LA College Faculty Bans Even Mentioning Guns — Except for Plays

Faculty at Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) canceled a longstanding National Rifle Association (NRA) class thanks to new restrictions laid down by the school’s board of trustees, according to Campus Reform, a freedom-oriented watchdog group monitoring the nation’s college campuses.

The new regulations, which apply to all nine campuses of the LACCD system, will ban all firearms, including those that are “non-operational and in the instructional setting” from school grounds.

The rules make an exception for “non-operational” weapons used in “theatrical performances,” but not for the non-credit firearms class which the school has offered in conjunction with the NRA for the last six years.

Board of Trustees Vice President Scott Svonkin, author the resolution that ushered in the new rules, told Campus Reform last Monday he believes school’s have no place teaching students how to use guns—but that its educators and faculty do have a responsibility to “promote gun control.” “We should make sure that students don’t come to campus being afraid to run into somebody with a gun,” Svonkin said.

He argued it was necessary to ban  “non-operational” guns, because although they could not hurt anyone, they could scare students.

Should the trustees have the authority to limit both 1st and 2nd Amendment freedoms for the entire system? Let us hear from you in the comment section. You can also contact the LACCD Board of Trustees Vice President Scott Svonkin to express your views.

Watch NRA’s Cam Edwards invite Trustee Svonkin to his program to discuss why ignorance is better than education:   [youtube nolink]

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  1. I live in the PRK (People’s Republic of Kalifornia. In fact I work at a California Community College. I’m stuck in an absolute cesspool of liberal BS. The system is 100% in-the-tank for ALL of the Liberal crapola from Washington (Sacramento is just a microcosm of DC). To survive in this environment, one needs to be very careful to be a closet conservative. We are there, and are definitely in the minority. We need to be careful who finds that out….or you will be out of a job….

    So if you can afford to walk away from your job – I cannot – by all means speak your mind. For me, I will continue to proselytize and win converts with truth and common sense. Gun-Free Zones are only good for advertising the location where law-abiding citizens definitely will not be able to defend themselves from to the bad guys.

  2. I think its time to take them to court, sounds like a few people are violating a lot of peoples constitutional rights… If you don’t stop them now they will just keep going

  3. The only thing that counts with the typical liberal is whether or not it makes them “feel” better about themselves. Neither facts, logic nor practicality have any bearing on ANYTHING they think or do.

  4. I’m not saying anything new, and I have little doubt that Board of Trustees Vice President Scott Svonkin couldn’t care less about the facts, or be swayed by them, since I’m sure there is quite another agenda than student safety (and peace of mind)in play here. But I will add my voice to all the others. I did a little research and it appears that in every case involving a shooting in a school, theater, church, shopping mall, etc., there was one thing in common. EVERY building had those “NO GUNS ALLOWED” decals on the doors, thus making it reasonably safe for the perpetrator to do his worst without fear of being stopped. Mr. Svonkin, they may be lunatics, but they aren’t completely stupid. All you have allowed your students to have is the knowledge that if the worst happens on their campus, the ones who obey the rules will be defenseless.

  5. So….instead of bitching about Svonkin’s decision, have any of you sent him a gripe message that was provided for in the article? I did, and I fried him. I seriously doubt I will get a response anytime soon. Clowns such as Svonkin and his ilk should have their feet held to the fire.

  6. Does it really surprise me? Uh,no. Does it make me wish California falls into the sea tomorrow? You make the call.

  7. I remember a time when schools began to teach safe sex by showing young students how to put a condom on a banana. The schools didn’t ban condoms or bananas on their premises. Some folks said it would encourage sex among young people. Others said it would prevent unwanted pregnancies. The point was safety in matters of sex, and there is no proof that the sex education pushed young people to have sex.

    The NRA promotes the safe acquisition and use of guns but it seems that schools are against the safety training offered by the NRA. They fear it will lead to more people buying guns. Anyone would think the NRA is going into schools to sell guns! It’s sad that a member of a school board is so ignorant in matters of gun safety. And their rules won’t prevent a criminal from walking onto a campus with loaded weapons.

  8. EVEN MENTIONING GUNS…… BULL S+&T. What can be the possible reason for over stating the other sides position than weakening ours. LACC’s stance is already without merit. If their position statement is such that “BAN EVEN MENTIONING GUNS” warrants headline status, it should be backed up in the body of the article. If you don’t have facts to back up what you say, don’t say it.

  9. as my father used to say: stupidity isn’t against the law but some people abuse the privilege!! I honestly wouldn’t expect anything else from these people, expecting liberal anti-gun college faculty to use logic would be like expecting them to actually educate instead of indoctrinate!!

    I’m only 20 years old and just graduated from community college last march and trust me, there is no education happening there, just brainwashing!

    I don’t want to sound pessimistic but I am certain that America, land that I love, will not exist by the time my life is over. We conservatives have lost the culture war, Obama getting reelected is proof enough, every generation is worse then the one before.

