Kel-Tec to Release CMR-30

Picture shows the Kel-Tec CMR-30 carbine.

Rumor has it that Kel-Tec will be releasing the .22 Magnum CMR-30—the carbine version of the ever-elusive PMR-30—later this year. Oleg Volk, Shooter’s Log contributor and credible source writes on that thousands of the CMR-30 carbine will be available in late 2014.

Cheaper Than Dirt! writers handled a non-functioning prototype of the CMR-30—then called the RMR-30—at SHOT Show 2011. As reported on the Shooter’s Log, the then-RMR-30 was to have the same locked-breach, blowback action as the PMR-30. However, the working model CMR-30 operates on straight blowback. Having to change the carbine’s name to the CMR-30 due to a Trijicon red dot sight named the RMR, Kel-Tec’s CMR-30 has a 50 percent increase muzzle velocity over its companion pistol the PMR-30.

Kel-Tec CMR-30 Spec Sheet
Kel-Tec’s CMR-30 details.

The CMR-30 has a 4-positon collapsible stock, ambidextrous controls and a larger changing handle than its 2011 prototype and weighs just shy of four pounds. Fully extended, the CMR-30 is 30 inches long, while fully collapsed; the overall length of the rifle is a short 22.6 inches. The CMR-30 also uses 30-round PMR-30 magazines. Also in common with the PMR-30, the CMR-30 has the same single-action trigger, bolt stop and magazine catch.

The receiver of the CMR-30 is hard-coat anodized aluminum, while the grip—the same as the PMR-30—is glass-reinforced Zytel nylon. On top of the receiver is a long Picatinny rail. There is also a removable Picatinny rail underneath the receiver. Like the PMR-30 and the RFB bullpup, the experts at Cheaper Than Dirt! suspect the CMR-30 will not be readily available to the big distributors. If you have the cash, you can find the PMR-30 and RFB on Gun Broker. Few accessories for the RFB are available at CheaperThanDirt!

Kel-Tec tells me there is no set date for the CMR-30s release, but they do hope it is by the end of the year. The expected MSRP is $575.

With this news, it is my only conclusion that we will not see Kel-Tec’s M43 and RDB bullpups—introduced at the 2014 SHOT Show—until perhaps 2017.

Kel-Tec RMR-30 
Barrel Length16 inch, .5-inch-28 threaded
Caliber.22 WMR
Overall Length22.6 inches collapsed, 30 inches extended
Overall Width1.2 to 2.3 inches
Weight Unloaded3.8 pounds
SightsPicatinny rail
Stock or GripGlass-reinforced Zytel nylon
Capacity30 rounds
Frame7075 aluminum grip frame

Will you buy the Kel-Tec CMR-30? Tell us why or why not in the comment section.

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Comments (74)

  1. Yes will buy the first one I find at a reasonable price. I have the pmr 30. Love it. The cmr 30 will be a great pair.

    1. @ Dale Smith.

      If you want to get More “Bang-For-the-Buck” Value, consider the .22 TCM (5.7×26) rather then the .22 WMR (5.7×26.8). And YES they will work…


  3. Correct me if I’m wrong but the text in the article stated 22. something inches when collapsed. Isn’t the minimum federal length for rifles 26″?

    1. @ Neil Sea

      You can call it a Carbine/Short Rifle or Extended-Range Pistol. Technically it’s called an “Artillery Pistol”, If you Collapse the Rear Stock you have a Pistol. Extend the Rear Stock, you have a Carbine. The concept isn’t new, there are example going back to a least the 18th century. Most most likely even earlier

  4. I’ve had a pmr 30 for quite some time have nun a couple thousand rounds through it .Nothing more fun than trying to run 30 rounds in 1and 1\2 seconds . It is always fun.I am interested in the rmr-30. could you tell me where to get one and approximently how much. thank You

  5. Kel-Tec and it’s dealers are playing the price game yet again. $1200 for a $450 gun. That will be inferior like the PMR30.

