), is not understood or accepted by some on this log. They use a smoke screen to try and confuse the issue. As you clearly stated it takes major efforts to change the Constitution, has not sunk into some knuckleheads. One can see from their weak, absurd, and deceptive practices their intent is not for the well being of the Constitution. I assume they prefer their associates (niece term for mob, such as with the French revolution) with no controls. Just good old fashion mob mentality for them, that is how they rule. For me I will take the good old static Constitution always, over their liberal mind conceived living documents. Have a good one G-Man.

    5. BOYCOTT: Watch what you say Boycott, the 2nd Amendment is in that “static” document called the Constitution of the United States of America.

    6. Z: Just using the other libs def of static, they are the ones boxing in that term. What is your def of the living one. From my perspective on this living thing, I ‘m not in that group, so from their position I’m in the static crowd. Also the issue of how the Constitution is changed is not being addressed. The libs think getting a simple majority and passing some monkey law can circumvent the Constitution. Simply majorities do not cut it for the Constitution.

  8. After reading all the comments. I’ve come to the conclusion that Mr. Boycott, wants the Constitution to “set in stone” never changing with the changing times. While at the same time saying the 2nd Amendment, is the ONLY part of the Constitution that is allowed to “expand and grow”. That’s why this country of our’s has “checks and balances”. And Mr. Boycott want to eliminate the balances, our at the very least severely “stunting” its growth.

  9. Not Sure I get the point of this piece of tripe. I would consider myself a decently well armed American with ownership of 10 or so firearms employed for various uses. I am able to be so because I am guaranteed the right to do so under the US Constitution. The failure to exercise this right or failure to PROMOTE (as opposed to “support”) the right of others to do the same would not in itself make me a coward would it? Where the hell does the author of this piece get off calling the actions of anyone a cowardice simply for the exercise of their constitutional right to dissent from a position which they may in good conscience not support or maybe their unwillingness to enter into a battle they simply do not wish to fight. This is the kind of crap that makes all of us look like a pack of self centered idiots. We want our legitimate rights but publicly disdain and defame others who exercise theirs. If you support the point of view in this piece of crap please rethink. We have plenty of enemies already without making legitimate ones.

  10. You got that right Z. I don’t think our sacred documents are even taught in school anymore. When I was in school they did little more than touch on it. With the push by so many now days to change, ignore and even eliminate the Constitution it becomes the responsibility and duty of all of us to ensure that the next generation knows the truth and the importance of the founding documents. Many, many years ago I took my 3 boys to the National Archives in DC so that they could see the real docs first hand. I don’t think we can depend on the public education system to educate on much of anything but for sure not on our history.
    Remember the words of Reagan:
    Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.

  11. Boycott: The Constitution is called “a living document” not “a static document” It is designed to live and grow as the nation grows. You can’t go back to the old way’s, just because it’s more convenient to your way of thinking and the type of life you want to live.

    1. CALLED a Living doc by those that want to change it or eliminate it does not make it a living document.

  12. “Z”- Although G-Man may be a little verbose, and some of his prose a little stilted, he does a good job of explaining the relevant facts. The fact that most Americans are unfamiliar with or do not understand the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence is due more to a lack of education (as in high school American Civics), a lack of interest, and intellectual laziness rather than stupidity.

    1. Common man: Their (Z & Chris) criticism is against the messenger. Little thought on their part is given to understanding the meaning of the message, or even their interpretation of: the message or the founders’ principles. Reading their replies does not indicate an interpretation of, or understanding of the founders’ documents. Since these are not stated I think dialogue on the subject becomes fruitless with them. Thanks for supporting G-man.

  13. If I ever have to go to court on a gun related charge, I feel I would be Blessed by God to have G-Man at my side. He has managed to say, and quite beautifully I must add, what I feel in my heart. May Almighty God Bless You, G-Man, and God Bless America!

  14. Though long, this may be worth the read, so please bear with me.

    I am going to take a moment to focus on a point made by Roger and throw everyone a bone and say that rather than viewing Roger’s comments as yet another fleeting sidetracked spinoff that often occurs here in these forums, I’m instead going to ask every person reading to realize Roger’s comments actually hit at the core of every single problem, argument, division, position, and unlawful court ruling or law that has ever been levied against our right to bear arms.

    As a matter of fact, it extends to the very reason for this article covering the controversy over Jay Leno’s cancellation to begin with. Now follow me here and I shall explain…

    If every anti-gun advocate ever actually took the time to comprehend the simple fact that they have no power to override the will of God, they would then come to know how foolish an argument they think they have. It also becomes irrefutable proof as to why Jay Leno as well as any other anti-gun advocate will always and forever be on the wrong side of an issue that really only exists in their minds to begin with.

    The Constitution does not create nor convey rights, but rather it enumerates and professes the natural and unalienable rights already bestowed upon us by the Lord our God himself. The Constitution merely serves to ensure corrupt men are constantly reminded that there exist inherent rights that can never be altered because they are the will of God.

    It is a deception by evil men when they proclaim this is all subject to interpretation. When one actually takes the time to read the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights, thereafter they would have no question as to the solid intent of our Founding Fathers words. It is unmistakably clear that God is involve in the entire process and bestows unshakable rights that no man can overrule.

    There is no argument that through the Constitution the Founding Fathers, the government, and every state that Ratified it thereafter acknowledge God’s will that we be free to live and prosper, and in so doing enumerated that supreme right to protect and defend such life by any means necessary; and so they wrote it into the Constitution by placing it as the Second Amendment by using the words, “…the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

    We all agreed as a country to these words back then and to my knowledge they have not since been re-amended in anyway. Sure we have seen some lower courts and governments deceptively corrupt the words into their own personal self-serving interpretations, but more times than not we also see such exploitations eventually overruled and restored to the original intent of the Constitution by the higher courts.

    So given there is no possible way to legally infringe upon our God-given right to defend life, those at odds with this concept will never be correct under any circumstance to oppose our right. So with that, gun-control of any kind is an unlawful concept; thus making Jay Leno and anyone else that chooses to support such rhetoric an anti-Constitutionalist, and therefor also makes them un-American.

    These people will always be on the wrong side of an issue… that never was.

    1. IN OTHER WORDS: G-man, is really saying that most of you are TOO STUPID to Read and understand the Constitution for yourselves. So, he’s obligated himself, by stepping in and INTERPRETING IT FOR YOU, BECAUSE OF YOUR LIMITED COMPREHENSION, of the English language. “After all if your going to act like a bunch of Four-year old’s, He’s going to treat you like a bunch of Four-year old’s.

    2. @ “Z”: On the contrary. No other words are needed. Just as solid as are the words of the Constitution, so too are my words which served their purpose just as accurately. But just like people such as yourself that choose to twist the Constitution in any way you see fit, so too have you done with my words as well.

      Regardless, for the sake of keeping within the context of your personal interpretation of my words, all I can say is… “If the shoe fits then wear it.”

