Kel-Tec Unveils The New KSG Dual-Tube Pump Shotgun

Kel-Tec’s newest revolutionary bull-pup design was announced over the weekend on the cover of the NSSF’s Shooting Industry magazine. Details of the new shotgun are sketchy, but presumably all will be made known at the upcoming NSSF SHOT Show.

The shotgun bears a stunning resemblance to the South African-designed Neostead pump action scattergun. You can move a switch located behind the grip next to the ejection port to select the right or left tube or move the switch to the center to eject a shell without chambering another round. The bullpup design means an overall length of only 26″ with an 18.5″ barrel, while the bottom eject design makes the firearm truly ambidextrous.

Shown next to the box of slugs in the photo to the left, you truly begin to get a sense of scale. The bullpup design of the KSG makes it ideal for home defense and CQB. The incredibly short overall length makes it more nimble than a sawed off shotgun and with a 14+1 capacity, you don’t sacrifice ammunition capacity to get a shoddy shotgun in a small package.

Ammunition capacity is 14+1 with 2 3/4″ shells. The KSG is shown with a factory installed Picatinny rail with flip up sights and a pistol grip. MSRP is not known at the moment, nor is there an expected date of availability.

Update: We spotted the KSG at the Kel-Tec booth at the SHOT Show this year. There were a few different models on display, including this version in OD Green. The action was slick, but the trigger reset appeared to need some work. Kel-Tec assured us that this was only one of a few prototypes and that the actual production models would be fully functional.

Update 2: Kel-Tec has announced that the following design changes will be incorporated into the KSG shotgun before it hits full production:

  • Trigger reset. This will be adjusted in the production model so that you can hold the trigger down, pump back and forward, release and then re-pull the trigger to fire the next round. No worrying about the trigger going dead and no Pump-firing if you hold the trigger down.
  • Pump lock switch. A new latch button is in the works that will allow the trigger finger to activate the pump lock without reaching in front of the trigger guard, and potentially getting pinched by the pump. Only the KSG in the law enforcement booth had a similar latch button, made out of welded steel, but the production model will be a polymer button pinned to the steel.
  • A removable rail mounted hand-stop will be available (and probably included) to help alleviate fears of sliding your hand too far forward in front of the barrel.
  • Indicator holes in the top of the magazine tubes so you can visually see when you have 0, 1 or 2 rounds left in a tube.

The following are accessories that will likely be offered after KSG production ramps up.

  • Extended butt pads. This would be similar to the SU-16 extended pad. Remove some screws and replace the existing pad with the thicker pad.
  • Choke adapter. Remove the end muzzle nut, and replace with the choke adapter. This will extend a few inches in front of the existing barrel.
  • Breacher attachment. Similar to the choke adapter, just designed for LE use as a door breacher.
  • Single point sling mount.

MSRP is expected to be less than $800.

So what do you think of the Kel-Tec KSG? Share in the comment section.

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  3. Dolphin, I never tried being tough in any way, shape, or form! I actually don’t know where you got that from in the first place with either I or anyone else on this site. I simply pointed out that we shouldn’t be comparing this shotgun to an illegal weapon because it *WILL* be used against it in an attempt to classify it as a DD. You’re the one making me out to be a toughguy.

    That said, I find it rather humorous that you have the audacity to call me ignorant, when you’re the 42 year old jackass, defending a dumbass, ignorantly butchering language, telling me I’m stupid for calling him on it! I even tried playing nice with you and not saying anything nasty, but I see that it was a wasted effort. I never accused YOU of calling a shotgun a shotty, I called the writer of the original article on saying it and then going on to talk about how great it is that it’s the same size as a sawed off. I could care less what anyone wants to call their shotgun, but if you’re the spokesperson for a large company like CTD, it behooves you to not use ignorant slang and moronic comparisons.