    1. I own whatever gun I want. I purchased a Keltec PMR 30 after figuring out to load the clip as instructed in the owners manual the gun is awesome. I prefer to carry this over the Kimber 45 I had. It’s twice as accurate with 4x the firepower and weighs only 18 ounces loaded with 30 rounds!

  6. Can’t buy one if Kel-Tec can’t or won’t get them off the assembly line! Yes I do want one. I love my KSG and I’m still waiting for the RDB to come out. Main reason is I’m a southpaw and I like the rear ejection.

  7. I own 4 pmr30’s, 2 sub2000’s, a p11 and a newly purchased plr22. Already have the cmr30 on my dealers wish list. also looking for the plr16c. So yes, I will be buying at least one if not more. I love every kel-tec I have so far.

    1. HOARDER! Now we know who has all the Kel-Tecs… 🙂

      You would think these guys would invest in ramping up their production facilities considering the demand for their product, instead of pushing design over their capacity to get products to market. This company is in need of some insight regarding marketing; coming up with new innovations is laudable, but getting them into customer’s hands is a higher priority. It does seem Kel-Tec is gaming us by introducing new products and then limiting the numbers in production to drive pricing upwards.

      AMT made a .30 carbine semiauto pistol back in the 1990’s… where are they now? It was praised as a technical achievement at the time, but you would be hard pressed to find one today, and AMT… well they fell victim to their inability to meet customer demand through production od available units. Kel-Tec should take notice of this. People will stop wanting products they can’t buy, no matter how trendy or innovative that product is.

  8. Although I would love to get a hold of these two guns, preferably the CMR 30, there are other 22 WMR weapons around. Accelerator Fire Arms make a good Pistol, and rifle. They are available, and are somewhat more expensive. There are also plenty of foreign guns in larger calibers for much less. What to do, what to do? I’ll wait til one falls on my lap.

  9. I own a sub-2000 and never had an issue, I also paid retail! I guess I’m lucky to live real close to them, that and have a buddy who had a gun store!

    1. @ Bob.

      Considering the CTD, posted these Website Forums. They should at the very least help you to obtain one, don’t you think. What’s to point of these forums anyway, if their not a least willing to do that much. IF YOU WANT OUR OPINION’S, IT SHOULD ONLY BE RIGHT THAT YOU RETURN THE FAVOR…

  10. I will not buy anything from Kel-Tec again. The past three pistols I bought were garbage. Never use as a carry gun – cannot be trusted to fire a second shot. Customer service sucks. I wish they weren’t “Made in USA”

  11. I posted earlier this rifle would be a great upgrade for my small bore interests, but after reading so many blogs about “Availability and Price Gouging”, I feel compelled to skip this one and wait for a more reliable manufacturer to produce something of interest to me.

    1. I have to agree with you, I have yet to see a “Reasonably” priced keltec any thing and supply and demand on these firearms seems to be way overplayed and somewhat intentional in nature I will not be buying one of these.

  12. Brian, you seem to be the only commenter who does not have a big problem with reasonably priced Kel-Tecs. Are you an employee or a relative ?

  13. This will be a nice addition to my Kel-Tec collection. I own PMR30, KSG, Sub-2000, SU-16, PF9 and the P-32 and never had any problem finding them at less than retail. So I’m hoping the same with the CMR-30.

  14. Good comment Rick, but I have already been down that road, I have gone to many dealers, with no luck, I have even told I would prepay there asking price, they all say it’s a waist of there time, you will never get it. Most of these guys quit dealing with Kel -Tec. I have given up, it’s been to many years chasing ghosts.

  15. I’d love to buy it, just like I’d love to buy a PMR 30 and a Sub 2000. had both on order for coming up on a year… fill your orders before coming up with new guns!