    3. IN OTHER WORDS: G-man,===> (why a comma?) is really saying that most of you are TOO STUPID to Read (no capital R) and understand the Constitution for yourselves. So, he’s obligated himself, (ill placed commas all over) by stepping in and INTERPRETING (to interpret) IT FOR YOU, (comma?) BECAUSE OF YOUR LIMITED COMPREHENSION, (too many commas) of the English (small e) language. “After all if your (you mean ‘you’re’. YOUR is possessive) going to act like a bunch of Four (no capital) -year old’s, ==> (no apostrophe on olds) He’s going to treat you like a bunch of Four (again)-year old’s ==> (again on the apostrophe).

      If you’re going to lecture us about our english skills you should check your own.

    4. G-Man: You are a honorable American with great insight. I am blessed to read this beautiful dialogue on our founders documents. You are worthy to be of the same mettle as our founding fathers. I’m very pleased that you understand our birthrights bestowed on us by our founders, and defend them. Their wisdom and understanding establishes a government with no comparison. It is worth defending.

    5. @ BOYCOTT: I thank you for your acknowledgements. It is encouraging when others such as you take the time to so eloquently respond in kind. It is also comforting to know I am not alone.

      You speak the absolutes truth when you say there is no comparison to the principals by which our country was founded, and thus makes it worth defending… and so we shall.

    6. @ BOYCOTT: Oops, meant “principles” not principals”. Auto complete can be you best friend or worst enemy.

    7. G-Man: Thanks for the reply. Correction not necessary for me. I read to understand the meaning, and have no problem reading over typos, word processor injected words, and punctuation. You are instep with the founders, and summarized the subject matter very well. My brother-in-law (liberal), an English teacher , berated Meriwether Lewis , in front of his class, as an example of poor English writing, in his journal. When he told me this, I replied he had no idea of the conditions this man was under, and berating this extraordinary American to young minds shows your ignorance of the orders this man had to carry out, and lost only one man. I told him he could never accomplish what this man did, under the harsh conditions of the time. Some people in our pampered society can not relate to the conditions our forefathers lived in. These forefathers showed in their deeds and writings great wisdom and determination. Some around us are not chips off their stock.

    8. G-Man- It might help if you explained the historical context regarding the Constitution and particularly the Bill of Rights. The colonies had just finished fighting a brutal war with England to free themselves from tyranny, The Bill of Rights was included in the Constitution at the insistence of some of the colonies who would otherwise refuse to ratify the Constitution. The document is designed to prevent future tyranny; whether from an outside power or particularly from an overly powerful federal government. And a number of the colonies were very leery of a any powerful centralized federal government. For a more detailed explanation a person has to read “The Federalist Papers”, and that’s a tough read.
      The 2nd Amendment is the foundation upon which all the other Amendments rest. It is not about firearms for self defense, hunting, etc. Those were more or less assumed. It was written to ensure that citizens had the ability to resist a tyrannical government that would deny them freedom of speech, the press, religion, etc. Note that throughout history, one of the first actions of an invader was, and still is, to take away all private weapons from the citizenry..
      I guess this is more the practical side of the Bill of rights rather than the scholarly or philosophical side.
      I don’t agree with Leno’s decision, nor with the pressures exerted by the anti-gun lobbies, but I support their right to these actions. After all, they’re guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.
      The 2nd Amendment is the foundation

    9. Common man: I am confused. If you attack the founders’ documents, one has no rights under the documents, because they are trying to change them by some means not allowed by the founders. The principles cannot be changed by instituting this law or that law at the whims of the legislative body of any of the 50 U.S. states This is going on in states that are anti 2A, and it is unconstitutional. There is no protection under the principles for this action, and that is why 2A exists, as you stated to resist tyrannical governments trying to take away your rights. One can talk and write all they want about guns this and guns that, and this is protected, but when one tries to infringe on a constitutional right and remove it, then this action is not protected, and if the federal government does not protect the right(s), then the 2A comes into play. If one can talk or write to persuade someone to give up guns freely, then this is constitutional, but if it is pried out of his hands by some law or tyrannical action, against his will, then this is not constitutional. Very large segments of federal and state governments are violating citizens rights by some deceptive laws, regulations, ordinances, etc instituted in the bureaucracies. Notice if some civil right is violate the fed comes in fast, but for 2A violations the blindfold is on. There is a war against the 2A, and it is a spreading cancer, because if 2A goes down, then the 1A follows, then tyrannical government has very little resistance, and prodding the herd becomes easy.
      Please read Philip Hamburger’s article in Imprimis, Sept., 2014, “The History and Danger of Administrative Law.” I emphasis this article because it shows the broad base attack on our Constitution.

    10. The continuance of our free republic is placed in the hands of its citizens and not its elected officials. It is ours to protect and defend and to pass to our children. It is our duty to take up arms when necessary to defend and preserve Liberty so that our children may enjoy that for which so many before us have died.
      Any attempt to restrict or deny gun ownership is a violation of the Constitution and the natural laws of self-preservation. A government or group that moves to prevent or restrict gun ownership is therefore guilty of advocating tyranny, and are unwilling to recognize the inalienable rights of man to be free and secure.
      An American cannot ignore his duty to protect, defend and preserve the Constitution of the United States. To do so is to ignore all of those who gave their lives or spent their lives ensuring that Liberty would continue. We have been given a gift of freedom to choose the course of our lives and it is our choice whether that freedom will be enjoyed by the next generation or stand by and watch it disappear.

    1. @ The True “Skinny”: I’ve already spanked you and sent you to bed without supper once before for laying out such nonsense. You have completely twisted the purpose of that Article in the Constitution. Obviously you refuse to learn your lesson – so, for your embarrassment and the edification of others, I have reposted below my original response to you explaining how wrong you are, and how the correct usage and purpose of that Article is applied.

      Original Post Below

      First I must preface my following comments by making clear you understand that I am an authority on the Constitution and how it is applied in law. With that, unfortunately I must inform you that you have grossly misstated the purpose and applicable use for the “Comity Clause”.

      The “U.S. Constitution Article IV, Section 2, Clause 1 or the ‘Comity Clause’” was written to apply specifically to state-level laws which are subordinate to the Constitution, and not the Constitution itself -as you have so wrongly implied.

      The Second Amendment is superior to any state law and so the “Comity Clause” could not possibly apply to it.

      To clarify the facts, the Second Amendment serves to enumerate unalienable rights by our creator, which makes it explicitly superior to any state enacted laws simply by virtue of its presence and position in the Constitution, of which, will always reign supreme over any state laws.

      So now that I’ve cleared up the hierarchical supremacy of the Second Amendment, let’s bury the issue by examining the actual words purposefully chosen to construct the contextual meaning of the Second Amendment so that there would never be any future confusion:

      “…the RIGHT of the people to keep and bear Arms…”

      As anyone can clearly see, the Second Amendment explicitly and purposefully declares itself as a “RIGHT” and so it could never be construed as a “PRIVILEGE”. So how you arrived at your misguiding conclusion defies all logic.

      Let’s review: The Second Amendment intentionally incorporated the words “RIGHT of the people”, so no one would ever mistake it as to mean a “PRIVILEGE of the people”.

      Now, so I don’t leave you high-and-dry, I will explain the proper purpose of the “Comity Clause”. Simply put, it was intended to convey reciprocity of laws between the states, but not the Constitution. It is saying that states should generally respect the laws of other states even if they disagree or are different from their own.

