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LA Bans Possession of Standard Capacity Magazines

On Tuesday, July 28, the Los Angeles City Council voted 12-0 to ban the possession of firearm magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. Those who own them are to remove them from the city or give them up to police so the magazine can be destroyed.

City Councilman Paul Krekorian proposed the law two years ago, modeling similar bans in San Francisco and Sunnyvale. Currently, the council is working up an amendment to allow some exemptions for retired police officers with concealed carry permits.

SureFire 60-round AR-15 magazine
How many LA residents will have ‘tragic boating accidents’ in the next 60 days?

California restricts the sale of standard capacity magazines (more than 10 rounds), which the state calls “large capacity.” In California and in Los Angeles it is illegal to buy, sell, manufacture, lend, give or import any magazine over 10 rounds. However, for magazines possessed before January 1, 2000, California residents may keep them.

But for those living in Los Angeles…not anymore.

Residents have 60 days to turn in their magazines or remove them from the city. Krekorian has said the new law will be enforced by the Los Angeles Police Department.

The NRA sued both the city of San Francisco and Sunnyvale for their bans on the possession of “high-capacity” magazines, but failed. The courts ruled that the bans do not infringe on people’s Second Amendment rights.

Tom Perumean, for KABC News paraphrased the LA Councilman, “He cited examples of gun violence incidents in Los Angeles where shooters using guns with large magazine clips did enormous human damage.” Owning a magazine that holds more than 10 rounds will now be a misdemeanor in Los Angeles.

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  1. To Cheaper than Dirt.
    This shooters Log has become nothing but arguments between two or three people. I’m sorry but I have better things to do with my time.
    You all stay safe.

    1. To Cheaper than Dirt:

      Regarding Kurt’s comment, I believe that CTD staff can’t monitor everyone’s comments too much, because that can actually inhibit good exchanges of information in the middle of disagreements.

      My idea is to send out a new article just like you do with any other article, but the title to the article would be “GENERAL DISCUSSION FORUM”, and the article itself would be a brief explanation to take off-topic discussions to this forum.

      This way people can explore new ideas that weren’t part of the original topic, or decide if they should take a serious on-topic argument to the General Discussion Forum if their posts are dominating too much.

  2. @1 ab urbe condita,

    You are obviously just an antagonist looking for something to disagree with or rebut. If were interested in the subject at all you would read it with your mind, not just your eyes. I said the authors of the bill of rights wanted every citizen to be able to arm themselves as they see fit. Then I said, a century later they could still own a Henry or a Gatling gun. At no time did say they were available in 1791. Read the post with intelligent thought before you post, or spare the rest of us the rhetoric. Thank You, I hope.

    1. Just south of L.A. U. S. Marines are taught annually to swiftly change magazines with only 5 rounds each. As a former PMI and Cp Pendleton, Range Safety NCO I seen Marines complete mag change in 5-7 secs.What is wrong with this picture? I guess you can see why I moved to Tx.

    2. P.S. NC article to Gary reveals Feds tactically messed up. Through “Freedom of he press” they just warned the preppers to fly low under the radar. It is hard to I.D. Rat Finks (Rev. War -“loyalists”) Feds have effectively warned everyone to watch who you talk to. The walls have ears?!?!

  3. WE are the government?
    Not unless one of the two controlling parties approves you for election because it is HIGHLY unlikely anyone else would get elected.

    WE decide what is good for us and what is not.
    Those voted into power decide for us and they make bad decisions all the time.

    WE are the masters of our destinies.
    If you imply we have the decision on how to resist and die, yeah.

    WE have a choice to defend ourselves in whatever manner we see fit, regardless of some stuffed shirts who deem otherwise.
    And if you survive the police beating as you are arrested, you will spend the rest of your life in prison.

  4. Let them get the real feel of things. Let them depend on themselves for their personal protection and security.

    1. Just red where Feds arrested three NC preppers for stockpiling. I guess what really got them into trouble was exercising their right to free speech!!

  5. Ladies and Gentlemen, although arguing these finer things remind us of the intricacies we as humans manipulate and call “law”, there is one glaring truth that we forget through it all and it is this:

    WE are the government. WE decide what is good for us and what is not. WE are the masters of our destinies. WE have a choice to defend ourselves in whatever manner we see fit, regardless of some stuffed shirts who deem otherwise. Tyranny comes in many forms. But it only prospers if Good Men do nothing. To rebel against this unjust “authority”, that WE have given them I remind you, is the highest form of Freedom. Their manipulations end where Common Sense (read it!) and self preservation begin. Just because WE are “civilized” now doesn’t change that. If anything, it should enhance our basic freedoms to decide for ourselves what, and in which way we defend ourselves, our families, and our nations.


    1. WE are the government?
      Not unless one of the two controlling parties approves you for election because it is HIGHLY unlikely anyone else would get elected.

      WE decide what is good for us and what is not.
      Those voted into power decide for us and they make bad decisions all the time.

      WE are the masters of our destinies.
      If you imply we have the decision on how to resist and die, yeah.

      WE have a choice to defend ourselves in whatever manner we see fit, regardless of some stuffed shirts who deem otherwise.
      And if you survive the police beating as you are arrested, you will spend the rest of your life in prison.

  6. @Rick: “when all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.”
    Good one, I like the banter. I guess the bottom line is that you have to be convinced in your heart what you believe AND stand up for it.

  7. @Rick: Letters of Marque in essence gave a shipowner the legal standing to use his ship as a warship fighting in behalf of his country without being branded as a pirate. The fact is that the shipowner’s ship was already armed and ready to go. He didn’t have to get permission to acquire the arms.
    Since Tench doesn’t meet your qualifications:
    “A free people ought not only to be armed, but disciplined; to which end a uniform and well-digested plan is requisite; and their safety and interest require that they should promote such manufactories as tend to render them independent of others for essential, particularly military, supplies.”- George Washington.
    Military supplies for the people? Can’t have anything to do with military weapons for the people can it?
    You give impetus to the saying “don’t confuse me with the facts, I already know what I believe”.

    1. “Letters of Marque in essence gave a shipowner the legal standing to use his ship as a warship fighting in behalf of his country without being branded as a pirate. The fact is that the shipowner’s ship was already armed and ready to go. He didn’t have to get permission to acquire the arms.”

      Sure. He just needed permission to use them. It’s analogous to you buying a Glock and then needing a permit from the government when you wanted to fire it. I’ll repeat–not the most effective a argument to make in this situation.

      ““A free people ought not only to be armed, but disciplined; to which end a uniform and well-digested plan is requisite; and their safety and interest require that they should promote such manufactories as tend to render them independent of others for essential, particularly military, supplies.”- George Washington.
      Military supplies for the people? Can’t have anything to do with military weapons for the people can it?””

      Better, but I’d have to look at the full context to see exactly what he was saying and WHEN. It’s so easy to pull quotes out of temporal context and deprive them of their intended meaning, y’know….Stay tuned.

      “You give impetus to the saying “don’t confuse me with the facts, I already know what I believe”.”

      Mmm hmm. Or, when all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

    2. @Rick: It’s interesting to note that until the National Firearms Act of 1934 was passed that “every terrible implement of the solder” was available to any citizen who plopped the bucks on the counter and without having to register said implement with the nanny government. BAR, Tommy gun, case of grenades? If you wanted it, you could buy it. It seems that there was a general acceptance that the Second Amendment meant what it said. Then the Socialists moved into power beginning with Roosevelt and continuing to this day. They decided that it was unacceptable for the people to be able to arm themselves with implements of war. It was too dangerous for them (the Socialists). They redefined these implements as “gangster weapons’,”assault weapons”, anything to make them bad and to protect the people from. So now we have sheeple who believe whatever the government tells them.

  8. @Rick: “By the way, you don’t happen to have a citation for “equally armed” do you?” Tench Coxe: “Congress have no power to disarm the militia. Their swords, and every other terrible implement of the soldier, are the birth-right of an American … the unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments, but, where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the people”. His statement confirms that the Militia and the people are synonymous. Notice that he said that swords AND EVERY TERRIBLE IMPLEMENT OF THE SOLDIER. are the birth-right of an American. That statement is not limited to any particular era of our nation’s history. It applies as much today as it did then. That means we have a right to arm ourselves not only with semi-automatic rifles but service rifles(M16), machine guns, grenades, mortars, tanks, artillery, etc. If you can afford it, you have a right to acquire it. The Constitution speaks of Letters of Marque. This was basically a license for a shipowner to use his ship (in behalf of his nation) as a vessel of war. So in that sense, the Constitution acknowledges our right to own a ship of war (if you can afford it)
    Tench Coxe was a member of the Continental Congress, was a close associate of George Washington, Alexander Hamiliton and a close friend of Thomas Jefferson. He wrote many articles on politics and the Constltution. He’s among that group of men known as the “founding fathers”.

    1. “Tench Coxe….”

      In no conversation is he ever considered a founding father EXCEPT by the people who trot out this one quote. He was otherwise a wholly undistinguished nobody while in the Congress for ONE year, and his militia writings were 10 years after the Bill of Rights. Big deal.

      “The Constitution speaks of Letters of Marque. This was basically a license for a shipowner to use his ship (in behalf of his nation) as a vessel of war. ”

      And Letters of Marque were issued by the government…just like gun permits. That probably wasn’t the best point for you to raise.

    2. @ David.

      After another DISMAL Performance of the “Militia” in the War of 1812-14, the “Militia” were disarmed. It wasn’t until the “Dick” Act of 1903, that the “Militia” was Resurrected from the Grave. Unfortunately, by 2 June 1916 the Bureau of Militia was Disbanded Completely and Resurrected as the United States National Guard Bureau in 3 June 1916. Aka, the National Guard Act of 1916…

    1. @ Rick.

      What are you suggesting, a 1779 Nock 7-barrel 46-caliber Smooth-Bore Muzzle-Loading Flint-Lock Volley Gun instead?

  9. Tell you what I wonder? I wonder why The Shooter’s Log has to ask me for a “website” when they already have my email address? I guess I’ll get kicked out because my comments are suppose to be relevant and insightful? Well, I think you all should get kicked out. They get ya arguing and bickering amongst yourselves, and they win. Seriously, just stop it, join arms and fight the good fight together. By the way, we’re screwed, put into hiding that which you wish not to lose! But can find when the time comes to fight!

  10. This is what liberals think is a solution. Find those who have not committed a crime, and who are less likely to do so than the average person, and punish them since punishing the “victims of society” would be what the republicans would do. Can’t have that.

    1. I cannot for the life of me Understand why California people elect these Idiots into office. They Bitch because California is taking all their Freedoms, Liberties, Constitutional rights etc. Then they elect Morons like the L.A. City Counsel. They know these Idiot Libtards ate going to grab every control measure they can and still they Elect the Morons. Unless they wake up and fire these Morons California will become a government enslaved State. A State run solely by Complete Idiots and self righteous, Self Important Idiots.

  11. Oh man, I can just see LA’s crooks, crazies, local gang-bangers, MS-13s, Bloods and Crips standing in line outside local police stations to turn in bags full of over-capacity magazines! Umm, maybe not..

  12. NO! I’m going to buy and do whatever I want. As long as I am not hurting anyone I have a clear conscience.

  13. There must be a million lawful gun owners in LA. Are you all going to stand by quietly and allow 10 jackholes to infringe on your second amendment rights?

  14. We have to be smart and adopt the tactics of the Left because that’s who populates these Progressive local committees.

    I would schedule time top show videos taken of home invasions in which there were 3, 4 and 5 perpetrators – armed, who bust in a front door or come through a bedroom window of a house occupied by only an elderly woman in bed, or a young woman whose boyfriend or spouse is fighting in Afghanistan. These videos can be found on a regular basis on the website, “Guns Saves Lives.”

    I recently posted eight videos of different people, different states and cities, and different scenarios that all had two things in common:

    A. The legal gun owner would have wound up beaten, tortured, and murdered if he or she did not have easy access to a firerarm designed to defend oneself from multiple attackers.

    B. The legal gun owner was more competent, more aware, and took precautions that a hood would never do.

    Ther’s a third point that should be mentioned since we are talking about La-La land. They think that real life is just like the movies: all it takes is for one shot to drop a man. – on matter where you hit him.

    I’d arrange for a live demo at your local range if you can drag some of the real hapolophobes when it comes to anything with a barrel and a bullet.

    I would first show them a comparison video that that has a visual, like this photo, of every popular cartridge used for self-defense.

    [img src=”] [/img]



    Hopefully, one of these links will display the chart.

    But, basically, the demo should show the differences among five-round groups using the most popular handguns, rifles, and shotguns using the most popular and most effective ammunition produced by the highest recommended manufacturers.

    All of the ammo will be made for self-defense use meaning that it will have a hollow-point configuration in the nose instead of solid lead, copper, or a combo of both some kind of hollow-point or controlled expansion system that helps to make a bullet bigger in circumference and/or create a bigger and more problematic wound cavity.

    In revolvers (but also in semiautos for the .380), we start out with the minimum size recommended with either the .380ACP, or the .38 Special.

    There are hotter +P versions for these as well, with innovations that actually do what they are supposed to do, liked the Hornbaday FTX, and back them up with the hardest-hitting, biggest cavity-carving, and closest to 12″ of penetration that ends up where you wanted it.

    the .357 Mag, and the .410 shotgun shell.

    We might mention, in passing, that there are bigger calibers that are more for home protection like the straight .44, the .44 Magnums, and a few revlvers and semiautos that fire the .45Long Colt.

    And, of course, a few wheel guns with moon clips and heavy weight 9mm’s.

    Flipping over to the “meat and potatoes” on our self-defense table, we have to first consider the dichotomy between straight SAAMI specs and high power +P variants. two main the 9mm, .40S&W, and .45ACP, with lesser use of the .357 Sig Magnum and the .38 and Super.

    The primary points you want to drive home, over and over again, is that no single round of ammunition, short of a .600 Nitro Express, is going to be a one-shot deal, and there are more valid reasons (and more potential lives to be savbed) by havcing a gun with a highher capacity to inbcrease your odds of hitting a vital organ while under attack and tremendous stress.

    Note, that I haven’t even gotten to the long rifle half of the discussion.
    Basically, if you have an S&W, Taurus or Rossi, or Ruger with a 6″ barrel and a seven-round cylinder for .357 Magnum revolver, or a seven to eight-shell Mossberg or Remington shotgun that can hold 3″ shells that contain at least 9 pellets of “00” Buck (each one equivalent to a 9mm round traveling at +P+ speeds, you’ve reached the “!0” end on the 1 to 10 scale of sheer shooting power.

    To put it another way, a 6-shot Mossberg 500 that can send nine 9mm pellets downrange at 1300fps and carrying over 500 foot-pounds of energy each, can be, in the right hands, a lot more “devastating” than a 30-round AR or AK at self-defense distances. Whereas, there’s a good chance of sending a 55gr hollow-point straight through your intended target, you can load up a standard shotgun sahell with all kinds of “shrapnel” from rubber balls to birdshot. to razor-sharp fleschettes to big-honking “0000” Buck. You can tailor that shell to meet all sorts of anticipated strangers in addition to putting meatr on the table.

    Lastly, the AR’s raison d’etre is the ease of use and the ability to send each one of your 30 rounds exactly where you want it to go, and neutralize just about every home invasion threat. short of a full-on Zombie Apocalypse.

    There should have been an indelible lesson learned from the Virginia Tech massacre and the shooter himself, Chu, who only used a pair of Glock handguns and several opportunities to reload to gun down what is still the rfecord for the greatest number of people killed in an “active shooter” event.

    Fast forward to last month and the Chattanooga Jihadi who “only” carried 7 and 8 round magazines for his “antiquainted” 1911 handgun, and methodically reloaded several times because he was safe FROM HARM in a “Gun-Free” Zone.

    Liberalsa cannot even make the simple correlation between “gun-free zones and mass shootings.”

    The message I would want every councilman and councilwoman to remember is, “Only a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun.”

    And, nothing brings that home quite like having a muzzle pressed against your head. in your head.

    1. To DrRJP:
      It doesn’t matter what we say about self protection and the 2nd ammendment. All THEY see is the news. All they see is Gang Bangers and mass shootings and they see ASSAULT rifles, not defense rifles. They see the Gun as the problem, not society and not the actions of a few. They don’t give a sh@# about what the honest gun owner wants. They think we are selfish. Now we have to deal with Amy Schumer (another celebrity) who (I had no idea) is Chuck Schumer’s cousin. We are sooo F’d. They will get all the TV attention, NOT Wayne LaPierre. Not Chris W. Cox. I just don’t know how to plead our case. We have to organize a march on Sacramento, if not Washington

    2. They should no longer be called “gun-free zones”. Let’s call them what they really are “mass-shooting zones”

  15. G-man, I also liked your response to the assault rifle question. Like you I was answering someone’s question and since I saw answers that did not directly address that question especially since the term is bandied about so much and in the general public forum so often misleading. I just can’t hold back any time it is used (usually misleadingly). As for the LA magazine ban I think we all (should) know that both state and federal law deem it null and void.

