Judge Rules Against Remington in Favor of Newtown Families’ Lawsuit

Bushmaster XM-15 rifle chambered in 7.62x39mm

Thursday, April 14th a Superior Court judge made one of the stupidest most misguided rulings to date when Judge Barbara Bellis said that a 2005 federal law protecting gun-makers from lawsuits does not prevent lawyers for the victims’ families from arguing that the semi-automatic rifle is a military weapon and should not have been sold to civilians.

The ruling is related to the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting where the shooter used a stolen Bushmaster XM15-E2S rifle that had been previously legally purchased by his mother. Now, the families have hired lawyers to sue Remington Arms, the parent company of Bushmaster Firearms, which manufactured the firearm.

Lawyers for Remington Arms attempted to have the lawsuit dismissed, arguing that the federal law shields gun manufacturers from most lawsuits over the criminal use of their products. They said Congress passed the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act after determining such lawsuits were an abuse of the legal system.

However, Judge Bellis ruled that the argument would be best made in a motion later in the process and was not grounds to dismiss the lawsuit.

Joshua Koskoff, a lawyer for the Newtown victims’ families, argued there is an exception in the federal law that allows litigation against companies that know, or should know, that their weapons are likely to be used in a way that risks injury to others.

“We are thrilled that the gun companies’ motion to dismiss was denied,” he said. “The families look forward to continuing their fight in court.” Debate over the 2005 law has resurfaced in this year’s presidential campaign. Hillary Clinton has criticized fellow Democrat Bernie Sanders’ for supporting the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act when it was passed.

…know, or should know, that their weapons are likely to be used in a way that risks injury to others? How do you view the lawsuit? Would this apply to all firearms, knives, clubs, e-tools, etc.? Share your opinions in the comment section.

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  1. So, my shotgun is a short barreled home defense model and unlikely to ever be used in hunting, so if it is ever used, that intended use is most likely (we have to assume) to be operating under the assumption that this firearms would “likely” be used to cause injury and death to another.

    Were I to live in Alaska, perhaps that use would include wildlife, like bears.

  2. …know, or should know, that their weapons are likely to be used in a way that risks injury to others? How do you view the lawsuit? Would this apply to all firearms, knives, clubs, e-tools, etc.? Share your opinions in the comment section.
    Seems to me the key word here would be “likely”…. No manufacturer of a “sporting” gun, most commonly configured in a semi-auto format would ever consider the fact that their firearm is “likely” to be used in a manner that risks injury to another person. While it is obvious that many of them want their weapons to be considered for the purpose of self defense and home protection that is not the primary intended function of these firearms… So, to say that every firearm manufacturer on the planet would necessarily agree that the “potential” or possibility does indeed exist that any and all firearms have the capability of being used to cause injury to another person (hence the warning labels on all new firearms and many firearms accessories) the fact that it is “likely” that a particular firearm will be used solely for that purpose would be merely speculation unless of course that weapon was manufactured specifically for use by a military organization designed for the sole purpose of gaining a strategic superiority through the attrition of the numbers of an opposing army by killing or seriously wounding members of said opposition then yes it is safe to say that the manufacturer of those weapons would be operating under the assumption that their firearms would “likely” be used to cause injury (and hopefully death) to others…

    1. What is the point of posting a link if it’s 403 FORBIDEN!
      You don’t have permission to access /…/judge-dismisses-newtown-families-lawsuit-against-ar-15-style-gun-mak.. on this server.

  3. I have a Windham 7.62×39 and an ATI 5.56×45 that came with a complete interchangeable .22LR upper. The 7.62×39 upper from the Windham is perfectly interchangeable with the ATI lower and the 5.56 and the 22LR uppers will work on the Windham lower.. All three magazines are made for the AR and the 300 black is also interchangeable. Now, why the AR platform in 7.62×39 vs. the AK? I have two AKs in 7.62×39 and they are wonderful weapons that lay down a formidable firepower base and having been on the receiving end I can verify that statement, however reaching out to 200 plus yards accuracy begins to suffer a bit and that is where the AR comes in ..

  4. Since when has the 7.62×39 ever been seamlessly retrofitted into a weapon built for 5.56x45mm?
    Not without a ton of modification and at that point why would you want to when u can buy 3 AKs for the price of 1 Bushmaster?

    1. Firstly…what AKs are available that three can replace one AR15 platform?
      Second..the 7.62x39mm upper receiver does integrate smoothly onto the lower AR receiver!
      Bushmaster AR15’s are not expensive…I bought two new lower receivers for $50 each this past year !!!!!!!!!!
      The question is…where did you get your information from??

  5. The entire premise of the lawsuit is flawed, as is the fictitious events surrounding Newtown. For starters, any idiot should have concluded that more than one shooter was involved. If you buy into the conclusion that Adam Lanza was the sole shooter, then his rate of fire was slower than a Henry lever action rifle!

    So much for a semi-automatic being more dangerous than any other weapon. Which is patently false as more people are murdered by FISTS than by “assault rifles.”

    In the case of the AR-15, it began its existence AS A CIVILIAN RIFLE, NOT A MILITARY RIFLE!

    It was submitted to the army by its inventor, Eugene Stoner, for evaluation as a military weapon, and was accepted into service as the M4 and M16.

    So, the underlying premise that this was a military weapon that never should have been sold to civilians is totally backwards.

    Those Newtown parents, along with their left-wing backers, pullied off one of the greatest con-jobs in history.

    I started compiling a list of evidence that proves all of the conclusions reached in Sandusky’s report are bogus – starting with the fact that, out of 154 rounds fired, no bullets were recovered – not even fragments.

    Secondly, all of the bullet casings recovered were reported to be 223 – but later in Sandusky’s final report, all of the 154 casings were reported to be S&B 5.56mm (Sellier & Bellot). Since they use the head stamps to ID the bullets used, it is bizarre that they did not ID the bullets first reported as .223 caliber. No manufacturer’s name reported (as it was in the final report) and specifically mentioning .223 instead of 5.56 (which are similar, but far from being the same round according to SAAMI specs).

    In other words, you either had another shooter using different rounds, OR the police planted the empty .223 casings.


  6. This has got o be one of the stupidest lawsuits I have ever heard off. I guess I should go file against Chevy because a good friend was killed by a vehicle driven by a drunk. This country is crazy. More deaths happen every year due to alcohol and vehicles than weapons hands down. Grow up people and teach your children family values and the value of life and quite thinking if we ban weapons that joke to crime will drop or go away. It will not people will always find a way to hurt and kill each other with out without guns.

  7. Only a leftist POS Judge could make such an idiot ruling…This countries judicial system is so screwed up

  8. Just RIDICULOUS!!! Foolish judges and greedy lawyers and out of control emotion, not good logic.

  9. Let’s all face it. Any inanimate object is never a threat until you add the human factor. I agree with the statement that just about any item ever made can now fall under the premise that a manufacturer knows or should have known their product can cause harm to another. This isn’t limited to cars, knives, guns or other large products. It can include everything from animal breeders to shoe laces. What ever happened to placing the blame on the actual person that decided to stomp on the gas pedal and run someone over or the person that thought throwing sulfuric acid in a girls face was a good idea because she broke up with him? Why has this country been dumbed down and individuals held blameless for their decisions and actions?