    To you fine patriots who are older then me and still believe we can win; thank you, I appreciate your convictions, but go to college for a week and you will see that it’s too late, America is dying.

    stock up on supplies, say your prayers and raise God fearing kids, that’s the only things we can do that will actually make a difference.

  10. It’s the feel good liberal idea. Claim and pretend something does not exist and it becomes harmless and will not exist. NEVER repeat NEVER deal with reality and the truth. Never be honest with yourself or face the facts, when in doubt make up your own. i’m at a total loss at what this new ruling will do other than remove reality from the public on school grounds and classes.

  11. Ok, so we all know that this and things like it are here, Fight it, yes, but Hold the meeting some where else and make it Public so that these people know that they can not stop it.


  12. I believe it is Liberalism’s of ignorance or really is it down Right Pure EVIL ?

    We see the Start of Gun confiscation Illegally by the way in Calif. Wake The Hell Up !

    I see the master plan as Bill Clinton has delivered the U.S, into the hands of Marxism of the Manifesto,completing its relevance 10 fold as Obama the Emperor is taking Us into WW III and will be seated as Dictator in Chief and his tribal Followers Black and White thugocracy try and take Over White Colonial Euro generations and put us into slavery of TAX or go to the FEMA camps ! Americas degeneration since Leudwinsky’s Cigar B J Story has turned a generation of Kids into X generation Despotism !

    To dis-Arm America First is the Goal( is trying to Impede the return of WW II era military Weapons via the UN small fire arms treaty fro Congresses CMP which may shed the light on who is really behind this Military Industrial Complex ?!

    In my Visions Like Daniel. Obama will be a Director as our Constitution has Shredded Quicker then Expected ! But I have hope if FOX Entertainment can bring Back Paula Dean in the face of The Black bull crap generation. Q is ?, Will it be a Race war to see who takes down Who and take over Whom ? You Must Disarm And take down by force thru fear first with out firing one shot is the key When it was the first shot that Started Americas road to liberty and Freedom.. Yes God Approves Self Defense !

    Onward Christian Soldiers was hymned and Sung on the March to The sea against Savannah a Tecumseh Sherman’s March took to the Con-federacy(Democratic Mob rule) into Surrender. So you American black peole should bow down and be grateful to your White saviors or you would be Chopin Cotton to this day !

  13. Congratulations Mr. Svonkin, you’ve opened the door for any criminal to walk on campus and do whatever he wants. The ignorance of the 2nd ammendment by the educated people in charge is amazing. We will be leaving this liberal haven of California within the year, the only solution is an overthrow of power in the state, and we all know that isn’t going to happen here.

  14. This is a perfect example why millions of folks have fled the Golden State including me. I have lived in Southern CA twice: Stationed at El Toro Marine Air Base in the 70s when gun control was not a significant issue and again ’04 to ’10 to be near family when it was. Like night and day, the difference was dramatic.

    The thinking that has permeated most issues in CA has created an environment tolerable only by the like minded and air heads. From suicidal financial tax and spend policies to nanny state marxism there is little freedom left in the formerly golden state. What was once a fun and prosperous place to live and raise a family has become one where the overbearing weight of big brother socialist confiscatory controlled thinking has become the norm.

    Gone now and forever we feel for those trapped in the land of OZ and pity those who know no better. Thankful to be free from the oppression of nanny state nit wits we no longer are forced to support this insanity.

  15. California…What’s wrong with you people? Is it the water? I would not travel to California for any reason…vacation…work….nothing could get me to go their.

    You could do more positive good by educating young people on the proper use of firearms instead of pretending like they don’t exist.

  16. Well first the 2nd now the 1st with censorship and freedom of speech, religion is on the ropes with hate crime speech in CA and right to petition the government is only for those with the same view as the 9th circuit. Oh to study what it meant to be an American cause I don’t know what is really means anymore.

  17. Article said it. It’s a restriction of both the First and Second Amendments. Are these schools receiving any tax dollars? If so, that should be stopped. Money talks. My son or daughter would not be attending a school such as that. Do they plan to provide security for any women needing to be escorted between classes or to their vehicles? Probably not.