    1. @ Richard.

      Actually not really, Sir. The US. 9th Circuit Court Appeals, ruled in March 2015. That it DOESN’T VIOLATE the 2nd Amendment, in any way.

    2. You seem to be a broken record. You keep making a lot of statements but the only argument is a decision by the 9th Circuit Court of appeals. I/m sorry to inform you, but they are not God. They can and do make mistakes, same as any other U.S. circuit court. The Supreme Court has overruled those courts many times. Of course the Supreme Court is not God either. They also make mistakes. Unfortunately they do not have a higher power to answer to, except God, and that judgment will not occur in this life.

      How do I know the 9th circuit court is wrong on this. Because it infringes on my right to keep and bare arms. According to Webster’s, infringe means to break off, defeat, frustrate, violate, transgress, or encroach. In laymen’s terms, that means to mess with or restrict. So when the second amendment says the “right of the people”…..”shall not be infringed” it means {the right of you and me and everyone else} (that definition has already been upheld by the Supreme Court) shall not be {messed with or restricted in any way}. The Supreme had an opportunity to rule on that definition also but refused to because that wasn’t the question before them. Until they do Webster’s is good enough for me.

      As for your “all guns were one shot” theory, that is incorrect. But it does support the point many others have made here. Our founders and the authors of the constitution and the bill of rights wanted “the people” to be equally armed with the government. They wanted the people to be well enough armed and experienced to support the government in the event of an invasion such as the war of 1812. They also wanted the people to be able to control a government that was trying to subdue the people. When that magnificent document was written the people and the government were equally armed. A century later either the government or the people could purchase and own a Henry repeater, Gatling gun, or even a cannon. IE. they were still equally armed. It wasn’t until prohibition and mob control of large cities by use of force and payoffs that laws were passed to restrict the ownership of fully automatic weapons. Strange though that not one mobster walked into the police station and said I want to turn in my illegal tommy gun or BAR. As usual, instead of fixing the problem they just past laws that did nothing but punished the innocent. Almost another century has past and the laws keep getting more restrictive on the citizens, and criminals still don’t obey them, and liberals still don’t listen to the obvious truths.

    3. “How do I know the 9th circuit court is wrong on this. Because it infringes on my right to keep and bare arms.”

      Trust me, you still have that right.

      “As for your “all guns were one shot” theory, that is incorrect. ”

      Oh? There was a single shot musket, a single shot pistol, and a single shot cannon. What else was there that wasn’t single shot? Remember, the two shot derringer wasn’t even invented until the 19th century.

      “Our founders and the authors of the constitution and the bill of rights wanted “the people” to be equally armed with the government.”

      Oh goodie! I’ve always wanted an M1 tank for commuting on the Capital Beltway. By the way, you don’t happen to have a citation for “equally armed” do you? You know, like something from the writings of the founders, or even the Federalist Papers? By the way, what would you think if the Democratic National Committee had nuclear weapons? (Yeah, I thought so….)

      “Strange though that not one mobster walked into the police station and said I want to turn in my illegal tommy gun or BAR. ”

      You’re forcing me to ask this…how do you know?

      “As usual, instead of fixing the problem they just past laws that did nothing but punished the innocent. Almost another century has past and the laws keep getting more restrictive on the citizens, and criminals still don’t obey them”

      Aside from the grammar, that’s the first accurate statement you made. Of course, it also has nothing to do with your previous “points.”

    4. Rick, Why should I trust you. I don’t even know you, and the statements you made here don’t help any. I know we still have the right to keep and bare arms, but that right is still being infringed on. Which is what I said. If you don’t see that you have blinders on.

      There were several types of guns that fired more than one shot. There were rifles with multiple barrels. Each having it’s own sights, and lock mechanism. You fired one barrel, then manually rotated to an unfired barrel. They came in two, four, even one version with eight barrels. There was a pneumatic rifle, yes an air rifle, that held, I believe 15 rounds, It was a lethal weapon, not a toy. There were many other examples, however they were either expensive or impractical. You can imagine how much the 8 barreled muzzleloader weighed. The air rifle had a built in pump that took 1500 pumps before all bullets could fired with lethal effectiveness. Others had other problems, but they did exist, which is what I said.

      I don’t know why you would want an M1 tank for commuting. The mileage is terrible. But the founding fathers believed that if you felt you needed an M1(before you start, I know the founding fathers didn’t know anything about a tank, let alone the M1, but the objective readers know what I mean) to protect your home or country you should be able to own one. There are many documents from many of the founding fathers that show that was their intent. You will have to elaborate on the Yeah, I thought so. You lost me. You thought what? About what? I don’t get it.

      You are absolute right. I don’t know for a fact that no mobsters turned in their automatic weapons. I made a reasonable assumption. I’ll make another reasonable assumption. You are not naïve or ignorant enough believe they did.

      I apologize for the poor grammar. If it wasn’t for spell check you could have belittled my spelling too. You see I’m probably a little older than you and when I was in school there were not learning disorders like ADHD or dyslexia. We were the stupid kids. When we struggled with things like grammar, spelling, and basic arithmetic, we were too stupid or weren’t trying hard enough to deserve special attention. We were just the stupid kids. I was even told so by one teacher. It wasn’t until I was in high school and found that understanding subjects like chemistry, science, and algebra came easy to me that I began to realize that I wasn’t a stupid kid and began to develop my own ways to deal the learning problems I had. I was able to overcome my troubles with basic arithmetic and went on to get A’s in subjects like geometry, and calculus. I never did conquer grammar and spelling though. Maybe you feel I have no right to post here because of that. Maybe you are right but based on other posts I’ve seen here, neither knowledge or intelligence is required.

    5. @ Gary H.

      I don’t believe either the Repeating Rifle or the Gatling Gun were around in December 1791, when the 2nd Amendment was Drafted, Signed and Ratified.

    6. @ Gary H.

      I say let the US Supreme Court, NULLIFY the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals RULING. But until they do, Unfortunately the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals RULING STILL STANDS.

  16. You know, you guys that are bashing people for living in California it’s pretty ignorant. We as gun owners are trying to fix what the politicians are screwing up. It is very frustrating that they can change an entire lifestyle with the swipe of a pen. Yes many of these things come about by the majority of people in California that might not like guns or just don’t care and they vote that way. But that doesn’t mean you have to name call people who live in California for the work or school or the weather or because they like to be near the ocean. We are trying to live here and have our guns. So don’t be one of the ignorant ones.
    I found a gun on a website and the dealer said they won’t sell to anyone in California and I said why not and he said because they don’t support gun rights. And I replied I’m trying to buy a freaking gun from you. So if you don’t sell it to me you are enabling the problem. I went on for 10 minutes. I do more effort and work than anybody I know to support our 2nd amendment. I have a newsletter I have clubs that meet with people and we have events to raise money for the NRA. A lot of gun owners live in California and just because the balance may be lopsided and our officials elected by the majority make poor decisions, it is not our FAULT. It is not the gun owners fault. Instead of bashing us as being California morons and saying we’re stupid for living here try a more educated and civilized approach . Why dont you help us figure out how to get our control back? I introduce you to hunting and shooting I raise money for the NRA to protect our gun rights and hunting nationwide not just for California not just for Arkansas not just for b*mf***k USA. So if I’m trying to support the 2nd amendment for your future why can’t you help support gun owners of California? Btw, that gun dealer saw my point and sold me the gun.

  17. Mikial, (and Bobby G) The term “assault rifle” originated during WWII by Adolph Hitler himself. It comes the first assault rifle; the Sturmgewher 44, developed, at first unbeknown by Hitler. After seing it and finally approving of it named it the Sturmgewher 44 (“Storm rifle”) or StG 44 (Assault Rifle Model 1944). It used a shortened cartridge 7.92 x 33mm instead of the 7.92x57mm cartridge used in the bolt action Karabiner 98K ( the common infantry rifle of German soldiers). The “K” means short since it is a shortened version of the Mauser rifles used prior to 1935. The StG 44 is a “select fire” weapon meaning it will fire in semi-automatic mode or full automatic. Semi-automatic means it will fire once with each pull of the trigger and full automatic will fire continuously until the trigger is released or run out of ammo. The StG 44 takes a 30 round box magazine which is inserted into the magazine well. Since the introduction of this weapon the military term “assault weapon” is a select fire, gas operated, shorter than a battle rifle, firing an intermediate cartridge and using a box magazine. The term “assault rifle” has since been bastardized by the news media and the anti-gun hoplophobes on the left to confuse the public about guns.

    1. Wikipedia, shockingly, offers a distinction between assault RIFLE (the Sturm and its inheritors), and and assault WEAPON (the exceedingly vague “it’s black so it must be evil):

      The term “assault weapon” is sometimes conflated with the term “assault rifle”. According to the Associated Press Stylebook, the media should differentiate between “assault rifles,” which are capable of fully automatic firing, and “assault weapons,” which are semiautomatic and “not synonymous with assault rifle.”[5] Civilian ownership of machine guns (and assault rifles) has been tightly regulated since 1934 under the National Firearms Act and since 1986 under the Firearm Owners Protection Act.[11]

  18. Many of the legal citizens will eventually be fighting in the streets, neighborhoods, against the tyrants of our government and local officials pushing for complete guns and ammunition ban, period! Are you ready to die defending your rights like our historical patriots of years ago did? Where is Mel Gibson in the the movie the “Patriot” when you need them?

  19. I’ve always heard that their was a fine line between Capitolism and Communism, guess what people where do you think we are right now?If the american people don’t get their heads out of their butts and get rid of all these politicians that are actually traitor’s to the American way of life , we are gonna wind up the United States of the Government, by the government, for the Government. Think people think!!!!!!!

  20. Well, I’m reminded of a shootout with 2 bank robbers that didn’t go well for any good guys. We’re just back to the same problem, bad guys don’t obey the laws. Do you really want to restrict law enforcement? Obviously no, nor do we want them to restrict law abiding citizens like ourselves.

  21. LA is trying to ignore and circumvent the Second Amendment. Another reason to move out of there. Are they trying to outdo Sacramento or is Sacramento next?

    1. @ Alex T.

      How’s that? According to a friend of mine, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in March 2015. That it doesn’t violate the 2nd Amendment, in any way and that 42 other States have similar rulings…

  22. Well, I agree with most of your rational, valid, and accurate comments in
    The Shooter’s Log” about the LA situation but if all of us had sent these
    same comments to the Los Angeles Times (and many other papers) they
    might have the courage to print at least one or two. That is how we must multiply the desired effect, not by preaching to the choir only.

  23. It’s interesting that two of the states (California and New York) have some of the toughest gun laws in the country and some of the highest rates of murders in the Country. Chicago and Houston have about the same population. Chicago has the tough laws (Illinois) which Houston is governed under Texas laws and has more freedom with regard to possessing guns.YET Chicago has more than triple the deaths to guns than Houston. Please tell me how strict gun laws protect good people. They only deprive the good people defense from the bad people who will get guns and large magazines whenever they please.

    1. @Dick,

      It’s the same in Maryland. Baltimore is an incredibly violent city and Maryland state law is a”may issue” with the only valid reason generally accepted being that the applicant carries large sums of money and could be robbed.

      Someone who is in fear of their life, such as a woman being stalked by an ex, or someone who simply wants to be able to protect themselves is not considered grounds to issue a concealed carry permit. So, the bad guys have lots of guns and the good innocent are unarmed.

  24. Having been a Californian for four years it is only the Bay Area and So Cal, which is where most of the population is, that you have the libs. Most of the state and population is bulldozed over and can’t fight these liberal strongholds. Trust me there are more fun loving, right thinking people in this state than you can imagine. The others are just so caught up with their lives that when SHTF they will be gone in less than two weeks because they do not know how to function or think for themselves.

  25. As “enforcers of the law” the “police” must be more “bound by that law” than the rest of us – therefore, the “police” may not, MUST NOT, be “allowed” to possess these “instruments of destruction” either. What ever “reason” the “police” might use to justify their breaching of the law certainly applies to the rest of us – the rest of us will ALWAYS be the “first ones on the scene of a crime”.

  26. California is nothing short of being a police state run by politicains and the
    so-called “social elite” who FORCE their will on the law abiding people of the state while leaving loop holes for certain classes of the population. I do not understand why the sheep in that state called “voters” stand by and watch their rights erode? VOTE these uppity types1 out of office and replace them with someone who represents the will of the people and not the social elite and politicians. THAT is the difference between freedom and communism. YOUR voice is heard and not suppressed, and YOUR rights are ensured and not oppressed. Californication is right, because y’all are getting screwed.

    1. Easier said than done. California is so far left now, with the population being nearly 50% hispanic and with the 9th circuit being so incredibly liberal, they veto anything we vote for, or allow to become law anything they deem worthy. Californians literally have no say in what becomes law anymore.

  27. Oh, so now all the nice little criminals are going to dutifully turn in their “large capacity” mags, right??? What in the Sam Hill are these idiots in the city council SMOKING???? And what were the people who VOTED for them smoking??? Clearly nobody in their right mind would voluntarily live in L.A. (la-la-land).

  28. Our government is a run by a bunch of morons. If they truly believe that this will stop these shootings, then we should put them in front of the active shooters after 10 rounds are fired. These shooters and those committing crimes are committing illegal acts and will not care about your 10 round limits. They will acquire their high cap mags through any means. The only people this affects is us law abiding citizens, therefore limiting our amount of protection. You ever have that dream where you are in a fight and your hardest punch has no affect, or your gun just won’t fire??? Thank you government officials for bringing this nightmare to reality.

    1. Really?! It is that kind of absolutism and rhetoric that is allowing politicians to take our firearms. I was living in California way before these draconian laws existed. There has been a huge push toward a liberal progressive ideology, and those are the people who are creating these policies. Regardless of how you feel about us Californians, do we not have the right to self defense against criminals and tyrannical governments?

  29. I suppose that aplies to those with illegal weapons and the murderers who have large capacity weapons. I’m sure they will comply. A message to the government.

  30. The left coast has for many years led the movement to do away with common sense and “the right thing” in this country. The cities in California that have so called “sanctuary city” status that allow illegal aliens and others to ignore Federal law and then cry the biggest tears when an innocent person is gunned down by one of these aliens are prime examples. I don’t understand the concept of “sanctuary city” and am just thankful that I don’t live I one. At least I don’t think that I do. When the USA is controlled by a bunch of idiots who try to change history by banning Confederate Flags and removing memorials to Confederate heroes for actions taken over 150 years ago and these actions are allowed and applauded by politicians, then we are at the doorstep of doom. Nothing that is done today to ban a flag or memorial is going to change the action from many decades ago that created that memorial or flew that flag.
    Common sense is gone. We have a president that has tried his best, along with a corrupt justice department to instigate race wars all over the country, changed laws at will and ignored laws that would justly punish certain racial identities and is supported in these unconstitutional acts by a weak, spineless and corrupt congress, then we have gotten just what we/they asked for.
    Now the left coast once again has gotten the first steps in gun registration accomplished by banning magazines that hold in excess of 10 rounds. But, in a major display of logic, retired police officers, many who are suffering severe PTSD are exempted from this rule. This is in no way putting down police officers anywhere, it’s a point to show just how illogical the moronic democrats in California under an old and washed up governor can control the rights and thinking of millions of decent people can occur. If it can happen there it can happen anywhere and that is exactly the intent. obammay has just a few months left to make a major strike against the 2nd Amendment and other rights of non-liberals and he is doing it with the support of idiot democrats and republicans alike. He wants something to happen to give him, in his warped mind, a reason to have the election laws suspended in 2016 and keep himself in office. This is the kind of out of control politicians that have run this country for the past six years and a preview of what we can expect if that old woman that is married to the ex-president who does not know the meaning of sex would continue if she found her/him self in the White House.
    Wake Up America…..It is not quite too late, yet. But we are knocking on the door and once it opens it can not be closed again in our life times.

  31. California needs to secede and merge into Mexico. I would have to tell LA to kiss my ass. So when the next raghead decides to shoot up LA with a 30 rd mag the law abiding citizen will be outgunned. Idiots!

  32. It is unlawful for the Los Angeles City Council to pass this “legislation”.
    The Constitution forbids such.
    Since the Constitution is the SOLE AUTHORITY for the existence of our Republic, this attempt to overthrow the Constitution is an attempt to overthrow this Republic – thus, an Act of War and, by definition, TREASON.
    The County Sheriff is BOUND BY LAW to arrest all council members and hold them for Treason – if the County Sheriff fails in this duty, the Sheriff is guilty of Malfeasance of Office and had removed himself from his office, the authority of that office, and any protections of that office.

    1. @ LameBear.

      One SLIGHT Problem? The Los Angeles City Council, Made the Ban in July 2015. But, the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in March 2015.