    That is exactly what happened with the FN Fiveseven. They came within a penstroke of outlawing that pistol because people on our side kept cheering that the pistol will defeat level 2A body armor. The other side took that and ran with it. I believe that you can still find a video on the Brady website showing them shooting through a 2A vest with a Fiveseven. They neglected to show that all kinds of pistols will shoot through a 2A vest though, most notably those cheap Tokarevs! Had FN et al not agreed to only make the non ballistic vest defeating bullets commercially available, the BATFE would have outlawed the pistol or made it something other than it is: Just a pistol.

    My SBR is a Larue. I doubt that I’m going to be having any issues with it.

  4. I am in the market for an ambidextrous shotgun (I’m a left hand shooter, left eye dominant), so this definitely has piqued my interest. I was contemplating either the Ithaca 37 or Browning BPS due to their bottom eject, but neither really excited me. I love a good bullpup, and Kel-Tec has definitely stepped up their game with this.

    I can only hope these will be available for sale in my oppressed state of NY. Since it’s a pump I’d have to say it should be okay for NY (and some of the other non-free states) unless they explicitly add it to the banned list.

  5. I like the way it looks and the high capacity. It’s going to have to be under $1000 for me to seriously consider buying it though. I’ll wait until it is out for a year or so, the bugs should be worked out by then.

  6. I’ve never really been a big fan of Keltec, but I like this concept quite a bit. The barrel is the ordinary legal length and it is a pump, but it is different and that tends to freak people out. I think the mentality is that someone wielding it will have a distinct, unfair advantage. That translates to if you have something that is perceived to outclass law enforcement equipment, you can kiss the legality of the thing good bye. I hope not though. I would really love to install a 26 inch barrel on it and try it out duck hunting. The plugs would be long though. Still a cool concept. In the mean time, I will stick with the two fighter shotguns I have. They have been totally reliable and user friendly.

  7. @Tim Strimple – since 6.5 and 6.8 ammo is fairly new and not wide spread yet, I currently want to stick with .308, 7.62×39, or 5.56mm. Personally, I rather have the .308 for the range and ballistics compared to the 7.62×39 and 556. With Boat Tailed Hollow Points, I can use the RFB in a CQB (if need be) setting even though I am using the round that “keeps on giving”. At first I was focusing on the Mossberg 930 series but when I saw the Saiga, I changed my mind. If the KSA was SA, I would drop the Saiga for the KSA.

    Thinking about it some more, I do not even see the reason for the KSA to be labeled as a DD since it has a legal length barrel and you are not using Frag rounds. Of course, it will be illegal to own one in California unless the magazine+1 capacity is reduce to 2+1.

  8. Alrighty then! Back to the original subject, I think.

    I’m not seeing this weapon being classified as a DD. I would imagine Kel-Tec would have explored that possibility thoroughly before committing large sums of money on development. I would hope so anyway, for their sake. I do remember similar concerns being raised a few years back when the 20 round drum (before it made it to production even) came out for the Saiga 12. Nothing ever came of that so hopefully it will be the same for the KSG.

    I like the style of the KSG but don’t really foresee owning one since I have the aforementioned Saiga and am quite happy with it. My son is planning on purchasing the Kel-Tec RFB when he gets out of the Marines next month, but again, I’m not interested. I like the bullpup style but don’t feel the need for a 308. I e-mailed Kel-Tec inquiring as to the possibility of an intermediate round such as 6.5 Grendel or 6.8 SPC but in their prompt reply they said only a 5.56 model would be developed in the foreseeable future. Rats!

  9. Again, can you show me where I call my shotguns shottys? All I was pointing out is that things have various names and it doesn’t really change anything. A simple word got your goat you dumbass! It’s tough guys like you that make this so easy… too bad you don’t have a long enough attention span to read my long diatribe because you might have learned something…. then again, maybe not… Frank! Do you think this Pratt has ever met someone in the SAS? I doubt it… If he did, he would be talking with his jaw wired shut. Turbo, I really don’t have anything against you. You just try too hard to convince all of us how tough you are. You have absolutely no grasp of the english language and it is a pointless venture to argue with you. You are a glittering jewel of colossal ignorance. I pray you are not the best or the brightest in the service or this country is doomed. Go back to ARFCOM and continue having a wild tossing session with your problem plagued AR. I will continue wondering if this SHOTGUN (see? I can be agreeable) will ever become an autoloader…because I actually WILL buy two if that happens… Now, I think the high capacity of this thing does make it vulnerable to a DD, but Saiga makes ten rounders in magazines and it is not class 3. Granted it has a higher round count, but it is considerably harder to load quickly and that might make it warm and fuzzy. I doubt it though. If it goes bang, they will hate it. Time will tell I guess.