      Knowing that state laws are allowed to vary, it was designed to prevent mayhem that could arise if states attempted to one-up each other or get even with malicious prosecutions of each other’s citizens in order to make a point. It also stands to allow extradition between states that may disagree on criminal consequences such as the death penalty.

      Bottom line – respect each other’s state laws or you may find your own state laws being disrespected.

  15. Chris,
    Read my comment more carefully. The words shall not be infringed is there to prevent the government from interfering with our pre-existing natural right, it does not grant the right. We already had the right. We the people have granted certain powers to the government not the other way around.

  16. I find it pretty hypocritical to point out Jay Leno bowing to pressure when your company will not sell legal products to anyone in the state of Maryland.

    I spent 15 minutes on the phone with a manager in your company explaining why it was legal to sell a flash suppressor to me, living in Maryland. End result was, no flash suppressor for me and you losing me as a customer. Along with a half dozen of my friends as well.

  17. BOYCOTT: You can push until the Cow’s Come Home, and you’ll never, even come close to scratching the surface. The NRA, can’t survive without the Gun Manufacturers, the Gun Manufacturers, can’t survive without customers and the customer’s won’t by the guns, until they see how sexy they are with Wine, Women, and Song (the “Entertainment Industry”). Your a FART in a Tornado Storm, nobody will notice you.

    1. Z: Is the dung war renewed with more gas? It is all dung if 2A goes down, and even you will be swept away in the whirlwind of tyranny. So if your plan is better please state it, or move on out with the big gas rush. Your stinking thinking is in line with the cesspool you reside in. Tryout for the Hollywood crowd, you can make a bigger splash there, and be more at home. Words of caution, don’t hit the scum deck to hard, what resides below may even be repulsive to you, if you break through it. I still wonder why you waste your valuable time on this lowly log.

    2. BOYCOTT.

      Just like that 30-Million Man March back in May of 2014, where the Tourist outnumbered the Marchers by 100 to 1. Or the Chaos all those Truckers did on the Washington Beltway did, and was all over before the 6-o’clock evening new came on. And virtually no effect too Evening Rush Hour Traffic.

  18. Why would anyone be surprised? Leno has always been a Hollywood liberal mouth piece. The problem with trying to get celebrity presence, is they’re celebrities. It doesn’t take education, dedication to our heritage, belief in our constitution and amendments or any character demands to be a celebrity. All they have to be is entertaining. Make it about the event, not about a personality. Their endorsement means nothing. These people do not deserve the status beyond providing entertainment.

    1. Mike your right!! Jay Leno is just a non credible comedian, who’s only talent is making people laugh irregardless of how stupid he sounds or acts, in fact the more the better!. Who really takes him seriously?? It’s not like he’s a political analyst or “educated” I would rather see some politically oriented figure speak especially Republican!! Besides Jay Leno’s career is over he’s passe’, old news.

  19. Please no more crying about being jilted by Leno; I mean come now, it is quite unmanly to be having a tissy fit because he broke a date.
    You don’t see G man crying and carrying on like some school girl.
    Buck up you men , there are plenty more far better than he you can look up to.
    Heck after we got 594’d we had no shoulders at all to cry upon in Wa. But then men out here do not cry in public, we go to the bars instead.

    1. HB: Missing the point. Get the hype up and move out to take on the liberals. But that is very difficult with bar flies. Keep crying in the beer and something bigger and more restrictive than 594 will fall on the mossybacks.

  20. Here’s a celebrity to consider… Angela Jolie or Brad Pitt. They’re both liberals but love guns. That would put the CSGV in shock!!! According to an article I read recently a very pricey private range was built in the backyard of one of their homes.

  21. I am commenting to correct Barry Anderson’s statement. He has made a mistake that I hear all to often from both sides of the debate. The Constitution does not give us any rights, much less the right to keep and bear arms. It merely states that the government is barred from denying us our pre-existing natural rights. One of which is the right to self-defense and that necessarily includes the means of self defense i.e. the right to keep and bear arms.

    1. Roger, you are incorrect- the constitution specifically addresses our rights to bear arms. Shall not be infringed.

  22. @ “Z”: You’re obviously a liberal just repeating talking point BS that another liberal passed along to you from their list of BS liberal talking points. None of which can ever be verified with facts, as usual, and none of which any of you libs ever actual research before you go making fools of yourself when repeating the same old BS.

    I know this because if you had actually seen the interview between Mr. Heston and Michael Moore you would know that Mr. Heston politely terminated the interview with an attempted handshake and then excused himself with all the class and dignity a great American exudes. Yet Michael Moore continued on, in his blather-lardistic fashion.

    Mr. Moore, whom was now in a state of trespass, ignored the fact that Mr. Heston had dismissed him and instead continued with attempts to berate him with his usual bag of irrelevant hack questions all in an effort to create controversial film for other lobotomized liberals to consume.

    Michael Moore should be thankful Mr. Heston was in no mood to clean up the 350 pound mess were he to have lawfully shot the now trespassing Moore. Instead Mr. Heston opted to allow Michael Moore to depart the residence with his obese waste of a flesh bag still intact.

  23. “This is the guy that ran away from Michael Moore. When all Michael Moore was doing, is try asking Mr. Heston a simple question.”

    Really? Enough of the disingenuous hyperbole, all Heston did was walk away from Moore and ignore him. Ask a simple question? Moore is a maggot, a piece of vermine. He confronts people with a camera, a mike and an agenda. Attempting to have an intelligent conversation with him is a non-starter. Why would any sane person get into a pissing contest with s skunk?

  24. And just who does Jay Leno think he is anyway?? With thousands of well known celebrity’s out there I personally would have never considered Leno at all. He just does not have the proper personality to fit the occasion from my perspective. At least Biden could have discussed shotguns ( sick humor) .

    Should have invited Sara Palin and they would have had to re-nail the roof afterwards.

  25. BIG blunder by the NSSF- those responsible for the arrangement are either inexperienced or incompetent and should be dismissed ASAP.

    Leno is a known anti-gun advocate and weasel (didn’t know the organization who was hiring him to do a keynote speech??!!)- this was no surprise.

    Could the NSSF possibly choose some other celebrity who is a known pro-gun/2nd amendment- PLEASE?

  26. I have always thought highly of Mr. Leno, but about 80 to 90 percent of Hollywood are bought and paid for by the Liberal Elite. So they will do what ever they say to keep their hands in the money pit. To bad he doesn’t have a back bone like Charlton Heston and others like him.

    1. BIGD9105: Backbone, right! This is the guy that ran away from Michael Moore. When all Michael Moore was doing, is try asking Mr. Heston a simple question. Yeah, He showed some REAL BACKBONE, there!!!

    2. It might have been more fun it Heston had invited Michael Moore to a pig roast, but if he went Moore would be labeled a cannibal. It never ceases to amaze me how fools like Moore seem to be a hit for the Hollywood crowd. I just try to keep my movie attendance down to a minimum any more, why waste money to provide huge salaries for people who might be able to act but can’t think rationally outside of their dream world.

