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U.S. Law Shield: Survey Shows Support for Guns in Florida Schools

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A recent University of South Florida Sunshine State Survey shows that 56 percent of adult Floridians are in favor of allowing trained staff to carry firearms on school campuses. “Stronger supporters are males, working-age residents, whites, those living in affluent households, college graduates, and residents of the Orlando and North Florida areas,” the USF release said.

The survey shows that 40 percent were opposed to the idea, with 29 percent of those being “strongly opposed.” State of Florida with a 1911 handgun and mortar board hat Not surprising, opposition comes from females, older Floridians, African-Americans, lower-income households, those with less formal education and residents of the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area, according to a report by the Sunshine State News. This issue of guns in schools is not new to Florida. The state legislature has attempted to pass legislation allowing firearms on elementary, secondary and college campuses for years.

In 2015, Rep. Greg Steube (R-Sarasota) introduced a proposal that would have allowed superintendents to authorize “school safety designees” to carry guns on elementary and secondary school campus grounds. That proposal passed the House, but died in a Senate subcommittee. Rep. Steube proposed a bill earlier this year to allow trained staff to carry concealed at kindergarten through 12th grade school facilities. That measure, too, failed to garner enough support to pass this legislative session. Undeterred, Rep. Steube says he will introduce some version of his bill in the next legislative session as well.

U.S. Law Shield Independent Program Attorney David S. Katz supports the idea of allowing trained staff to carry on school campuses, which are currently all “gun-free zones.” Katz explained, “[U]nder current Florida law, our children are sitting targets. Anyone who wants to hurt them can enter the school campus and do so without worrying about lawful concealed weapons license holders offering resistance. In fact, until police arrive, they will face no armed opposition and are free to harm our children unopposed.” Katz also pointed out that, “anyone who wants to go to a school and shoot children will not change their plan because the school is a gun-free zone. Criminals simply do not care what the law says.” There are Florida gun groups that support the idea of having trained staff on campus to respond to situations like the one that occurred at Sandy Hook a few years ago.

In an interview reported by Sunshine State News, Sean Caranna of Florida Carry said that his group is working to bring the FASTER (Faculty/Administrator Safety Training & Emergency Response) program to Florida. Under FASTER, school officials select willing, competent, capable staff members to train with experts on school violence in armed response, crisis management, and emergency medical aid. The hands-on training takes 26 hours over a three-day period. The goal of FASTER is to train teachers, administrators, and other personnel on-site to stop school violence rapidly and render medical aid immediately. It still requires that each school board authorize the persons who complete the training to carry a firearm on campus.

And before that can occur, the law in Florida will have to be changed.

Is armed, trained staff on campus in Florida schools a good idea? We know what we think. What do you believe?

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  1. You are so right. See my response to davud above. We will be much safer, teachers and students, when Libs finally see the truth about guns and humans. Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the nation and the highest murder by gun rate in the nation. OBAMA’S back yard.

  2. what your piece fails to mention is WHY the bill died in Sen. sub-committee. That’s because slime ball sub-committee chair, Sen. Miguel Diaz de la Portilla, refused ti let the bill be heard, debated and voted on! If it was such bad public policy, let the people’s elected representatives hear it ad be accountable for its passage or defeat. this I know best arrogance is one more reason why the DLP career political family must be removed from office forever! Miguel’s the only one left, may he lose big this Tuesday.

  3. Excellent! If we cannot trust our teachers to protect our children, how can we trust them to teach our children?

  4. 26 hours of training, and only part of that actually with gun in hand? that ain’t much. if florida is really taking this seriously as a safety measure, it’ll make provision for a lot more training than that.

    1. 26 hours of training is more than 3 work days and it is 26 times+ the amount of time that potential perpetrators have. It is far better to have these trained individuals on campuses than to rely on thugs, murderers and mentally ill people to say “Oh, no guns allowed here. I guess I’ll just forget my plan and go home”. wouldn’t you say? Gun Free Zones are the places I would choose to commit a crime if I were so disposed, not a place where I can expect trained, responsible people to fight back.

  5. Following my retirement from my 21-year Army career, I taught 7th grade science for 22 years. My students were always a bit better protected when they were in my company, since I was always suitably equipped to handle whatever exigent circumstances that might have occurred. We even had worked out a duress code between my classroom and the front office, using the public address system, so that I could be clued in to any threats that might have been introduced on campus. This was long before the hype and fear of firearms resulted in the formal posting of the killing fields on our school’s campuses with those famous three words…..”Gun Free Zone”.

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