  10. HEY JASON! YOU JUST KEEP YOUR PERTINENT DISCUSSION TO YOURSELF! See that? It was all caps! ALL CAPS! That means you might as well accept that this discussion is completely off the deep end at this point. Caps mean more as they’re bigger, so you can just accept that! It’s in the Geneva convention, look that up!

    Dolphin, I couldn’t give two squirts of monkey piss what you or anyone else calls your shotgun. If you want to call them BoomSticks, more power to you. Hell if during your shooting you tell your friends to keep their boogerhook off the bangswitch, great! Now if you’re making an attempt at how your company is going to sell an item, using slang only denigrates you and your company and make it rather difficult to take you seriously. Do you think you’d ever see David Fortier use the term “Shotty” in any of his articles? Of course not. I’m not going to waste my time with your huge diatribe, it’d take up time I could be out being tacticool.

    Since I’m a “Troll” I might as well have some fun…

    And Frank, I am referring to not only the fact that you all voted yourselves out of firearms, but right now are tossing people in jail for possession of something we here would have no problem giving to a responsible twelve year old. I stopped there on my way back from Iraq and laughed at how dainty and girlish you… I hate to use this term for you, men, were. Having testicles doesn’t make you a man, and you Britons are sorely lacking in that department. That place is a giant Mecca for those of us who like women. It was literally like taking candy from a baby.

    As for you “Men” fighting with your fists, squealing “Whore” and “Slut” while you girliestrike at each other is hardly using your fists in a fight mate.

  11. By the way Frank, What part of England are you from? I really need to get back there soon. I miss curry chips and gravy…

  12. This thread has become ridiculous…. all of you idiots that are arguing need to get back to the ps3/xbox360 forums and cry to each other there…. I know you “guys” don’t care, but us REAL gun enthusiasts would rather talk about the gun…..

  13. And you are not one of the first 55 posts which makes you not a wanker…ha ha ha ha. I had a Scottish mate that could fight! Damn! He rang my bell a couple of times in the ring…aaaah the good old days.

  14. My, my, what an amusing thread.

    This made me laugh, especially –

    Quote/ …If you really are from the UK, then what dog do you even have in this fight? You can’t even have a knife in your pocket? Emasculation of the caliber that is taking place in the UK is what really brings a nation down. The women there are more manly than the men! Comment by Turboguy

    Err, Turboguy? I am from the UK and your lack of knowledge is showing here. Many of us own shotguns here, it just needs an easily obtainable licence.

    As for any ’emasculation’, a small child or woman can use a firearm, do you really equate your ‘manliness’ with owning a gun?

    Men here use their fists in a fight.

  15. Interesting how this turned into a flame war with trolls hunting this blog. Who cares what people call the KSG?

    “Cool gun, but it will never see the light of day with mere civilians. And that’s because this shotgun has “Destructive Device” written all over it. At least, I’ll all but guarantee you that is the way the ATF will see it.”

    Whatever, currently there are ways to make some Semi-Auto shotguns into Bullpups so why would the ATF turn this into a class 3 weapon? I am sure Kel-Tec made sure it is not illegal for civilian use and perhaps that is why it is pump instead of SA or the mechanics for selective dual tube magazine requires it to be pump. Although, if the cost of the weapon is over $1000, they might as well make it for Law Enforcement only. And if the target market is Law Enforcement, it would have been a lot better off as a semi-auto since it will be competing against the Benelli M4 (Most LEO’s favorite shotgun).

