KA-BAR Extends Original Zombie Knives Line

Much to the delight of many, for 2012 KA-BAR extends their line of Original Zombie knives to include the popular MULE folder and an 8.5-inch fixed blade knife called the “Chop Stick,” my personal favorite. They also added some cool swag, like a metal sign and a t-shirt. The KA-BAR zombie knives, originally released as the ZK knives are not novelties. Made for durability and everyday functionality, the KA-BAR zombie line of knives won’t just sit in your bug-out bag until the time comes to fight off the horde. As you prepare for the zombie apocalypse, these knives will serve you now, during, and for a long time after—if you survive.

The Zombie MULE folder, in either a plain or a serrated edge, has a 3.785-inch folding blade with a lock-back design. Open, the knives measure 9.125-inches long. The blades are AUS 8 stainless steel with a black finish and include a MOLLE-compatible polyester sheath. The nuclear green zytel handle has a sure grip finish.

The Chop Stick has a SK5 steel blade that retains its sharpness and is abrasion-resistant with a nuclear green GFN-PA66 handle. GFN-PA66 is a glass-filled nylon that is strong, durable, and flexible. The plain fixed blade is 9 inches. The overall length of the “Chop Stick” is 14.625 inches overall. Like the MULE, the Chop Stick includes a sheath with Velcro on it so you can add a patch.

Like all of KA-BAR’s zombie knives, they include a set of interchangeable black-scaled handles. As a bonus, they include the Zombie Acheron Skeleton Knife in the sheath.

The t-shirt, available in medium to XXL, features a horde of zombies in a scope reticle, with a biohazard sign and says, “Zombie Knives.” Joseph Bradley from KA-BAR tells me that they plan to keep extending the line of zombie-slaying knives as long as there is an interest. We both agree that the popularity of zombie annihilating gear isn’t slowing down.

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