  27. It is important for us to understand the hurt that is felt in the Newtown area but it is also important for us to stand firm on our belief that the right to keep and bear arms is given to us in the constitution and we should stand strong on this belief. Demonizing and name calling by both sides only tends to divide us more. Education about our first and second amendment rights and voting in and out responsible politicians is our best defense.

  28. There may come a time when a handgun in the hands of a capable private owner, personal security or Peace Officer could save a life. Maybe even this man’s life…then again, maybe not? Being politically correct is not always the best choice.

  29. Yes it is a snub and a cowardly act on his part especially when he couldn’t be convinced afterwards of the NSSF intentions and would not answer emails. In my opinion just another misinformed miscreant that wouldn’t know the truth if it jumped up and bit him in the ass. I won’t be watching him on TV anymore. I have lost all respect for a man I used to look up to. It’s kinda funny since in an industry that constantly fills the air waves with gun violence. I guess you could look at TV and say it’s all bad account of the gun violence or you could use your brain and coomon sense to know that is not true.TV is filled with much more than violence. TV is a tool just like a gun. You can look at just the bad in both and go on your narrowminded way or realize that each is what you make of it and how you use it.

    1. MW: Trash entertainment out of this business, depicts irresponsible acts using: cars, guns, sex, drugs, booze, and the list goes on. Fuel mushy brains on this stuff, then comes stinking thinking, with some of the monkeys trying to act out what they see. This is a trash dump society today, and one (especially the young) need to have all the gray matter intack to think and get thru this cesspool. Very little of my money is spent supporting the liberal entertainment crowd.

  30. Its discouraging to see him bow to BS pressure from an anti-gun group but if he is truly trying to stay neutral for various reasons then I guess I get it… just keep in mind how well that neutrality worked for a lot of Europe in WW2

  31. Everybody should boycott the show business industry and quit putting money in their pockets. QUIT going to movies and concerts and they will soon figure out who pays their salaries and keep their opinions and big mouths shut. The world they live in and how they make their money makes giving their opinions a conflict of interest not to mention worthless.Jay Leno is a big loser.

    1. Pat: I believe in this approach, and spend zero on on this liberal trash entertainment. I also push the boycott line against anti 2A states’ products and services, as much as possible. Good post.

  32. i do not see why the opinions of show business people are considered so important, what makes them qualified to comment on anything of importance? They are not employed by the business world and do not even have a REAL job and get money just thrown at them. Jay Leno should get a back bone.77

  33. Mr. Leno seems to have forgotten, there are more gun owners than gun grabbers.
    More germain, the 2nd Amendment makes the others possible. But, the lame stream media has it’s articles of anti-faith. Gun control is as much a one of them is their sacrament of abortion on demand.
    Boo Hoo, another Media and Entertainment icon proven to have feet of clay and a brain to match…

  34. Never been a Leno fan, always liked his cars. I guess with all this Ferguson garbage, he felt like he had to do what most everybody does in a make believe world that they’ve made for there self. And that is to kiss Obama’s A – – !! He’s been good on some things, but since I’ve never watched him, and never will now, he can go to H – LL, in a hand basket.

  35. Jay… have more than disappointed millions. I AM a motor head, I am a gear head, I am a lifetime member of the NRA, I have enjoyed you and your entertaining ways for more years than I can remember. You would have been showing your support for the constitution and the second amendment. Instead you dishonor there very document that gives each and every one of us the right to be free and to make choices. You my friend just made a poor choice because you did it for the wrong reason. If indeed that is how you feel you should never have agreed to do the show. You folded, you gave it up for the anti gun lobby. That sucks. i’m done.

  36. Maybe we shouldnt be too hard on Leno, he has generally been as far right as Hollywood allows and its his job, working in Hollywood. We should make a bigger petition, with 1000 times more names, asking him to reconsider. It want change his mind or stop the blacklisting of conservative actors but it’s a point we gun owners can make.

    1. Jimmy: Climbing the ladder in the entertainment business means they change you (sooner or later), one does not change them. This is a very liberal click that cares only for self gratification. JL’s money reserves and bookings are threatened; his response is appropriate for his mushy brains running a mushy mouth. I say Boycott this reed in the wind. Don’t get too close, he is a lousy windbreak. Going, going , gone to the highest bidder; the way of the entertainment slave block.

  37. No Mr. Leno you do not get it. You by you’re cowardly action have shown that you are not a man of principle, that standing up for what is right is perhaps not in you’re nature. There are many in this country who have lost respect for you and I count myself among them.

  38. I have always respected Jay Leno and it is hard for me to believe he now disrespects all of the vets who have died to keep this country free. We are only as free as we have the right to own arms. Wait till big brother tell you you can only own one car and it must be approved by the government. Then someday takes that right away. No more Comedy Club nights for my family.

  39. I have lost all respect for Mr. Leno. How can he say he did not realize the Nation Sport Shooting Foundation was a pro-gun organization! Does he not speak or read English? I feel he lacks the backbone to or personal integrity to stand up to pressure from outside groups or to admit that he cancelled due to that pressure instead of making a lame excuse.

  40. Sad but what can we do but pray. Ask these fools is money more important then Reputation ? Bloomberg,Soroes,and more needs to be run out of America Why do thy want to disarm US. Mr.Leno ? and I can give a hundred reasons.But one is attack from with in or Out side. if we are restricted or disarmed.Russia and China are Rattling there sabers as we have a weak Enemy with in Fraud for a American President with all the Attacks we have had God is for us. The NRA and CTD in financial and advertising support for the NRA and many more have stood before Congress and Senate for many a year have my Support .

  41. It’s sad, really, to watch how some people and groups bow to the extortion from these anti-gun groups (who believe they know what’s best for everyone else while they’re compensating for their own ). These groups are using economic terrorism tactics. We need to applaud the people who stand up to these groups, who stand up for their beliefs and convictions and say “THANK YOU”

    NRA Life Memeber

    1. BRYAN: Isn’t it strange how far “Hyprocrites” will go to degrade someone else, while pretending it ok for them to by ammunition from states without “gun restrictions” and to shun those states that do. Or standing behind the 1st Amendment and the protection of the Constitution too protect their 2nd Amendment rights, While “openly” professing and wishing the Constitution and the United States of America, NEVER EXISTED.

  42. Jay I bet you wouldn’t have turned and run like a coward if you had known this organization was one that had something to do with automobiles. But the irony of it is that autos kill more people every year than guns but yet you support the auto society, sad profoundly sad!

  43. I have had great respect and so liked Leno for so many years and then he does this. Jay…all those many jokes about Viagra over the years…friend, they now apply to you! Jay you really need to “get a pair” here on this one. You kowtowed to a gun lobby against an organization that grooms youth to become Olympic level Marksman. The shoot at targets, not people. Nor does the NSSF even have a heavy hand in “Hunting Sports” anymore than that there is a link between “Marksmanship and Safety Training” and branching out towards the “Hunting Sports”. That said, the NSSF is not an organization that is part of the big “Gun Lobby” per see. Too bad Jay leno didn’t do some research before he decided that he should sit down on the toilet to pee! Jay, If you weren’t such a “gear head”, I’d stop even using your name. Because of that, I’ll give you a second chance to grab a pair and start peeing while standing erect again! (Oh, golly, was that a Viagra joke!) Ha Ha. Jay, Fred Sanford had a quip for things like you just did…”You big Dummy”!

