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You know that firearm that you inherited from your uncle’s cousin’s dad’s former roommate? Consider auctioning it off through the Rock Island Auction Company.

The Rock Island Auction Company is the world’s leading auction house for firearms, edged weapons, and military artifacts. In1993, Patrick Hogan started the company and under his guidance, it has experienced growth every single year. Mr. Hogan is often the first to say that it is his staff’s hard work and determination that has yielded such amazing results. A good reputation and proven results is a true test of any successful auction house. Rock Island Auction Company routinely sells over 60% to 70% of its auction lots to absentee bidders, this shows great trust in their customers. In the last six years Rock Island Auction Company has sold no less than 97% of the lots brought to the auction block.

Rock Island has two different types of auctions, Premiere and Regional. The Premiere auctions take place three times a year, each over a three-day period. Rock Island filled these auctions with rare, unusual, mint, and highly collectable pieces. The catalogs for these auctions are full-color, two volume sets consisting of over 600 pages and over 6,000 photos. These auctions typically consist of over 27,000 lots. These sales will garner on average $7 to $12 million dollars. The Regional auctions include affordable antiques, beginning collector’s items, usable sporting arms, and many non-firearm lots. The catalogs for these auctions are black and white, 290 pages, and consist of over 1,200 lots. These sales will garner on average $2 to $3 million dollars. Rock Island named these auctions as regional as they encourage the buyer to view the items in person; therefore, they focus on buyers within a 500-mile driving radius. These regional sales have become very popular, and the number of printed catalogues has increased dramatically. Potential buyers can view both auctions in full color on the Rock Island website.

To help facilitate firearms sales, Rock Island displays their client’s items with the largest photographs possible. They always include a detailed description and when appropriate, a close-up of the item to show special features, or to show the condition. There are photographs taken of every firearm sold, so the catalogs often have in excess of 7,000 pictures in each one. This makes a great reference for collectible guns.

Rock Island Company has conducted numerous firearms auctions since its establishment in 1993. In the last seven years, sales numbers totaled $169 million, the highest in the industry. Rock Island Auction Company sells more firearms than any other auction house in the world.

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