  33. A worthwhile read for all, (and apologies to those commenters that may have already stated the obvious)…

    Assault rifles, assault weapons, or assault firearms – of these three terms, only the term “assault rifle” truly has an official origin reserved to the military with a purpose so specific that it required distinguishing it from other rifles.

    First, one must consider just the word “assault” in its own context when used alone for military purposes. It generally indicates anytime an attack is conducted close enough to the enemy that you can see them during the engagement with the naked eye, and in most cases the “assault” will occur within yards of the enemy and often leads to hand-to-hand combat or clearing buildings room-by-room.

    Using the word “assault” in conjunction with a “rifle” was a concept first developed by the Germans in WWII and required the use of a specially designed rifle with very specific close-in characteristics. With battle dynamics and tactics constantly evolving, the long rifles were just that, “too long” and considered over-powered and unnecessarily long for such newer close quarter combat tactics.

    The Germans were known for this research and they determined that most firefights were now occurring at less than 450 yards. Their first “assault rifle” designed specifically for this task was the Sturmgewehr 44. This rifle along with any subsequent designs must meet very specific requirements to be called an “assault rifle”. Those specific requirements are as follows:

    * It must be an individual weapon.
    * It must be capable of selective fire (Full-auto and Semi-auto, or a Burst Mode).
    * It must have an intermediate-power cartridge (More power than a pistol but less than a standard rifle or battle rifle).
    * Its ammunition must be supplied from a detachable box magazine.
    * And it should have an effective range of at least 330 yards.

    To date, those characteristics have never changed. If a rifle does not meet ALL of those characteristics, it simply does NOT officially qualify as an “ASSAULT RIFLE”. And thus, the AR-15 is NOT, and never has been, an “Assault Rifle”.

    So, this begs the question as to how, where, and when all these inaccurate terms become injected into the layperson’s common language. Both the gun industry and anti-gun movement bear responsibility here.

    I cringe every time I see advertisements by reputable gun dealers who will boldly advertise the sale of “Assault Rifles” at the top of their AR-15 ads. They have given into the inaccurate legislative term “Assault Rifle” and play off it to make their AR-15 offerings appear more attractive. After all, owning the forbidden “Assault Rifle” just sounds awesome to unknowledgeable persons just becoming interested in guns.

    It disgusts me when the almighty dollar is more important to some dealers than preserving our rights. Ordinarily it would not matter because free enterprise is the American way, but not when dealers are very aware that the anti-gun movement has high-jacked the term – “Assault Rifle”, and deceitfully applied it to our common AR-15s to strike fear in the minds of many, in order to further their goal of stripping our rights and freedoms.

    The anti-gun movement’s use of this term actually begins all over the place… literally. There are so many different definitions that have been invented, and of which range in everything from “Assault Rifles”, “Assault Weapons” and “Assault Firearms”. The definitions attached to each of these labels vary by region as well, and become even more convoluted within each law written at every level of government ranging from city, county, state, and federal. No two definitions of the “Assault Rifle” are ever the same between jurisdictions.

    But to go even further back in history, the anti-gun movement has always been cunning and quite patient. The first phase of their goal started years ago to transition America into the belief that the Second Amendment was intended for the singular purpose of protecting the right to use firearms for hunting. Their ideology was to sound supportive of the “All-American frontiersman” in using a wholesome sounding definition that gave way to a man’s right to feed his family off the lands as God intended.

    Their intention was to reeducate young minds in order to detract from the real purpose of the Second Amendment, which was really to keep the government in check from the temptations that lead to becoming tyrannical; not hunting.

    After they felt successful in that phase of brainwashing, they moved on to demonize the AR-15 and semi-automatic handguns. They worked tirelessly to plant the false idea that since the Second Amendment was only for hunting, why would anyone ever need these other weapons, unless it were to “Assault” and kill another human.

    And since the real military “Assault Rifle” was designed for just that purpose, they began to label the common AR-15 as an “Assault Rifle” to ensure that type of aggression becomes embedded in the minds of less knowledgeable people. They even played off the name “AR” to indicate “Assault Rifle” when the reality is it is an acronym of the original manufacturer – “Armalite”.

    Even in recent history with the Supreme Court’s decision which clarified the Second Amendment as not just for hunting, but also for self-defense, the anti-gun movement has still done such a great job at their propaganda that it is hard for anyone to see the AR-15 Carbine as anything other than an aggressive attack “Assault Weapon” and thus it has been forever rendered in the minds of their followers as an unnecessary weapon that could only ever be used to “Assault” another person rather than to serve a legitimate defensive purposes.

    So because of the effectiveness of their campaign, we must make every effort to counter the damage they have done by going out of our way to correct every time we see the improper use of the term “Assault” used in front of our defensive weapons.

    1. “Assault” implies an offensive attack. “Defense” means, well, defense. So just lobby everyone to call them “defense rifles”. Or the eye-roller of recent times, “modern sporting rifles.”

      Thanks for pointing out that the Corporate Gun Manufacturer Masters are complicit, and indeed responsible in many cases, in the misnomer you describe. They don’t care about your 2nd Amendment rights as long as they make money off of you and yours. Believing otherwise is absurd.

    2. G-Man, this article was about so called large capacity magazines. This law has been effect for years. LA City has just expanded that law to suit their own needs. This is probably illegal and I am sure it will be challenged in court.
      Back to your comment: we didn’t need a whole history of the AR-15 which anyone reading these comments are well aware of that debate. Please don’t waste our time reading your rambling.

    3. @ gunfitr,

      Everyone is quite aware of the topic. However, there are many others far more astute than you that participated in the topic as it spun off into a debate about assault rifles a page or two ago. Back to your comment, we don’t need an asinine self-proclaimed moderator, let alone one that can’t even pay attention to the flow of commentary by regulars here. Please don’t waste our time trying to dictate what we can and cannot speak freely about.

    4. What gets me about this whole thing is that I try to make a comment supporting some of the other commentators about standard capacity magazines, and all some of these people can do is jump on the term “assault rifle”.

      No, I do not mean you, G-Man, you have shown your intelligence and common sense too many times for me to question you. But, so many of these people are pure prigs (for those of you who don’t get the term, look it up) and try to be scholars and make themselves “experts” by putting other people down.

      Sadly, the point is lost in people trying to be the “elite” of the pro-gun community. All I can say to them is that maybe you are one the wrong forum. Maybe you should stick to Tumblr.

    5. @G-Man: I enjoyed your analysis and I totally disagree with gunfitr. There were details in there that I didn’t know before.

      Regarding the anti-gun movement’s attempt to demonize AR-15’s, the maniacal young man in South Carolina proved that massive damage can be done with a 1911 and it’s small capacity magazine.

  34. Just how many criminal Californicators will turn in their mags? Once again the morons in Californication affect ONLY the honest law-abiding citizen. When will the y pull their collective heads from their collective a**?!

  35. I am retired police after 33 years of service. I have never had a armed encounter with a law abiding citizen with a gun. However I have had many with criminals, thugs, g**********, and drug dealers. It is time for American citizens to take America back with politicians that are not crazy left wingers, California is out of control.

  36. Witchypoo Feinstien needs a dirt nap along with the rest of those politicians on the left coast.

  37. The title of the article is so confusing, from the sounds of it they are trying to ban having ANY magazines at all! just another step closer to socialist amerika. for once I wish the media would report on an unbiased level, if it doesn’t sell a paper then its not worth reporting.

  38. I also moved away from that pitiful state of morons. Feinstein should be impeached and tried as a communist. Just remember history, for those dictators/tyrants that took guns away, such as Hitler, Mao, and Stalin.What followed then were some of the most brutal massacres in recorded history preformed by the very same idiots that took the guns away. The morons in California just keep letting them take away their freedoms which will eventually lead to their slaughter.

  39. How the heck can Americans let these liberal mainly democrat politicians do this to them? Are there no patriots in California to stand against this tyranny are you all that much of a COWARD. Impeach every one of these peole who voted for this TAKE A STAND FOR FREEDOM!!!

  40. Firm believe in principlev of equality as expressed from founfing vtill 1940.
    Declaation of Independence, second paragraph: We hold these truths to be self evident, That al l men are created equal …et al.. Pursuit…
    The LA council will grant exemptiond to retired police officers with concealed permits, of course
    no one here will see how elevating some individuals breaks that clause as we are daily hollering for more bennies for some new heros.
    That by the very constrictive definition of what 2nd Amendment now means, “That you now have right to have and bear arms,with some
    restrictions in order to protect yourself; As suc h it is obvious that LA populace still retaim thay right.
    If they are content with decreased ammo capacity on hand may I remind many of you macho men carry a 1911 or 357 snuggy for
    persoal defence and how many rounds are they.
    I cannot let loose retorts agains the idiotic post for and against Obama edpevially the whack job GOP revidionist bull as to real build up to Iraq
    war.and the non finding of WMDS of note.
    I will take issue with bulls!@# about raising flag to half mast as its proper term is lowering. YOU FIRST RAISE.TO FULL AND THEN LOWER TO
    Read the damned protocalls for.”WHEN,WHO? WHERE AND WHY FLAG CAN BE LOWERED.
    It sure cannot be ordered so by some fn half assed GOP ChICKEN CRAP SHUCKEN JIVE vote seeker from below Mason Dixon educational
    levels, and not for some expedient means of publicity for every tom dick and.harry in US.
    As to the Obama puker he should get a set of cajones and a backbone to go with it. OBAMA is but Commander in Chief of the same damn
    military/Corporate/ Industrial and financial leaderships with the bombastic war lovers and sociopathic followings in government that care
    not right wrong or reason, any reason will do as thry carry on with dealing death no matter the Pres.

  41. An AR is a Armalite Rifle, which is semi-automatic rifle. An Assault Rifle is a automatic rifle like an M16A1. The Armalite Assault Rifle refers to a rifle that has the capabilities to fire semi-automatic and automatic by the flip of a lever.

  42. There really isn’ t an assualt rifle! Think in terms of assault car, assault knife or assault ipad. Seriuosly, you could beat someone to death with your ipad. Ever hear anyone calling for bans on your assault ipad? Course not, the designation AR comes from the original builder – Armilite.

  43. That’s not right!!! I live in a state with 10rd limits as well, but at least I can own high capacity mags I just can’t buy them in MD I have to go to WV then drive back with them.=, and it’s legal to do that we just can’t buy it in our state? WTF right makes no sense! Non of these does! It only hurts the law abiding citizens. You really think a gangster or criminal cares about the laws for mag size when they got illegal fully automatic machine guns or whatever they got. Laws against guns only hurts the people that deserve to have them or want to have them for personal collection like myself. That and guns are just fun! Really I miss the days when I could just sit on my hill and shoot .22lr a;; day with my dad and buddys. I remember it was $20 for 525rd at wal mart and we would have sooo much fun. I am going to feel sad for my kids if I have any if these laws keep coming into affect. By the time there my age everything will be banned 🙁 Not cool lol Not cool

  44. So now the LA police can, at will, take my personal property from me without ONE PENNY of re-imburstment ??? I worked HARD for the money to purchase my magazines. I also paid good money for a nice pocket knife. How long before they take that, too ???
    Brownell’s and all the other magazine dealers better watch out !!
    The city of L.A. is about to become the biggest standard cap. magazines in the world. It is easy to make money in business when all your inventory is FREE !!!

  45. Hey L.A. have you thought about looking for the reason for shootings instead of banning the tool. There seems to be a twisted set of morals in today’s society. We try so hard to protect the criminals, that the victims often suffer.

  46. I would highly suggest that the NRA stop spending any money from any donations that come from Conservative states to defend the 2nd amendment rights of such states as California. This is a waste of effort, time and money.

    They have made their bed, let them lie in it! They reap what they sow!

    Convince me to be different.

  47. This is why I can’t stand California. What’s next? “We have determined that your SUV is too toxic to the environment and killing some slug, turn it in to the DMV for destruction by day x?” Screw those jackboot fascists already. I will not live in that #### state.

  48. Just another way to make a law abiding citizen into a criminal. Then they go out of their way to help give more rights to criminals.

    thank god I dont live in CA.

  49. That would be the day I’d hand over anything to the cops regarding firearms. LA sold out. Magazines will now only be in the hands of the exact people who LA doesn’t want to have them. Horrifying to ban from law-abiding people. It is an infringement, just not by puppet Courts in CA.

  50. Had a weapon with 11 and formerly, yes smart enough to leave california, lived in California when Dianne Fienstein had her 9 limit magazine in semi-autos. Mine held 11, so I put in two rubber plugs beneath the magazine bottom plate. Met the objective because you could not put more than nine physically n the clip. Moved out of The liberal left Ca, took the plugs out, reinstalled the base plate and back in business. And yes, senator Dianne still has her CCW FOR THE LLE (liberal left entitled).

  51. If “they” are wanting to stop gun violence. Why don’t they stop making movies that show gun violence. Most people have no real sense of what guns do. Let we the people keep our arms. If ” they” want to take away a freedom take away something that will help the problem.

  52. They shouldn’t allow retired police officers to possess either. If civilians are expected to get the job done with ten rounds, then a trained police officer should also be able to get it done with ten. This goes for off duty cops too. They are not above the law and should be a living, breathing and walking embodiment of the law – not an exemption from it. Hypocrites.

  53. So if California state law allows Californians to keep +10 magazines purchased before the year 2000, can a city law override that? I would think if this went to court, Los Angeles would lose and have to repeal their new law, no?

  54. “Assault” in this context, refers to a military operation, but the firearms in question are NOT military rifles. We’re talking about semi-automatic carbines that are styled to LOOK like military rifles. Back in the day, there were companies that sold kits to make a VW Beetle look like a Ferrari. Modern sporting rifles are the kit cars of the gun world. (and yes, I both like them and own a few.)

    1. Congratulations libtards. BI feel safer already that another useless feel good law has been passed at the expense of logic.

  55. In regard to the request to explain “assault rifle” I can only do so in this manner. First I’ll have to take you to any given hardware store and point out and accurately label every tool in the store as an assault weapon. You really want to see weapons, I’ll take you to the nearest Bed Bath and Beyond, enter their cutlery section, etc. Let’s go next to the gun shop and I’ll point out to you that what they have in inventory are just useful tools of every man and woman’s trade. They preserve the right of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Without them (firearms and people that carry them) the 2nd Amendment will cease to exist and there will be no other rights.

  56. “The defense of our liberties is first at the ballot box, then the soap box, then the jury box and finally, failing all else, the cartridge box”

    Buy all the high capacity magazines you can.
    I recently got an AK 73 round drum magazine, and I don’t even have an AK…..yet

    1. Hey Michael, not sure exactly what you mean? If you have a 73 round drum AK mag, make sure you buy a the appropriate AK to go with it. I have AK-47’s 7.62X39 and AK-74’s 5.45X39. But whatever, my best advice would be to buy both and buy more than one of each! God bless you man, you’ll never be sorry!

  57. What is Califoria trying to achieve?!?! Population control based on stupidity????
    When will people understand that criminals do NOT follow the rules. Criminals do whatever it takes to get what they want.
    Instead of banning high cap. magazines, why not hire more law enforcement?
    Oh. And to also mention the comment the councilman said about the amendment for retired police officers with permits……while this idea should be implemented, what about our retired veterans and active military? As a military member I put my life on the line for my countrymen and women when I’m overseas, I would also put my life on the line for my countrymen and women when I’m stateside!

  58. I think I’ll declare the great state of GEORGIA to be a SANCTUARY STATE for illegal 30 round magazines. Just send ’em to me. They can live in my basement and go to the range with me. I’m only glad to help. Really.

  59. It’ll take about a minute for this ban to be declared unconstitutional. Why don’t these “leaders” spend their time on measures that will work and that aren’t illegal?

  60. In Detroit our Police Chief has said to NRA that armed law abiding citizens help deter and stop crime. Why is it only politicians do not realize a criminal by definition does not follow laws. Send all you stock mags to me. I am going to start buying mags and ammo because the SHTF scenario is getting closer.

  61. “Owning a magazine that holds more than 10 rounds will now be a misdemeanor in Los Angeles.”

    But how does that stop massacres?

  62. I would be embarrassed to be a Californian, I’m embarrassed to be a Washingtonian also with the passage of I-594. I think it’s obvious to all that none of this is about crime prevention. It’s only about restricting rights of law abiding citizens that own firearms. Whom should you fear? It’s obvious, you should fear your politician!

    1. I’m a Californian, and I’m not taking the blame for this. I cast my vote, and I get beat year after year. Doesn’t make me responsible for the douchebags on the LA city council.

