LaserLyte’s New Zombie Products

Laserlyte Zombie Side Mount Laser for Ruger and Kel-Tec.

Two new products from LaserLyte® have zombie hunters in mind. LaserLyte now offers their side mount laser for the Ruger LCP, LC9, Kel-Tec .380, and the Kel-Tec PF-9 in neon zombie green. LaserLyte made their infamous pistol bayonet in neon zombie green too! What better way to fight off zombies when they get too close! The only change they made to both products is the bright zombie green finish.


The side mount laser for the Ruger LCP, LC9, and the Kel-Tec has a Class IIIA, 5mw red laser with a 500-yard range at night. The side mount laser has two modes, constant on and pulse. The four 377 batteries will last 5 hours on constant-on mode and 10 hours on pulse mode. It is only 0.56-inches wide and will fit most nylon pocket holsters. To save battery life, the side mount laser by LaserLyte has an automatic off feature and only weighs 0.25 ounces.

Adding a laser to either of these concealed carry weapons will help you meet your target quicker, especially in a high-stress situation. The laser’s streamlined design hardly adds any bulk to your gun.

LaserLyte has a step-by-step installation video on their website that is easy to understand and follow. You will need a hammer and punch to complete the installation of your new LaserLyte side mount laser.

With practice, you will be able to activate the laser while drawing from your holster while not letting your finger’s movement interrupt the laser’s beam.

Specifications and Features:

  • Power Output: Class IIIA, 5mw
  • Laser module: 650nm
  • Batteries: four 377 batteries
  • Battery Life: 5 hrs. constant on, 10 hrs. pulse mode (normal usage)
  • Weight (with plate): .25 ounces
  • Length/Width/Height: 3.65″ Width: .56″
  • Range at Night: 500 yard


Laserlyte Ka-Bar Pistol Bayonet
Laserlyte Ka-Bar Pistol Bayonet

LaserLyte’s pistol bayonet, made by KA-BAR, is a necessity for the zombie apocalypse. It has a universal quick detachable mount and a full-tang 2.75-inch plain blade with an aggressive serrated top.

It will fit all medium to large frame semi-automatic handguns with an accessory rail. The blade is carbon steel and already sharpened, ready to slice a zombie’s neck. The 30% glass-filled nylon handle has a bright, zombie green finish. The overall length is 5.75 inches and it weighs 2.6 ounces.

Quite a few years ago, I bought the LaserLyte pistol bayonet in black for a friend. The look on his face was unmistakable—he loved it! As far as I know, he hasn’t actually had to bayonet any four-legged or two-legged creatures, but I do know that the bayonet has stood up to hundreds of rounds.

The two-button quick release on the bayonet’s mount deploys when you need it.

I’m not exactly sure where zombie green came from, but clearly it is the accepted color for zombie products. Even Duracoat has a color called “zombie green.” Black or zombie green, either way, anything that helps me kill zombies easier is a-okay in my book!

Specifications and Features:

  • Universal quick detachable design
  • Steel blade by KA-BAR
  • Fits all medium to large frame pistols with rails
  • Full tang design
  • Custom polymer sheath included
  • Weight 2.6 ounce
  • Blade length 2.75″
  • Overall length 5.75″
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  1. Gunslinger, how do you know “who copied whom”? I’d be seriously interested in knowing the identity of the guilty party. Then I’d make sure that alot of folks hear about it.

  2. I feel I need to share this with fellow shooters. LaserLyte has LOST my business. I got my S & W shield in the mail and it came with a booklet for accessories. In the booklet was a LaserMax, Inc. laser sight description. Later, I went to LaserLyte’s website and saw they copied the LaserMax description from the booklet, word for word! Even the headline. Not cool. I hope LaserMax calls them out for this.. if they even know yet.

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