    My heart and emotions go out to those families that have been plunged into the chaos of any violent wrong doing. But, we as a society can’t blame the manufacturers for the products they make and sell as long as they are abiding by the laws set forth. You can leave a car in a parking lot with the keys in it and running with it in park and the parking brake on and it would never harm a person. Put a drunk or an emotionally charged person behind the wheel and we all know from past experiences what can and will happen. Same thing with a firearm or a knife or even a belt. Leave them on a table in a room by themselves and they will just sit there until they rot. Add just two people and eventually one or both of them will grab one of those items and use it on the other person.

    Judges and lawyers that use the law for their own personal gratification should be removed from office and/or disbarred for life through the entire country. How much more time, money and emotions of the families and other entities involved do they get to burn up just see their names in the headlines or their speeches on the courthouse steps played on the ten o’clock news?

    It’s time to wake up America! If we don’t no one and nothing is safe!

  10. There is some good info in here and should be a good read for all…

    The following is not a personal opinion, it is a fact: By allowing this case to move forward, this judge is in direct violation of federal law which prevents ANY lawsuit from being brought against a gun manufacturer or dealer. The law even explicitly details that judges are to immediately dismiss such proceedings thus preventing action beyond its initial filing …PERIOD!

    Contrary to some posts here, this ACT is specifically written to prevent judges from claiming they need to hear more from the plaintiff’s side prior to dismissal. Allowing frivolous lawsuits to proceed at any phase still costs manufacturers time and money. This is the primary reason this Federal ACT was written to begin with.

    Immediate dismissal is the key goal of this law because it is designed to spare manufacturers the otherwise costly and unnecessary expenses required to continue litigation; this includes the costs to entertain a judge’s whimsical hearings simply because they like seeing their name in the headlines.

    For those that question the federal involvement at state or local levels, the federal government has the right to regulate commerce anywhere, and thus has the right to intervene or create laws to stop judges that impede the natural flow of commerce… this includes lawsuits that force millions of commerce dollars to be wasted on frivolous litigations or eventually force whole industries out of business.

    As to the judge’s claim that she needs to hear more from the plaintiff before deciding on a dismissal, well that is simply false. All the information needed for a judge to make such a decision must be included in the initial filing of the lawsuit in order to establish their “Standing” within that court. If the plaintiff failed to clearly establish such “Standing” from their initial paperwork or left something out, that is their fault and it still gets dismissed. There are no second chances or do-overs for the plaintiff.

    Supporting this fact is that not a day goes by that we don’t see legitimate lawsuits get dismissed over simple filing technicalities, but these judges had to do so based on the rule of law. And while it is true that legal “Standing” rules are allowed to vary somewhat between jurisdictions, only Congress has the authority to universally override “Standing” rules across the Nation; and they did so by enacting the “Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act” back in 2005. So what this judge has done is absolutely criminal.

    Not to diminish the efforts and opinions posted in this forum, but given the clarity that was built into this law, any comments and speculation beyond anything but a simple dismissal is just pointless. Admittedly the law does contain 3 loopholes for plaintiffs to pursue. But none of them apply in this case, nor did the plaintiff opt to claim them. Those disallowed loopholes would have been:

    1.) The product is claimed to be defective. -This was most definitely not the case based on the witnesses and the coroner’s report which shows the product (the rifle) to have functioned as intended and without any defect.

    2.) The manufacturer or dealer engaged in criminal misconduct. -No laws were ever violated as this rifle made its way through the lawful commerce process of manufacturing, transport, and distribution ending in a proper sale by a lawful dealer and lawfully purchased by a law-abiding consumer.

    3.) Breach of contract. –At no time did an agreement or contract exist by or between the plaintiffs and the manufacturer or dealer regarding this particular product (the rifle).

    Yet despite the plaintiff’s attorneys being fully aware of the federal law, they chose instead to make an arbitrary claim that they were wrongfully harmed because they believe this to be a military rifle that was marketed to civilians. That’s it… that is their entire argument in a nutshell. Their claim completely falls outside the only 3 allowable categories and thus miserably fails to establish any kind of “Standing”. As such, this judge knows it should have been immediately dismissed in accordance with federal law.

    So despite this rogue judge’s defiance just to satisfy her desire for 15 minutes of fame, we all know the federal law will eventually force this lawsuit to be dismissed at some point. But in the meantime let us pretend for a moment that this Federal ACT did not exist and such a suit would legally be allowed to proceed. Now all of a sudden most of the speculation in these forum posts becomes quite relevant.

    I can add to these comments by saying there are millions of products that have been marketed for centuries to the public by touting their use by the military and other specialized professionals. As long as the products are not defective and do not violate laws preventing their sales, there is nothing which constitutes a liability or makes for a criminal act.

    Otherwise this suit is as frivolous as suing the manufacturer of a stethoscope because they marketed one lawfully for home use and a person dies of malpractice because I used it to fraudulently pose as a real doctor to them.

    A more accurate example would be the recent former NFL player shooting, whereby Smith’s wife and attorneys could now be allowed to file a wrongful death claim because the shooter was driving a Humvee. And since we all know Humvees were designed for military use, it could be argued the vehicle was wrongly marketed to civilians. The sheer design and power built into such a military vehicle is what gave the shooter the advantage to chase Smith down and shoot him after a simple fender-bender.

    The bottom line is Judge Barbara Bellis knows this case will never be allowed to get anywhere. But she is more than likely also a believer that Sandy Hook actually happened. And with something that seemed so tragic to her, she probably feels compelled to risk her judicial integrity to give the plaintiff’s some feeling of resolve.

    And a final note – Many are unaware that the State of Connecticut is in a severe budget crises which has caused literally hundreds of layoffs this past month. In addition, just last week their State Government had to lay off over a hundred more from the judicial branch alone. That is where this judge is assigned, so one would think she would not allow the wasteful State spending to host such frivolous lawsuits; especially when the livelihood of her co-workers was at stake.

    1. G-Man

      Very informative post…thanks for the info, it clarifies quite a bit on the subject.

    2. Good stuff G Man. Maybe frivolous law suits such as this would curtail if loser paid all. Or how about punishing criminals to the full extent of the law , eliminate plea barganing and a Supreme Court that can not legislate from the bench . Yeah , I know. That would be like hitting the ten ring with every squeeze.

  11. If you review the idiotic ruling by many corrupted, under educated judges you would see that there is a pattern. When they make these rulings against common sense and the law, they are just giving their buddies the opportunity to make a lot of money.
    That is why there are so many stupid cases in this country and many companies take the easy way out and just settle. That is why you would hear ONLY lawyers say, that we have the greatest “legal” system, but they would not say the best JUSTICE system. I hope Remington fights them all the way.
    As Archangel said, the families are all about making money on their murdered children. How sad!!!

  12. These idiot activist judges need to be removed from their positions. They are making a mockery of the very core of our judicial system. Worse yet, they are ignoring the Constitution when ever it’s convenient for thm to do so. Get rid of them all!!