    2. This is what the Washington Cartel fear: an armed populace ready to march on DC, IN REBELLION TO THEIR UNREASONABLE LAWS THRUST UPON THE LAWABIDING CITIZENS. To the politico: this 30 rounder is for you

  63. To the honorable gun owners of Los Angeles, you are not really going to comply with this stupidity, are you? You may need those magazines! This is OUTRAGEOUS. It is perhaps the single worst gun law instated in California, besides the CA handgun roster (the stupidest). PEOPLE, this has to be the last straw.
    I enjoy firearms for the sport and self-protection when I feel it is necessary. Unfortunately, we live in an evil world and that is reality. We would like to change it, but that is not reality now. You know as well as I, that these mass murderers would have carried out their tasks by a different means such as Molotov cocktails or pipe bombs or other explosives and the outcome would have been much worse. Do you think Timothy McVeigh could have killed so many people in Oklahoma with a gun? Be careful what you wish for. If only somebody in the Charleston church had a gun to defend themselves. The killer knew that nobody probably had a gun and that they were vulnerable. Forcing everyone to have “Low” capacity magazines is not going to change one damn thing other than infringe on MY right to enjoy my shooting sports and infringe on MY right to defend myself. The people you are taking magazines away from are not the people you have to worry about- don’t you get that?!

  64. LA magazine ban: Positive proof that insanity is now a requirement for election to political office in LA.

  65. This will be enforced against law abiding citizens but gangs and other criminals will not be touched.

  66. I thought the government couldn’t make you forfeit your property. I thought that was against the law – like stealing. How can they get away with stealing? Enacting a new law sure. But they aren’t allowed to take something from you that you bought legally, because now they don’t want you to have it. Can they? I mean apparently they think they can. Which is dangerous…for them.

    1. this is Naziism. People should shoot the police who enforce it because theu are communists and nazis. This is an act of war and if people don’t fight back, they will haul you in concentration csmps. We have domestic enemies called liberals who run the courts and police. Anyone who make and enforce such laws deserve only death. Better them dead then the rest of us.

  67. Oh for crying out loud! I’m sure that the law abiding citizens will comply, sure, but will the inner city thugs? More Liberal attempts to disarm the good citizens. It’s just crazy!

    1. Hey Sloop, here’s the deal, law abiding citizens shouldn’t comply! Just say no! Come take it out of my cold dead hand! Have you asked yourself this? Do they know how many mags I own? Have you registered them yet? I guess you could call the mag police and inform them. Maybe a law will be passed requiring a chip to track your supposed illegal mag. It’s time to elect politicians that support our constitution! Get rid of the liberal pricks that don’t!

    2. Mort, already there with you. For WAYYYYYY too long, us “good guys” have obeyed every law, because that’s the kind of people we are. Meanwhile, the thugs and scumbags break the law with impunity and get gently lil wrist taps. We need to understand that this is NOT the country we grew up in, and that the government is targeting us, and see us as the enemy. Not ISIS, not the gangbangers, not the illegals; we the people are in their crosshairs.

      There is only one true course of action, and that is for each of us to tell these stuff shirt little tyrants that we the people WILL NOT OBEY. Remember what happened at that ranch in Nevada: the government tried to railroad that man with attack dogs and sinpers with shoot to kill orders, and people from all over America brought their guns and their love of liberty, and they forced the tyrants to back off!

  68. To all; Screw all of the tree huggers in CA, LA, and all of LA’s City Council. They can try and get my mags when they pry my cold dead hands off of them. I’m sure threre will be thousands of residents in that county who share the same opinion.. I tell you, CA is in for a rude awakening. You only thought things werte BAD before, just wait……at least our state doesn’t allow people to run for office unless they can pry their heads out of their asses.

  69. I can see it now, all those felons, in possession of stolen weapons really sweating this new law. It’s getting embarrassing to be a Native Californian. Why do they continue to elect idiots in the big cities?

  70. While this is a sad state of affairs I don’t feel particularly sorry for the people in LA. You voted for these fascist morons and now you are reaping what you sowed. How many more of your rights have to be taken away before you wake up and take back your state. What’s the worst thing that can happen when your rights are taken from you? (hint, check out Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia).

  71. I’ve been seeing news about all the shootings in cities such as Detroit, Chicago, and Washington DC. Maybe they should have laws banning firearms.
    Oh, wait, they already do. Outlaw guns. Oh, wait.

  72. Not surprised. I finally put Commiefornia in the rear view mirror about six years ago and made my way to Utah and so glad I did. You can own just about anything here. Furthermore, I now have a CCW and an Armed Personal Security Officer’s license. California has been run by nuts for decades, after 40 years there I had my fill.

  73. Kalifornikstan and lost angeles county in particular deserve what they have now. Liberals trampling the rights of citizens while rolling out the welcome wagon for illegals. There is no longer a tax base, the state is bankrupt and they are doing everything possible to discourage American citizens to move there.

    If you still live in california you’re either a) an illegal alien, b) paid by the state government, or c) stupid .

  74. The police are going to in force this how…going door to door and asking or demanding for people to hand over their firearms so that they can doo a magazine check. Good luck with that.

  75. Oh, the great state of Commiefornia is going to take away yet another Constitutional right. Well…knock me over with a feather.

  76. I can only assume that the City Council Members will be going door to door in South Central to confiscate illegal magazines

  77. My Glock 19 can with one standard 15 round magazine. If I turn in my only magazine will the LA city council buy me a new 10 round magazine?

  78. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.

    Ayn Rand quote

  79. I read every one of the comments to date.

    Friends: Please stop calling them high capacity magazines!


    If your handgun comes with a 15 round mag, and your AR comes with a 30 round mag, then these should NEVER be referred to as “high capacity.” You are just falling for the rhetoric of the gun grabbers.

    Instead, refer to the 10 rounders as “restricted capacity” or “stunted capacity” to reflect what the libertards are really trying to do to us.

  80. Like any of this is going to matter to criminals. These laws are passed by the Democratic majority of Los Angeles and California simply so they can pretend they are doing something substantial to deal with crime. Won’t change a thing L.A.!

  81. “Those who own them are to remove them from the city or give them up to police so the magazine can be destroyed…” or they could just keep them and not tell anyone.

  82. Considering the gangs of LA just announced their little “100 dead in 100 days and nights” game, the timing is impeccable!!

  83. Well this automatically outlaws a great portion of modern handguns since for some the smallest capacity is more than 10.
    Since they are trying to head this direction anyway why not just demand that firearms can ONLY BE single shot capacity so they don’t totally alienate the 2nd.
    Of course then someone might get the hair up their arse that muzzle loaders and cap//ball revolvers should be banned because they produce more harmful smoke emissions and the revolvers exceed the 1-shot capacity.

    Do that then they REALLY get to see just how many people they piss off.

    1. You’re closer to the truth than you realize. That’s exactly the way the British were disarmed. Various types of firearms and their magazines were made illegal and collected via their robust registration program until the only firearms a civilian could possess were single shot .22 rifles and single shot/double barrel shotguns. Then they took those away. Now they’re after their knives.

    2. Yes, but Britain is completely crime free. Since the gun ban and the only people allowed to own guns are the military, police and politicians there hasn’t been a single crime committed in the UK.

      oh wait………..

  84. If you ban 10+ magazines, no exceptions. Not for police, politicians, judges, concealed carry holders – anyone.. Also, what will happen when someone is caught with a 10+ magazine? Since LA is a sanctuary city, will illegal aliens be arrested? Will felons be arrested AND prosecuted? This is just another example of a feel-good law that was not thought out. There are 30,000+ laws on the books and LA is saying that none of them work and that they need a new one. Nothing but emotion.

  85. All you have to do is read what the Georgia guide stones say, It is not a mystery why things are going the way they are. I am an Oath Keeper and will defend the constitution with a 40 round clip or 8 5 round ones either way the gun grabbers will have a fight on their hands,

  86. So what.. Another stupid action by lame political do nothing sh#$ birds that gangs and crooks disregard anyway. Citizens will not comply either! Maybe some stupid ones will but the majority are fearful of future events that remain to be seen..

  87. Does any one think that after a shooting if caught the bad guy will be charged with having a magazine with over 10 rounds. It’s a misdemeanor they will be charged with a felony and never will the over 10 round mag. come up. As others have said it only effects the law abiding people. not the bad guys. Stupid law that will do nothing.

  88. pretty stupid only dummy’s will turn them in I am sure the Crips will be first in line to turn theirs in LA is a JOKE I am glad I don’t live there anymore

  89. Law only place limits on Law Abiding Citizens. The secondary affect is that criminals will have a more difficult time getting high cap magazines,or assault weapons, or …insert any other item in the world. Criminals don’t mind crossing state lines to get an item that is illegal in their state. Make national laws is the left answer to that, further taking away from State Rights. The Civil War was not a war to end slavery, it was a war to Retain/protect States Rights. I have watched many documentaries that show this was the reason Soldiers fought. There is documentation that’s shows Lincoln had little concern of slavery, regardless of the emancipation proclamation. Slavery was the issue people could understand and fight against. Sound familiar. Gun control is a subject people can understand and fight against. The real issue is that this is another example of the federal government trying to take away state rights. No one wants to stand up and say ” people should have the right to kill as many people as possible using high cap mags and assault weapons.” Weapons are not the real issue. We all need to say,” The federalGovernment needs to stop taking away state rights.” The States need to stop bending over and giving up rights that only put more limits on….insert your topic here, gun control, health care, Goverment control over the individual.

  90. So, two questions;

    1. What date are law enforcement going to remove ALL magazines with a capacity greater then 30 rounds from the criminals who possess them?

    2. Who in California wants to send me any of their “large capacity” magazines?

    I am in Michigan. All good here!

  91. What a joke, so what’s the penalty for having the magazine? Same as being a felon and having a gun. Nothing!

  92. Another problem with the California insanity is the choice of many online gun parts stores decision to punish the e gun owning citizen of California by refusing to sell California legal gun parts to them.

    They are doing their part to exceed the demands of California law and the e anti’s thank you for your support to disarm California citizens by denying them legal parts.

  93. It is amazing just how clueless self righteousness, total stupidity has gotten with political leaders whether local, state, or federal, criminals do not give a rats ass about laws, they will have the maximum capacity mags they can get no matter what!

    1. Which criminals are you referring to? Liberal democrats, their republican allies, their courts and their police are the REAL criminals. They criminalize anyone who don’t share their ideology and those of us that resist and fight them and their tyrrany and evil. God determines what a criminal is. So called law abiding citizens fail to realize all these laws are impossible to keep and neither these politicians, their courts and police keep them. They are the criminals not those who resist them.

  94. That’s the day I get my affairs in order, sell all my guns except three then call the police and tell them I have some 10+ clips but will not turn them in and sit and wait.

  95. I’m interested to see what the level of compliance is to this law. I’m thinking a “Connecticut ” type situation may be in the works.

  96. It seems to me that what the L.A. police don’t know won’t matter much if you keep your Hi cap mags regardless of the ordinance. I’d rather be charged with a misdemeanor for using my Hi caps if needed than need them and not have them. I think this would fall under the category of peaceful civil disobedience.
    But you have to remember “Loose lips sink ships”. How well can you keep a secret?

    1. The authorities will then start trying to get people to inform on their neighbors who have the “offending” magazines. Maybe they can give them pretty little brown shirts and shiny boots to reward their “assistance to the state”

  97. I would be willing to turn in my high capacity magazines…..right after the last high capacity mag is taken away from the last criminal on earth.

    1. Does that include all governmental entities? Don’t forget that an armed populous is the defense against tyrannical government.

  98. Little by little, the “progressives” continue in their relentless march to enslave the world. Soon they will want to limit further the rights of self protection until the White race has been completely eliminated.
    You think I exaggerate? I am NOT exaggerating. All one needs to do to see is LOOK.

    1. black, asian, latino and every other variety of gun owner are equally burdened by this law.

  99. I’m sure the criminal element will turn their mags to police and obey the law with their illegal weapons. I don’t even like visiting California, much want to live there.

  100. Ooooooohhh, that’ll really fix those bad guys, now they’ll step into line…HA!…All they’ve done is make criminals out of the law abiding citizens of L.A. …

  101. Forget the second amendment what is up with expost facto(spelling?) cant change law after the fact so going forward they can try to enforce it but prior ownership cant legally be enforced so keep your legal mags and stand on your rights

  102. I have read a lot people suggesting if not outright claiming it is time to revolt. Insighting such violence is playing right into Obama’s hands. Almost immediately after he was elected in 2008 the democrats started talking about removing term limits. They didn’t receive much support. Every since our liberal powers and others have been doing things to P!$$ people off. Most recently would be the treaty with Iran and the refusal to lower the flag after the recruiters were killed. Speeches have been made during riots that only added fuel to the fire, when they should have been calling for a peaceful solution. Why would he want start a revolt now when his term is so close to it’s end. All he needs is any excuse to call for marshal law. Once marshal law is declared, no more elections will be held until peace is restored. The people in office stay in office by default. Unless of course the powers in charge determine them to be contributing to the violence. Then they are replaced by appointed officials. The “president” remains in office indefinitely. Perhaps president is not the right name for him then. I know there is another name for someone who holds absolute power over a people using the military to enforce his will. Lets see he’s a …….well it’s on the tip of my tongue…….oh yeah, he’s a tyrant.

    1. Granted, I would benefit from having better paying employment, but I’m cool with having a President that made a treaty with Iran instead of going directly to the “We’ll just kick their butt” option, at who cares what expense to everyone else in OUR human lives lost (since I figure you wouldn’t care about Iranian lives, military or civilian) and financial terms.. This President, to his credit, (and apart from any other President I can think of) the only military “boots on ground” operation he’s done (that I’m aware of) killed Osama Bin Laden, and attempted to train others to do their own fighting.. and help support efforts to prevent the spread of Ebola.. (realistically, between Russia, Iran, Iraq, Serbia, China, N Korea and others, we COULD legitimately be in a WORLD WAR right now. The fact we’re NOT, I find kind of impressive.
      Also, to say the President didn’t order the flags at half staff, is false, and I hope you just didn’t know, and wouldn’t intentionally lie about matters involving the death of service members just for your own political reasons, that are coming from your imagination.
      If you want something to complain about, try his attempt to ban “green tip” ammo.. That was pretty dirty, and ingenious.. Who needs to take our guns when we have no ammo!

    2. Rafael, you live in a fantasy world. Obama manged to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in both Iraq and Afghanistan. If you think the situation is better now in either of those places, and that ISIS is the “junior varsity” you need to open your eyes to reality.

      As for the Iran deal, it is just Neville Chamberlain version 2.0. This bad deal just makes a war with nuclear weapons inevitable, with the US, Israel and the whole world as losers.

    3. Luis, it’s pretty easy to say I live in a fantasy world, when EWE have zero facts to back up a single thing you say. War isn’t cheap, and our country almost fell economically in 2008. Maybe that would have been a better outcome? Kind of stupid really to mention those fighting there now (ISIL), because by whichever name you use, they’d be mostly the same insurgency that was fighting coalition troops when we WERE there..
      As for the Iran deal, a FAR better example would have been our “deal” with Saddam Hussein after the first Gulf War.. We were supposed to have free access for inspectors, but there was video of them being held at gunpoint while semitrailers were driven away.. The “no fly” zones enforcement, etc. HOWEVER.. the treaty gives them a CHANCE, to abide by the restrictions.
      Realistically, is it so different from Californians not being allowed to have high-cap mags, just on a NATIONAL level? Objectively, a given population, is having “kneecapped”, its means of the capacity to fight, or be taken seriously as a potential threat.. What did the Brits think of a US “militia” of pitchforks until we got better armed, organized and trained?

    4. Rafael, I have to agree, you are living in a fantasy world. Obama has brought our country down, we are little more than a joke to Russia, China and Iran. It will be very hard for the next president to dig us out of the hole Obama and his liberal buddies have put us in.

    5. Killed Osama Bin Laden… and conveniently produced ZERO EVIDENCE of actually having done so. We watched Saddam being hung in a stairwell and Ghadaffi lynched in the streets from 5 different camera angles but the leader of the free world decided to dump Bin Laden’s body overboard “in accordance with Islamic Law” without so much as a photo? Put down the crack pipe and get help man.

    6. You’re a genius. Only a wimpy chicken would be happy with a crap agreement where the other guy gets to secretly make a nuclear bomb and we get nothing. Reminds me of the other deal the dummy made where we gave 5 terrorists back to kill Americans in the future for 1 loser traitor who is useless. This is the reason people like Trump – he would never make a crap deal like that – only a spineless worm would do that. And you support that worm and his lousy deals.
      Same for a gun law that infringes on gun ownership. All laws infringe, but the courts get away with no obeying the constitution. Soon you can own a gun but it will have to be no larger than a .22 and a single shot – that is useless against a coup. You need a .308 with a scope and 30 round clip – even that is nothing compared to military power.

    7. @ Rafael Rodriguez,

      As I read your praises towards Obama, a list of false accomplishments so completely opposite of the dreadful realities we live every day, I couldn’t wait to get to the end of your commentary to read your punchline… but when the joke never came I realized you were actually being serious. I will admit I was dumbfounded beyond belief. I had to read it twice just to make sure I didn’t misunderstand you.

