Kahr Plans to Move HQ from NY to Pennsylania

Kahr Firearms Group is engaged in discussions with a development group representing Blooming Grove Township of Pike County, Pennsylvania, to open a new manufacturing site and relocate the Kahr corporate office from New York to Pennsylvania. Kahr’s corporate offices are currently located in Rockland County in Pearl River, New York. kahr-thompson-mri-logos Kahr’s plans include the purchase of 620 acres of commercial real estate from the Pike County Industrial Park Development Group/Business Development Corporation. The first step in the multi-phase plan will begin with site preparation and office construction as early as late this year. This will be followed by the relocation of company corporate offices and the research and development department.

In the second phase, manufacturing operations will be expanded to the Pike County location to meet the increasing demand for its Kahr Arms, Thompson, Auto-Ordnance, and Magnum Research product lines. The Kahr Group of manufacturing plants, operating at full capacity, will continue production in their current locations in Worcester, MA and Pillager, MN.

“We are grateful for the warm welcome and the business opportunity extended by the Pike County Industrial Park Development Group/Business Development Corporation to expand our company and relocate its headquarters office,” stated VP of Sales and Marketing, Frank Harris. “The Pennsylvania group has demonstrated tremendous support of our operations and Kahr looks to move forward with the project without delay. It’s good for our business and also for other businesses in the area as we build a long-term mutually beneficial relationship with the community. We anticipate generating significant numbers of revenue and jobs for the local Northeastern Pennsylvania economy with the construction of facilities, expansion of manufacturing, and need for local vendors.” Click for more information at Kahr Arms

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  1. Well, I think it’s great they are expanding outside a seditious state at least. But if they want more of my dollars, and they do stand to get more, they’re going to need to stop selling their products to government agencies based in these states. That’s my bottom line, you are either in compliance with the constitution, or you’re not, and aiding and abetting those who are not is not something people should weigh favorably.

  2. How come I read all the comments on the first page and not one person actually caught that KAHR isn’t shutting down it’s NY manufacturing facility it’s just expanding into Penn? “In the second phase, manufacturing operations will be expanded to the Pike County location to meet the increasing demand…” (notice they don’t say transitioning down production in NY?) I agree that it is good to stand on principle, and it’s great to flip the bird to someone who tries to limit your business, but KAHR ISN’T taking jobs, or taxes or anything really for that matter out of NY state, just the HQ….they’re adding manufacturing in Penn…so in essence what they are trying to do is hide in plain sight, everyone hears KAHR is MOVING out of NY!!!! when really they aren’t moving out of NY…just food for thought…they are trying to please everyone and no one is noticing it…I call B.S.

  3. Lets face it, any company goes into business to make a profit. No business stays in business long term without profits. When taxes increase, overhead increases to a certain point..they do tend to move elsewhere to a more business friendly environment…or they get out of business. People have the choice to live and stay in a good environment or get out and move to a place where their tax dollars count more…..I saw this coming in the early 90’s and moved to a state where I felt I could get the most bang for my hard earned buck.. Perhaps some of those people who work at Karh Arms will have that opportunity to continue to work for that company as some companies pay well to keep good employees. I know I would not live in a state that robbed me blind tax wise as the gov’t already does that deed.

  4. Good for Kahr arms. I will continue to buy their products, but they need to close down operations in MA to keep my loyality. Remington will never see another purchase by me as long as they are based in NY. Colt is also out of the picture as they are still based in MA. Vote with your dollars, as the polls have no effect anymore.The nanny states have more people drinking the goverment kool aid than the slaving taxpayers who are being sucked dry to pay for social-welfare programs. That and the Bloomburg class that are above the law (in their minds anyhow) who have no regard for the constitution. Economic impact is the only weapon that will get their attention.If Pennsylvania wants to reap the benefits long term they need to be mindful of what brought companies such as Kahr Arms to Pa….and not repeat the same mistakes in the interest of “faux security”

  5. If by safer you mean belittled, disrespected, victimized, and set upon by corporatist fiends who are now more free to predate upon the population, then yes, New Yorkers are far more safe since their seditious representatives illegitimately voted to create a more lawless and dangerous society in NY. Not much sense in voting if this sort of crime is protected.

  6. “…the purchase of 620 acres of commercial real estate from the Pike County Industrial Park Development Group/Business Development Corporation.”

    Where was “corporate welfare” even mentioned in the article??

    They’re talking DEVELOPMENT, as in buying land and building something on it.

  7. The Development Commission is a group whose mission is to seek out companies looking to bring jobs to the area. It is not about corporate welfare. It is about helping the community by making it advantageous for businesses to relocate. Every state and county in the US has groups like this.

  8. That so-called “corporate welfare” that consists of tax reductions while a company becomes established in a particular area is no different than the reduced taxes given to individuals who are not yet earning as much money as people who are more well established. The difference is that ultimately they pay quite a bit more in taxes than individuals on welfare, who usually never outgrow their slacker condition.

  9. Great to see a business show such moral courage. No small thing to do what they are doing. I’m curious how (if) this is being reported in major NY media outlets. Also curious if the money and jobs that NY will lose are being reported to the citizens. It is simply a lonesome bear doing his business in the woods if this is only being reported in firearms-related media.