  16. Ha ha ha ha. Ok, first I never said I was Brittish. You assume too much which makes you an ass and as for me, well, I’m good. I said I worked for a company in England dummy. As for butchering the english language, which english? The one we speak here or the one we speak over there? Do you speak like your grandparents? Did they speak like theirs? Where is the cuttoff date for when the language of english was spoken correctly? I am truly amused by people like the ever so militant Frank No Sense that has a total cow over how people describe a thing. As for you, you didn’t even talk about the shotgun in question at all! You bagged on Cheaper Than Dirt and everyone who doesn’t speak like you. Case in point, Frank No Sense posted to me “You got a problem with using proper language?” Well No! I don’t got a problem with it. I also don’t HAVE a problem with it either. Words like shotty and my bad are telling of the decline of our country by saggy pant-clad wannabe UFC towel boys. First, when did wannabe become linguistically correct? I don’t know when a UFC towel boy became an insult, but I guess you can take that up with the towel boy union. Get some education? Were your parents cousins? How about “Get educated…” retard. Honestly if you think you speak well, you better go back to jr. high skippy. If Shakespear was here, he would bitch slap both of you into the next century! Now as for the word shotty… They use that pretty commonly in England. Are they all wrong? Words mean different things in different places. (in case you didn’t know that.) Example: I would rather be using a rubber (American meaning condom) tonight than using a rubber (England meaning pencil eraser). Conversely, I would rather bum a fag (English meaning aquiring a cigarette from another individual) than bumming a fag (American meaning putting ones penis into the anal cavity of another person of the same sex that is into that sort of thing…) As for you Turbo Gay, Your first post started with “Was the extra two letters really that much more of a stretch….” As far as I can tell, shotty only has ONE less letter than shotgun genious… So grow up (oh yeah, your brother in arms (hopefully American there meaning fellow military) as opposed to (England meaning you are hugging…) already told you to grow up. Wow you poor bastard you can’t catch a break from anybody can you? That’s ok. Dolphinshooter is a very accepting and forgiving person. So are we good? (or should I say Do we have an accord?)

  17. …as to the weapon…I think it will be great for home defense, where a slug may be required for accurate, pinpoint shots if a hostage is held, and buckshot may be neede also…with a conventional pump, you gotta guess when you load…

    …as to the sniping about the words used by the author…you guys sound remarkably like an ex-wife…

  18. So maybe the reason why the liberals always get their way is because all us gun entusiasts are too busy arguing over which term is correct… or who uses slang.

    For the record, I like this Shotgun like a fat kid loves cake 😀

  19. If Kel-Tec sells this quality refinement of the Neostad for $1,500 to $2,000, they will not be selling too many units except to the Kel-Tec diehards with cash. I only have two gripes with the KSG – 1) The speculated cost to be over $600 to $800 (max). 2) It is pump action and not Semi-Auto. Even if they sell the KSG for the upper hundreds, it will still out price many quality pumps and semi-auto shotguns. Now if they sell it for the same price as a Beretta Xtrema2, they will be slicing their wrists like Bushmaster did with the over inflated cost of the ACR.

  20. Cool gun, but it will never see the light of day with mere civilians. And that’s because this shotgun has “Destructive Device” written all over it. At least, I’ll all but guarantee you that is the way the ATF will see it.

    Even assuming I’m wrong, the pricing on this will pretty much exclude anyone who doesn’t have some serious play money sitting around. My guess is that it will cost at least $1,500, and possibly more than $2,000. That’s a lot of money for an average Joe to drop on a gun.

    BTW, it’s a bit ironic how Kel-tec and its fanboys flamed Ruger for copying the P3AT, and then Kel-tec went and designed a “new” shotgun that looks an awful lot like an already-existing shotgun. “Do as I say, not as I do” I guess…

  21. SgtRed, I completely expect the ATF to designate this firearm as a DD, especially so when people keep comparing it to a sawed off shotgun. That is what I was getting at. When this shotgun gets released and the Bradys Et Al begin screaming it’s for the children and blood in the streets, etc over it, the ATF will bend and classify it as a DD. I wouldn’t be surprised if they used the language in the above post to lend credence to their claim.