      All I can say at this point is – bless your heart. I know a troll or antagonist when I see one, but that you are not. Sure I could call you delusional, but the way you worded your comments is different than the usual wack-job.

      You actually do believe in your heart that Obama has done great things and saved us from a worse fate. To be able to have that much conviction despite the horrible realities shows me you are more of a “glass half full” kind of guy than most. And though in the end it will be to your own detriment, you still prefer to always see the positive in everything.

      Even the CNN link you provided in an attempt to dispel myths that Obama never put flags at half-staff was in reality a focus about how Congress did it first and then had to publicly shame Obama into finally doing it at the White House a day later. Obama still never ordered it nationwide which is the normal custom under these circumstances.

      But instead of reading that CNN report the way the rest of the World read it, which was in no way intended to be good press for Obama, you were instead able to see the positive in that he (Obama) finally succumbed to pressures to finally do the right thing.

      It is such a dishonor to our Country that it took the Commander in Chief a day after Congress to finally lower the flag. Even then, he only ordered for a half day at the White House and no order to the rest of the Federal facilities throughout the Nation, which anyone that understands the official protocol knows that to be considered an intentional message of disrespectful from Obama.

      But your honestly in your heart never saw any of that, and instead turned it into a positive. I must say, in a Christian-like sense, your family surely thinks you are quite a wonderful person; to be so generous in a world with such nastiness. Your family must love you dearly and you deserve them.

      In many ways I wish I could be like you. How easy it would make my life if I could just view everything in a positive light. However, the repugnant realities we face every day will never allow me to let my guard down. But meeting you has helped me now understand more than ever who I… I am a warrior, I am a protector, I am a defender. The strong must protect the weak, the innocent, and pure at heart like you.

      We both serve a valid purpose and keep balance. Thank you for your comments.

    8. Thanks for telling us you are a domestic enemy and in our target list you scum of the earth piece of garbage. Let ne guess? You are an illegal alien! By the way, muslims would happy to behead you dumb liberal democrat morons. Obama is evil just like you. I hope his brainless supporters like you gets killed first. Scum like you are good food for hungry sharks in our oceans.

    9. Wow, ignorant “fox news” propoganda .. true this magazine ban is very stupid but for you to daisy chain it into an Anti-Obama rant with BLATANTLY false “facts” has me questioning if you can be trusted with a 2-shooter

    10. So it really is true… Only those with a badge are truly free in this country of “freedom”. Even after that badge has expired? How many police officers, retired or otherwise, have actually used a weapon that holds a standard 30 round magazine? Compare that number to current and former military personnel.
      Which do you think are better trained to utilize a 30 round rifle? A cop whose primary weapon is a pistol? Or current and former military whose primary weapon is a rifle holding 30 rounds or more?
      How does being a retired police officer have anything to do with rifle familiarization when combat veterans, who trained harder and more often, actually put their training to use.
      I have a badge… It’s called a “CIB” – Combat Infantry Badge”.
      By my code of living, I am more qualified. I will always be more qualified. And I will never relinquish any property of mine that makes my family and I more vulnerable to ANYONE who gains and advantage over my ability to protect MY family by laws such as this.
      I won’t end with the overused “YOU WANT EM’, COME GET EM'”.
      I will say I highly recommend you do not.

    11. @Raphael.

      Sorry, bro, but you’re getting what you WISH was true mixed up with what is actually true.

      I work all over the world with people who specialize in international security, and all the hype that BO pitched back in 2008 has turned out to be trash talking. Our enemies laugh at us, our former allies are disgusted and dismayed, and the USA is less safe now than it was in 2008.

      As for bin Laden, Obama had nothing to do with that except to nod his head and say “Yes,” when SOC told him they had him and wanted to whack him. Bush authorized the search for bin Laden and at best, Obama had enough common sense not to stop it.

      This is the guy who released terrorist killers in return for a deserter, made threats to Assad and then backed down, let Russia do whatever it pleases, gave Iran the green light to build nukes and increased their economy by $150 Billion so they’s have the money to do it, and betrayed the only country in the Mideast that has never betrayed us. Then, he goes to Kenya and tells them to focus on gay rights when they are in the midst of a raging Islamic terrorist rampage, he tells us IS is not threat because they are JV and then they overrun half of Iraq, and now he’s in bed with Turkey as they slaughter the Kurds, the only people in Iraq we’ve ever been able to trust. And yes, I know this first hand because I’ve fought beside Kurds and trusted them with my life.

      President Obama has made the USA a laughing stock and weakened us in every way. He will easily go down in history as one of the worst presidents ever, right up there with Carter and Buchanan (who were both Democrats BTW).

      So, do some actual research on the FACTS, and quit spouting the Democratic Party line.

    12. I strongly believe that President Obama would not have green-lighted the operation to kill OBL if he did not believe that doing so would give him a political advantage, as evidenced by the way he brags about being the one to have killed OBL. It is my understanding that he initially resisted all requests to give the go ahead but at some point came to the realization that there would be no way he could keep that fact from getting out to the public, for which he would have paid a high political price. Regardless of how it happened, I’m glad it happened. It has been the only bright spot in an otherwise very dark administration (no pun intended).

  103. Alas, the left coast had completely fallen of the cliff – it’s an utter shame what these corrupt elitists, limousine liberals, and outright communist a$$hats have done to the state – glad I escaped many years ago

  104. So the law abiding citizens must turn in their magazines, while the thugs will keep them. How effective….WOW!!!

  105. I can see all the gang members lining up at the police stations now. The only people that will turn them in will be a few honest citizens not worried about themselves.

  106. They are considering an exception for retired police officers. Why? If larger capacity magazines are a danger to society as this law suggests – they present the same danger even if owned by retired LEO’s. Learn the true meaning of “common sense gun laws”. It means passing laws that whittle away at your rights until they just no longer exist. Thirty rounds, ten rounds, ZERO ROUNDS, Each step they get away with opens the door to the next step and eventually to their original goal. The elites will own this country and you will not be a citizen. You will be their “subjects”. This is the Government our Founders feared and the reason they created the Second Amendment.
    If I lived in LA and they came to take my magazines away – they would have to come in force. They would get the same welcome the British received when they came to disarm our people.
    You people in LA – you elected these idiots. You are working to pay taxes to fund these idiots. What will you let them take from you next?

    1. Dictators love an unarmed populace and we move gradually closer to such a country every day. Someday when the people of CA lose all their rights they’ll still support to fools in the government-learn from history people!!

  107. definetly before the SHTF which I feel that the way things are headed is gonna be real soon , the American people are really getting tired of all the bull crap coming out of D.C. and Ca. All I can say is be ready people it’s coming and when it does it’s gonna nation wide and real ugly.

  108. Law abiding citizens obey the laws, criminals will have everything that has been taken away from the honest person.

  109. HELL NO ! The law abiding citizen will be banned more than 10 rounds and the criminal will have them ! Also what makes a retired cop better than you ! Resist this law as they did in CT on the east coast !! the 2nd Amendment does not say what kind of rifle nor the magazine capacity, the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed !! If they pulled this in my state of Pa l would tell them take a hike in a second !! God Blessed America and the 2nd Amendment !!

    1. @ Robert.

      Not exactly True? At the the of the Writing of the Second Amendment, the Capacity was ONE.

  110. I don’t know why anyone would choose to live in California to begin with. It’s still your choice in this country. Get out while you can. It’s only going to get worse, and you know it.

    1. I hate to say this but most Americans in this country are now being forced to experience wat minorities have suffered for years having ur rights taking from you use this as a leaning lesson we live in a world now where it’s longer about race or where u live It’s all about government lies an covering your own ass

  111. Progress. Not much really but it’s something. You nuts get to keep your guns but you can only kill 9 people with it when you snap. Good Job LA

  112. Does this apply to police too? If it does not, then I would think this would be a blatant violation of the 2nd amendment.

    Either way I’d love to see how they’re going to enforce this. If I’m carrying legally they don’t get inspect my firearm without a warrant because of the 4th amendment. So the only way they can know you’re in violation this law is after you shot someone or if your really sloppy.

  113. Would I give up my guns? NEVER! I served in the NAVY 71-76 and the ARMY 88-95. Don’t think I won`t protect my property!

  114. what so ever the citizens are held to by a city who is dictating anything to do with legal firearms, the police, sheriffs dept, any any institution of the law that uses firearms, including secret service who defend others, then MUST ABIDE in the same law that each gun owner does, no more large magazines for them! otherwise the word Tyranny rings out loud. we must all be the same.

  115. Now there is an idea to send all plus mags to someone in a free state. Better hurry though as the city council may pass another law saying you can’t do it..

    1. To all the California gun owners out there… MOLON LABE!!! don’t care if it’s just a magazine… Come and take it!

  116. Sadly the “DUMB MAJORITY” is running the “US of A” into a deep hole of worthlessness.This once great nation is no longer the country the world respects and trusts.

    “We The People” are no longer served by the people we voted for and trusted to run this country the right way.

    “We The People” are now serving our elected “Masters in Washington”. Who only serve themselves.Too many of the “DUMB MAJORITY”, are too busy with their own life problems to concern themselves with the running of this nation and it’s problems.Thus the continued lowering of the American standard of living. The “bar of life” that was once set high in America, is now so low, you need to crawl on your belly to get under it.

    There are too few of us “SMART MINORITY” to make the changes this country needs to put America back on top. Our numbers are too few to make the difference with a vote.The only way for the “SMART MINORITY” to help right the continuing wrongs of this country.Is by a BLOODY REVOLT. YES, BLOOD must be spilled to thin down the numbers of the “DUMB MAJORITY”. So the “DUMB MAJORITY” will become the “DUMB FEW”.That is the only way I see this once great country, becoming a great nation again.

    Tyranny has many faces, right now the “DUMB MAJORITY” is one of them.

    1. Most of the “dumb majority” are avid sheep, seeking the acceptance of their society and the approval of their king and various rulers. There is a special quality within those who seek liberty and self-governance. It is not one of self-preservation and self-indulgence at all costs. Rather, it is a willingness and a certain embracing of self-sacrifice for the greater good. These are rare qualities among the masses, always have been, but as we become more and more embedded in the times that try men’s souls, the wheat will necessarily separate from the chaff.

      All we as free men can do in the time leading up to such an event horizon is attempt to change the hearts of the undecided, thereby increasing our numbers and our opportunity for success as well as spreading an understanding and acceptance of personal liberty to all. Our message must always be on point, personal, simple, and true to its core. We are in essence sharing a gospel, a good news if you will. I find that it fits with my faith hand in glove, and is thus an extension thereof, but that’s just me. I preach it to all without regard for what I perceive as their personal position or level of comfort regarding such truths. It is their privilege to accept it, or they may reject it at their peril, but the message never changes and there is no shame in sharing it.

    2. That is private property? And is an infringement on the whole constitution! I will never comply with such a demand! And neither should you! Stand and fight or become a slave to a tyrannical government! It’s up to you! Free men don’t ask for permission! III % standing against government tyranny

    3. The damage that was planned by the communist and tyrranical liberal progressives was in the making since the 30’s to infiltrate the government. Mccarthy was correct in going after them. The 60’s was the mass movement. The 90’s was the fulfillment. Today, under Obama, the stake was stabbed into the heart of America. Only a civil war and the elimination of liberals and their ideology is the only solution as it is impossible to solve under politics since liberal do not abide by established laws including the voting system. If we don’t fight them and make them bleed for their tyrrany, those whi don’t support liberals will be rounded up and butchered in concentration camps like the Jews and others in Nazi Germany and what Muslims do to infidels since the 7th century and currently all over Africa and middle east.

  117. These ELECTED officials who are trying to disarm responsible law abiding citizens. Need to be kicked out of office. Welcoming illegal with open arms and taking away the ability of legal citizens to defend themselves and their families asking for disaster

  118. We need a serious change in Los Angeles!!!

    Well once again an irrational decision are made by those who have not reviews the current and past data on a subject matter i detail. When are we going to elect responsible people? I have lived in Los Angeles all my life and I am disappointed with the quality of elected people in city hall.

    1. Unfortunately, the elected officials are a direct reflection of those that vote them into office. I favor term limits at all levels of government.

  119. California is full of “safe haven” cities in violation of federal law and nothing is done about it, so if these liberal mostly democrat politicians don’t have to follow the law with no repercussions, then there is no reason for law abiding citizens to obey a stupid law passed by a city council AND ANY POLICE PERSON WHO ENFORCES THIS ANTI FREEDOM LAW IS A TRAITOR TO AMERICA AND HER FREEDOM, THEY ARE A PUPPET TO TYRANNY IF THEY DO!!

    1. Bob, Totally agree with your comment about the police. This is how Hitler took over Germany – little by little with the police enforcing laws which were in violation of the country’s constitution. Maybe it’s time that all us retired/form military follow the oath we took to; “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL ENEMIES, foreign AND DOMESTIC.”

  120. Make the cops abide by the same laws as the citizens. California is a very beautiful state and since I’m an RVer I would love to visit because I used to live there. But, they will never get any tourist dollars from me. CA along with other states that I would love to visit are on my personal black list.
    They are: NY, NJ, DE, IL, RI, MD, MA, and CT. Sorry ME, VT, and NH, since I would have to drive through NY or Canada to get to you. Guess that’s just guilty by association.

    1. Rob – you need to include the ‘People’s Republic of Maryland’ on your list – one of the most leftist, anti-2nd Amendment states in the US.

    2. At least in Illinois we finally have shall issue concealed carry licenses – the Democratic peoples republic of Chicago is a bit of challenge but I still manage to carry pretty much everywhere even there – will be better when they pass the amendment to “officially” allow carry on mass transit – it’s unfair that those legally authorized to carry should be the only ones without a weapon on Metra or CTA

  121. Tell them to SHOW you,in the SECOND AMENDMENT,where it says they can tell you what guns,magazines or ammunition you can own.If they can do THAT,they’re acting under Constitutional boundaries. ALSO,they can’t take personal property from Citizens WITHOUT DUE COMPENSATION.They HAVE to pay you the replacement value of anything they take.

  122. Tom Perumean, for KABC News paraphrased the LA Councilman, “He cited examples of gun violence incidents in Los Angeles where shooters using guns with large magazine clips did enormous human damage.”

    Wait a minute… large magazines did enormous human damage?? Taking one life from a single shot lever action does the same “enormous human damage” give me a break…

  123. To any of you people with legal pre 2000 please send me all your hi cap magazines please, no Use In giving them to the city since they are legal in other states and counties and I thought state rights went over cities

  124. That is true. It’s not the police responsibility to protect the citizen nor their property. Gun controllers think it is. Are they in for a rude awakening

  125. So if I am driving through la on the 5 fwy with my AR with a 20 round mag, on my way to Oregon, can I get a ticket?

  126. The 2nd Amendment is not about rights. It is about CAPABILITY. It’s about ensuring the capability to respond to violence, and oppression. Not with 1 round, or 10, but with the full force of indignant violence deserved at a breach of our peace.

  127. QUOTE “allow some exemptions for retired police officers with concealed carry permits”

    Huh? What cop is going to be walking around with a 20 or 30 round magazine in their concealed carry weapon?!?!?

    They are missing the biggest problem with banning something…IT DOESN’T WORK.
    Doesn’t work with drugs, didn’t work with liquor, and it won’t work with guns/magazines.

    The supreme court has ruled on several cases where citizens have tried to sue police departments for failing to protect them.
    The supreme court’s ruling is that it is not the responsibility of the police to protect the citizen.
    The media doesn’t report this. By limiting ammunition and firearms, the citizen is limited in how he can protect himself.
    The criminal will have magazines with more than 10 rounds. If you can’t overpower the criminal, you’re dead!!!

    Bow is right, this will only turn law abiding citizens into criminals…(because we all hate abiding stupid laws that could get us killed!!)

    1. The facts are, the majority of the courts and police are the criminals and domestic enemies since they are run by liberals who spit at the constitution and hate freedoms others that don’t share their tyrrany. For those of us have been victimized by them, we still hold hatred and the desire for revenge. When civil war hits, they will all die by the vengeance of those of us whom they victimized and oppressed. All veterans should prepare for war against the courts and their pigs!

  128. This is precisely how the Govt. turns law abiding citizens into criminals over night, if the police enter your home and find guns and magazines then you will be charged as a criminal.

    1. What about those of us who do NOT vote for these liberals, but yet have to live with the consequences of Ca. now being the most Democratic State in America??!!

    2. @ Jon.

      the 9th Us Circuit Court of Appeals, ruled in March of 2015. Saying IT DID NOT VIOLATE ANY 2nd Amendment Rights.