  13. If someone can sue a manufacturer for making something that they feel could be used to do harm to another individual then every manufacturing plant in the United States in in serious danger of being sued. It doesn’t start or stop with guns. It goes on to include knives, cars, trucks, glass bottles. Anything that has ever been used to harm another individual now falls under this idiotic judges ruling. Why can’t we stop turning tragedy into a get rich scheme. Every parent of one of those poor children that seeks money from this tragedy is doing such a disservice to the memory of their child. That money won’t fill the void left behind. I know they are hurting but letting a bunch of piranha toothed lawyers who have nothing at stake but how much money they can get is not going to bring the children back. The only person at fault there that day took his own life after committing that horrible crime. My heart aches for our country. The ones that are trying to outlaw guns are the very one surrounded by heavily armed guards everyday. If you don’t like firearms don’t buy one, but don’t try to tell me that I can’t have any. Personally I don’t believe I could ever have enough firearms.

  14. After seeing the video of one of the fathers of a kid supposedly killed, smiling and happy as he walked in, and to see him so focused on making himself tear up just before the cameras rolled made me question those claims of a False Flag conspiracy.

    1. The only one killed that day was the kid and his mother. There were NO school children killed. Period, this is common knowledge among thinking people. All of these children have been photographed alive and well years later. This obvious false flag attempt to erode our right to own a firearm that can protect against a overbearing government is transparent.
      This snake, scumbag lawyer is doomed, he will lose regardless of his case.

    2. You are absolutely right. Those “parents” are all actors. (Check out the Weavers – the dad was also one of the swat team cops at the scene).
      So who could file the lawsuit against Remington? I think it’s all phoney baloney that is structured to incite anger.

    1. That is absolutely false. We put out a press release two or three weeks after Sandy Hook temporarily suspending sales. The press release explained that our systems were overloaded. Essentially, orders were coming in at a pace that our computer systems could not keep up with. Additionally, we did not have enough trained personnel to process all of the firearm shipping requests in accordance with ATF mandates for documentation—and the feds do not, and should not, have a sense of humor about poor record keeping when it comes to transferring firearms. It was the responsible decision.

      Do not believe the internet rumors; Cheaper Than Dirt! has never said it did not sell guns or was planning to stop selling firearms. ~Dave Dolbee

  15. As a former resident for over 64 years,when Gov Malloy kept pounding the gun industry,banning ar’s,,,that was the last straw for CT.I moved,retired in a gun friendly state,and enjoying every day.CT is one of the most anti -gun states in newengland,next to N.Y.,,R.I.,,M.A.,,etc. These mis-guided parents of the slain children,are on a money hunt,and a vendetta,against the gun company.Every person in C.T. felt sick about these poor kids,being shot by this Waco,I watched for days on tv,but as soon as Obama came to C.T. to the school,with Gov Malloy,the bans were in the state house,being fought by every pro gun club,N.R.A. PAID FOR TRANSPORTATION from Cabelas in west Hartford to the capital,thousands showed up to no avail.I hope the parents behind this suit,never have to fight for any of their second amendment rights in the future,possibly that document means nothing to them,,,,well god bless those poor kids that were killed,and god damn to the parents that brought this suit,Im sure they will vote for Hillary……….

    1. Each year the FBI publishes a Uniform Crime Report for each city of each state. In 2012 the FBI reported 0 deaths in Newtown, CT.
      The Sandy Hook “incident” was merely a drill that was publicized by the national media as a real shooting. All of the “victims” parents are actors. So….how can there possibly be a legitimate lawsuit?

  16. This is just allowing the lawyers to argue the point that ar15’s are military weapons and should not be sold to the public.
    The judge ruled nothing other than allowing the lawyers to “ARGUE” the point that Remington should have known they would be used for violence, this is not a decision on that argument.
    I welcome this argument because they can not win and finally this issue of a definition of an “assault rifle” will be defined in a court room.

  17. What about the forks. They cause obesity, which causes harmful health issues and premature death. Alcohol, which when causes death by vehicle. Vehicles for various reasons. Humans, for general stupidity.

  18. So Boeing is responsible for 9/11. I mean they knowingly created a human-guided missile weighing hundreds of tons, carrying thousands of gallons of highly volatile fuel. They KNEW that eventually it would be used to kill innocents. They are liable for that act under the logic being used here.

  19. This is not about doing what is right for the families. This is not about seeking justice for what was done. This is about taking the steps to take away our second amendment right, our right to protect ourselves, our families, our property and most importantly protect and be armed against a government that is no longer working for the people, by the people. This is about taking the steps to de-arm American citizens, to de-arm a potential threat against our government which is out of control.
    In 1776 it came to a head with the people… when will enough be enough?
    I for one will be ready.

    1. Our government knows that we know they careless about what we the majority think is best for us. So therefore since it has happened before when the people here over threw the government and people all over the world are over throwing governments that abuse the people our government wants us to be dis armed and unable to fight for our rights against them.
      Wake up you bunch of lazy people and see the facts that our government wants complete control of us, not what’s best for us. When it happens all you gun haters will be running to us for protection against Your so called great government. And most of us will help you but not your family before mine.
      Sorry about that but you will be getting what you all brought upon yourself. And your lawyers of course who probably most are using the money you pay them to buy guns for their protection and just not telling anyone that they are.
      I Pray I surely do that I’m wrong. But pay attention at what’s happening were be herded like fools to think our government cares about us.
      Wake Up Please.

  20. Does that mean that Fruit of The Loom is liable because “They should know…” that evil people might wear their product? Or the local 7-11 because evil people might get snacks before doing their evil deeds. As others have said in these post it’s lawyers after money not justice. Justice is just their camouflage. And a judge enforcing their own personal and political beliefs instead of enforcing the law, which is a violation of their sworn oath.

  21. I say start suing judges when criminals they let out on probation or parole commits another crime. That ought to slow down these ridiculous decisions.

  22. If this goes any farther, NO manufacturer in America will be safe.
    Because ANY object can be used to KILL, in the hands of a maniac.
    This lawsuit and this judge are INSANE.

  23. It’s nice to know that if some guy were to steal a car and run me down, my family can sue the auto manufacturer for knowing someone could have done illegal things with their car.

    Idiot judge!

  24. Hell why stop at clubs and e-tools, lets file suit against any company that manufacturers any product that may be use to cause harm. Kidnappers often use duct tape as restraints on there victims. I used a spoon to eat ice cream and now I am overweight, sounds like a lawsuit to me. Have you ever got a paper cut, maybe we should sue hammer mill. Do you know anyone who has be electrocuted, we should sue the electronic company for brazenly providing power to anyone who will pay for it, without any regard for that persons safety.

  25. This is a travesty. We all feel saddened by the events that took place in Newtown. The mentality challenged monster that did this is responsible. His parents/guardians are responsible. The firearm manufacture is not responsible for his actions. This type of firearm is used for hunting ( legal animals ), target practice and home defense. The judge is opening litigation for every business in the USA. McDonalds ( obesity ),every alcohol manufacturer ( alcohol related deaths ) etc.. This is wrong. Again we all hate this happened but prosecute and sue the person/family that committed this horrible crime.