    The Shotty stupidity was just my pointing out illiterate writing that morons use to try to sound cool with two sentences that the twelve year olds (Be they chronologically or emotionally thus) jumped on because they use the term “Shotty” when describing a shotgun.

    And Frank, my name’s really not suspect. I like to drive fast cars… with Turbos in them.

    Dolphin, with that last post bro, your stupid is showing. And it’s idiots like you that allow a language to be shat upon that brings a nation down, not those that resist it. But you already knew that considering you know everything else. The German comment was pretty funny as nobody was even going to say anything about it! If you really are from the UK, then what dog do you even have in this fight? You can’t even have a knife in your pocket? Emasculation of the caliber that is taking place in the UK is what really brings a nation down. The women there are more manly than the men!

  22. Yes, the same Furious that was banned from for being against the Ground Zero Mosque. Nice website you guys have there. All about the second ammendment but ban people for exercising the First.
    I go to war and fight in a foreign country but yet I’m outcasted when I try to defend my homeland.
    Turbo Guy is a classic example of the troll wanna-bes that live on ARFCOM.

    BTW, Shotty means shotgun and I dont troll the CTD website so no need to respond as I wont see it.

  23. Yo! Frank no Sense, can you point to where I said I was military or that I was in the
    sanbox? Talking like a WWF contender while playing with your Spiderco in your front pocket
    doesn’t make you a military scholar. And before you get to that stupid phrase that I can thank you for not having to speak German, I will thank my grandparents for that and not you,
    you twenty-something twit. I have never known a military guy try to be so tough. Probably because they don’t have any great need to. Language changes…It’s stupid dicks with attitudes like yours that brings a nation down. Decaf my friend, then get laid. God knows you need it.

  24. Hi,
    Admittedly, I’m not an expert on much of anything but perhaps I can resolve the “shotty/shotgun” dilemma.

    Since any firearm that has ever been fired a single time is technically a “shot gun” and given the fact that “gun” usually refers to a somewhat compact firearm held in your hand as opposed to a “rifle” which normally requires two hands and has a considerably longer barrel and sight line, maybe we should call these weapons Shotrifles”. No, that’s not quite right. The weapon in question also fires “shells” not “cartridges” so the name should be Shellrifle” from now on. Any “shotgun” that has been illegally sawed off with a hacksaw (or legally sawed off with a gunsmith held hacksaw) should henceforth be referred to as an “SSR” (Shortened Shell Rifle). I figure the Chevy/Chevrolet SSR has been out of production long enough that there won’t be any lawsuits. Problem solved.

    You’re welcome,
    Tim Strimple

  25. Dolphinshooter, your Moms calling from upstairs. It’s naptime for you after you eat your PB&J with the crusts removed. Better hurry along now, Mommy needs her “special time” without your interruptions so turn off the Xbox sonny, and take your fake assed war stories with you. Those of us who really served don’t appreciate you telling your half-baked stories about when you were in the “sandbox” all Magpul’d out and wearing your “Ranger Up! s*** to the club. You’re the dips*** here *******, you and your ilk who like to butcher the English language and then tell lies. You got a problem with using proper language? Words like “shotty” and terms like “my bad” are very telling of the decline of our Country by saggy pant-clad wannabe UFC towel boys. Get some education rambo, learn to speak well (not good) and write at the same level. That is really all the Turbo guy was attempting to convey.

  26. I’m 45 and the last video game I played was Mario 3. Spent three years in England driving for a contract security firm until it disbanded in 87. Please accept my apologies for not being as bad ass as all you “operators” from…. I don’t have an AR because they are an outdated turd that really needs to recede into history soon. I carry an XCR. Though I have never killed a man, I have transported dozens that have into some really ugly places. Sorry, you commando wannabes can go clean your little black guns till you are blue in the face, or should I say OD green? I didn’t realize that words would be the thing that killed hardasses like you. “My bad.”