  129. Has anyone considered the $$ loss of being forced to turn in all 10+ mags? My G17,19,20,22,23 mags, all standard for the respective weapons, all hold more than 10 rds. I have at least 10-15 mags for each. At $40 ea that’s a $2000 loss. Same with my Springfields, S&Ws, Ruger etc… I couldn’t even tell you how many AR, M1A, 7.62×39 mags I have. Probably $5k in rifle mags alone… Yes, I know manufacturers make cap blocks, they aren’t free either. Legal when I bought em. Even paid sales tax. If LA wants to confiscate my property then at least compensate me for them…

  130. Hell , we all know that all the law makers in California are pretty stupid and think that they have the right to dictate how they would have the common citizen act . What are they gonna do when SHTF and the criminals that don’t care about their rules and regs take over and their’s no one to help take back their precious way of life for them.

  131. ‘LA Bans Possession of Standard Capacity Magazines’ I believe Connecticut and New York tried almost the same thing right after Sandy Hook, the magazine ban, the AR-15 ban, etc. They were both failures, which was good. Nobody is going to walk up to the police and say ‘here, please take my evil 30 round magazines’. LAPD is going to have their hands full with this one. What are they going to do? Kick in the doors of suspected 30 round magazine holders? But then again, anything is possible in the communist state of Kalifornia.

  132. I bet that these same idiot liberals who come up with these stupid laws also believe that cars drive drunk, pencils misspell words, and spoons make you fat. I bet they also believe that criminals will obey these idiotic laws as well. This is a clear violation of the Second Amendment that will ultimately fail when enough people with courage stand up to these morons in California.

  133. Perhaps the people should start a petition/ballot initiative to not allow ANY State official to have any armed security while in employment state. Since the security is paid for by citizens, and the officials are obviously afraid of guns, it seems fair that they help them out by removing guns from the area of politicians. This petition/ballot initiative should also include the fact that their now unarmed security should have to wear bright orange tshirts that say, GUN FREE SECURITY.

    1. @ Rob71.

      What good would that do? The 9th US Circuit Court of Appeal’s, ALREADY Ruled in March 2015. And found it Doesn’t Violate any part of the 2nd Amendment.

  134. I disagree your NOT screwed as some would suggest! The way to fight back is with an Article V or The Convention of States a process where the U.S. Citizen dictates to our elected official though a Constitutional Amendmend process via state legislatures. Search YouTube or Google the Convention of Staes to sign up!

    1. Roger, that’s just what Soros and the other b@$t@&d$ that are financing gun control would like to see. A constitutional convention or “concon” would put a bunch of appointed representatives behind closed doors to make whatever changes to the constitution they see fit. In todays society do you really want to give a group of unelected people the power to say “the second doesn’t really apply anymore” or the first, or the whole bill of rights. You may want a concon so they can quickly make a change to the constitution you think we need. However once the doors close and the convention is called to order they have the power to make any changes to the constitution they see fit. Is that what you are pushing to see happen.

  135. Another violation of the 2nd amendment by the commie city council. Taking mags away that are more then 10 rounds only affects the law abiding while the thugs have mags that go up to 45 rounds or more, and they are committing the crimes! I am so tired of the emotional left living in wonderland. There will be lawsuits.

  136. I wonder how many LA residents are going to suddenly acquire ARs chambered in .458 SOCOM? Seeing as .458 SOCOM magazines are bog-standard 30-rd AR mags that hold 10 rounds of .458…

    1. Hey Scott, my answer to your question would probably be one, you. I know I’m being redundant but the solution is simple, get out of Dodge. Find another state to live. I used to live in the Bay Area, I got out. I don’t see your logic? Use a standard 30rd mag that holds 10 .458? Uh, still illegal in terms of their intent. I would hate to try and make the case in front of a judge that my 30rd AR mag was never really intended to house 30 rounds, but instead it’s sole purpose was to house 10 rounds of a different caliber. Again I would like to say this, we’re screwed. They’re coming after our firearms, they really don’t care about mags. Fight, fight every legal way that you know how to do so, but we’re screwed.

    2. simple move to the sunshine state and get aw2ay from the pelosis of the country

  137. Here’s the short of our situation, we’re screwed! So, what can you do? Get out! 1: Get out of any state that restricts or eliminates your second amendment rights. 2: Do not elect any politicians that are anti second amendment. 3: Please educate yourself, learn the difference between magazines and clips, there’s a difference and once you know what it is you’ll recognize the ignorance coming from the media. One other note: the most dangerous place in the world is a gun free zone, never enter one of those places. Our military should be armed at all times here and abroad, how many would still be alive if they were?

  138. how many mags do they think are gonna get turned in? are they go house and ask if you have any bad magazines and how many do you have they have got to be kidding if they think they can enforce it. but they will probley have a cop at the doors of any range checking as you go in asking to see your magazines. what a bunch of idiots the bad guys aren’t going to care about any ban thats why they call them bad guys. i live in ca. but a lot of the people here are just plain stupid.

  139. “….are to remove them from the city or give them up to police so the magazine can be destroyed.”

    Unbelievable! And, they intend to ‘enforce’ this how? I would love to demonstrate how fast “multiple” 10 round magazines can be unloaded. What then, limit “we the unwashed” to 5 round clips? Chip, chip, slice, slice, incrementally ‘restrict’ to nothing….

    Personally, I am done with ‘any’ crazy scheme concerning my guns and carrying ability, should my state start the looney bin legislating as has California. My LAST concession is “paying” for a piece of paper authorizing me to ‘conceal carry’ – nothing more!

    1. But, it’s ok for illegals to live within the city and kill American citizens. Do Politicians work on the wrong problems or what….

  140. More myopic and ignorant picy making by the left. Disarm the law abiding citizens while doing nothing to achieve your crime goals.
    Just clearly staTe your goal is to disarm America so you can take over. At least you wont be hypocritical anout your ultimate goal and ideology.

  141. This law is null and void as it is superseded by state law that grandfathers previously owned magazines.

    1. Richard,
      That is technically correct but there’s nothing stopping an ambitious prosecutor from running an unfortunate citizen through the wringer by pursuing such a case against them. Theoretically some judge would eventually throw the case out based upon those grounds, but I would not bet the farm on that happening in California, where judicial activism seems to take precedence over actually following the laws as written.

    2. To Bobby G the only correction I would make would be changing “ambitious prosecutor” to liberal prosecutor. The math is simple, it’s liberal against conservative. They have everything on their side, we have everything against us. Never stop fighting for what you believe!

    3. here in Oklahoma things are pretty good as far as ccw goes. but here is what scares the hell out of me! we border Colorado and them dumb asses are starting to act and think like L.A. and san fransicko!!!! I wonder how long before we have to put with sh!@ for brains thinking like this magazine capacity stupidity!!!!!!!!!

  142. It’s time for Cheaper Than Dirt and all other firearms retailers and manufacturers, to put their money where their mouth is, and refuse to sell to Law Enforcement in California. Government should not be able to exempt itself from limitations that it places on law abiding citizens.

    1. I am so happy to see some responsible politicians immediately put a stop to violence in LA. That means ALL of the “illegal aliens”, will have to go and find a job, (whoops, forgot, there isn’t any! Due to the fact that LA is now “violence free”, everyone can just kick back and enjoy life in the “violence free” city of Los Angeles. (sar), for Democrats!

  143. Its amazing how freaking stupid politicians are these days. The only thing laws like this do is keep the average law abiding citizen from being able to protect their selves and their families from criminals. I’m sure since this law has passed all criminals are going to be lining up to turn in their magazines, what a bunch if morons these officials are. Thank god I live in Texas where its legal to protect yourself, your family and your property. Too bad politicians do not live in the real world!!!! Politicians are running this country and only help the criminals and do absolutely nothing to help the law abiding people of this country. Any anti-gun law should be thrown out and the people who voted for it should be imprisoned!!!

  144. So……do these people really think the bad guys will limit their magazines (not clips, you idiot” or that they will all run down to the PeeDee and turn the bad magazines? Or will they just do what bad guys do…….break the law. Who gets hurt? The Honest Citizen who can not defend themselves from these vermin.

    1. Yeah, I can just imagine the bad guys rushing down to the Police Station and surrendering their magazine immediately. Me? I’m keeping mine.
      No, no…It’s not illegal, I merely consider it an “Undocumented” Capacity Magazine.

  145. I expect to see a long line of Crips, Bloods and MS-13 gangbangers Monday morning, early, turning in their high cap magazines.

  146. It is only a matter of time now until every gun owner in KuhleePHONE-YA
    becomes a criminal.
    Is it so wrong to become a criminal?
    Britain declared all our Founding Fathers to be criminals.

    1. Finding that kind of jury in LA might be difficult. the officials of the court could just make sure the jury was anti-gun and be done with it.

  147. Not to worry. I’m sure “our” troops will liberate the people of Los Angeles, NY, and other Constitution-free zones in the US any day now. After all, they “fight for our freedom.”

  148. As a law enforcement officer in California (but fortunate enough to reside in Nevada) I ask the men and women patrolling in LA County:

    We took an oath, everyone of us. Don’t abandon it for the whims of bureaucrats. The 2nd amendment was designed to thwart tyrannical policy, not bow to it. Please, do the right thing and ignore and refuse to execute or enforce these edicts passed down from these fools. We serve the public, not public officials.

    1. While your sentiments are admirable, you are not serving the public or keeping any oath to protect the Constitution by serving in law enforcement. For example, have you ever arrested someone for using drugs or selling them to adults? If so, then you’ve denied someone the most basic right of all: ownership of their own body. No mortal man has the right to tell other adults what substances they can ingest, at least in private. “No victim, no crime” is the basis for all just laws. All other laws are merely orders issued by scumbag politicians to other people, with mercenary thug enforcers to back them up.

  149. Never a surprise from Kalifornia….ever. Gun enthusiast and second amendment proponents who live in LA should be prepared for the worst. Very few of these large capacity mags will be turned in. Most will be hidden and locked away for the “great collapse”… which time magazine capacity will be the least of anyone’s worries.

  150. How absurd. Turning law abiding citizens into criminals. Anyone who believes this is good for society needs a crash course in common sense. Molan labe!!

  151. During my 30 years as a U.S. Marine I have fired many weapons that held HC magazines and during the 20 some years I have been retired I have attended many gun shows and most of those who I have seen with an interest in H.C. magazines and A.R. type weapons are usually Rambo want a bees. Hunters need 5 or less magazines, Marksmen no more then 10 rounds. Anything beyond that is for fantasy warriors and criminals. Yes it’s cool to fire large bursts but has no practical reason. Only law enforcement and criminals will possess H.C. magazines.

    1. Um thats kind of the point of the 2nd amendment actually. All citizens make up the militia, and it was created so that the citizens have rights to hold the government at bey. no reason for the police to have HC if the law abiding can’t.

    2. Semper Fi Brother! I’ve been out for 30 some years, served 14 active, so I figure we come from the same era of our Corps. While you make some good points about wannabes, the reason this “hi cap” issue is important has nothing to do with hunting or competitive shooting. The Second Amendment is all about citizens having the ability to arm themselves against the day an oppressive, tyrannical government wants to assert their power over the people. An armed citizenry can defend their liberty. That’s what these issues are all about.
      Every time we raised our hand to enlist or reenlist in our beloved band of brothers, we swore to “uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic”. Since we never stop being Marines, that oath is relevant till our parting breath. I’m surprised that a brother Marine thinks that only Law Enforcement and criminals possess hi cap mags. I, for one, don’t trust the government one iota to be lawful except under the threat of citizen’s who can defend those liberties that are so necessary to our way of life.
      Once a captain, always a Marine

    3. My sentiments exactly brother. All those within the city council need to be removed for violating the Constitution and trampling on the rights of We The People…
      Semper FI
      Do or Die

    4. Thank you for service. You are missing the crux of the point and your logic borders stupidity that coincides communistic views in society. For greater good and misguided common sense approach one should give up liberty? I shoot thousands of rounds yearly at the ranges. Do I dress up like a Rambo or dream about appoclypse so I can use my high capacity magazines? It seems like most of us with shooting AR/AK as hobby as such loonies. The very statement about only LE and criminals should have HC magazine show your delusional state of mind. Having said that I respect your views and opinions. I am just thankful that our state has less delusional politicians.

    5. The Founders of the USA were also criminals. They broke many laws set by their British rulers. Just because something is “the law” doesn’t mean it’s morally right, just, or worthy of adherence.

      In modern times, with the tyrannical US government and its massive standing army, the right of citizens to keep and bear firepower of all kinds has never been more relevant. It’s the only thing standing between us and total enslavement.

    6. I have to disagree with you Sarge; the purpose of higher capacity magazines is to mitigate the necessity of reloading while under fire. The M-16 was initially issued with a 20 round magazine. At some point it was determined that 20 rounds was insufficient and 30 round magazines became the standard. The fact that this standard is still maintained to this day is a strong indication that a magazine with this number of rounds is more effective on the battlefield. I’m not a Rambo “want a bee”, a fantasy warrior, or a criminal and I find it offensive that you would imply that anyone who wants a magazine capable of holding more than the politically correct number of 10 rounds is a member of one of those groups. If it’s all the same to you I would like to be the person who decides how many rounds I need my magazines to be capable of holding.

    7. Bobby G, remember the nutcase Eliot Rodger a few months back who caused all the carnage in southern California? He only had a 10 rd. magazine and he was still able to destroy a large number of people’s lives.

    8. Yes. I believe that his method for circumventing that law was to obtain 40 of those 10 round magazines while he was plotting his crime. Not that it did him any good, he only had the chance to use 2 or 3 of them before he was stopped. The necessity of having to reload after using 10 rounds did not seem to slow him down that much.

    9. Oh really?! So when I’m paying $30 an hour just to shoot at my local gun range and spend half of that time reloading my 5 rounds mag it’s ok?

    10. @ artymgysgt,

      Your characterization of anyone who would like to own an AR or a 30 round mag is neither accurate nor becoming of someone who claims to have your background.

      In truth, it sounds like something Diane Feinstein and Michael Bloomberg would say their endless smear campaigns against gun owners. This is exactly the kind of internal divisiveness that gives them opportunities to weaken our Constitutional rights as Americans.

    11. @Bobby G: I like your rebuttal of “Sarge”, and another reason 10 round magazines are so lame is that it’s already been proven that in a real fire fight there are so many rounds wasted, no matter if you have been practicing or not.

    12. Thank you ss1. Not every round sent downrange in a firefight is intended to hit a target. Sometimes rounds are fired with the intention of forcing the other side to take cover and keep their heads down. The more rounds you have on tap the better that tactic works.

    13. @BobbyG

      Exactly. Let’s use this news story and accompanying surveillance video as an example. This store owner had locked up his security gate and was alone in the store. Three bad guys used their SUV to crash through the gate in a smash-n-grab robbery attempt. He wisely kept an assault rifle in the store and drove them off, firing multiple shots in the process.

      Had they been a bit more persistent or too high to care they were being shot at, or just plain hard core, they may have gotten in the store and had guns of their own, and his life would have been in danger.

      In a situation like that, you don’t have to be a Rambo wannabe to want or need a HC magazine.

    14. @Mikial:

      Whoa!! That is one cool video, and it totally exemplifies why law abiding citizens need more than 10 rounds.

      It’s a miracle that this video was out there and just happened this week. The LA City Council should be looking at stuff like this, because it’s coming to their city (actually it already happened in Burbank bigtime many years ago).

      Thanks for supplying it here.

    15. @yuri,

      Not sure what you are trying to get at, but an “assault rifle” is a weapon designed to provide easy handling, a good rate of fire, excellent ‘point and shoot’ capabilities, and good ammo capacity.

      I know many organizations have asked that we call then “modern sporting rifles,” but in the end that is a euphemism meant to counter the Libs anti-gun propaganda. The fact is, they are assault rifles intended to provide the user an advantage over someone who is trying to kill them. The attempted smash and grab by a gang of armed thugs fits that category and the store owner acted appropriately to protect himself.

      The antis need to see the truth for what it is. We live in a society where criminals, gangs, illegals, and terrorists attempt to prey on people, and only by arming and defending ourselves will we overcome that.

      I hope that helped answer your question.

    16. Mikial,
      The firearms you are describing are properly referred to as carbines, or more simply, rifles. That’s what they were called before the anti-gunners made up the term “assault rifle” to demonize them with the uninformed public. Once those same anti-gunners realized that their definition applied to many other firearms besides rifles/carbines they morphed that term to “assault weapon”. That term is now used to vilify virtually every magazine-fed firearm.

    17. @Bobby

      I have spent over 30 years in the military, law enforcement and private security around the world in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the West Bank, Lebanon and on and on. The anti’s didn’t “make up” the term assault rifle, that’s what this genre of rifle has been referred to for over 50 years and I subscribe to Gabe Suarez’s philosophy that they are what they are, and I am not going to mealy mouth some politically correct term so that I don’t offend the Libs. The weapons we used in some of my contracts in Iraq were semi’s because we didn’t need to spray, we needed to shoot straight, but they were still the form and function of an assault rifle.