  26. Wow. If you are unable to put fourth a clear thought or do not have a grasp on spelling and grammar equal to that of a child. Please do not post a comment. It’s almost more painful to read the comments then it is to actually read about the stupidity of liberals. I weep for the future of this once great nation for many reasons. I have been taxed, tortured, and my rights stripped away, all in the name of …….. A free society. When I was young I was a die hard patriot. Older and wiser….. Not sure. But what I do know is I no longer love my country. The heart of it has been consumed by greedy, self serving politicians. A government run amuck, inhabited by the weak and stupid. You could say I’ve grown to dislike my country because of what it has become, but then dislike is far less of a description of how I’ve come to feel.

  27. This is the type of idiot judge Hillary Clinton would appoint to the US Supreme Court if she were elected as POTUS. Defeating her in Nov. should be a top priority…followed by removing these activist judges from their positions on the bench. hey are supposed to judge n the laws, not create new ones.

  28. Its extremely sad that personal responsibility no longer exist. That law, order and the constitution are an after thought only to be considered as a thing of the past. Yes someone should be punished for what happened, but why is it always the responsible gun owners? Why should my right always come into question when someone commits a crime with a firearem they did not legally obtain. Remington/Bushmaster did not hand this murderer a gun and send him on his way. He stole it, then commenced to murder. Banning AR’s only stop honest responsible gun owners from having them. Criminals are not effected by gun bans, background checks, limited magazine capacity or laws in general.

  29. The judge responded with a lame argument, that a manufacture know or should know that their weapons are likely to be used in a way………

    This obviously a ruling by an anti-second amendment judge. How can anyone know what a product will be ultimately “likely” to be used for?

    As this is election season remember to vote. Also let judge Barbara N. Bellis Fairfield (203) 579-7250 know how you feel.

    1. The judge is being spoon fed from the White House. The fix is in on this case. Just one more step closer to the demise of 2A.

  30. Others have reported that the judge did not address the merits of the case, but only that she exercised her authority to hear further from the families lawyer. So this may be decided in favor of Remington eventually.

  31. This is so stupid! Like stated earlier, are they going to sue the knife makers, baseball bat manufacturers, box openers, etc. ?? Anything can be used as a weapon to kill someone!! Why isn’t Hillary in prison where she belongs any way?? Money talks and lets Bull —- walk huh!!

  32. The family members of those killed in the Oklahoma State University’s Homecoming Parade need to sue Hyundai for it killed four people, when Adacia Avery Chambers of Stillwater, OK drove into the crowd of people watching the parade. While they’re at it they need to sue the dealer who sold the car to Ms. Chambers.
    But why sue Hyundai? Because the car was used for it’s unintended purposes, of course!
    What sense does using something for it’s unintended purposes make the manufacturer liable for the actions of the person? The same sense that Connecticut Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis makes for the the families of Sandy Hook shootings makes. By allowing the law suites against Remington, the parent company of Bushmaster Firearms, maker of the AR15 used in the shootings, , means using anything for it’s unintended purposes make the manufacturer liable for the results. If this is the case, let the families of those killed in OSU Parade sue Hyundai, because the car was used for it’s unintended purposes.
    While we’re at it, people use cell phones while driving, killing people, when they are texting and driving. So if you had someone killed by someone texting and driving, sue the phone manufacturer and the phone’s carrier. The cell phones aren’t intended to be used by people driving, but people do use them and it has caused many deaths, so we need to sue the phone manufacturers and carriers.
    – People are murdered by someone using a kitchen knife, so we need to sue the kitchen knife manufacturers.
    – People die from using prescription drugs to get high, so lets sue the drug manufacturers for people misusing their drugs!
    Yes, the Sandy Hook shooting was a horrific act, by a mentally disturbed person. But to hold the manufacturer of the firearm used liable, for something other than it’s designed and intended purpose is akin to holding Hyundai liable for the OSU deaths. The car was not designed to drive through crowds and kill people. But it did, when Ms Chambers drove through the crowd, because she didn’t want to be inconvenienced by having to be detoured, so she used the car to plow through the crowd watching the parade.

  33. Maybe if I had a law degree and didn’t use auto correct your comment would carry some weight like I said I am under educated when it comes to Judges and Attorney’s making stupid decisions. Both should be disbarred.

  34. Government needs to understand they that needs to back off before they start a war. I Can make surface to surface missiles war heads go on them. In not one but several forms. USA black ops malissa over and out.

  35. If the court agrees that Remington is libel for someone action, what is next? Hold GMC, Ford, and all another car makers libel because some was killed by a DUI Driver.
    I believe there is more people killed by DUI Drivers than guns.

  36. Actually a M4 or M16 was supplied by government, not the AR15 supposedly used. We know this as Obama bragged that a “fully automatic” rifle used. We all know how difficult it is to get approval to possess an automatic weapon. Search for “Obama fully automatic Sandy Hook”.

    1. “…We all know how difficult it is to get approval to possess an automatic weapon…”

      That’s just political spin from the anti-gun crowd misrepresenting the facts in an attempt to confuse and misinform the dumb masses (say that three times real fast) into thinking the shooting was using a machine gun. One of the causes of that type of confusion is the people who can’t seem to use the words “semi” or “fully” in front of “automatic” when they should (see quote at top). The only firearm (that I can think of) that is commonly referred to as an “automatic” is the 1911 others that are based on that design.

  37. Yes it’s sad that someone kills others that is not in self defense. First was the weapon legally purchased, if so that is the governments fault. Sue the government not the manufacture. They just want to follow the money, because its more likely to win, than if the government was sued. They make it about money, not justice. It’s hard to get to get a large sum of money from the accused. Life is short, but death is eternal so it’s in God’s hands for final judgment. Forgiveness goes further than money!!!

  38. It is not “likely” that any particular firearm in civilian hands will be used in a way that risks injury to others, when you take into account the number of firearms that are used for legal purposes. Just another anti gun judge yrying to take away our ability to exercise our second amendment rights. So much for upholding the constitution.

  39. This is another example of a Judge following their beliefs and not the law. It will be over-turned at a higher level, quickly and completely. Judges should be held responsible for making decisions directly against a Federal law.

  40. I find Mr. Dolbee’s article of April 17 an intentional act of misrepresentation
    of widely known facts. In this day of FOI and information technology, for
    someone to remain ignorant of facts is a personal choice. In light of the evidence I question why anyone should allow another to effect their
    beliefs or opinion without first investigating the issue or the one making
    the report and their motive. I will not elaborate on the facts of Sandy
    Hook, as the facts speak for themselves. Do yourselves and your
    intellect justice. Do not believe every thing that you read or is reported
    by the media. We are being misled.

  41. Being a Californian with little gun rights I am not surprized by this decision. The only persons who should be liable for that terrible tradjedy are the maniac who pulled the trigger and his mother for being a dumbass. Any firearm could be used for violence. Does this mean that all gun companies are liable for any crimes commited?

  42. “Car manufacturers know, or should know, that their automobiles, which are INTENTIONALLY built to exceed the maximum speed limit anywhere in the country, WILL be used to break speed laws, thus contributing to speed-related injury and death.”

    1. JohnnyAuto,
      You have quotation marks around your post… who are you supposedly quoting, where is it from and what’s your point?

