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Julia’s Extraordinary Fall Firearms Auction Could Eclipse Its World Record Spring Sale

The Firearms Division of James D. Julia Inc., consistently conducts some of the highest-grossing firearms auctions in the world. On March 12 & 13, 2012, James D. Julia, Inc. established a new high-water mark in the world of Firearms auctions. That spectacular sale grossed just under $18 Million which made it the highest grossing single event Firearms Auction ever conducted (a record previously set by Julia’s in 2008 at $12.8 million). However, its Fall 2012 Firearms Auction scheduled for October 1 & 2, 2012 in Fairfield, Maine has the potential to eclipse that extraordinary spring sale total. With over $19 Million in low-estimate value, the fall sale offers a staggering array goods.

Condition, rarity, and history are probably the three most important factors for any discerning collector. Indeed, this is exactly what James D. Julia Inc.’s Fall 2012 Firearms Auction is all about—extraordinary condition, extreme rarity and fabulous history. Julia’s sale is not about a massive random assortment of firearms, it is about a serious and exclusive presentation of truly spectacular offerings, as sampled below.

Jonathan Browning’s Personal Harmonica Rifle — Extraordinarily Rare, Documented

This rare rifle has a 32” medium weight octagon bbl with fine Rocky Mountain front sight and fixed Kentucky rifle style rear sight with very fine notch. Bottom of bbl is mounted with an iron rib to which is attached two iron guides containing a hickory ramrod. The barrel is mounted in an uncheckered maple half stock with pewter forend cap and steel saddle plate. The buttstock resembles a Kentucky rifle style with crescent brass buttplate & short toeplate. The top mounted hammer (some Harmonica models feature the hammer mounted under the gun) strikes through a hole in the top of the frame.

The magazine is a steel bar about 3-7/8 x 2-3/16 x ¾ inches with five chambers and top mounted nipples. The magazine was manually advanced when the lever on right side of the front of the lockplate was lifted, allowing it to be moved.

Winchester Model 1866 Lever Action Rifle – Conrad F. Ulrich Engraved

Fantastic ‘66 with 24-1/4” oct bbl, full magazine, German silver Rocky Mountain front sight and 800 yard Henry style ladder rear sight.
Receiver is spectacularly engraved by Conrad Ulrich and signed on bottom of receiver behind the trigger opening. Receiver is engraved in incredibly detailed, intertwined foliate arabesque patterns with full coverage on both sides. Left front flat is engraved with the small vignette of an Indian elephant and a tree. Right front flat is engraved with the small vignette of a snarling tiger and right sideplate is engraved with the small vignette of a standing Sambar stag. Matching engraving patterns extend over top of receiver, top tang, bottom of receiver, carrier & bottom tang.

This gun has been cited as the earliest C.F. Ulrich-signed Winchester known to collectors and that the big-game motifs are “rarely scene on early Winchesters.”

Model 87 Bolt Action Carbine Made for Sultan Abdulhamid of Turkey

This highly embellished, exquisitely detailed, and meticulously crafted carbine was undoubtedly ordered by Paul Mauser and presented to Sultan Abdulhamid II, (monogram “SA”, Sultan Abdulhamid, is relief inlaid in gold on trigger guard bow) after Mauser was awarded a Turkish contract in February 1887, for 500,000 rifles and 50,000 carbines by the Sultan. This huge contract provided several years of work for the Mauser Company and resulted in a large expansion of the Mauser Works.

This particular unnumbered half-stocked carbine sporter has 20” octagonal barrel mounted with one standing, two folding leaf rear sight, and iron blade front, dovetailed through top flat, which is inlaid in large 7” panel in gold Germanic script “Waffenfabrik Mauser Oberndorf a/Neckar Deutsches Reich”.

20 Bore Parker Bros. A-1 Special Game Gun

This exceptional gun is the Holy Grail amongst Parker collectors, being only one of eleven 20 ga. A1 Special guns ever made, (4 with 32” bbls) is in exceptional original condition. It also has a well-documented and unique history. It began when the gun was shipped on July 16, 1913 to L. S. Chitterden in Hanford, CA, and was later owned by a Mr. Kennedy in California, from whom it was stolen and later recovered, with the help of Larry Baer, noted Parker aficionado and author of The Parker Gun; An Immortal American Classic (one of the early publications on Parker guns, which helped spark interest in the collecting of Parker guns).

Larry Baer eventually purchased the gun, and it later ended up in the hands of Tom Skeuse, owner and president of Reagent Chemical Co, makers of White Flyer clay targets for Winchester. He was another long time Parker enthusiast, and used this particular A1 Special gun at Nilo Farms, Winchester’s shooting preserve.

Factory Engraved Colt Single Action Army “Sheriff’s Model” Revolver

This is a rare opportunity to own a true piece of western American history. The 4-3/4” bbl, was made without the ejector housing. The gun is accompanied by a Colt factory letter identifying this revolver, as found, in caliber .45 Colt with 4-3/4” bbl, blue finish, pearl stocks with carved eagle motif, factory engraved and under special features: “furnished without an ejector”, sold to J.D. Milton and shipped to A. Steinfeld & Co., Tucson, AZ on Aug. 7, 1916 in a one-gun shipment.

Jefferson Davis Milton joined the Texas Rangers at age 18. During his three years as a Ranger, Milton acquired a reputation for speed and accuracy with a six-shooter. In 1884, he went to New Mexico as a cowboy detective for a cattle association and was Deputy Sheriff in Socorro County, NM. In the 1890s, he worked for the Southern Pacific Railroad and for the Pullman Company. By 1894, he became chief of police in El Paso, Tex., and in 1895, became the deputy U.S. Marshall. He worked as an agent for Wells Fargo (1895-1900). In 1904 he was commissioned directly by President Theodore Roosevelt into the newly formed Immigration Service (USIS), where for the next 28 years he patrolled the southwestern border apprehending smugglers and illegal aliens and is recognized as being the first Immigration Border Patrolman.

Presentation Sword From Ulysses S. Grant

This very high-grade sword made by Ames of Chicopee, Mass. was a pattern originally made prior to the Civil War and has an agent marking “W. H. Smith” on the scabbard. W. H. Smith of New York City retailed Ames swords as early as the 1840’s and this sword, with the Chicopee address, could have been made as early as 1848 and similar presentations exist from that time.

The presentation on this sword reads “Presented by General Grant. President of the United States of America on the occasion of his visit to England. To Colonel Horace Wilson. June 1874.” It is interesting to note that the top two lines of this presentation were originally part of another inscription and the lower portion had professionally been removed and then re-engraved to Colonel Wilson.

This is a magnificent sword that has been embellished with about 125 semi-precious and decorative stones mounted in low caret gold bezels. Sword exhibits a hexagonal engraved silver grip, a finely engraved and chased scabbard.

Sharps Model 1874 Sporting Rifle

This extraordinary rifle is considered by most knowledgeable Sharps collectors to be one of the finest of its type existing today. A true western rifle made by Freund in WY with all matching serial numbers.

The rifle features a 30” tapered, light, octagon to round barrel and topped with  Freund’s Patent Rocky Mountain front sight and Freund’s rear “New Field Sight”. Top flat of the bbl has the Bridgeport address above the rear sight and the “OLD RELIABLE” cartouche back of the rear sight with the caliber marking toward the receiver. The receiver is wonderfully engraved in relief with “FREUND IMPROV’D” on left side and rear flat and the Freund name & “PATENTED” with two patent dates on left front flat. Right side is relief engraved “AMERICAN FRONTIER”. The area behind the loading slot is also engraved in foliate arabesque patterns surrounding “BOSS / GUN”.

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