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The world record for the smallest 100-yard benchrest group was shot in 1973 by Pat McMillan using a handbuilt prototype McMillan rifle with an early McMillan stock. The 5-shot group measures a mere 0.009-inch center to center and was examined with a 60x microscope for verification. The record still stands today, and the actual record group, plus the McMillan rifle that shot it, hang in the company’s museum in Phoenix. To see the target and certificate in more detail, just click the image.

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  1. This is not true! This group was shot by Pat McMilllan’s older brother Millard. Check NBRSA records. I was there when it was shot.

  2. @Randy, you think they haven’t figured that sort of thing out? At benchrest matches, a target backing paper is used, and is changed or moved for each shot. If any shots were pulled clear off target, there would be a hole missing in the backer.

    Not sure about the rules in 1973, but Light Varmint class currently is limited to 10.5 pounds total weight of rifle and optics, and must be supported by only sandbags both front and rear. The rifle must be free to recoil on the rest and may not be attached to it. The barrel must be at least 16″ long, and it must have a minimum taper; no straight un-tapered bull barrels. Remote triggers not allowed. Size of the target is not important, as it is only the size of the group that matters, not where the shots are on that target.

  3. Excuse my Skepticism, but while I do agree it’s possible to get close under ideal conditions, how do we know he didn’t get one shot in, slightly skewed, then missed the rest altogether (purposely) making it appear that all went through the same hole? Nine thousanths of an inch at one hundred yards? Five shots? Come on!

  4. On his 59th birthday (Sept. 23, 1973) Patrick McMillan fired 5 shots from his custom-built .222 Remington Light Varmint class rifle into one hole. Originally his group was judged 0.000 inches, but after sending the target around to several judges, it was ruled 0.009 inches…still a world record.

  5. Excuse my ignorance, but what caliber was the ‘light varmint rifle’? Is anything know about the load he was using? I’m assuming it was a bolt gun, but??? Either way, that is some amazing shooting.

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