  10. First Colt Competition moves to Texas from Conn. and now Kahr is moving to Penna. we need to support these manufacturers now more than ever.

  11. I hate to see good people thru no fault of their own lose their jobs! But this fiasco can be laid at the feet of socialist liberal democrats like Cuomo and Bloomberg! By acting like complete idiots, innocent hardworking citizens of New York will be losing goodnpaying jobs. This needs to serve as a wake up call to all New Yorkers that it is time to get these job and tax base destroyers out of office! VOTE THE DEMS OUT!

  12. Yes, we here in PA will be happy to take those jobs and tax revenues here in our state! Thanks again New York! Now if only we could convince Remington to stop pandering to their government contracts and jump ship too!
    And yes, the new State Attorney General Kane is definitely anti-gun, but what she hasn’t realized is the vast majority of PA is not like Philadelphia. Even our Democrats here are pro-gun, except for a very small minority in the house, all from Philadelphia districts. Recent gun legislation in PA has been nothing but for the good since Corbett came in, including a greatly improved Castle law allowing one to use self-defense, without a requirement to retreat, anywhere one is legally allowed to be, and in the defense of others. We are a right to carry state, meaning the government has to prove why you should not be allowed to carry a firearm, or otherwise issue you your permit. Totally unlike Baltimore, Maryland where I got my first job, lived in a terrible area, and was told I basically needed to have 1) owned a store and 2) already been shot or robbed by someone with a gun before they would approve a carry permit. I stayed there for 6 months, all of which were spent looking for a job elsewhere. If people don’t leave and take their money with them, things never change.

  13. I am proud to carry a PM45. I looked for a domestic firearm and Kahr fit the bill. Kahr’s customer support is first rate too. Congratulations on your move and keep up the good fight.

  14. And the 30 year drain on NY State continues. More business have LEFT NYS than have moved into NYS over the last 30 years. I am one of those NY’ers (Western) who saw the lack of jobs writing on the wall and left back in the 80’s. I have no idea why people stay there. There is nothing left and the taxes just keep rising. NY Governments NYC FIRST! campaign is still alive and well. Just like in Atlas Shrugged….they won’t believe their plan is wrong until the State collapses around their heads. Then they will exclaim….we just need more time!

    Congrats to Kahr…now if we can get Remington to move!


  15. It is good to see Kahr making this move. I will no longer buy a gun from a company based in NY, IL, MD, CA, CT or CO. I am trying to avoid other products from those states as well. My money will not be used to support states that attack my rights. If those states insist on behaving in such a way, everyone who cares about freedom and liberty should move out and take their money with them. Let those states die under the weight of their own bureaucracy the way Michigan has.

  16. It’s too bad Cumo and Bloomberg keep screwing the people of New York, that is a lot of jobs and there is no telling how much tax revenue going to be lost, the people voted them in they can vote them out too.

  17. Outstanding! When a seditious legislature and insurrectionist governor acts against the constitution and American citizenry, they cannot be supported. I have tired to curtail all business and spending in and with these rebellious states and am glad to see Kahr arms is supporting our rule of law by abandoning them as well. Now the real step will be to see if they will stop selling their goods to government entities acting in those states. Other have led, will Kahr follow? I surely hope so.

  18. It’s great to see that Kahr Arms, the keeper of the flame so to speak for the historic Thompson 1927-A1/1928-A1 “Tommy Guns” and Auto Ordnance 1911s will be moving to a much more firearms friendlier state and continue its tradition for outputting one of the classics of firearms design. It still amazes me that some of the best, most historic firearms in this country are still being manufactured in such gun unfriendly states as Illinois and New York. Springfield Armory and Auto-Ordnance are but two examples of American firearms history that are being so attacked and abused by the anti-gun fanatics in their respective states that they should move to a more gun-friendly state, not only to maintain the brand but to provide better service and cheaper prices (hopefully) to their customer. Hopefully Penn. and other gun-friendly states will provide these companies enough financial incentives that they will bring their brand and their jobs to a more hospitable environment.

  19. It is good to see quality companies, like Kahr, moving out of those states which choose to be anti-Constitution, anti-American. This is precisely the “competition” between the states which the Founders envisioned as been just one tool the People of this country could use to ensure Liberty and Freedom.

    While moving out of NY is obvious and wise, can’t help but think that given the course that PA has taken lately, that they would not have been better off in a more free state than PA. I guess proximity to NY was likely a big factor in their decision, but I sure hope they are not forced to re-evaluate their move in a couple of years, if not months.

    Good luck to Kahr! So long NY!

  20. I am proud to say that I am the owner of a Kahr PM-9 which is my every day carry gun. My wife owns a Kahr CW-9. I’m glad to see companies like Kahr voting with their feet on the draconian gun laws are passing. I realize it is not cheap to uproot and move a business like a gun manufacturer, so I applaud them for standing on principle.

  21. Talking to a Development Commission? Does this mean they are looking for some of that corporate wefare?
    Is there a company in the USA that can stand on their own two feet and make a profit without welfare?

  22. Looks like the high-tax, high-regulate libs in NY have succeeded in running more jobs and taxpayers out of the state. Doesn’t sound like a good plan to me.

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