  18. what LACCD did smells a lot like those greenish brown stinky globs that fall from the rear of a male bovine. All they’re doing is perpetuating ignorance. Hank

  19. well what do you expect from the home of such great legislators as Feinstein and Pelosi? promore gun control? funny I thought that is what the classes they were teaching for the last 6 years was doing after all isn’t gun control being able to hit your target? but they don’t want to scare the kids, well what happens when the next Adam lanza shows up? wonder if the kids are going to be scared then?

    personaly I think they should leave it up to the students. if they want the classes then the classes should be offered. I mean how successful were those classes in filling up? did they have an attendance problem in those classes or did the kids actually show up for them? how about this, I just finished my associates degree program at a local c.c. and when you break it down, I owe just over $32,000 for that degree. now I can only imagine that the schools in California are just as much a rip off as city college in Orlando is, so I am wondering shouldn’t the students have a right to decide what classes they take? if the nra classes don’t fill up, or have a poor attendance rate ok then get rid of them. but if they don’t have those issues well that means the kids like them and want to be there. isn’t that the most important thing about teaching? getting to the minds of the students…..just saying

  20. This is the equivelant of early school doctrine when sex education was banned – and frightening & essentially misunderstood. What is equally disconcerting about this particular effort is why supposed or appointed “educators” elect to hide instead of educating. The only result of this is increasing the uneeded fear factor people will have in firearms instead of truly understanding them.
    It is my understanding that this is a state funded college – I question the right the school has in taking this action especially when the states current firearms laws are being challenged in Federal court as being unconsitutional. See recent US Supreme Court decisions of Heller in 2008 and McDonald from 2010.
    I do not understand the ignorance.

  21. Funny, when liberals get all huffy, stomp their feet and try to appear decisive on an issue the first thing they do is increase central power and narrow the rights of everyone else. The real fumy thing is that liberals don’t know how to lead, they just “control”.

    Then there are the muscular, totalitarian type liberals who buy into the nanny state, police state surveillance society thing. Take Governor O’Malley of Maryland, self described “Progressive”. He recently passed laws requiring the fingerprinting of his citizens who exercise their second amendment rights. And now you need to show ID when you get your medications at the pharmacy (why does the gov need to know about your medications…?) and now if you go to a shooting range he records you ID there. This guy wants to run for president, image what he’ll do when n he’s in charge of the FBI, CIA, DHS, etc, etc, ?

  22. I can only say that I’m glad I don’t live in California. This second largest “Nanny State” is either going to bankrupt itself silly or legislate itself int a total police state.

  23. I wonder if their ban includes policemen? After all, those guys carry those scary guns. I would ask if they have other issues where they demand students and faculty take a particular point of view but of course I know that they do. Our institutes of higher fascism are doing a great job of demanding obedience from their converts.

  24. This would be a perfect test ground to do some civil disobedience. Hand out NRA shirts on campus. Protest the faculty leadership.

    STEP IT UP. Every vet coming home should get free NRA memberships for a year.

  25. Fine example of the hypocrisy of Hollyweird or California, we can put on plays or theatrical performances that have them but God forbid someone save another human being from some nutcase who has forgotten to take their meds. God bless Texas.

  26. With the plethora of violent video games, violent movies and tv, I am convinced hat a little straight talk about firearm safety to young people is in order. If I did not learn how to handle a firearm at a young age, I would have died at the hands of some thugs long ago.

  27. If there is a single school system that would benefit banning guns or even talk about guns it would be the LACCD. Think about it. Have you watched any TV shows that originated from the west coast? Have you checked out the people walking down the street? Strange doesn’t even start to describe that”west coast” look, let alone when someone is interviewed.

    I cannot imagine what grade school kids world is like or what their core belief system is. It is my opinion that none of them ever go near a firearm, or ever discuss them.

    LACCD is too far down the age group of people getting a first exposure to firearms so I opine to keep La-La land ignorant and definitely unarmed.

  28. If the goal of college is to prepare adults for a better future then this is exactly the wrong way to do it. Of course trying to explain it to a liberal is about as effective as talking to a drunk. Their ears and mind’s are closed.

  29. Is it a private college? If it is public, it should adhere to the laws of the state or county. So, they establish their school as a “gun free zone”? Criminals will just love them for it!
    I’m just curious. Did they have any firearms incidents in the recent past?

  30. I wouldn’t expect anything short of this from the liberals out there. U know liberals tear at our constitution and we let them do it. Best thing that could happen is students quit going to this college. Until we start holding people accountable for being stupid, they will continue to be stupid.

  31. Gun free zones are the easiest target for wrong-doers to run free. Think movie theater in Colorado, schools in recent past etc. If you want to restrict 2nd amendment rights and advertise your campus as a gun free place then you should fully expect to be the next target of a grazed lunatic. Whatever their weapon of choice, be it a firearm, gas bomb, a car, etc. You are simply welcoming them to do as they wish with little chance of encountering opposition or a responsive force from responsible civilians. And if you think the police could possibly be there in time to save your life then you’re even further delusional than the geniuses at LACCD. If I were looking for victims to rob, attack, etc., I would go straight to the place that says “hey, we don’t have any guns here.”

  32. Board of Trustees Vice President Scott Svonkin, author the resolution that ushered in the new rules, told Campus Reform last Monday he believes school’s have no place teaching students how to use guns—but that its educators and faculty do have a responsibility to “promote gun control.”

    Actually I would feel safer if every single college student was required to fire a firearm at lest once.

    Then they would find out that it isn’t magic. I remember high schools that had shoot teams.

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