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Knives — A Must Have Tool for Every Prepper

Preppers, hunters, and even farmers understand the importance of having quality tools made specifically for certain jobs. A good knife is important whether you raise your own chicken, beef or other meat, or you are a hunter or angler who simply enjoys filling your own freezer. When it comes to butchering meat or filleting fish, a good knife set is a must have for any do-it-yourselfer. A high quality, well-made knife set should be crafted from the highest material and be made to last indefinitely. It also should include several different types and sizes of knives capable of performing different butchering tasks. A great choice for any home prepper, survivalist or hunter is a knife set made by Outdoor Edge.

For over two decades, Outdoor Edge has built a solid reputation of producing exceptional knives backed by outstanding customer service. Outdoor Edge combines functionality, craftsmanship, durability and quality material into each of the knives it makes. Whether you purchase an individual knife, or decide to go with a complete set of knives, is up to you. Either way, you will find having the right knife for the job makes the task much easier.

A perfect kit for any big-game hunter, small farmer or home prepper is the Big Game Processor kit by Outdoor Edge. From the largest of butchering projects such as elk, moose or whitetail, to smaller game such as turkey, rabbit, upland, waterfowl or fish, this kit comes with everything you need to get the job done. Each knife in this set is made of high carbon 420-gauge stainless steel and is sharpened to razor perfection, which translates into being ready-to-go-out-of-the-box. Additionally the rubberized textured ergonomic handles made of Kraton help give you the secure comfortable grip needed to tackle big jobs.

The Gut-Hook Skinner is the perfect knife to kick off any butchering tasks thanks to the 4.25-inch blade. The hooked blade tip makes this the perfect knife for opening any game. Another ideally sized knife in this kit is the 3-inch Caper knife. Because of the size, the Caper is perfect for precision detailed jobs that require extra attention such as caping the hide.

Despite all the functional knives and accessories in this kit—and there are many from the carving fork to the Game Shears—another popular member of the set is the 5.5-inch boning/filet knife. This multi-functioning knife is perfectly balanced and makes quick work of many of the time-consuming tasks such as separating meat from the bone or trimming tricky silver skin—of course, it is perfect for filleting fish.

The Outdoor Edge Game Processor kit also comes with a carving board, gloves, Steel Stick spreader tool and an easy-to-use tungsten carbide sharpening tool, which helps maintain a razor-sharp edge on the knives. The Game Processor kit is packaged in a hard-sided carrying case making it easy to carry and use in the field. Plus, Outdoor Edge offers factory sharpening for every knife purchased from directly. Finally, customers can have peace of mind knowing Outdoor Edge backs their knives with a lifetime guarantee.

Do you have a favorite knife or knife kit? Tell us about it in the comment section.


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