  27. I too detest all things “ebonic” (See “My Bad” …. meh)and World Of Warcraft-esqe. Most of these snotty-shotty ass hats aren’t old enough to actually purchase firearms. They live in the basements of their parents homes on piss stained mattresses and spend their days fantasizing about women that they can never touch and real guns that they will never afford. Ryan and pals … go back to your fruit roll up stained boxer shorts and your jerk off socks boys, real grown ups are discussing shotguns. Turbo guy has a suspect screen name, but he is on point by calling you ass-clowns out on this one. Quit butchering the English language.

  28. Anyone care to wager the the ATF classifies this gun as a class III destructive device? (See USAS-12 and Street Sweeper)

    Then again, Kel-Tec would have to actually make the thing to have that happen.

  29. Grow up turboguy.

    Who cares what the Brady Bunch thinks…they’re NEVER going to like any gun and it’s stupid to try and appease them.

    On the other hand, I want one of these! Thanks CTD…get’em in and I’ll order one.

  30. Dolphin, it’s an internet meme.

    Google “The Consequences Will Never Be The Same.” You use it when you’ve been trolled.

    It’s like Rick Roll, “OMG it spins” or “Cool Story Bro.”

    But you can put whatever you want in your gun and drop the hammer. You can even put them in your shotty, but you might sound like a dumb**** when you say it thus. Whatever stirs your oatmeal.

  31. Wow Ryan! That sounds like my model A! Lol. I wonder if Turboguy has a problem with a suppressor being called a can….hmmmmmm… Hey Turbo. Whats the proper term for shooting a 1)bullet or2)cartridge or 3)round through my suppressor? Just want to be tacticool like you… Ha ha ha ha ha. To be fair, comparing this shotty to a sawed off shotgun is sort of reckless. I have gotten into bigger arguments for less with some of my liberal colleagues. Really have to keep my Tannerite comments to myself in the office. By the way. What consequences are you referring to Turboguy?

  32. Wow Ryan! That sounds like my model A! Lol. I wonder if Turboguy has a problem with a suppressor being called a can….hmmmmmm… Hey Turbo. Whats the proper term for shooting a 1)bullet or2)cartridge or 3)round through my suppressor? Just want to be tacticool like you… Ha ha ha ha ha. To be fair, comparing this shotty to a sawed off shotgun is sort of reckless. I have gotten into bigger arguments for less with some of my liberal colleagues. Really have to keep my Tannerite comments to myself in the office.

  33. O Noes! You said shotty!

    I dun been trolled by a twelve year old!

    Really I’m hurt. The consequences will never be the same!

  34. Turboguy, dig that hole deeper. It’s entertaining.

    By the way, shotty shotty shotty shotty shotty shotty shotty shotty shotty shotty shotty shotty shotty shotty shotty shotty shotty shotty shotty shotty shotty shotty shotty shotty shotty shotty shotty shotty shotty shotty shotty shotty shotty shotty shotty shotty

  35. Its got a pistol grip, high capacity tubes, and it’s black. That should be enough for the Brady campaign. As for calling it a “shotty”, well, I can just stuff it under the seat of my “Chevy” and call it a day. It’s just a term man. Lighten up…even the Navy SEAL’s can call a magazine a mag. I’m not offended…even if it’s high cap! I fear you might freak if you hear the term Ma Deuce or subgun…Either be a high speed, low drag operator or an English teacher. Don’t try to be both…

  36. re: “Needing” 14+1 rounds vs 8+1 or some other number: Better to have it and not need it than need and not have. If you ever DO “need” 14 round of OO buck are you going to stop at 9 because of what your house looks like? “Well, too bad the home invaders killed him and his family, but at least the place didn’t get shot up too bad”.

  37. There once was a writer named Scotty,
    who fancied a newly-designed shotty.
    There were trolls so daft,
    that they critiqued his craft,
    sounding all the more whiny and snotty.