  43. Some good points in the comments, however this just means it will go to court. It doesn’t mean the company has been found to be negligent. It just means the law allows the question to be brought to court. It seems obvious though that it would lose in court. But then, we are the land of insane law suits, so… Apparently, Americans are so stupid they need warning labels on everything. Yet I’m sure this product had the appropriate warning labels when purchased. Negligence is therefore on the user of the product. Soon all surfaces of products will be unremovable text warning of dangers of products. Cars will just be a shiney moving warning label. Interiors will similarly be covered with text. Every walk outside will be polluted with constant auditory computer voices warning Americans that existing may be dangerous. Lawsuits will continue, requiring the volume of audio warnings to be louder, and text to be larger, because we are all idiots…

  44. This all has to do with the NATO small firearms agreement this way NATO troops will feel safer if they are called in to keep the peace in America. They will be safer to rape pillage and to murder Americans. Do you know why we have not been invaded since 1814 it is because the American citizenry are armed to the teeth. That is why.

    1. So, if you are driving a Honda, Toyota…etc and you crash, are you going to sue the manufacturer? For using it? Or it’s stolen and the driver kills someone in a chase, the manufacturer is at fault….REALLY

  45. I wonder what this judge would say if there was a class action lawsuit filed against Boeing for its responsibility of two Boeing aircraft being used to bring down the twin towers on 9/11?

    1. Hmm.
      If it would be alright to blame Remington/Bushmaster, then why not the state or federal legislatures? Or state, local and federal executives and their agencies (local and state police, the FBI, etc)? Or the courts themselves? Or why not a class action against all citizens since they are ultimately to blame for the laws of the land anyway?
      In each case the argument made by the plaintiffs has at least some salience as concerns the government.
      Bottom line, this is not an issue about neglect of a product’s manufacturer, it is one about an unhinged son whose family failed to reign him in and, as is their moral authority to do, failed to secure the firearm. As has been pointed out on this blog, the situation varies little from the parent who fails to secure the car keys away from an impetuous pre-teen who then goes on cause a tragedy by the taking the family car on a joy ride.

  46. Just about ANYTHING that is manufactured “could” be used as a weapon, .. even your car keys,.. let’s just step back and realize that it is the PERSON and their personal INTENT that create the situation NOT the object. People can try twisting the facts but they are what they are FACTS !

  47. Judge Bellis is a MORON. She is letting the genie out of the bottle and it will be almost impossible to put him back in. In retaliation on common sense, everyone injured by baseball bats, scissors, flyswatters, rope or ANYTHING that hurts anyone should file lawsuits in this morons court. People that are even a little obese should file lawsuits against EVERY fast-food restaurant because eating their food should be known by the restaurant to NOT be healthy and therefore COULD or MIGHT cause health problems in the people who eat there. That POC Bellis must be a Liberal Dumocrat. Outrageous! Crazy! Stupid!
    Bellis is helping to push the handcart faster towards the doom of this great nation.

  48. I guess this judge hasn’t read the Constitution. This is not the reason for the people to have semi automatic weapons. It’s to protect us from people like her. A (I wonder if she was elected or appointed ) radical person that wants to disarm the American people, so the government can come in and kill at will, the people can’t fight back. If she would take time and really read the Constitution. She would soon realize why Americans choose to own semi automatic weapons. To protect America from enemies both foreign AND domestic.

  49. Every auto manufacturer needs to have every buyer sign a pledge not to use their vehicle to kill or injure others. A nice “hold harmless” clause in the purchase contract would be appropriate. By extension of this judge’s reasoning, everyone injured by another driver or the family of everyone killed by another driver could sue the vehicle manufacturer because they should have knows their product could kill or injure someone.

    1. Ok then every company that make any item and offers it for sale should have the same contract clause from clothes pins to power tools let us not forget frozen foods like corn dogs and such. Imagine the long lines also they should perform background checks buddy you will starve just waiting to purchase your food. Dumb DUMB your almost as smart as that judge who said it was ok to proceed with these law suits. I f there is an award given out for stupid decisions made by educated people. you both would tie for first place.

    2. Before you call out somebody’s sarcastic and facetious comment for being “dumb” and “stupid,” you should perhaps examine your own spelling and punctuation.

    3. OK Teach just saying educated people making stupid decisions. You must be an educator hope your teaching your classes and pupils to be smarter than this Judge and the attorney.

  50. My recollection of Sandy Hook is that the shooter used pistols and the AR was found in the trunk of the car. Even it were used this while line of thinking is fundamentally flawed.

  51. So Who are the parents? Surely not the Wheelers. They are actors. The Sandy Hook “massacre” in Newtown, CT was merely a training drill and Absolutely No children were shot. How far can this farce be played out?

  52. This is just another symptom of the erosion of the core of American values and beliefs. As a society we no longer accept responsibility for our actions; but rather seek out a target to demonize and blame. The expansion of “gun Free” zones supports the idea that inadamate objects are dangerious and people with evil purpose are not. In all of recorded history it has always taken a person of good will to overcome a person of ill will. But this can only happen where they are equally armed. This lawsuit is just another way for people to extend their victim status and for poiticians to make money. The citizens of Conn. Have decided that being victims is far more important than defending their lives. If the shooter in this case had built this weapon in his basement; or if there was no way to identify the manufacturer as a monied industry; this lawsuit would never have been brought.

  53. In our country now, what’s right is wrong, up is down, black is white,and liberalism will bring this once fine country down.

    1. Sorry for this humerous reply. And I really am jesting…..
      Black is Orange
      White doesn’t exist! Only shades of grey.
      But I will survive.

  54. I would guess that this “judge”? was bought and paid for, by those Sandy Hook familys. Someone needs to clue the Remmington lawyers to check the FBI records for the year and months of the “shooting”. I have read that the records show that there were no deaths in New Town for that time period! The lawyers for these familys should also have to prove that there was in fact a shooting incident by seeing photos of the crime scene with the body’s, and if they can’t produce that, then have a few of the body’s exeumed to prove that this event actually happened! Supposedly nobody ever saw any of this but some of the “privleged authorities”! This whole incident stinks to high heaven of a false flag, and these people need to prove that it actually happened!

  55. What a joke. Would I SUE Ford if the drunk driver who injured or killed my loved one was driving a Ford. No because that makes no sense.

  56. you watch the other videos on my channel? Try James Bond and the Movies…..Navy man….Naval Intelligence is tops in every country.
    You know what rat poison is? You know when you have a secret op, and think someone could talk, you send a unknown operative to try to buy them or bully smoke out the rats?
    The very best counterintelligence, is to put the truth in the mouth of a known liar..or someone everyone thinks is a fool, like Rose O’Donnell..
    Al Neal On 911 And The James Bond Movies.

  57. Using Joshua Koskoff’s line of reasoning for permitting the lawsuit to continue, if someone makes Malatoff Cocktails with gasoline and end up killing people with it, the oil companies should be held liable because they should have reasonably known the flammable liquid they produce could be used in a manner resulting in death.

  58. although every instance of a mass shooting is a horrible example of where we are as a society, how can a legally produced firearm cause the manufacturer to be responsible for it’s use. when considering the number of firearms in this country vs. the number used in these instances, there is hardly a basis for blaming the gun. “the right to keep and bear arms” has been misinterpreted by people claiming is was written for muskets and squirrel rifles when in fact they where the standard for military weapons at the time.

  59. It’s ironic that Remington is the company chosen to test this theory on.

    Remington introduced the first semi-auto rifle to the civilian market 110 years ago… in 1906!