  16. All well and good, have you tried to obtain 22 WMR ammo lately?
    Now firms are producing high capacity weapons in this cal. and current owners of 22 Mags. are still waiting to re-supply for existing weapons. Same thing and currently exists the shortage of 22 LR caused by high capacity and so many more 22’s coming into the market. Will agree,there is a hoarding component but what do you expect when demand exceeds supply.

    1. @ Davedee.

      Have you considered .22TCM (Tuason Craig Micromagnum) .223/5.7x26mm instead of .22WMR (.224/5.7×26.8mm). Being slightly small and probably not a popular round, their should be a surplus on the ammunition.

    2. Since I purchased my .22 TCM, all my .22 magnums are completely obsolete. There’s no comparison between the two rounds. The .22 TCM makes the .22 mag seem like shooting a slow slingshot. If you get a chance, try out one of Armscor’s .22 TCM 1911 pistols. They’re unbelievable..!

    3. @ Brad.

      It sound like a Triple WIN All-Around, then. You learn about a better performance “Substitution”, I learn something more about the .22TCM round I did know before and Everybody gets too learn about “Relatively Unknown” round. And possibly “Reverse the Fortune” and make it a “Popular” round… Maybe CTD should consider purchasing more .22TCM ammunition, because I think there going to have a RUN on the product, fairly soon!

  17. Isn’t legal OAL length of a rifle/carbine 26 inches with minimum barrel of 16″. Specs say it’s 22.6″ OAL with stock collapsed which makes it an SBR(short barreled rifle)?????
    So what you’ll get probably get is much longer than the picture….

  18. Copy above says “22.6” collapsed”. Does that make this a “short barrel rifle” subject to special BATFE regulations?

  19. I still agree with Noble buddy. Every dealer I have talked to says there to small of a accompany to meet the demand and most of my contacts say they don’t even put any orders in to them, because it’s a waste of time.

  20. If weight is your main concern you could just go with the PMR 30 pistol, it weighs only 1 lb 3oz. with a fully loaded 30 round mag.

  21. Looks neat and I’d like to add a 22 WMR rifle to my collection but Kel-Tech appears to have been having issues meeting market demand for their PMR-30. Have been looking for one of those since they came out. Not expecting this to be any different with the CMR-30.

  22. Will never buy any Kel-Tec product, because they don’t exist. This company is great for designing prototypes, but that all. I also am on May wait lists and have never received one phone call, and I buy a lot of guns at these places. I have been waiting for a PMR-30 for 4-5 years. None available in western Pa. When I ask for one the dealers just laugh, and say forget it we haven’t seen there products for years, my guess it they are in finically difficulties. If they would produce they would sell, I know at least 20 people like myself that have looking for ther products for a very long time and are as discussed as I am. By now I would be concerned about buying ther products because if it ever needed parts you probably never get them. What a shame that this company has such great ideas but never seam to get them to the production plant. What a waist. There is also a limit I amwilling to pay, a fare pricing is acceptable, but price gouging is not.

  23. That’s all well and good but why not make it in .22 LR? Oh wait, you can’t find reasonably priced .22 LR ammo either.

  24. Wow, I have been looking for something just like this. This would make a fantastic survival gun. It looks like it will be light, and if it is accurate, it will be a survivalist”s dream gun.

    A lot of the guys at SOCOM use modified pistols with scopes for survival applications. The emphasis is on accuracy and weight.

    Carrying a light survival pistol/rifle hybrid sounds like the way to go. The price seems pretty high however. And in order to make it work, it will have to be extremely light and accurate.

    Unfortunately, 3.8 pounds is pretty heavy. To make it work, they will have to make it much lighter than that.

    1. @ Mark.

      Technically neither, its an “Artillery Pistol” or Extended Range Pistol. A “Crossover” design, Not a Pistol, Not a Carbine either and certainly NOT a Rifle. Something “In-Between”.

  25. I’ve wanted a Kel-Tec PMR 30 for several years now. I have never seen one for sale anywhere. I won’t have my local dealer(s) special order one for me for the same reason I never ask my favorite car dealership to order a car for me: it’s like writing a blank check for something I haven’t seen and don’t have a clue about when it will (may) arrive.