    As for the gun, I certainly plan to buy one. And I plan to saw it down to a nub. I figure I could take off another 3″ or 4″ easy. And before you prancy airsoft toy-gun people and clay disk swatters get your panties in a bunch, I will have my approved 5320.1 in hand. Why? Because I can. Then I’ll use it to hunt baby seals, then slow smoke them over a fire made from old-growth hardwood timber. Finally, I’ll make their furs into chaps that I will wear while thundering around on my motorcycle with suspiciously loud pipes.

  38. To Mr. Editor who attempted to correct me in that a sawed off shotgun is illegal:

    Actually a sawed off shotgun is in fact illegal. It is a weapon that someone of ill refute took a hacksaw to in an effort to make a shotgun more concealable and dangerous. I can’t go to the local branch of Wal Mart, but a cheap side-by-side, and chop the barrel off in my garage no matter what I do. A registered SBS or AOW is a Federally registered weapon with a tax stamp that may or may not be legal in every state. I know the difference all too well after going through the rigamarole to get an SBR.

    The problem is that if we of the rights friendly persuasion readily compare anything legal to something that is associated with criminal activity, or is patently illegal, how much of a stretch do you actually think it’d be for a complete liar like Mr. Helmke, Mrs. Brady, Mr. Bloomberg or Mr. Soros to make that same comparison, and then use your words against it and worse yet, against us? These people readily admit that they foster public ignorance in the realm of firearms to get restrictive laws passed with the support of the ignorant. We, and to a larger extent a distributor/discounter, should know better than to give ammunition to the very people who would seek the demise of our God given, Constitutionally protected rights.

    Call me a troll or idiot all you want, but you know I’m right, and if you’ve got a beef with me, shoot me an IM over on and we’ll discuss it privately. I’m Turboguy1.

  39. Keep bagging on members… least most of us know what we are talking about and work with firearms more than those of you playing call of duty in the basement and talking crap in the office

  40. “I don’t see what’s wrong with the comparison to a sawed off shotgun” The media and others will try to use it to feed their anti-gun agendas. Joe Public gets spooked easily without extra information. Whether those people read cheaper than dirt announcements is another thing.
    As for price, for the features it has, the person that wanted it for $350 or less is just being silly. I don’t think it will be less than $600 and thats a lowball estimate. Now if one of the other Shotgun manufacturers made something like this it would be $1500-$2000 with the exception of Saiga maybe. Though one of those can be more once they add all the options. Now this is a complicated design to say the least, Keltec has had issues with its other guns getting all the kinks out, i think this will have the same path. However if they can pull it off, and get decent reviews for reliability and ease of use, I might be in the market for one. It does look like it means business

  41. I don’t see what’s wrong with the comparison to a sawed off shotgun. Clearly Keltec was going for a short gun with the bullpup design. You guys act like the demwits need more than a PICTURE of this thing to decide that it’s the source of all evil.

    I’ve got a new idea. How about we stop giving a crap what the liberals think and start worrying more about being innovative with new firearms technology, and defending our rights to have firearms by using logic instead of fear.


  42. I would absolutely tell the author of the article exactly what I said in my post were we face to face. If you run around intentionally trying to sound like either a twelve year old or gutter punk, people are going to pick up on it and call you stupid or use your own words against you. It’s particularly bad when it’s a well known firearm business’s spokesperson making the comparison to illegal weapons. (Editor’s Note: sawed off shotguns are not illegal, they are simply taxed an additional amount.)

    Yup, I’m an member of the same name, but I don’t live in CA.

    And CMW: First off you don’t know me and secondly you can kiss my ass princess. You call me the troll and yet you’re the one slinging the word “Idiot.” Pots, kettles, with black, and all that.

  43. WOW! Some of you guys have some really pent up anger. What do you do when you hear someone speaking in ebonics? Shoot them? Turbo Guy obviously doen’t like Cheaper Than Dirt. Heck, he’s probably one of those guys that lives in California.

  44. FYI – “Shotty” is a common slang word for a shotgun in Australia, and has been for at least 40 years. I’d guess it’s probably British in origin.

  45. ok, heres the pros and cons I can see with my limited knowledge on firearms.