    1. Brad: This thought process was around long before JL was caught in their spiderweb. He is more noticeable to the masses, than the traitors at the local level. Our local school board liberals had the majority, found school administrators (hatchet people) to shut down our high school rifle team, and use the rifle range, in the basement, as a storage area. I wonder what the numbers are for high school ranges shut down. This program made very responsible young gun users. JL was shut down by this same movement, before this many smaller victories have quietly been placed in their game bag. Boycott JL, it could put a dent in his ratings. Advertiser do look at them. This battle is bigger than JL, he is a puppet jumping on strings for laughs and money.

  44. I have lost all respect for Jay Leno.I thought he was a man of pricipal,and supported the consitution of the United States Of Americia.I was wrong!! I will not watch any program that he is on,or has any thing to do with.I really don’t know how he looks in the mirror to shave!!! I am ashamed for him.


  45. He is a comic playing to his audience. Not a man of his word! The only excuse to cancel is life saving surgery. So let’s give it to him – cut him from your entertainment schedule. Doc

  46. cant believe this,used to like him. you cant tell me he didnt know what he was doing to accept this appearance at this deal. glad im not yellow and stand down on issues.sad,real sad.

  47. I came from a country which permits gun ownership with very rigorous control and restriction, India. I am a Life member of the NRA and very conservative in religious. moral and financial issues. I regret to see that in the 22 years I have been blessed to live in America, a lot of my countrymen have no concept of the great blessing and gift that God has granted us in being American. Those who do not appreciate the freedom and magnificence of this country ought to spend a few years any where else in this world. I am sure they will come back with a totally different perspective and an enhanced appreciation and love for America.

    1. I. Mehkri: I respect men like you. Your thankfulness for what this country has allowed you to accomplish shows you have great mettle. I know you are a stalwart citizen supporting the founders’ documents. Enjoyed your post

  48. I dont really think anything about him cancelling. We need to know influential people’s positions on matters of great importance. Id say a not supporting a Constitutional issue a s a matter of grace importance..
    Many people will shun his performances due to this decision, I know I will. He is not a part of the solution but part of the problem when he bows to pressure from liberal, leftist Socialist or Communist groups. Jay, they want us disarmed because the ONLY thing standing between world slavery is 80 million Armed American Patriots and the entire world has caught on to this truth. I would have to say that after this decision you shouldnt expect your armed neighbors to come to you aid if and when the SHTF. Sorry.

  49. So very sorry that Jay has knuckled under to pressure from the anti-gun groups. I’m one of the millions of gun owners who respect the laws and passionately believe in the 2nd. amendment.

  50. Real damn disappointed. In these times nothing should be surprising. The Bible has it down. The times are now right things are wrong and wrong things are right. Screw them all. It is our fault, we bitch and complain and then too many sit on their ass and don’t vote, don’t join and fight. don’t do crap but whine. I know a person that fits this 100%. He hates the way things are going, bitches, and won’t do one damn thing, even says nobody is doing anything. He is wrong. NOT ENOUGH OF US ARE DOING ENOUGH. I would be inclined to say sorry when one of these sorry people wants me to take them in. It is probably too late now, but I will fight and pray. What will you do? Bitch and gripe?

  51. It’s a shame that Leno pulled out. He apparently got his testicles removed while in Hollywood. I saw him perform years ago, before the Tonight Show Era, and he wasn’t very good then. Old, recycled material that wasn’t his to begin with. It’s a good thing he was just the opening act or I would have demanded my money back. People in the audience were finishing “his” jokes, and yelling out whose material it really was. This continued through the show, and he was booed for his performance. Luckily, he had good writers for the Tonight Show.

  52. It’s a regrettable move on Jay’s part. I wonder if he would give up his car collection if someone said the pollution from cars was killing people. I think he would check the facts, something I think he skipped before making his decision.

  53. Very good entertainer. He has had the freedom to do what he likes and has made a very good living at it. Unfortunately he does not understand where that freedom comes from!

  54. I’m disappointed that Jay gave in to the pressure. I don’t generally see him doing that sort of thing. Considering he no longer is on TV, I’m truly surprised. I suppose “stars” always exist with which way the wind blows if they have made it. Jay is still a good guy, I hope he changes his mind.

    NRA Benefactor member

  55. Too bad Mr. Leno didn’t bother to find out what the NSSF is actually about instead of just buckling under to a lying fringe group. Shame on him for not actually thinking for himself.

  56. Jay… Who?

    He’s always been a second rate comedian. That is all it took to shake Letterman a few years back.

    Compare someone like this to someone like Miller…. No comparison!!

  57. I can’t be too surprised since he hails from the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts and has been living on the Left Coast for the last several. Very sad to see how money means more than principle. Maybe if he had served in uniform…

  58. Well, as they say, histoiry repeats itself.

    Fact: One of the first things that the Nazi party did upon coming to power in Germany was confiscate all firearms not owned by Nazi party members in good standing to quell resistance.

    …when will they ever learn…
    …when will they ever… learn

  59. I had a great respect for Mr. Leno and always admired his work but his cancellation only confirms that even a great man’s true intentions can be altered by unfounded and unproven pressures. I thought that Mr. Leno did things on his own terms…I guess being out of the line-light has soften competitive edge. Just a great shame…

  60. National Shooting Sports Foundation… I guess I’m just real SMART because I know what that is, or I can figure it out…

    What did he think it was??? A Jack Daniels shot drinking competition???

    Good riddance to you, Jay… Just go home and play with your cars, and leave the Adults alone…

  61. Come on Jay, Cars and guns go together like cheese burgers and fries. Both are equally dangerous in the wrong hands but are loads of fun for the rest of us. Can’t let the ignorant whiners control your life.

    1. John: Excellent post. JL just can,t put the two together in that mushy liberal brain of his.

  62. I will never watch anything Jay Leno is part of – ever! He is a total sell out and a coward. He makes me sick!

  63. His cancellation probably will not affect his all praised ratings but I’d does show where his loyalities lay. I agree, he needs to fine a set and not let others dictate his actions.

  64. I know he collects cars,but I wonder how many guns he owns or shoots??
    What a hypocrite.The only C-list movie I recall him being in had a strong emphasis on guns.

  65. A bad decision by Jay Leno; he should be given an opportunity to make good. If not, his name is moved to the “no respect” side of the ledger.

  66. I have lost all respect J.Leno, must be that he did not read of fine out what really happens, gun free zones people get shot by someone not in there right mind were as in places that allow guns there is very little or no killing. Jay what will it take for you to really see the light that people have the right to protect themselves. When evils strike I hope there will be a gun holder there to save your pants!

    Think about it.

  67. This clown presents himself as a car guy. Kind of a ‘normal’ image EXCEPT he has millions of dollars invested in those cars. He’s anything but normal – Fat cat is closer to the truth.