    And yes… it also had limited Military use.

    Also, if Military type rifle becomes the litigate reasoning to sue gun manufacturers:
    Every company that produces bolt action rifles would be liable based on the 1898 Mauser, and the many variations designed since.

    Every company that produces lever action rifles would be liable based on the 1860 Henry, used by select Union Troops, and the many variations designed since.

    Of course Semi-auto pistols will be next ob the litigate wishlist… Only need to go back to the 1893 Borchardt to see how long that firearm function has been accessible to the civilian market!

  60. “The rifle itself has no moral stature, since it has no will of its own. Naturally, it may be used by evil men for evil purposes, but there are more good men than evil, and while the latter cannot be persuaded to the path of righteousness by propaganda, they can certainly be corrected by good men with rifles.”—Jeff Cooper, The Art of the Rifle

  61. Don’t forget the dealer is also being sued. This is how libs are going about trying to shut down gun dealers whenever they can. Remington will be able to afford court costs, but a small storefront dealer can’t. Quickly his business liability insurance will be tapped out and than every penny he has is gone if he is forced into a courtroom.

    This liberal leftist mother who got her son with asperger’s syndrome an AR15 (made for civilian sales) wanted to be closer to her son. She was his first victim. Why was she allowed to purchase a firearm with a mentally ill in the household? The laws allow that.

  62. IT is my understanding in reading other analysis on this, that the judge did not address the merits of the case or the cited laws by Remington. She only exercised her authority to hear further from the families side.

    It is impossible for any manufacturer to be required to know that their product may be used for illegal purposes, and than be required to take some sort of measure to prevent that from happening. The case where a girl stole a car and ran down a half dozen people and the next of kin sue the car maker has as much merit as this case.

    Keep in mind, these low life lawyers are not looking for a huge victory and payday, of which he gets 5o% to 60%, he is looking for a settlement. He tells these families that the chances are really good that Remington will want to settle to avoid a courtroom spectacle.

    In any case, someone is paying for this attorneys time…

  63. what a joke. now if a drunk driver kills someone we should be able to sue the car companies. what ever happened to self resposibility ? obects cannot do anything without human interaction. and these newtown families are just making a payday out of their loss. F them

  64. If this is successful and gun companies have to pay out, it will set a precedence for other similar lawsuits. I wonder if that idiot judge will do the same thing when Black & Decker gets sued when some nut uses a chain saw to kill some people. How about a lawsuit against Dodge for building the Hellcat when someone drives it too fast and kills a family in a van that they crashed into. Are they going to sue Jack Daniels for making that 5th of whiskey some idiot drank and then drove and killed someone? Are they going to sue the company that made the pressure cookers that the Boston bombers used? Some may say that a gun company is liable because it is an unsafe product made to kill. To that I say, a gun is perfectly safe if it is used correctly just like any product. A car is relatively safe if used correctly but it can, and does, kill also. If you are careless and chop your leg off with a chain saw, is it the company’s fault? If a product is unsafe due to manufacturing defects, that is another thing. Careless misuse of a product is not the fault of the manufacturer or seller. This will set a dangerous precedence if it continues.

  65. My fear, is that “all semi-auto” rifles will be banned since a semi-automatic rifle is a “military weapon” and should not have been sold to civilians. An AR-15 is semi-auto yes. But ask any military person if semi-autos are battlefield implements. You’ll get a resounding NO! Not by today’s standards.

    In all actuality, the weapon did what it was designed to do. Which is neither good or bad. The intent of the USER is what is on trial.

    Should auto companies be treated as such because their fast cars should only be used on a race track?

    1. Should the wording of the Second Amendment were to be applied as written by the Courts (under a Scalia definition): “militia” would mean all males over a given age would have to provide their own weapons suitable for military service. Break out the full autos!

    2. Let see if I am correct on this issue let say an automobile is used in an hit and run and witnesses can identify the make of vehicle say a Ford or Chevrolet or the vehicle can’t be identified the victims no longer have to identify the driver they can sue the automakers and even if the driver is later identified they can go after the driver and the auto maker this is good real good. Smart judge real smart

  66. “Joshua Koskoff, a lawyer for the Newtown victims’ families, argued there is an exception in the federal law that allows litigation against companies that know, or should know, that their weapons are likely to be used in a way that risks injury to others.”

    The Judge that unfortunately granted some kind of credence to this claim is sadly mistaken.
    This single ruling, if upheld at all, would jeopardize Knives (any knife), box cutters, baseball bats, baseballs, footballs, golf balls, golf clubs, scissors, any appliance or device with an electrical cord, climbing equipment, ATV’s, parachutes, hang gliders and an endless list of other items used in our daily lives but could be harmful if used improperly or intentionally to cause harm.
    How about Cars, Trucks or motorcycles? Wait a minute……. how about spoons and forks and butter knives? Should we ever have “Fireworks” again?

    Chemical Manufacturers sell products specifically to “kill” many insects, vegetation and fungi but with proper labeling and safety caps on the bottles, they are exempt from this litigation even if it causes illness or death by misuse or accident? It is a product meant to kill and has no recreational value at all.

    Any attorneys argument in this case is completely disingenuous. It is a blatant attempt to elicit money from a large company and attack the law abiding gun owners of America and their 2nd amendment rights. What is even further insanity is the avoidance of the actual issue of Mental Health. The parent, a sane but irresponsible mother, who purchased this weapon at issue, was killed by the same perpetrator. This mentally unstable killer also technically “stole” this weapon to commit his horrendous crime.
    At this point, it makes more sense to prosecute the Police department in that jurisdiction for not “protecting and serving”. As I recall, it was purchased through the mail which by this attorneys argument, should have the US Postal Service in the courtroom also. In reality, they had more to do with putting this firearm in the hands of the mother and subsequent user than the manufacturer.

    Insanity, we are living in a society of idiots whose bleeding hearts are making it worse, not better.

  67. Hmmm, let me get this straight…. A company legally produces a product that is legally purchased and is used illegally by another? And that company gets the liability for that illegal use? I guess by that reasoning, automobile manufacturers should be aware that someone may use their vehicles to commit a heinous crime or that adult beverage producers should be aware that someone may drive drunk…………
    Holy smokes does it seem that common sense is out to lunch on this one. If this one does make it through, and I don’t think it will, this will be a perfect example of a legal system being used and abused.

    1. It’s going to be interesting when the discovery process begins and the Remington attorneys request the crime scene photos and the autopsy reports, none of which have ever been made public. Independent journalists have had a field day with this incident, and have produced mountains of evidence that it was a hoax.

  68. “Joshua Koskoff, a lawyer for the Newtown victims’ families, argued there is an exception in the federal law that allows litigation against companies that know, or should know, that their weapons (products) are likely to be used in a way that risks injury to others.”

    So, carried to the logical conclusion ….. it includes automobiles, baseball bats, 16ox claw hammers, tire irons, flower pots, screw drivers, ………..

  69. If this lawsuit succeeds then what? just about any product manufactured in this country will be exposed to a lawsuit….not only knives but also tools of any sort, hammers, nailers, screwdrivers or even common use garments such as panties (can be used to choke someone) and thousands more.

    Sadly beyond the purported principles and intentions of justice lies a very mundane desire…..for money. In view of such tragedy there are people that want to benefit financially from their lost ones.