      I am a law abiding American citizen who has served and bled for his country and if I want to own an assault rifle, I have the right to and that store owner was using his weapon as an assault rifle, not a “modern sporting rifle,” so, no offense intended, but save your lecture on proper nomenclature.

    18. Mikial,
      No offense taken. The DoD defines assault rifles as being capable of full-auto fire. Semi-auto rifles are by that definition not assault rifles. There is nothing “mealy-mouthed” about using the proper term. As you say, they are what they are. They are both rifles and carbines; What you choose to call them is going to be determined by whose definition you accept. Since the 80’s gun-control groups have used the term “assault weapon” to describe virtually every modern firearm. I prefer not to use the terms that they use as a matter of principle. Call them whatever you wish but please don’t lecture me about it either.

    19. Bobby G,

      You are free to call it anything you like. Assault rifle, modern sporting rifle, carbine, gas operated semi-automatic rifle, black rifle, AR style rifle or any other name or politically correct term that makes you feel scholarly or doesn’t offend someone’s sensibilities.

      Given that this thread was a discussion of the ban on standard capacity magazines in LA, the point of my post before the digression to give me a lesson in proper nomenclature, was that the store owner defended himself with a rifle that, from the video appears to have a standard capacity magazine. Given that he reportedly fired 7 shots, if the three armed intruders had gotten into the store he would have had rounds left to continue to defend himself, whereas, if he had been limited to a 10 round magazine he would have had only 3 rounds left and would have had to make a fast mag change under duress.

      That’s the end of the discussion for me.

    20. Mikial,
      I thank you kind Sir for so graciously acknowledging that I may use the terminology of my scholarly choice. Bless you for your benevolence in this matter. I admit that I was irritated by you chiding me not to lecture you when so many of your comments seem to be lectures to others, frequently accompanied by lengthy recitations of your work history.

      I find that any discussion of magazine capacity in any context inevitably leads to a discussion of the firearms that utilize them. I think that it is unrealistic of you to expect otherwise. I see no logical way to discuss one without also discussing the other.

      Firearms that utilize changeable magazines were developed in order to allow the operator to quickly and easily reload and continue firing, regardless of the reason for firing. It turns out that the ability to do that comes in particularly handy when one is under attack. The more rounds a magazine contains the less often one is forced to change them. It’s really nothing more sinister than that.

    21. @Bobby G

      My post providing the video of the store owner defending himself was originally posted in agreement to your comment “Not every round sent downrange in a firefight is intended to hit a target. Sometimes rounds are fired with the intention of forcing the other side to take cover and keep their heads down. The more rounds you have on tap the better that tactic works.”

      I still agree with you, and I propose we simply respect the fact that we are both supporters of the 2nd Amendment, and gun enthusiasts. I understand what you are saying and respect your perspective.

      So, the balls in your court. I agreed with your comment and I still do. You decide where we go from here.

    22. @Bobby G.

      Agreed, Brother.

      In the end I would stand next to you and face what comes because we are more alike than different.

    23. @artymgysgt

      Didn’t the marines teach the constitution & bill of rights 30 years ago? 2nd amendment doesn’t say ANYTHING about hunting, marksmanship or what your perceptions may be at a gun show. Sad to think at one time you were a defender of our country. Semper fi my ass.

  152. Ok, if the law says you cannot buy, sell or transfer the “high capacity” magazine, then isn’t “turning them over to the police” a violation to the law, where you could then be charged?

  153. The reason that the state government didn’t go after those who already legally owned “high capacity” magazines is that the Constitution of the United States bans ex post facto laws. “After the fact” laws can”t be imposed on citizens. Therefore, anybody in LA who already owned magazines over 10 rounds before this law was passed are immune to prosecution (under our Constitution). Of Course that doesn’t hold to the left wing commie pinkos that are now running government, they have exempted themselves from any Constitutional restraints.

    1. I just want to point out that it isn’t only leftist types who are hostile to the Constitution. Mainstream “conservatives” are every bit as bad on that score, just in slightly different ways. How many Republicans today oppose the “War on Drugs,” the “War on Terror,” warrantless spying, de facto police immunity to prosecution, or any of the other anti-constitutional abominations we’ve seen erode American rights for the past several decades? Republicans even want to outlaw some forms of politicial expression, such as the “desecration” of their cloth idol, the US flag. That’s every bit as inimical to the First Amendment as the “hate speech” that leftists want to ban.

      Wouldn’t it be nice if Americans could all have a little consistency in supporting the Constitution?

    2. I agree with your comment but would like to clarify mine. Democrats are liberal socialists, Republicans are conservative socialists. Both parties still fall under the category of left wing commie pinkos.

    3. Dave,
      I think that you’re making a bit of a stretch but it is understandable. I make the distinction between conservative Republicans, of which there are very few, and Establishment Republicans, commonly referred to as RINO’s. RINO’s manage to get elected by taking advantage of the fact that many voters will not vote for a Democrat under any circumstances and so they represent themselves as Republicans. Once elected, these RINO’s promptly climb into bed with the socialist Democrats or at the very least do as little as possible towards opposing them.

    4. @BobbyG. When you label any politician, whether Democrat or GOP, as “conservative” you’re really stretching the definition. I define the term relative to the Constitution and there is no elected politician currently serving that could really be defined as conservative. The Dems and the GOP have been walking hand-in-hand for the last eighty years subtlety imposing the Socialists Workers Utopia upon us American citizens. Name a President or Congress that hasn’t. Even Reagan, who is a conservative icon, allowed legislation or policy that forwarded the progress of the socialization of America. In the case of Republicans, they just label their actions under the “conservative” banner and expect us to rally around their flag. Even when the GOP has a majority in both houses of Congress, they just roll over on their backs and kick their feet in the air like a bunch of dying roaches. They don’t know how to play hardball neither do they stick to constitutionally conservative causes.
      John Adams said “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” Unfortunately America has regressed into the “any other” category. Our nation is neither moral nor religious. Our leadership reflects what the majority has become.

    5. @David, I think that day has come.

      I work globally and know people from many countries, and a Pakistani friend (quite a bright one) made a comment about the future of the USA to this effect. These are not my words, although I am paraphrasing him to the best of my memory, so no one get angry at me for them, but I think he has a point.

      ‘America was built on the Judaeo-Christian work ethic. Hard working people who mostly tried to deal honestly with each other and built the most powerful nation on Earth. But that is not the America that exists now. Those people are now in the minority overall, and the people that have the power to elect your officials do not have the same ethics or morals. The population that worked to build America doesn’t exist anymore, and the people who make up most of your population will not work to keep it great. Your America, my friend, doesn’t exist anymore.”

      God bless and help our grandchildren.

    6. Dave,
      I guess that I’m just not that much of a purist when it comes to evaluating the political beliefs of politicians. I do find that as of late my voting decisions are more and more often based upon which politician I refuse to vote for rather than which politician’s positions I agree with and genuinely wish to support with my vote.

      I find it troubling in no small way to acknowledge that there is a great deal of truth in what your Pakistani friend has said. It is a very accurate summary of what I have been observing in our country for quite some time now. It causes me a great deal of concern for the future of this country and how it will impact my grandchildren as well.

  154. Why do local councils persist in this sort of useless motion, you’d think they have nothing better to take care of. For those who do not realize the facts, a local authority (city/township/etc.) may not supersede the authority of the State! In the same way, the authority of the State (except in some cases) may not supersede the authority of the Federal Government. This is true of the “pot” laws as well-anything like this! Many Councils waste a lot of time and resources ($) doing this thing, they are ignorant in their job and failing the citizens.

  155. To anyone who lives in Los Angeles. People have made jokes here about sending your mags to them. I have a serious offer and I recommend anyone else reading this, that is not in LA do the same. I have two 10 rd mags for a Ruger P-95 in 9mm. If you are interested in trading, post a reply to this with an email address and we’ll make it happen. We’ll trade even and we’ll each pay our own shipping. If you ever get the law repealed just let me know and we’ll trade back. I know it sounds like I’m getting the better end of the deal and may be I am, but I don’t really need the mags. I already have 6, I’m just trying to help keep you from throwing away your mags and go out and buy new ones. I wish I could help with other guns, but these are the only guns I have 10 rnd. mags for. They came with the gun when I bought it during the last magazine ban. I challenge anyone else on this side of the silver curtain who can help our brothers in LA to make similar offers.

    1. As a retired Leo I target shoot & don’t like having to reload every 10 rounds. My mags are 30+ and wi always be law or no law.

  156. There is an online petition requesting”term limits” be imposed on members of Congress. Some of the members need to go.

    1. I agree 100%

      The people that don’t agree are 95% of Congress… That’s the cushiest “job” there is… You need ZERO talent, ZERO ability to listen (Unless some lobbyist is buying you), and ZERO ethics… They will never vote themselves out

  157. Subject: LA Times Quote of the day – priceless

    The Los Angeles Times finally got it right!! Californians have
    a propensity for electing dingbat left-wing women such as
    Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Maxine Watters and Nancy

    Dianne Feinstein: “All vets are mentally ill in some way and government should prevent them from owning firearms.”

    Yep, – she really said it on Thursday in a meeting in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee… and the quote below from the LA Times is priceless. Sometimes even the L.A. Times gets it right.

    Kurt Nimmo: “Senator Feinstein insults all U.S. Veterans as she flays about in a vain attempt to save her anti-firearms bill.”

    Quote of the Day from the Los Angeles Times:

    “Frankly, I don’t know what it is about California, but we seem to have a strange urge to elect really obnoxious women to high office. I’m not bragging, you understand, but no other state, including Maine, even comes close. When it comes to sending left-wing dingbats to Washington, we’re Number One. There’s no getting around the fact that the last time anyone saw the likes of Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein, Maxine Watters, and Nancy Pelosi, they were stirring a cauldron when the curtain went up on ‘Macbeth’. The four of them are like jackasses who happen to possess the gift of blab. You don’t know if you should condemn them for their stupidity or simply marvel at their ability to form words.

    Columnist Burt Prelutsky ,Los Angeles Times
    Be sure to forward this to all of the “mentally ill” vets you know. Especially the ones with guns…

  158. Thomas Sowell in Investor’s Business Daily, July 29, 2015 on gun control:

    “The outrage over another multiple murder of American military personnel on American soil by another Islamic extremist has been exacerbated by the fact that these military people had been ordered to be unarmed — and therefore sitting ducks.

    “Millions of American civilians have also been forbidden to have guns, and are also sitting ducks — for criminals, terrorists or psychos.

    “You might think that, before having laws or policies forcing fellow human beings to be defenseless targets, those who support such laws and policies would have some factual basis for believing that these gun restrictions save more lives, on net balance, than allowing more legal access to firearms. But you would be wrong.

    “Most gun control zealots show not the slightest interest in testing empirically their beliefs or assumptions. There have been careful factual studies by various scholars of what happens after gun control laws have been instituted, strengthened or reduced.

    “But those studies are seldom even mentioned by gun control activists. Somehow they just know that gun restrictions reduce gun crime, no matter how many studies show the opposite. How do they know? Because other like-minded people say so — and say so repeatedly and loudly.

    “A few gun control advocates may cherry-pick examples of countries with stronger gun control laws than ours that have lower murder rates (such as England) — and omit other countries with stronger gun control laws than ours that have far higher murder rates (such as Mexico, Russia and Brazil).

    “You don’t test an assumption or belief by cherry-picking examples. Not if you are serious.

    “And if you are not going to be serious about life and death, when are you going to be serious?

    “Unfortunately, gun control is just one of many issues on which the political left shows no real interest in testing its assumptions or beliefs. The left glorifies the 1960s as a turning point in American life. But it shows no interest in testing whether things turned for the better or for the worse.

    “Homicide rates had been going down substantially, for decades on end — among both blacks and whites — until the 1960s. Plotted on a graph, there is a big U-shaped curve, showing the turnaround after the bright ideas of the left were applied to criminals in American courts of law in the 1960s.

    “This was not the only U-shaped curve, with its low, turnaround point in the 1960s. The same was true of the venereal disease gonorrhea, whose rate of infection went down in every year of the 1950s — then skyrocketed, beginning in the 1960s.

    Read More At Investor’s Business Daily:
    Follow us: @IBDinvestors on Twitter | InvestorsBusinessDaily on Facebook

    1. @abelhorn: Can you provide examples as “how to use” the Second Amendment? It is well apparent that the 2A “rights,” as you describe them, have been chipped away little by little, until we de facto no longer have the rights as originally described in the Constitution.

      In California, as well as several other states, just how are we going to fight for what our forefathers intended, when we have only anti-gun liberals to complain to (e.g., Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Maxine Watters and Nancy Pelosi) on a federal level, and ultra far-left state politicians in Sacramento, and with a national Press who have no clue, nor who even wish to take on causes, regardless of how just they are. The state and federal Legislatures have virtually turned over their responsibilities over to court judges, whose record on Constitutional law is spotty on gun control, to say the least.

      So, as a simple individual gun owner/citizen, just who do I turn to in government without receiving back a letter that states something like, “Thank you for your interest, and as your representative I will take your concerns under careful consideration. Please feel free to contact me again.” Yours Very Truly……………

      What Horsespit!

    2. That is the problem

      Most people think the answer lies with government

      WRONG government is the problem !

    3. Well Smitty, you want examples of how to use the Second Amendment? First of all, the Second Amendment simply acknowledges a right that we are already born with. To quote Tench Coxe: “Congress have no power to disarm the militia. Their swords, and every other terrible implement of the soldier, are the birth-right of an American … the unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments, but, where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the people”. I could quote a multitude of other “founding fathers” that affirm the right of the people to be armed.
      The bottom line is that it’s a right we are born with and no branch of government has the authority to limit or define it. That includes the limp wrists in the current Supreme Court, who are just as political and corrupt as those scum in the Congress and the White House.
      The Supreme Court has previously ruled that a law that is enacted which is unconstitutional is no law at all. In reality we don’t need the Supreme Court to tell us what is constitutional. If you know the Constitution, have read the writings of the founding fathers who explained their intent and have done any research at all in early Supreme Court decisions, then you will be able to conclude what is constitutional on your own. This then leads us to conscience. When confronted with an unconstitutional law, we are not (in good conscience) morally required to obey that law. I am not telling you to disobey the law but that your conscience will guide you. The Revolutionary War began when citizens, in good conscience, refused to obey the government and give up their firearms.
      When an unconstitutional law is passed, you can decide to disobey it but the government will still enforce it; until such time that the people are able to reassert their control over the government.
      In the mean time, what can be done? In past wars/revolutions/insurrections where people are struggling to defend their freedom, arms were hidden/stored until needed for use. Let your conscience be your guide.

    4. @ David.

      Unfortunately, the “Militia” was disarmed after the War of 1812, in 1814. After ANOTHER Dismal Performance of the Militia during that war. The US Army in 1812, was 6,700 men strong. The Militia, was ~480,000 men strong, and EVEN being that size, Cut and Ran at nearly every battle. Onlu the Tennessee and Baltimore Militia showed any BACKBONE. After the War of 1812, the States were allowed to form Regimental Size Units. In 1903, and revised in 1905 the “Dick” Act was passed revising the Old Militia Concept into Two Corps Units. A Fighting Force and a Support Force. But in 1917, the Dick Act became the foundation of the National Guard and any Militia Unit incorporated into it. There is No Officially Recognized Militia Unit, still operating in the United States of America…

    5. @Secundius: Don’t want to stray from the point made by Tench Coxe. The term “militia” is synonymous with “the people”. It is the birth-right of every American to arm himself with every terrible implement of the soldier. Thus it is unconstitutional for the feds to implement laws that limit or control our ability to arm ourselves.
      Your recital of the history of the demise of the organized militia is interesting to know. It demonstrates one thing: an untrained, poorly led mob of any size will cut and run. The intent of a militia is for every citizen to provide for the common defense. When you look at the term “well regulated” when applied to the militia, it means well trained and led by competent leaders. Historically, you can look to the Civil War at the militia regiments. Some were well led and adequately trained and some were ill-trained and poorly led. Time and experience took care of the inadequacies. You can look at the Revolutionary War to see how the militia matures into a competent, well led and victorious army.

    6. @ David.

      Slavery, Killing Indian’s Colored Only is Synonymous with the People, too. But there Supposedly No Longer Practiced Either. The Constitution is a Fluidic (Ever Changing) Document, NOT a Static Document…

    7. @Secundius: Really stretching the meaning of synonymous there, especially regarding the context of Tench Coxes statement.
      Can’t agree with you that our Constitution is fluidic (ever changing). The principles of government that it contains are unchanging bedrock. Even more so is the Bill of Rights which merely recognizes rights that we are inherently born with as Americans (and any other nationality for that matter). These rights are given by God and are so intricately joined to our being that they cannot be separated from us. No matter what the government may say, the rights are always there and it has no authority to limit or redefine those rights. It’s only through ignorance and lack of will to assert our rights that we lose them.
      “Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did, and it never will. Find out just what people will submit to, and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them, and these will continue till they have resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they suppress.” – Frederick Douglas, Former slave; American Statesman

    8. @ David.