    In my opinion, he isn’t normal, he is a chickenshit little pussy and his word obviously means nothing to him. He has prostituted any real beliefs he may have had through his comedy routines for years. As a result, he is as spineless as pond scum.

    SHOT is better off without his candy ass. I’d be ashamed to be associated with him.

  68. Radical actions are spawned by ignorance or denial of the facts. We simply need to say the truth even if it is inconvenient. Teenage thugs should not be idolized and mentally challenged people should not have guns. Gun owners should store their guns responsibly.

  69. Leno’s move to cancel his appearance shows what a screwed up liberal he really is. Glad he is now retired from Socialist TV land. What a waste of oxygen he and all of the liberals in California and the east coast are.

    Down with Democrats in general. I wish you liberal ass holes would move to Canada or Anywhere out of the USA. Take the Queen Bitch Hilary with you!!!!

    And the Tree Huggers!

  70. Jay Leno has always garnered the “nice guy” image through the years and now appears to confirm one of “too-nice” at that – some in the Yellowhammer State go as far to mention “P-#-$-$-Y in the same sentence when referring him now… Don’t think there will be any ‘extra” room in his “Garage-ma-hall” either any time the automobile-accident death rates increase for the varied reasons throughout any given year as well… So Jay, just STAY off the T.V. forever now, you’really just shootin blanks with me… Roll Tide…

  71. “The petition posted by the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence accused Leno of “helping to legitimize a crass commercialism which values profit over human lives” by speaking to SHOT Show attendees.”

    What Hypocrites! “Crass commercialism?” I would strongly suggest to the CSGV that the recent Ferguson, Missouri outrage was spawned and encouraged by the very liberal media attention that could also wear that same label.

    It’s a shame that Leno snubbed the SHOT show merely because of the whining from a fringe group of ignorant lunatics who have assuredly followed the tenets of Hitler, Stalin and other dictators in the past and who are now supporting the dismantling of the Constitution by a current dictator right here in the United States.

    Mr. Leno had the chance to point this out, but it appears that he is more interested in furthering his “Nice Guy” image instead of proving that he has a pair. Sorry, Jay, but you are a disappointment, and we deserve an explanation!

    1. I’m a big fan of Jay Leno’s Garage, it’s a shame I will have to cancel my support of his show. I’m a patriot, and defender of the constitution from enemy’s both foreign and domestic. It’s clear what side off the line he is on.

  72. “Leno said he was unaware that the NSSF was a pro-gun lobbying group based in Newtown, Connecticut.”

    So what was he unaware of, the pro-gun part? or the Newtown part?

    A pro-gun group at a shooting sports show? Why I had no idea there would be any connection…..

    Sorry Jay. Not that it matters to you, but you’ve lost my respect.

  73. Yes, the USA is a free country. So Leno has proven that he is just another Bloomberg Bobblehead. To hell with him & the rest of his ilk. Thank you for allowing me to share my first amendment rights, made possible by those of us that fought for (and continue to) defend our second amendment rights. There is a new dawn coming on January 2015

  74. Leno is a worthless dbag for this move. I’m sure he doesn’t check twitter but I’ve directly commented to him there as well.

    As I said there I suppose rights and such have no bearing when there’s a bs political agenda at work. And God forbid the celebrity not cave to pressure, stand up and say “guns are a right and I support that right of citizens to protect themselves.” instead he apologizes to the people telling him to back out. Screw Jay Leno, never cared for yhis show and I now have 0 respect for the man. I hope an earthquake trashes his huge car collection, it would be appropriate.

  75. His choice obviously. First Amendment is just as important as the second. Wonder if he has thought about this: his fear of alienating the anti-gun people has alienated the people in favor of the Second Amendment and legally owned/carried firearms. Of course he’s not on TV anymore and shouldn’t have to worry about sponsors or that kind of thing. The bottom line is that he’s put himself squarely in the anti’s camp. Poor choice Jay.

  76. Im sure Ted Nuggent wil MC the event. A true American.
    Ask him how he feels about Jay Leno backing out.
    Its kind of ironic . I think Jay Leno is a NRA member.

  77. This series of events is about as much of a surprise as Louie’s discovery that there was gambling activitiy in the back room of Ricky’s Americana Club. Why not get someone like Tom Seleck who understands the issues of firearms ownership and has an adult view of the world.

    1. Ted: It was when I got up Thansgiving Morning, I hope it stay’s that through at least New Year’s Day. I really hate regime changes, on a New Year. Don’t, you!

  78. Celebs live a double standard, they have armed security people with all the trimmings. Screw Leno and the rest anti-gun celebs. They dont have to protect themselves or family, they hire people to do it for them. Bunch of pandering posing fakes more concerned with ‘their’ kind. F’em

  79. I am disgusted with Leno. I will never pay to see him again or support any of his causes. HITLER also believed in gun control.

  80. Honestly Leno may be greedy and a shrewed busnissman, but he is only a a 2nd rate comedian and it not a real loss to this or any event that he cancels. One can only hope he stops performing completely

  81. LOOSE CANNON: Jay Leno WAS and still IS a “Loose Cannon”. If the NSSF did their homework, they would have known to Jay Leno, was a Loose Cannon. And like all Loose Cannons, you can neither predicate nor control a Loose Cannon. The NSSF ask for him, and they got him. In all his GLORY.

    1. Well, I’m proud of Jay Leno for realizing he had made a mistake in agreeing to appear before such a group. His very appearance would have been seen as taking sides. It was a no win situation.

  82. I cannot express my true feelings with the liberal non constitutional abiding citizens off this nation. Next they well be using terrorist tactics in that they will be telling use to believe what I tell you or you know what will happen. Y’all have a good day now.

  83. Leno is a disgrace. Heshould not consider himself American but a leftist media puppet. I would like to see if they would start enforcing race and high performance cars bans if he would sissy away like he just did. Cars kill more people yearly than any gun massacre have ever done. And they do it legally. Recently that teen from California that went on the killing spree used his car to kill 2 people. Leno should have the cojones to tell the leftards to mind their own bussiness, but I think he made is as a publicity stunt. Is not like he makes great ratings anymore.

  84. Leno’s welching on the deal he made for the SHOT show appearance wont hurt the show. It WILL hurt him. A lot of shooting sportsmen liked him, but they see his true colors now, so he will lose that slice of fans.
    Forget about Leno and move on, there are other people just as entertaining who will be glad to do the show.

    1. John,

      I think you’ve hit on the key here . Leno didn’t think this through very well . He did just lose a large section of his fan base . Lot’s of us are car guy’s as well and now we won’t be watching , or going to ,any of his shows !

      In the end…..His loss .

  85. Who really needs Jay Leno anyway…as if he actually matters.
    Someone should make “NO LENO” T shirts, buttons and stickers for sale or give away at the SHOT Show with his ugly mug, a big red circle and slash across it…
    and remember to boycott his upcoming show “Jays Garage”…just for starters…
    we can be peaceful, creative and effective when we choose to be.