  70. The reason why you’re given the Second Amendment protect ourselves against the government or any foreign entity that would end up being knighted states all those who sit there and say that it’s wrong so the military or military booking equipment or semi-automatic rifles are wrong that is your right to protect yourself against your government and foreign governments as well as an interior the courts have this one wrong and they can play this out in court all they want it still stands that we have a right to possession of the same thing the government has.

  71. I pray that my family is safe everyday. However, if they are killed by a drunk driver can I sue Chevy, Ford etc.? This judge is really opening up other streams of commerce for some really big lawsuits and I hope they are ready for that fight.

  72. We are headed back toward the Dark Ages. If everything that exists, that could possibly be used by some nut as a weapon, can be the subject of of a legal suit against its manufacturer, we are closer to cave-living than we want to believe!

  73. If is reasonable to think that the gun manufacture should be held liable for something a customer might do with their product then there is no stopping place for liberal judges who want to re-write the con Constitution to satisfied their own agenda.
    With this same thinking then why not make distilleries liable when a person driving while intoxicated after drinking their product and kill someone.
    There is no end in sight with judges who have become the creaters of law within themselves.

  74. Proven over and over, because someone becomes a judge does not neccessarily mean they have common sense. It does make her dangerous.
    Make a mental comparison:
    A bolt action rifle is like a stick or standard transmission in a car. Progress brought us the automatic transmission. How many people actually order a a standard shift in modern times?

  75. Including to all sales to the police and sheriff’s dept. and the marshall’s service who protect federal judges.

  76. To fully comprehend the extraordinary extent of this judge’s defiance, one must first come to understand how complete the ‘Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act’ was written by Congress.

    Well aware of the corrupt manipulations perpetrated thus far upon our Constitution by an increasingly perverted judicial branch, Congress knew to write this law with great care and caution. They deliberately built in language to ensure there could never be even the slightest possibility for ambiguity or re-interpretation by any judicial system at any level.

    The ACT was so well thought out that Congress even went so far as to write it to specifically call out and warn the “maverick judicial officer” types against ignoring the requirements as set forth within this law. The ACT demands that ANY lawsuit be immediately dismissed in order to “prohibit causes of action against manufacturers, distributors, dealers, and importers of firearms or ammunition products, and their trade associations”.

    By allowing this lawsuit to proceed, Judge Barbara Bellis’ actions constitute one of, if not the most, profound hypocrisies by a public servant in modern times. Not only is this judge overtly aware she is in direct defiance of a well written Federal Law, but it is obvious she could care less that her disobedience intentionally mocks the public’s faith throughout the entire judicial system.

    Sadly this judge will get away with violating her oath of office and a Federal ACT because the Obama justice department will look the other way and never even consider pleas to sanction this judge and have her stopped.

  77. There’s no way this thing against Remington is gonna fly.

    These families should be going after the mental health agencies and doctors that didn’t control this psycho shooter. We need an overhaul of mental health laws and procedures in this country.

    And Judge Bellis is an a-hole who is wasting taxpayer money in the court system.

  78. Before we carry on too much about activist judges and plotting by the gun-ban lobby, we should keep this in mind.

    Civil suits are drawn-out processes with many steps at which various motions are filed. This could all turn out to be a minor procedural ruling by the judge that the defendant’s motion to dismiss came too early in the process.

    This is definitely a case to watch, but it’s not yet an end-run around the PLCAA.

  79. After going through all of the evidence (or glaring lack of it) that has been made available to the public I cannot imagine any of these “grieving parents” wanting to risk the possibility of certain facts being brought to light under oath in a court of law, particularly if they should subpoena the teacher allegedly shot through the door being wounded in her right leg and arm yet when being loaded into an ambulance not only was their no indication of any such wound and the the person being loaded into the ambulance bore no resemblance to recent photos of same. If nothing else I would not want to explain the closed casket funerals and why not one parent raised enough hell to at least get to see the body of their child one last time (I certainly would have)…. This scrawny autistic kid could not possibly have affected head shots on all 20 of those kids making them too traumatizing for the parents to look at and I personally have never heard of a person being asked to identify a body from a photograph. I’m really not that sure that Lanza could control a 10 millimeter Glock or a Bushmaster .223, my 10mm Glock 40 has a significant recoil never shot a Glock 20 but 10mm is 10mm…. Just sayin’ (I am only conveying what available information has made obvious to me and I will not respond to “trolls” or hate messages, go check it out for yourself, too many holes in this one) I cried and and grieved harder and longer over the death (of old age) of my 10 year old English Mastiff than these people did for their alleged children…

  80. This ruling to let the case go forward is misguided but expected from the liberal judges we have today. It still has a long way to go before a precedent on liability is set. The trouble with that is the cost of defending a case that will go nowhere is still a cost. Add enough of them together and the company goes out of business but never loses a case. That has been the plan of the Brady Campaign since before it was the BC. Like calling SWAT on concealed carriers, filing lawsuits you can’t win will have an accumulated effect. And that is exactly why the Legal Commerce Act was adopted. Time will tell. I think if this goes forward we (freedom loving gun supporters) should file suits against judges when criminals they let out or on parole commit crimes against us. It’s the same legal theory.

    1. I agree, it has always been the plan of the Brady and other such groups to force firearms and ammo manufacturers, dealers and outlets out of business by constantly filing lawsuits that these manufacturers would have to defend against. As it costs little to file a lawsuit for an advocate group (on contingency basis) that must be defended against at large corporate expense, why not let the judge award the cost of the defense to be paid by the losing party. This would cause lawyers who take on cases like this on a contingency basis to think twice about pursuing them.

  81. When you have Liberal Activist Judges and a Moslem, gun/freedom, U.S. hater, that has no right to be President, (being foreign born/raised until he was 16.) What do you expect?? Guns=Freedom. Both of which liberal judges and usurpers fear. Perhaps all gun manufactures should follow the lead of other companies that have moved their manufacturing concerns to friendlier countries. That would take millions of dollars out of the very government’s pocket that is trying to do away with them. Don’t remember who said it, but: ‘Fear the government that fears and armed populance.’ They will find a way to disarm it.

  82. There is only one use for knives. To cut, stab and hurt whatever they are used against. It’s obvious that knives are a product manufactured with the express purpose of killing. Now, everyone knows that some knives are okay. These are the knives that are safely stored in your mothers or wife’s kitchen drawer and only taken out when need to slice up some vegetables or cut some cheese. These are good knives, they don’t hurt anyone and don’t look dangerous. The evil knives give the good knives a bad reputation. So it is necessary to get rid of knives that are obviously meant to kill people. The knives have a military appearance. they are big; like a Bowie knife. They quite often have blades that are serrated to cause maximum, ugly damage and more bleeding of innocent victims. These military knives even have a sinister black or green colored blade. Why would a knife manufacturer want a knife to be hidden in plain sight? Why, it’s obvious: to kill someone without their knowing they are in danger.