    Pros Its short, high capacity, picatinny rail equipped(although as earlier stated, one on the side would be nice)

    Cons It has to be heavy, something with this much ammo should be semi-auto

    This is something that our boys in Afganistan could be using for CQB, I think it would be excellent at that. Home defense, are you really going to need 14+1? I have 8+1 in my Winchester Defender and thats more than enough. Do you have any idea what your house will look like after firing 15 rounds of 00 buck?

    No as far as the lethal/non lethal setup, I dont think that will work. For one, switching tubes only determines the next round, not the one currently chambered. Second, how easy would it be, in the heat of things, to move that switch and accidently fire a live round. I think if you wanted non lethal, you would load the whole thing that way.

  46. Globetrotter, if you look closely, there’s a rail on the bottom of the forend, which is just big enough to attach a forend grip and small laser sight. Oleg Volk has some pictures of these accessories over on the KTOG forums.

  47. Having two tubes means being able to switch from lethal to less than lethal rounds at the flip of a switch, or obviously, just having access to more ammunition.
    I think its a great idea and will save lives. Or it will be used by bad guys, but I dont think (probably) expensive shotguns are used by them often.

  48. Good article, lovely gun, can’t way to buy one!

    As to this “shotty” debacle, I am coming to the verbal aid of Mr. Turboguy. Since Mr. Joshua was the only one with the testicular fortitude to leave an actual name even if it could be an alias, he is the only one who gets to burn Turboguy for calling himself as such.

    Secondly, “shotty” is just one of many examples of the degradation of our language, so I for one understand the frustration people can suffer over Internet mumbling and slang. However, it is not like the shotgun hasn’t been called other things before. Blaster, street-sweeper, hand cannon, and goose gun all come to mind. “shotty” is in the grand scheme a minor infraction at best.

    That is not the reason why I chose to leave this message. I chose to leave this message because this thread is a textbook example of Anonymous Courage. It is so easy for us to lambaste someone verbally over the net because there is no fear of reciprocity or retaliation. However, would you say it to Turboguy’s face? Turbo guy, would you critique the author of this article with the same words if he were sitting across a table from you?

    I would, “shotty” is in my opinion a dumb word that should not be used in responsible journalism. This is supposed to be a responsible article.

    “Shotty” does not mean “short”. Replace the first t with an r and then we will talk.

    Agreed, reference to sawed-off gives the Brady Campaign more ammo.

    In summation, let us all try to be a little more adult, sportsmanlike, and responsible over the net.

  49. Nice, uh, “shotty”. I’d like to see a picatinny rail on the side or grip for a laser. BTW, Patriotdesign, I saw PMR-30s at the local gunshow this weekend, so they are out there.

  50. Nice! I hope my state doesn’t ban it overnight… (NY)

    Shotty? Pretty common term in gun reviews and literature. Speaking of 12 year old video gamers, dude, the name you left was “turbo guy” … Uh… enough said.

  51. If it actually works, and sells for under $350, I’ll probably buy it. Looks like a nifty design and creation. I think I would ix-nay the “sawed-off” comparison, though. Doesn’t take much to feed the libs. Otherwise, thanks for the report–and the addition to my wish list.

  52. Turbo guy huh? If that is the Turbo I know it is a wonder you have any discretion on anything at all let alone the word Shotty! Troll guard for sure heh. While I agree it could have been said a bit more delicate you sir are still an idiot.

  53. Wow…If it’s anything like the PMR-30 maybe we’ll see one in 2017!
    Maybe they should concentrate on the PMR before they “unveil” any new projects?!

  54. Did you just say “Shotty?”

    Was the extra two letters really that much more of a stretch or might that not have appealed to the twelve year old video gamers that might see this and want to get their own when they turn 18? Might you have sounded too complicated had you simply said “Shotgun?”

    And why don’t you go ahead and remove the entire sentence where you compare the damn thing to a sawed off shotgun? That’s only going to be splashed on the front page of the Brady Campaign website tonight/tomorrow.

    You are CheaperThanDirt, so I shouldn’t be surprised at all at what stupid crap you pull.

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