  86. Yes, it is a shame these Liberal Anti-Gun Groups have this kind of power over the TV personalities, actors, and news shows. Threatening the popularity and incomes of these American people by their agenda. Yes, leno does have millions but, he also likes to work & be popular. No he should not have cancelled but, I can see why Leno may have. In my opinion he should not have cancelled once he made a commitment to attend. But, this was most likely advised to him by his business agent & legal attorney. As a American Leno has a right to change his mind. This just proves even if you have money & power. Someone always has more. These Anti-Gun Groups demonize anything relating with firearms as negative. Of coarse anyone knows law-abiding gun owners are not the problem. This is something the Anti-Gun groups do not care about. They want all guns taken away from the average citizens. In their minds Guns are only for police, military, and for the few elite members of society..The fact is if all our guns were gone the US would be in the grips of the crimes & problems similar to Mexico. Not in my opinion a utopian society. .

  87. Well Jay,you have always looked gay,soon will come the day when you will start to pay.My group alone is 14+Million strong,I can assure you Jay,when we all start the info about you,ask Garth Brooks what it is like to be old washed up broke and blue,you guys are such old news,NBC told you to get your walking shoes.Now that is a much better show,you not showing up,for those of us who know,is really like Christmas with snow !

    Somebody put some music to this will ya,let’s get it on UTUBE !

  88. What a freakin COWARD!!! Hard to believe I wasted all those years watching that MORON!!! I thought you had to have a spine to stand up on a stage. Not sure how he did it being SPINELESS!!! Same with Garth Brooks. What a FAKE!!! When you start making friends with the enemy, you better worrying about who your friends really are. I’ll never watch anything with LENO or GARTH again. By the way, did you notice how all the capitalized words intertwine with each other???

  89. So Jay’s socialist roots in MA clearly effect his personal attitudes. I like this guy, but always felt some where along the way he sold out just to be a big man in Hollywood. He has made the choice that our Constitution is not as important as his reputation. From my perspective, bad choice. Enjoy your cars Jay, because if TSHTF, someone will use the really fast and maneuveral ones as quick strike vehicles. Thanks for your contribution to the cause.

  90. Leno u snob, lowlife, never ever gonna see anything having ur name on it…be a man, if not, sell ur guns. If u have any…Worthless piece of a man.

  91. seems like all the millionaires are showing their liberal leanings. You have Garth Brooks siding with the Ferguson rioters over what is apparently an obvious self defence move by the police officer. I’m sorry you tried to take a gun away from a police officer you try to charge him you beat the snot out of him you’re going to get shot. I don’t care what color you are I don’t care what sex you are and I don’t care what planet you come from. Now we have this multi millionaire Leno bowing to the pressure of these idiots, he needs to be booed off of every stage he gets on from now on by the people on the right we are the majority. Only problem is we’re too damn polite.

    1. Bob,
      I couldn’t have said it better. I’m a disabled Veteran (long before odumba took office) & I fought to ensure our rights were not infringed upon so to hear that Americans want to change the very Constitution so many have fought & died for sickens me. It makes the deaths of my brothers & sisters in uniform meaningless & I REFUSE to accept that. As a gun owner, I will fight ANY & EVERY anti-gun group that is choosing to crap on our Veterans & active duty that have fought & continue to fight for the very freedoms granted us by our forefathers.

  92. what a gutless wonder. Think about it NSSF. Yes he knew what that stood for he knew it was a pro gun event. He can’t take a little heat he’s already a millionaire so big freakin deal. Nothing but a gutless wonder to knuckle under to a bunch of insane liberals. Personally I never liked him. This just confirms it

  93. Well when the 4 horseman come to town, they’ve feeding lately in FURGESON ,and break in his PLACES that micro phone really needs to be hooked up to a serious amp and speakers. he’ll also need a lot more “DEPENDS” more than he’s been wearing lately; YOU SPINELESS JELLY FISH.

  94. I’m not shocked at all, Leno has never shown himself to be Pro-Gun (at least not in his own words) or to be a conservative minded person. The only thing he really seems to not like is all the illegal aliens as he makes constant jokes about the illegal aliens taking over California.

  95. Shocking that a media eunuch would bow to pressure from the left. I wonder how he will react when there is a group protesting motorcycles or wanting confiscation of polluting classic vehicles?

  96. You know who bows to anti gun pressure? Cheaper Than Dirt!!! You guys won’t even ship legal guns to me in Maryland. CTD is an example of the antis winning.

  97. I have been a fan of the J Leno show for a number of years.after reading his remarks and remitting to perform at the shot show this has ended my interest in watching anything he is involved with whether it be his evening show or any other program he made. I will switch off switch channels or just not TuneIn. It is his prerogative to not perform at the shot show , It is also my prerogative not to watch anything he is appearing them I hope all who read this will follow suit with me and not support you or participate in anything he is involved in!

    1. Bill H: My handle makes the point. I want boycotts on all these anti 2A states and people; as much as possible. Gun owners supporting 2A needs to start using their money as a weapon.

  98. Make no mistake; as all-American as Leno seems to be, he is first and foremost a liberal, and he also is comfortable with the politics of his comrades in show business.

  99. Just another person to send a message too. I still dont buy Sarah Lee products because for their support for sharah brady. Its just less of a hassle to simply change the channel when this spinless whimp comes on the tube. Let him enjoy his unimformed audience of several thousand, instead of a well informed audience of millions of second ammendment supporters.

  100. Would never have expected to Leno to be a wimp. I have always considered him a dyed in the wool American. Hope he didn’t shoot himself in the foot.

  101. I’d like to hear more about this. I never thought Leno gave a crap about what others think, and don’t think he’d bow under pressure from the anti-gun groups.

    He’s no longer on TV other than a car show, and doesn’t need wo worry about the viewers’ thoughts on gun control.

    He’s a multi-millionaire and doesn’t need the money, and doesn’t need to be worried about outside PC groups.

    I want to hear more about this, before I pass judgement on Leno…other than my opinion here.

    1. LynnB: Losing an audience in the entertainment business is hard to handle, for some. Some entertainers have the money, but that is not enough. Some search for the replacement in drugs and other things. If the come back does not happen, some have committed suicide. Their brains can be doing some stinking thinking when the limelight has moved on to others. I would not use him for a windbreak, you may get squashed. Support a boycott of him and the new crowd he has allied with.

  102. Jay Leno is a fat washed up Neo liberal turd. No loss. Just don’t watch anything he’s involved in. Ever. F ’em.

  103. Hollywood makes millions of $ from guns in movies, and J made millions of $ having actors starring in those movies as his guest. There seems to be a disconnect of some sort here? Oh, he wasn’t going to make Millions of $ on this one!

    HIP – PO – CRIT defined: JAY LENO

  104. I didn’t think he was an anti Constitution type too bad I really liked him but not anymore!! he’s just another Hollywood socialist / communist!!!!

  105. I’ve never understood why the majority, it seems, of gun owners who are the most petty and close-minded people on the planet. Someone doesn’t agree with you 100% and you completely write tthem off forever.
    The next time you go on a tirade bitching about what’s wrong with this country, take a minute to look in the mirror first before you do. But be prepared; you might not like what you see.

  106. We all need to be reminded that a gun is a very safe, inanimate object … until, of course, it ends up in the wrong hands! A gun is very much like a parachute: if you need one and don’t have one, there is a very good chance you may never need one again.