  26. I will buy it, as long as it will still cycle properly if I cut the barrel down flush with the frame (with a form 1 of course).

  27. No!
    Because they will never build enough to satisfy the demand.
    I’ve been on a PMR-30 list for several years with never a call.

    1. CDNN had some a little while back, too.
      See them at Florida (Orlando) gun shows, too.
      Plenty on GunBroker.
      Love my PMR…want a CMR…and the RDB if/when it comes out.
      Have to put my name on the waiting list. Maybe get LEO discount later in production.

  28. I recently bought a PMR-30 at my local dealer for $425 and am looking forward to the CMR-30 once they come available. Also, I hope .22 WMR is more available at that time too. It is a good thing to have pistol/carbine sets that use the same mags and ammo to save $$. Looking forward to also acquiring a SU2000 in 9mm or .40 S&W, or one in each caliber, to go with my GLOCKs.

  29. KelTecs are great, but only you have a good shop where you pay only what KelTec expects their products to sell for. PMR30 is great, but not for $650! My SUB2000 is great, but I also have a good dealer who charged me $295. If you pay double the “real” prices, you probably will be disappointed with KelTecs products!

  30. I own a number of Kel-Tec weapons including a PMR-30 and an RFB, and I love every one of them. Kel-Tecs are awesome and I look forward to having a CMR-30 to shoot along with my PMR-30, both with interchangeable magazines. If the CMR-30 is as fun and easy to shoot as the PMR, they will be a fantastic, lightweight, and accurate shooting combination. Can’t wait to get one.

  31. I got lucky and found a used PMR30 and a new one being at the right place at the right time. Gott a dbl holster rig for them and now have a blastin good time. along with my 40 cal Sub 2000 it is a Blast especially at night with the fire flying out the barrels.Dont need a 22mag carbine. Won’t be able to get em anyway. Seems like Kel-tec chooses their customers.

    1. It’s a cmr, but they originally called it an RMR, but had to change it because trijicon offer a red dot with the same name.

    1. Nope. 26″ overall and 16″ barrel are the requirements to not be an SBR. That 26″ overall is measured with the stock fully extended.

    2. The way I understand it, is that if it can be fired from a collapsed position it must be 26″ long from the collapsed position. Perhaps the weapon cannot be fired from a collapsed position? It looks like with the stock collapsed it might block the bolt from operating this would get around the 26″ overall length requirement. O”r maybe rimfire has different requirements?

    1. Not likely – way overpriced! Also, Kel-Tech products are very hard to find so expect scalpers to jack the price WAY OUT OF LINE.

  32. Kel-Tec. What a laugh. I live in Florida , home of Kel-Tec, I had to wIt over a year and a half to get a PMR 30. Not a word from them as to the delay in my order. I doubt that anyone will be getting a Kel-Tec RMR 30. I pray every time I use my PMR 30 that nothing will break or wear out. I know if I had to send it back to them for repair I will pass away without ever getting it back. Good luck to anyone who buys from Kel-Tec. As you can tell I have nothing good to say about that company. I guess they are too busy trying to keep the liberal left happy.

  33. Yes, I will buy one if I have the opportunity. I just hope that they will be easier to find than the PMR-30’s have been. I have been lusting for one of these since I first heard they were in the Keltec pipeline. I love the 22 WMR and really love having cartridge and magazine compatibility. I only hope that they live up to the hype, only time will tell.

  34. I’d buy it in a heartbeat if I didn’t live in the gulag of upstate NY. Our Fascist Gov. has made mags of over 10 rounds a felony so what’s the point.

  35. Just an Artillery Pistol version of their PRM-30, same caliber though .22Magnum (.224-caliber actuall/5.7×26.8mmWMR), Competition with FN-USA 5.7×28, FN is better choice…Better performance characteristics.

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