    This is why, today, I, Senator Schmumer stand before the steps of the court, with the blind lady justice behind me. I will be introducing Senate bill S1027 which will forever outlaw military looking knives and end the blood running in our streets and the ugly picture of our children laying on the lawns of their homes having just missed the safety of the front door before being cut down by a military knife. In addition I will be introducing a companion bill, S1028, the “Keep Butter Knives Out of the Hands of Our Children” bill. This bill will order all home builders include a special drawer in every kitchen that is made of 1/2″ steel and has a combination lock on the front to open it. All kitchen knives; knives of all types will be required to be stored in this special, safe location. In addition the bill provides that all kitchens in America and its territories will have to be retrofitted by with this technology within five years or the house will be seized by the Federal government for non-compliance. These two bills will begin the long march towards knife sanity in this country. Obviously, even after these bills are made law there will be much to do. In the months and years to come you will hear from me on other measures. Just to help America breathe easier, I’ll mention some of these possible steps for the future. The Department of Education will be designing a set of educational materials that will be given to all K through 8 public schools to educate our children on the dangers of knives in all their terrible forms. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and the Consumer Safety Commission will be drafting regulations that will encompass the entire life time of every single knife in America. From their initial design, serialization requirements to licensing those who would sell knives, these regulations will help the Federal government maintain control over the knives allowed in civilian hands and be enforced by the ATF. As with firearms, knives will be subject to reporting rules when they are transferred from one person to another. It is my hope that with these bare, beginning measures we can make all Americans safer.

    Now, I know what all reasonable citizens are thinking. I’m ignoring those who caused this problem in the first place. I’ll say it now: it’s high time we make the military knife manufacturers responsible for the slaughter that their knives were designed for. As many of you know, the NKA is a powerful adversary here in the Senate and in the House of Representatives. Everyone knows that the Nation Knife Association is simply a trade organization for the military knife manufacturers and not what they purport to be. While many in my shoes don’t have the courage to stand up before the NKA and their blood money, I won’t be intimidated, I won’t go away and I certainly won’t be silent in the face of their piles of ill gotten cash. Even though I cannot get legislation to hold the knife manufacturers responsible today, I am calling for a new resistance against those among you who are members of the NKA, those of you who wear baseball caps with those letters; NKA. Those of you who carry an NKA membership card. I am calling on all real Americans who know how deadly military knives are to take action when you see signs of this ugly organization around you in your neighborhoods. I want you to smash car and truck windows that have an NKA sticker on them; I want to you get into the face of those foolish enough to wear an NKA ball cap. If you don’t want to give them a good piece of you mind, just rush up and snatch that cap off of their head and run away. Let’s let these thugs know we are on to their oppressive ways.

    I’ll conclude with an appeal to all right thinking Americans to send me a donation for my upcoming re-election campaign; don’t let the NKA silence me!

  83. And people wonder why Sandy Hook is considered a False Flag Story. Away back when the federal government passed the infamous Assault Weapon Law, the State of CT was not satisfied that it went far enough and passed its own a year later, 1994, I think. On the list of prohibited weapons was all AR-15s so how is it that Adam Lantz was able to procure a Bushmaster to use at Sandy Hook? It was ,supposedly, in his mother’s gun collection. As one commenter said: When the assault weapon ban was passed a lot of people didn’t register their weapons, but does one really think that a gun collector would not abide by the law? If caught, she would be liable to lose her entire collection.
    As to Judge Bellis’s ruling, this SMELLS as with 8 Supreme Court Justices that are evenly divided on the Second Amendment, it is doubtful that her ruling will be knocked down and she is pursuing her beliefs.

  84. Its not the judge position to make laws it his job to enforce them there for his feelings on the 2ND Amendment have no bearing on the case and this case should be dropped so this judge will put Remington out of business because of his feelings and not the law

  85. So then, going with this logic…every knife manufacturer should be held liable for stabbings! Because it could be used ina dangerous way also! BS Get your heads out of your asses!!! Bellis is an idiot!

  86. This judge must have been an ambulance chasing attorney before he got on the bench who is now using his black robe in an attempt to make legislation from the bench.

    1. Elections have consequences’ — Let’s put real Americans in office – People who will read, understand and obey the constitution of this great nation. The politically correct are trying to take over our country perhaps they should go live, anonymously, in Saudi Arabia for a year. Than see how they feel!!!
      Let’s start with obeying the law’s (ALL OF THEM) that are already on the books. Putting criminals in jail. If the criminal uses a firearm to commit a crime, then punish the criminal – you know the person USING the tool, Not the toolmaker.
      Someone who, with common sense will realize that a firearm is nothing more than a tool. To use, one must reed, understand, and follow ALL of the safety rules.

  87. Judge Bellis ruled that the argument would be best made in a motion later in the process, so the ruling merely delayed the courts decision.

  88. Since people like our Muslim President and Hillary Clinton are not held to the rule of law, I am suggesting that it would be appropriate for firearm owners to disobey any firearm laws passed that would infringe on our Second Amendment rights. In Connecticut and New York when they tried to force people to register their semi auto weapons 85% and 95% of the owners did not. There are 150 million firearm owners in this Country and the number is growing daily. There are only 6 million or so military and law enforcement and most of those folks are pro 2nd Amendment. So if they want to take our firearms let them come and get them at their own risk.

    1. dprato, First off, while the Fed’s are in need of close watching I agree, your putting Military in the mix shows the only Military experience you have is playing your video games in the basement of your Mom’s house where you live still. First off, the Militay and Law Enforcement by a large majority would not obey a illegal order like going after punks like you. Yes I am Military and retired as a SMSgt, USAF and good thing for you is this statement is online instead of in person, which wouldn’t end well for you if it was to a military vet’s face. Do all the people who have constructive ideas and just go back to playing Call to Duty or maybe the 4 year old games you still play with.

  89. This frivolous lawsuit should be thrown out and the idiots initiating this lawsuit should be made to pay the fees! Bushmaster and the Freedom Group had nothing to do with what occurred at Sandy Hook, that was the act of one lone crazy individual. These families are being misguided and taken advantage of by people with an ideological agenda.

    1. Obama thinks the 2nd amendment to protect our hunting rights to have a gun to go hunting… and seems to forget the 100’s of people that follow him around all day that are all carrying guns on them and of course to protect the President of the united States of America. He doesn’t have to worry about protecting himself because he can afford to ta pay people to protect him. “WE THE PEOPLE” have the right of that same protection as Obama but we have to protect ourselves and our families and I would feel more comfortable protecting such with an AR-15 type of gun vs, a BB gun, knife, bat, an automobile, brass knuckles, ATV, OHV, potato launcher……etc…….

  90. And what, pray tell makes MURDER legal? It never is the device, but we live in a not-me society. The gun mentioned had been made by the millions and is now the #1 American sporting rifle. In fact(lest we forget) the original AR for the public was the SP-1 . Yes that was SPORTING PURPOSE ##1.. Using anything to cause harm to a human in a crime id WRONG. Never fall for the politicals.. Adam Lanza also had plans to burn the school down. Should we sue the gas companies because it is used in arson???

  91. That’s long been the holy grail of the antis, sue manufacturers of firearms for crimes committed with their firearm.
    Next week, Ford will be getting sued if someone runs over someone else or something equally stupid.

    It’s one thing to have liability for a defective product causing injury, but when a product is used to commit a crime, the manufacturer can not and should not be held liable. As mentioned above, it’d be like holding Ford responsible for a hit and run.

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