      There were 10 Amendments in the Original Constitution, as of 2015 there are 27. How many do you suspect there will be by the 22nd century…

  159. I left California in 1969 and only go back to visit family a few times a year. This last trip I called the California DOJ for clarification on what guns I could travel through the state with. All had to be locked in cases separate from any ammunition of course and well out of reach in my motorhome. One individual told me that I could take my HK45C through their wonderful state even though it’s not on their accepted handguns list. Another told me that was a no no. I could have my Kahr PM9 onboard, it’s on their list of approved handguns. I asked about my Cimerron Model P .45 Colts. They aren’t on the the list but are OK to have in my possession. Locked away of course. My Colt .38 Detective Special. Don’t bring it. My wife’s S&W air weight .38 special was OK.What a screwed up mess. As for rifles, all I had that were legal were bolt action 10 rounds or under. I hunt with ARs, but none of mine conform to California State laws.

    The moral to this story is to avoid California as much as possible if you intend to have hunting rifles, or high capacity handguns with you. Even then you might get into trouble. My airguns were treated the same as my powder burners. Locked in a gun case and separate from the ammo. Keep in mind that lead ammunition is banned for hunting purposes throughout most of the state now; Not that there’s many animals they’ll let you hunt anymore.

  160. @ ss1,

    Your story reminds me of a trip I took to a San Diego beach resort, SeaWorld, and then Disneyland a few years back. One of my sons was stationed active duty in Arizona which brought our families together from several states to embark upon this road trip.

    We had a blast as we caravanned through Arizona to California in 3 car-loads filled with family. Along the way we had been coordinating gas and bathroom stops via cellphones, but one stop just before the California border really made me realize just how dangerous a threat their liberal state is to our American Freedoms and our Constitutional Rights.

    My son had requested the stop so that he could remove his personal carry weapon, unload it, and store it in his trunk before entering California. One of my daughter’s driving another car had to do the same with her gun. Being law enforcement and carrying LEOSA credentials, I wasn’t about to part with my weapon.

    That entire process of having to pull over to watch my family disarm and unload was so incredibly humiliating and demoralizing. I can only describe it as a feeling of pain and abuse having to watch my beautiful daughter who takes such pride and responsibility in her weapons training to protect her family and then my son, who has served two tours in the middle-east to defend this Country, now must stow their Rights and Freedoms in their trunks just so they can take their families to Disneyland.

    The experience created such unexpected emotion for me because even though I’ve seen much in my career, I’d never anticipated having to watch my own family forced into such self-deprecating behavior in order to appease a Marxist regime cloaked as liberalism. It literally turned my stomach for fear I was watching a glimpse of the future in store for the rest of America.

    1. …..and we now have a Communist who is disguised as a “Socialist” named Bernie Sanders running for Prez. What galls me is that there are actually a lot of liberals who will vote for him. I live in an adult community in Northern California (I am a CA native) and am appalled by oldsters who laud government control of businesses and every other aspect of our lives—including the way we think.

      California has become a cesspool of liberals, and those of us who have seen the change are saddened. We are also saddened when others put us conservatives and our families who are not able to move elsewhere into the same boat as the top-heavy liberal population who have taken over the state and its government.

    2. @G-Man:

      Your story really brings home the point of how troubling it is to enter California and give up your freedoms. Thanks for writing it.

    1. @Mikial:

      Cool photo! Interesting middle finger photo for Obama. I wonder if it was a Freudian slip?

    1. I grew up in Phoenix, Az. aka Mexico City North. Phoenix at one time was the kidnapping capitol of the world, not sure now? I moved to N Georgia 10 years ago and have never looked back. Illegals commit crimes go back to Mexico then come back with a different identities. Ranchers on the border have no rights, one killed an illegal and almost went to jail for protecting his land. There are water buffaloes along the paths they take to enter our country so that they wont die in the desert. I was subject to temperatures in excess of 130 degrees so that illegals can come across unmolested(not a pun)

    1. @ Rob Ruk.

      Unfortunately that Hold True for Montana and Wyoming too. Yellowstone National Park, sit’s in in a Giant Volcanic Caldera. If that Blow’s, Most of the Central United States goes with it, too…

    2. I don’t see anything happening in Yellowstone for hundreds of years… There is a built in pressure relief valve

  161. You got that right. Muzzle end first. I just read an article were the LA gangs are offering trophies for members with 100 death toll. Pretty bad when gangs in a city can boast of upcoming events and get away with it. Looks like LA PD has no enforcement on criminal activities and only on law abiding citizens.

    1. As long as the people there played it cool, the cops would have no reason to roust them. Sad that honest citizens have to skulk around while the gang bangers and illegals do whatever the heck they please.

      Welcome to Liberal America.

  162. Hi Mikhial!-Right on Point! Hypocrisy is the foundation of Liberalism and Progressive ideology. They all want us to drive eco-friendly cars and creep in jamups while they fly on fuel guzzling private jets.I could go on forever. Theyre scared sh-tless of the Donald.

    1. @ steve b.

      Hypocrisy, Take on Many Shapes, Colors, Ideology and Forms, As long Money is Green or your Plastic Spends, the NRA is Deaf, Dumb and Blind to your Politics. ~25% to ~29% are Democrat Members…

  163. I grew up in upstate New York, and had to “live” in California for 18 months after getting out of the Army, until I found work and could move. But now that I’m free of those two horrible places, I will never live in either of them, or any other Liberal state that degrades and violates my Constitutional right to be armed, much less in the heart of a major city.

    Even if I did live there, there is no way on Earth I would turn in my mags. That’s what all those nifty little hide-a-ways you can buy all over the Internet are for. These people are idiots if they think this is going to have any effect whatsoever on crime.

  164. I am sure the criminals with large capacity magazines will be the first inline to turns theirs in.
    What are these idiots thinking when they make these laws? In my opinion, a well armed civilian is a crime deterent. I wonder how these “lawmakers” would feel if they were facing one of these ell armed criminals. What would they do? Try to call the police. Criminals always like that, and then will reward them by eliminating them as witnesses. Would they not want a armed citizen to try to help save thier life, or would it be better if they just stood by helplessly, or vacated the scene of the crime to prevent being another witness to be eliminated. I am sure the criminals will feel much safer now that they have this law that helps protect them, and not the gerneral public.

    1. “Would they not want a armed citizen to try to help save thier life . . . ”

      I think I would respect their stance that citizens shouldn’t be armed, and not interfere because I might offend their sensibilities by using a gun to protect them.

    1. Actually, many of these idiots do own guns and several antis have been in the news lately for either getting caught breaking one of the gun laws they pushed off on people, or using their gun to shoot at an intruder.

      Which makes them hypocrites, but typical Liberals who think they are smarter than everyone else, so the laws they force on others don;t actually apply to them.

  165. It is absurd how they come up with a statistical magic number. Brady died from 1 round fired from a wheel gun. Hinckley fired a total of 6 rounds.

  166. When planning his murders while under a similar ban, the Santa Barbara killer, who went through an extensive background check, waiting period, and every other hurdle that had been put in his path before he was allowed to purchase a gun, acquired no less than 40 ten round magazines while plotting his crime. Limiting the number of rounds a magazine can hold does nothing to inhibit the criminally insane from plotting and committing murders.

  167. “…Residents have 60 days to turn in their magazines or remove them from the city. Krekorian has said the new law will be enforced by the Los Angeles Police Department…”

    What I would like to know is, how will the LAPD know who has these “terrible” magazines? Other than CCW carriers, there should be no record on who has what where.

    Oh, right… my bad… this is in Commiefornia.

  168. Memo to self : Do not visit Calif. Wait until somebody goes crazy and has a bag of ten round magazines and still shoots and kills a lot of people. I hope who ever does this starts with city council . Being caught with a high capacity magazine is the last thing on the mind of a shooter. Calif city council grow a pair.

  169. ..and that has only come about due to the 10 rd law in certain states or since the 1994 high cap mag ban that did not prove anything.

  170. California (my home state and land of my family back to before the Gold Rush) is really bad. Look at Mr Ye, the rabid anti-gun legislator and author of many of the restrictions placed on pro-gun people, who was caught running guns, taking bribes, paying bribes, etc. He got, basically, a pass by pleading guilty to a lesser charge. I’d like to know whose pocket this guy is in. Who benefits from these infringements? Organized criminals. Organized gangs. Everyone except law abiding people.

  171. Round capacity comes from the same logic that will give Iran permission to arm with nukes,put them on ICBMs, and give them 150 billion to fund their terror network. It is the logic of who wish to murder Americans

  172. A “misdemeanor??” Puhleeze! I would bet my life’s savings that such a move has the L.A. gang bangers and illegal thugs shaking in their boots. The idiocy shown by our genius liberal politicians continues to be boundless…just like our southern border!

    1. That’s fine. No change except for mandatory giving up of collectors items. Looks like a pending thriving market for out of city storage space. The gangs won’t be affected at all because they don’t care Liberalism is a mental disorder..

  173. I’ve also heard that many Los Angeles City Council members are just as misleading in the bedroom as well when it comes to labeling standard capacity as large capacity. Makes for a lot of disappointed partners.

    No but listen LA, if you need a place to store all those magazines, give me a holler will ya? I’ll store them at no charge.

    1. @G-Man: That’s a great bedroom joke, LOL!!

      @Anyone: I’m sorry I’m dense this morning, but I don’t understand the “How many LA residents will have ‘tragic boating accidents’ in the next 60 days?” caption under the photo?

    2. ss1,
      I’m not sure where the phrase originated, but have you never heard someone say they “lost their firearms in a tragic boating accident?” Meaning—those guns you came for? I don’t have them anymore.

    3. @Suzanne Wiley: Thanks for explaining Suzanne.

      @Everyone: I had to travel to Northern Cali 3 weeks ago, and we drove through LA to get to the Grapevine Fwy, and I had to take my compact Glock 29 instead of my Glock 20. But the real kicker is you have to have your gun in the back and your ammo up front.

      Then I encountered a psycho driver on the 210 near Upland who was going 100MPH and shouting at me (with his window up) like crazy man because I cut him off, and swerving his car around like a maniac as if he wanted to run my Armada off the road with his tiny BMW. It’s really pathetic that my gun would not have been available in a road rage incident that I had to stop for, but I had my pepper spray in my console, plus my CRKT Special Forces knife, so at least I had a fighting chance unless this psycho had an illegal gun.

      In Phoenix where I live and where you can have loaded guns in your car and your pocket, I swear to God I never see anyone act like this LA psycho guy did. No one wants to get shot on the freeway.

      And I have lived in La Habra, Garden Grove, and Huntington Beach, and I love SoCal, but it’s just pathetic at what the government has done to it’s citizens.

      So that’s my take on this article.

    4. @ Suzanne Wiley & ss1.

      It was a Sailor’s Lament Tribute by Rudyard Kipling in 1893. To the Royal Marines from the 91st Argyllshire Regiment that were lost on the Screw/Sail Frigate/Troopship, lost in 26 February 1852, the HMS Bulwark…

    5. @ Suzanne Wiley,

      This joke is probably more specifically known and used by residents around LA. The story began back in 1992 when an ATF agent reported the loss of his badge and gun he’d placed in a backpack that went overboard while spending a leisure day on a boat in Castaic Lake, Los Angeles County.

      For years co-workers ribbed the agent about his “big fish” story they thought was made up to cover his embarrassment. But just last year (2014), a local citizen fishing the same waters found the backpack in shallow waters along with all its contents which included the agent’s badge and gun.

      The agent felt vindicated as he always suspected his agency never fully bought his true account of the loss. At the same time no true gun-loving American could overlook the irony of an ATF agent losing his gun in a boating accident… and thus, has become the popular excuse to explain to ATF whenever they come knocking for your guns.

      More source Info here:

  174. Said it once, say it again; I think all that Sun softens the brain, of those that pass such ‘illegal’ laws and those that abide them. I say ‘illegal’ because; cities can’t pass laws that are contrary to county or state laws, just as states cannot pass laws that are contrary to federal laws. However; they keep on trying because few people have the money or the stomach to fight them.
    California and other states like them won’t be happy until they totally disarmed their citizens and only illegals and other criminals have guns.

  175. I still want to know what’s so magical about the number 10? Any number >1 is totally arbitrary that someone has pulled out of their ass.

    1. Nope….nope….the magic number is actually 10. It was proven by the California Supreme Court, using statistics gleaned from somewhere in Iceland. No murders have ever occurred with magazines holding 9 cartridges or less. This is a fact! A FACT. Just ask any Brady Bunch member, or cut to the chase and ask Obama himself.

    2. Of course. We all know that owners of single stack .45’s are saints! I know I haven’t shot anybody with one!

      (Hmm, does that mean if I shoot someone with my single shot Springfield trap door it’s not murder?)

    3. The magic number is 10 because there are a number of competition formats that require the shooter to fire 10 rounds in each timed event.

    4. 10 is the magic number so the bad guys on the receiving end can keep track of the number of rounds fired on their fingers.

  176. I grew up in California and lived there for the majority of my life. I moved to Texas 15 years ago. In both states I owned a number of weapons. I am not a hunter; my guns are intended to keep me and mine safe = discourage or kill the bad guy. With no castle doctrine and a duty to retreat everywhere, CA is brewing the same evil stew that exists in England and Australia where, literally, self defense of nearly any kind is illegal. In England keeping a cricket bat next to your flat door for self protection is illegal. I have some friends who live in Australia and like to tow their trailer out to beautiful spots on the gold coast. The police have advised their group of RV’ers that the best defense against evil doers out in the wild is a fire extinguisher. Now, they can’t hit the bad person with the heavy metal extinguisher, they have to hose them down with the fire retardant spray — EVEN IF THE BAD PEOPLE HAVE GUNS. The fatuous idea that human beings cannot defend themselves is the result of the woosification of the world. Being tough, being a man interested in shooting or martial arts or who, **gasp**, will punch back at an attacker, is discouraged from day one in kindergarten here in the US and much of world. Young, rambunctious, NORMAL, boys are given ritalin or other dangerous, psycho-active drugs to “calm them down.” The old way to calm down those wonderful, rambunctious boys was to have a recess where it was OK to run around yelling, playing tag, dodge ball, monkey bars, etc. Get that energy out! Then decamp back to the class room and be able to concentrate. Did you know that nearly 100% of the last twenty years of killings in schools and other dangerous no-defense zones have been committed by individuals who took ritalin or other psycho-active drugs at the urging of school “counselors” and then when they graduated high school and were now hooked on the drugs, were cut off. These drugs permanently alter the brain chemistry. No one seems to be looking into this phenomena. Oh well, as usual for me I am a bit off topic here. While living in Texas is not perfect, I do my best to avoid CA and all other emerging no-self defense States. In general they are miserable, PC places.

    1. No one is looking into this because they want these shootings to continue. Yes, I said it. The more this happens the easier it will be for the Government to get the sheep to go for total disarmament. You add that to colleges that teach revisionist history, or none at all – and in one generation you have changed the mental makeup of the younger population (who are sheep anyway – “guns are evil – why can’t we all just get along”, “not people are evil, and some will never get along with the rule of law”), and the older population, who are too dense to remember that the Government is here at our behest, not the other way around.

  177. It will not stop nor deter the gun violence in their area. Nor will stop the gangs and the cartel operating in city from having high capacity magazines.

  178. One with brains would figure that CA would want to keep people as residents with the drought and projections of only a year’s worth of water…. Unless the skies open up, people will continue to flee…

    They built LA and other cities ON TOP OF A DESERT… It would eventually come back to bite them in the ass that it isn’t sustainable, but people built and bought and sold… Now, the smart ones are fleeing…

    Add in the Nazi government and INSANE taxes, and now a ban on magazines… If I lived in that hell hole, I would be breaking all kinds of laws that are perfectly sane in other states…

    CA is utterly useless… It’s just Northern Mexico

  179. As a prior poster said come get them. I would ask the person coming after them if he felt his life is worth coming after my mags? I already made my decision have you made yours?

  180. OK Kalifornians….follow the lead from NY and CT as well as several other states and participate in the Armed Civil Disobedience of non-compliance! You will find that your state/local officials really don’t have the stomach for what it REALLY takes to enforce such unconstitutional laws. The bloodshed and body count would be intolerable. Nullify their stupid laws, and then vote with your feet ASAP.

  181. This law is great for criminals, what’s a misdemeanor charge to some gangbanger. California legislation at its finest, take the ammo away and the guns are paper weights for law abiding citizens.

  182. Absolutely ridiculous I would never in a million years live in kalifornia. My god man I didn’t think STUPID really could go this far.

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