    1. 100% Concur.

      Next Jay will start backing out on Car shows. Because cars kill too.

      Typical entertainer move, All show and No go.

      AND being YELLOW and spineless is the norm.

  107. Jay is welcome to his opinions…..just sad that he sold out. He appreciates the shooting sports and understands the second amendment as it was intended by our system’s creator’s….sad when commerce wins out over content.

    1. CV: A whole lot more is at stake in the 2A battle than shooting sports. Don’t let a side issue sidetrack you. He wavered on 2A . Understanding the 2A and supporting it are two different issues. Knowing about 2A is a brain issue, supporting 2A shows one’s mettle. JL is low on mettle. I still support a boycott of JL.

  108. We really should not care. Leno is no one to support us and as always his creepiness will start to show soon and the gun industry will be glad that he wasn’t there to support us—–much as Cosby

  109. No one received a black eye, I prefer to believe the righteous, lawful gun owner is tougher than that. Mr. Leno on the other hand has lost my respect and I’m sure, a lot of other people’s. So disappointing to learn that someone you thought a patriot, does not have the character and fortitude you believed he had. Truly saddened by Jay Leno.

  110. “you can not blame any entertainer for being politically correct.”

    Joseph, I’m going to go out on a limb here and posit that you actually meant: You shouldn’t be surprised when any entertainer marches to the beat of the politically correct..

    There I would agree with you, as most of them are spineless creatures who only care about perpetuating their commercial value. Those of them who do go out on a limb, and stand up for the safe-guards our constitution purports to protect are men and women of character. The rest are just trash, IMO.

  111. you can not blame any entertainer for being politically correct. To stand up in front of a crowd and state your position takes a lot of fortitude that most of us don’t have. For 60 years I have writing and speaking my mind on the subject of individual rights vs the politically correctness and feel no has listen or believes in our “Bill of Rights”. We need to understand history and apply it’s lessons to our future…

    We need to support those of us who bite the bullet and stand up for us…

  112. @ THX-1138 in response to your comments towards GDean:

    Everyone is just cruising along – commenting within a harmonious flow that truly captures an accurate consensus towards a strong unanimity which is quite appropriate given the cowardly actions by Jay Leno.

    And then comes along an oblivious THX-1138, as usual, who proves once again he hasn’t the ability to grasp the basic concept of a very pointed article, let alone the appropriate responses by the readers that followed.

    THX-1138 asked: “Why is he a Coward, because he chooses CAR’S over GUN’S. [sic] (missing ?)”

    No, he is a coward for reneging on a previous commitment to appear. A dishonorable decision on Leno’s part – of which resulted from his own character weakness that allowed himself to fall prey to faux pressures by fringe anti-gun groups that don’t actually represent the will and majority of the people in this country. That makes a man a coward in anybody’s book – I guess except yours.

    THX-1138 also wrote: “If they didn’t want him in Las Vegas, they shouldn’t have ask [sic] him to come…”

    Your statement makes absolutely no sense at all to readers that actually comprehend the content of this article. They obviously DID want Jay Leno to come to Las Vegas; otherwise they would not have hired him to perform for their event.

    The problem arose only after Leno went back on his commitment by cancelling his appearance which stemmed from his catering to the fastidious pressures invented by anti-gun groups. Again, all the making of a coward by anyone’s standard… except yours.

    Learn to read and please stop wasting our time with ridiculously incongruent remarks.

  113. No GDean it doesn’t make him a coward. however I wonder why he would accept the invitation in the first place. He’s not choosing cars over guns. He is choosing not to be involved with pro gun group.

    1. @ Trip 3.

      Charlie Brown, had Goals. But like Cartman, he was never ever able to achieve them. Because things always seemed to get in the way…

  114. It should be obvious, he cares more about his pocketbook than standing up for a constitutionally protected right. Apparently he’s a coward.

    1. @ GDean.

      Why is he a Coward, because he chooses CAR’S over GUN’S. I just tell’s me his interest’s lay/lie in another direction. That Automatically make him a coward. If they didn’t want him in Las Vegas, they shouldn’t have ask him to come…

    2. I am sorry, I wasn’t really paying attention to what you wrote. I should have noticed that you put interest in the possessive. I am guessing that my comments (as well as the others), for your sake, are wasted.

      Good luck in life. I honestly envy your ignorant state. Unfortunately, I was cursed with… Insight.

  115. Being an avid car enthusiast, I’m surprised that Mr. Leno would fall for such a simpleton ploy.

    I mean, he knows the cars kill far more people than guns every year, right?

    I guess he just forgot that people in the anti-liberty crowd are more evil than inanimate objects.

  116. Having been a fan of Jay ever since Johnny Carson retired I wouldn’t be to quick to judge, I’d like to hears his reason for backing out. I don’t know his sentiment on guns or gun control but this sounds like politics to me, And in Vegas no less. Not one of my favorite places.

  117. No longer a fan. Will not attend or watch his shows nor purchase any product he endorses. He has a constitutional right to work where he desires but the statement he did not know what the shot show is or NSSF represents is bogus. He should have refused the gig up front. I can respect that. He caved and gave a lame answer. I do not respect that or him for that path. He certainly is entitled to dislike fire arms and organizations like NSSF and the NRA. The only reason he took his hand out of our cookie jar ( his fee) is he got caught. Say it up front, man up to convictions. j

  118. The left will use any dirty trick or lie to advance their Destroy America agenda… No surprise. Leno is just to weak to research the truth and take a stand.

  119. We live in a country of criminals and lawbreakers – mostly the low class and high class. The majority of the middle class lives in fear of those who regard us the enemy. Meanwhile I live comfortably by virtue of a nest egg and the ability to defend myself.

    When I was a little boy in Cub and Boy Scouts we learned things like the survival carry, making fire, making tourniquets, splints, and bandages from common items, helping the disabled and dealing with wounds and injuries till help arrived, and the basics of shooting including the prone, sitting, crouching, annd prone positions plus basics of archery. We learned what was necessary to be a good American.

    Where the hell did that go?

    1. Sheldon: Feedlot cattle (Urbanites (my coining)) spend their spare time looking at the JL types. You speak and write in a foreign language to them. A manufacturer was ask, years ago, “What businesses have future growth potential?” His reply was entertainment and garbage collection. Fits right into the village concept. These idle brains need to be entertained, and garbage is much, both in the brains and in the streets. JL provides feed to the many feedlots.

    2. boycott: The first known usage of the word “Urbanites” was 1897, not your “coining”. Unless your saying, your over 118-years old. Which make you the oldest person in this forum.

    3. Z: Late getting back on this. You got me on the base meaning of the word, but decided to mix up the meaning with feedlot cattle, and old Hillary’s village. My use then does not imply a pristine place for most of the city dwellers, which is contrary to most definitions of urbanites.

  120. So, he will no longer have an armed security detail, RIGHT? Because if guns are bad for me, then are are bad for you too, Mr. Leno!

    I was a fan because he is a rabid car guy. No more.

  121. I thought Leno had more intestinal fortitude than he has shown. I guess his true side has finally shown through…….. My back is to him. I will have no further dealings with him.

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