SHOT 2014 — Laser Devices Introduces New Civilian Legal Pistol Laser/Light Combo

Are you ready to take your home defense weapon or primary carry to the next level? Laser Devices believes a weapon light or laser should be purpose-built for the platform type. This thinking led it to designing the DBAL-PL white light/visible laser and IR Laser/IR Illuminator—an awesome laser/light combo that is legal for all civilians. The rugged, compact DBAL-PL makes your pistol an equal to the carbine in aiming and lighting capabilities and enhances the pistol’s capabilities when used in conjunction with night vision devices.

Laser Devices DBAL-PL laser light combo on a pistol foreend
The rugged, compact DBAL-PL makes your pistol an equal to the carbine in aiming and lighting capabilities and enhances the pistol’s capabilities when used in conjunction with night vision devices.

The DBAL-PL features two operational modes—Visible mode: 500 lumen white light and choice of 5mW red or green laser; or IR mode: Class 1 IR Laser with 600mW Eye-Safe LED illuminator. Additional features include co-aligned visible and IR aiming lasers with fully adjustable windage and elevation. The self-adjusting integrated Picatinny mount provides zero retention on any rail, and a quick release battery compartment, which allows the battery to be changed on the fly while mounted.

The DBAL-PL is powered by two (2) CR123A lithium batteries, and activated by discrete push button switches located on the rear of the housing. Machined from anodized aircraft aluminum and Type III hardcoat anodized for durability, the DBAL-PL is currently scheduled for delivery in April.

Do you prefer a light on your EDC pistol or home defense gun? Share your point of view in the comment section.

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Comments (6)

  1. home defense Rem870 has a light that can do steady or strobe and a red laser for quick targeting, so if a raccoon, possum or coyote gets interested in my 20-lb. ShihTzu doing her business at night, I can place the shots on the far end of the intruding critter away from my baby and encourage it to depart the premises. Strobe would be to dazzle and disorient a 2-legged intruder while laser dot on belt buckle would show me impact in abs if perp disobeys my demand to drop weapon and get nose on carpet with hands behind head.

  2. Flashlights, we don’t need no stink’in flashlights in my house. While I do have Crimson Trace lasers on a couple of guns, I invested in a number of L.E.D night lights to be able to see around inside the house all night long. I’ve got a nice soft little glow in every room. They put out 4 lumen and only use 1 watt of electricity each. A dozen of these won’t use any more electricity in 6 months time than a regular 100 watt incandescent bulb would use in 1- eight hour night. You can buy bright white 4 lumen bulbs in 2 packs for less than $3 at Walmart and they will work in your old nightlights. Best part is they never burn out like the old night light bulbs. Once you buy them, you are done.

    In a power failure, I have a automatic whole house generator.. so I’ve got soft white light to clear a room or the house… all night long.. 7 nights a week / 365 a year. Plus I don’t have to turn on any lights when I get up to go to the restroom or let the dogs out at night. I figure its well worth the approx. $10 a year these little lights cost me in electricity. You can get night lights with photoelectric eyes to shut off in bright light, some have motion detection, or the older kind that stay on all the time… I have a mixture of all of them.

  3. My home defense gun is a Mossberg 500 shotgun with a pistol grip and an adjustable folding stock. I taped a flashlight to the magazine tube. That will suffice.

  4. Um, yeah, I can guarantee you it will be in the hundreds. No top of the line 500-lumen compact light with green laser / IR designator small enough for a pistol is going to be $139 for sure. I would guess closer to $600 than $100!

  5. Got a price on how much this will run? Might be legal, but not affordable. I’m certain it will be in the hundreds. Also, for the picture, anybody got an idea on what kind of gloves have the spacer mesh on the outside of the glove? Thought that was entirely interesting yet different.

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