Kimber Adds to Micro and Micro 9 Pistol Lines

Kimber Micro 9 pistol left profile

There is a time and place when the statement, “Go big or go home!” makes total sense. However, when it come to concealed carry, size (or rather the lack of) makes sense. Kimber has earned its place as a premium manufacturer in the firearms industry through quality offerings that perform when you need them most. Now, with the expansion of the Micro and Micro 9 lines, Kimber has six new premium micro-compact carry pistol variants chambered in .380 ACP and 9mm.

Here is the full release from Kimber.

Kimber Micro 9 pistol left profile
Kimber Micro 9

The Micro/Micro 9’s barrel and slide are machined from stainless steel for superior resistance to moisture, while the frame is shaped from the finest aluminum for integrity and strength. One of the most important Micro/Micro 9 design advantages is the single action trigger with a short, smooth pull that ensures accuracy and confidence. The thumb safety, slide release and magazine release are pure 1911 in design. Other standard features include a lowered and flared ejection port for flawless ejection and a beveled magazine well for fast, positive loading. Sights are steel—not plastic—and mounted in machined dovetails for additional durability.

“We couldn’t be more proud of the marketplace performance of Micro and Micro 9,” said Ryan Busse, vice president of sales at Kimber. “With the platform’s increased success, comes augmented consumer demand for the addition of these new line-extensions, which we’re happy to meet.” The Micro/Micro 9 platform blends Kimber dependability with superior design, offering sought-after small-scale 1911 ergonomics, a single action trigger, superior safety features, all-metal construction and American-made quality.

“”The Micro and Micro 9 are truly exceptional platforms that offer the user adequate stopping power combined with the stunning looks and reliability that people have come to expect from Kimber,” said Winslow Potter, Kimber’s director of product management. “We’re working hard to build products that better suit our customers’ specific applications and individual personalities, and these six new Micro and Micro 9 line extensions do a good job in helping to tell that story.” The new Micro/Micro 9 models follow Kimber’s formula executed in other platforms, and include; the Micro Desert Tan (LG) (MSRP $747), Micro Rose Gold (MSRP $1,013), Micro 9 Rose Gold (MSRP: $1,061), Micro 9 Midnight (LG) (MSRP $790), Micro 9 Desert Night (LG) (MSRP $790), and Micro 9 Woodland Night (LG) (MSRP $790).

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Comments (4)

  1. Kimber makes a very nice micro 9 and micro .380 1911 type pistol
    Do not forget to check out the competing Sig models, the 938 (9mm) and 238 (380)
    The Kimbers have a rounded top surface of the slide and a left side only safety
    The Sigs come in a bewildering array of finishes but all have ambidextrous safeties and all function the same
    Kimber has some models with crimson trace lasergrips already installed
    (For an extra cost)
    I put the laser grips on my Sig 938
    These guns are small enough for pocket carry and yet have great 1911 style single action only triggers that make them suitable for target practice
    The major advantage is these are the easiest to rack pistols of any size
    It makes them especially suitable for women or men who have difficulty racking the slide of most semi auto pistols
    You will not go wrong with either brand or caliber

  2. I wish they had more weight. The only Kimbers I find in .380ACP only weigh 13.4oz. Too light weight for me to carry. I want to dump a magazine in seconds, all within standard sized target without a lot of recoil. That’s the only way I’ll carry .380ACP

  3. I’m curious, are these platforms or are they pistols? Do the four rules of firearms safety apply here or should we develop the four rules of platform safety?

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